Top 3 Diatomaceous Earth Applicators – Best Features & Uses?


If you’re treating your garden for pests with diatomaceous earth, or distributing diatomaceous earth over large areas, a diatomaceous earth applicator can make the job far easier.

Distributing DE by hand is extremely wasteful and won’t create a fine layer of powder, which is critical when using it as a pesticide. Dusters come in a variety of designs, from mechanical action to pump sprayers.

Spreading diatomaceous earth throughout crawl spaces, over gardens, or over large areas of carpet is faster and much more economical when performed with a specifically-designed applicator. In this article, we’ll outline the best applicators on the market and the best ways in which to use them

Large Area Dispersal: The Gilmour Duster

The Gilmour Duster is ideal for spreading diatomaceous earth over large areas. If you’re spreading diatomaceous earth over your garden to prevent ticks, snails, or slugs, the Gilmour Duster is the perfect tool for the job. For a detailed summary of the features of the Gilmour Duster, check out our Gilmour Duster Review.

The Gilmour Duster can be used for:

Indoor Dispersal: Dustin Mizer Duster

The Dustin-Mizer Duster is a handheld mechanical action duster that makes the process of spreading DE throughout the home simple and cost-effective. A mechanical fan crank spreads diatomaceous earth in a fine cloud, enhancing economy and creating a fine layer of DE ideal for deterring bed bugs and other home insect pests. For a summary of the benefits of the Dustin Mizer Duster, see our Dustin-Mizer Duster Review.

The Dustin Mizer Duster can be used for:

  • Indoor diatomaceous earth application
  • Indoor pest control
  • Confined spaces

Spot Application: The JT Eaton Duster

The JT Eaton Duster is a smaller duster designed for applying DE in hard-to-reach places. A skinny nozzle makes it easy to apply DE in small cracks, crevices and other areas in which smaller insect pests may hide. For a detailed breakdown of the JT Eaton Duster, see our JT Eaton Duster Review.

The JT Eaton Duster is ideal for:

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