Pukka Organic Herbal Teas – Safe & Effective Pure Ingredients?


Drinking tea is highly recommended, as it is known to be a great way to maintain overall wellness. Teas are not only great for achieving certain weight management goals, they are also great in aiding in quality sleep, enhances one’s mood depending on the type of the tea, and has the ability to elevate one’s spirits. Although teas are highly beneficial, what matters is how the tea is made.

Pukka Organic Teas are more than just teas, but it is a new take on life. This concept is definitely new and this review will allow consumers to have a better idea on Pukka Planet and their line of organic teas.

What is Pukka Planet?

Pukka Planet is known create a wide range of products consisting of Pukka Organic Teas, Pukka Organic Supplements, food items, CDs and books. Pukka Planet works to create products that are all organic and all natural.

In addition to creating organic products, Pukka Planet works closely to ensure that they create products that do not negatively impact the environment. Whether it means via their packaging or the way the ingredients are extracted, the end result satisfies both the people and planet.

What Are Pukka Organic Herbal Teas?

Pukka Organic Herbal Teas, as the name implies, are organically formulated teas that bring a wide range of health benefits to consumers. While working hard to achieve health benefits, Pukka Planet has also managed to incorporate a wide range of tasty flavors for their teas.

Their line of organic teas is their most extensive line of products, which are certain to have consumers debating on what to choose out of the many available. In addition, they’ve also turned shopping for teas a rather fun experience by incorporating a fun play on the different types of teas available. The following is a break down of the categories of teas one can find via Pukka Organic Herbal Teas:

  1. Taste Alive: There are 15 different types of teas in this respective category. Some of them include: Rooibos & Honeybush, Three Cinnamon, Vanilla Chai, Three Tulsi, and many more. This category of teas uses a wide range of herbs and ingredients that are sure to awaken one’s taste buds.
  2. Feel Alive: There are 10 different teas in this respective category. Some of the teas found in this category is as follows: Turmeric Gold, Cleanse, Detox, Relax, etc. This category of teas is for anyone who needs to calm him or herself down and to cleanse the body of toxins.
  3. Green Revolution: As the name implies, this category of teas focuses on enhancing the benefits green teas have to offer. There are 6 different types of green teas found in this category and they are as follows: Ginseng Matcha Green, Sweet Vanilla Green, Mint Matcha Green, Clean Green, Supreme Match Green and Serene Jasmine Green. Green tea is great for anyone who needs a boost in his or her metabolic rates and aids in weight loss as well.
  4. Specialty Blacks: This category of teas provides consumers with 4 ways of having black tea. The teas in this category are as follows: Original Chai, Lively English Breakfast, Gorgeous Earl Grey, and Elegant English Breakfast.
  5. Super Fruity: Another category that is not that extensive, but still contains effective and tasty teas, as this is the fruitiest a tea can get. This category contains the following different types of teas: Blackcurrant Beauty, Elderberry & Echinacea, Lemon & Mandarin with Lemon Verbena and Wild Apple Cinnamon.
  6. Herbal Collection: The Herbal Collection is the only type of tea in this category and it contains a rich source of Elderberry and Echinacea, Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey, Nighttime, Three Mint and Detox.

Pukka Organic Herbal Teas Review Summary

Overall, Pukka Organic Teas come in the most versatile flavors and each category of teas serves its unique purpose. Whether it is to achieve a little kick in energy, to improve one’s digestive system, to achieve a calming sensation or simply for enjoyment purposes, Pukka Planet has them all.

What’s more satisfying than having a cup of tea that benefits everyone? For more information on Pukka Organic Teas and to see which countries these teas are currently shipped to, go to: https://www.pukkaherbs.com/pukka-products/pukka-teas/

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