How Diatomaceous Earth Helps Pesticide Poison Dangers for Dogs


Many gardeners choose to keep their gardens protected from common garden pests with powerful insecticides or pesticides.

While these treatments are effective in destroying most pests and insects, they present a number of health risks to both animals and humans.

Millions of people around the world are turning to chemical free solutions that protect gardens and vegetation without the need for toxic pesticide chemicals.

Most of the chemical pesticide solutions commonly used contained organophosphates such as disulfoton. These substances are esters of phosphoric acid and are extremely lethal nerve agents, permanently and fatally inhibiting critical neurotransmitters in the body.

While these garden pest control chemicals may seem innocuous, organophosphates have traditionally been used as chemical warfare agents like Sarin and VX nerve agents.

Many homeowners are unaware of this fact, frequently using nerve agents to combat insect pests in their gardens and even applying them to their pets to treat fleas or ticks.

In this article we’ll outline some of the most commonly used pest control agents that present the highest risk factor to your canine friends, and provide some natural, healthy alternatives.

Slug Bait Poisoning Risks

Slug pellets are a leading cause of lethal poisoning in dogs. Slug bait uses a chemical called metaldehyde, which is commonly used as solid fuel in camping lamps.

While metaldehyde is a molluscicide, effectively destroying garden snails and slugs, it has the same toxicity profile as acetaldehyde, which is rated as a group 1 carcinogen.

If ingested by dogs or cats, metaldehyde will cause drooling and tremors, followed by restlessness, seizures and death.

metaldehyde bait is highly palatable to dogs, and is addictive, causing curious dogs to ingest slug bait pellets, consume large amounts, and subsequently die. If you have a pet dog and are suffering from a slug infestation in your garden, it’s highly dangerous to use metaldehyde slug bait.

Instead of using slug bait or metaldehyde in your garden, it’s possible to quickly and effectively eliminate slugs in completely natural manner.

Diatomaceous earth is an effective, fast acting slug control substance that will destroy slugs while presenting no risk to dogs or children.

For detailed information on using diatomaceous earth to prevent slugs from infesting your garden, take a look at our article on Natural Slug Control With Diatomaceous Earth.

Organophosphate Poisoning Risks

Organophosphates are the most common form of sprayable garden insecticides and pesticides.

Classified as a nerve agent, these powerful toxins are used by gardeners to deter pests such as aphids, caterpillars and other insects that devour vegetable matter.

These treatments are sprayed over vegetation that is commonly consumed by dogs, or when dogs are exposed to areas that have been treated with organophosphates.

Organophosphates are able to poison dogs through the skin, lungs, or the digestive tract. These dangerous chemicals affect the ability of the body to transmit nerve impulses, resulting in difficulty breathing, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, urination, shaking, seizures, and death.

The best way of preventing this from occurring to your dog is by avoiding the use of any pesticide that uses organophosphates to eliminate pests.

Diatomaceous earth is the best alternative for these potent toxins. Effective at eliminating all kinds of crawling insects from a garden while completely food safe for both humans and animals, diatomaceous earth destroys insects through a unique mechanism.

When insects are exposed to diatomaceous earth, the fine silica particles that compose the powder will abrade away their exoskeleton and draw out the moisture inside their bodies, fatally dehydrating them through a chemical-free and organic process.

Diatomaceous earth is so safe that many pet owners actually use it as a food additive to enhance the health of their animals while preventing pests.

For more information on using diatomaceous earth as an alternative to organophosphates, see our article on Natural Aphid Control With Diatomaceous Earth.

Natural Pesticides As An Alternative To Pesticides

Outside of the above alternatives, there is a wide range of natural and organic solutions to keep pests out of your garden without the need for powerful chemicals. Essential oils and coffee grounds can deter pests from entering your garden just as effectively.

Ultimately, by avoiding dangerous chemical poison insecticides and pesticides, you’re not only creating a safer space for your dog but preventing the risk of disease or illness for both yourself and your family.

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