HurriClean – Safe & Effective Automatic Toilet Tank Cleaner?


The bathroom and the toilet are some of the most hazardous environments in the home when it comes to both surface based and airborne pathogens and bacteria.

Keeping the sanitary areas of your home is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy and clean household, so selecting the best cleaner designed to target these troublesome areas is a high priority.

Many of the cleaning solutions that are widely available for the use in bathroom and toilet areas, however, contain a number of potentially damaging chemicals that can have a cumulative negative effect on the health of your family.

There are a number of factors to identify when selecting a cleaning product for your home to ensure you’re choosing the safest option

Bathroom Cleaner Health Hazards

One of the most potentially harmful aspects of using powerful chemical cleaners in the home, especially in closed environments with poor ventilation such as the bathroom or toilet, is the inhalation risk.

When cleaning these environments, even if using safety gear such as strong gloves, there is a strong potential that the powerful abrasive ingredients in most modern cleaning products can be inhaled into the lungs and enter the bloodstream, lingering long after the cleaning process is finished.

Cleaning agents designed to destroy the dangerous bacteria that proliferate in bathroom environments generally use potent synthetic and toxic elements that can be extremely hazardous to your health.

The United States Poison Control Center receives over two hundred thousand emergency calls every year from homeowners who are experiencing an emergency or poisoning situation from accidents involving home cleaning products, and more than half of these calls are due to the ingestion of toxic ingredients by young children.

Some of these toxic agents are harmful if touched or ingested, causing immediate effects such as chemical burns, sore eyes, respiratory issues or skin complications, while other chemicals have drastic and worrying long term effects that can build up in the body and contribute to systemic diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

One of the most toxic elements that many cleaning products, from toilet and floor cleaners to dishwasher detergent use is phosphorous.

While phosphorus is an important element in trace amounts in the human body and is often used as a dietary supplement to enhance digestive function, these cleaning products use very high concentrations of this powerful and potentially dangerous chemical to remove grease, film, bacterial and other pollutants.

The white phosphorous form that these cleaning agents use to achieve their antibacterial effects is the most dangerous form of this chemical, and if ingested or inhaled can cause extreme health complications such as kidney failure or skin burns.

When selecting a cleaning agent, avoiding phosphorous is a good idea to ensure the health of your family.

Many other cleaners contain chemical compounds like diethanolamine or triethanolamine. Extremely common in household cleaners, while these two chemicals offer no immediate health effects, they have a propensity to build up in the body and cause extreme hormonal imbalances.

Acting as carcinogens, these elements are able to penetrate the skin and disrupt the regenerative function of the body, causing cancer and even acting as neurotoxic agents that can disrupt the function of the brain.

About HurriClean

Despite the myriad health worries of powerful household cleaners, there are a number of cleaning agents that don’t use dangerous chemicals and provide a safe alternative to potentially damaging cleaning solutions.

One of the most popular and effective Phosphate free toilet cleaners available today is HurriClean, a powerful cyclonic cleaner specifically designed to create an antibacterial cleansing foam to remove bacterial and stains from your toilet.

Free from many of the most harmful chemicals typically used by other toilet cleaning solutions, HurriClean is completely free from phosphate and other carcinogenic agents, offering family safe cleaning to preserve the hygiene of your bathroom environment.

The Hurriclean formula is specifically designed to clean your tank and toilet and enhance the hygiene of the flush system without damaging parts, and is completely safe for septic systems.

Unlike other toilet cleaning solutions that require the user to manually distribute the cleaning agent throughout the various systems of the toilet, exposing themselves to close proximity bacteria and pathogenic risks, the Hurriclean toilet cleaning solution is simply placed inside the water reservoir of the toilet tank.

Once the Hurriclean solution is placed inside the tank reservoir, a powerful but safe foaming action occurs that cleans and scrubs, removing stains and bacterial with no odour or dangerous fumes.

The Hurriclean solution contains a number of fast acting and long lasting element that continue to prevent the growth of bacterial, mold and mildew long after application, shocking, scrubbing and devouring hard to reach mineral deposits.

The proprietary formula of Hurriclean has been proven to be completely safe for use in all bathroom types, and offers a quick and easy solution that removes the time consuming process of manually cleaning your toilet system in one easy flush.

HurriClean Pricing & Availability

The Hurriclean solution is not currently available in stores, and can only be ordered from the Hurriclean website.

Unlike other potentially dangerous and ineffective toilet cleaning solutions, the Hurriclean toilet cleaning solution is covered by an 60 day satisfaction guaranteed money back offer, allowing customers a completely risk free way to see the incredible and fast acting effects of this revolutionary toilet cleaner for themselves.

Hurriclean is priced at just $10 USD for a pack of three Hurriclean cleaning solution packages with free shipping.

However, Hurriclean are currently running a special offer on their website, offering three packs of Hurriclean for just $10 USD with another set of three Hurriclean packages included free, with just the shipping fee for the second set to pay, making the total price for six Hurriclean packages just $16.99 USD.

HurriClean Review Summary

If you’re looking for a safe, fast and effective toilet cleaning solution free from many of the chemicals used by other dangerous cleaners that will keep your toilet hygienic and clean for your whole family, Hurriclean is a competitively priced and highly popular product.


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