Catspad – Smart Cat Feeder For Dispensing Food & Water?


Catspad is an electronic device that releases a healthy supply of food and water for your cat on a regular basis. This feeding system is perfect for any cat owner that needs to spend time away from home, but doesn’t want to have someone else in their home for their pets.

What is Catspad?

Any cat owner can tell you how important it is to properly care for an animal in their house. Cats have a reputation for being independent and cold, but nothing could be further from the truth. You bring in these animals to your home with the hope of making them your family, and you need to provide the right care for your family when they need it most. You take care of all their needs, which includes offering adequate nutrition to meet their needs.

Unfortunately, other commitments can force you to be away from your furry family members for prolonged periods, but you still need to ensure their well-being. When you can’t be there, Catspad is.

Catspad delivers food and water straight to your cat’s dish on a regular schedule, which is set by you. This innovative device may seem like other automatic feeders, but there’s a few major differences.

First, your cat’s eating habits and your decisions are the factors that determine how often the food and water should be replenished. None of these setting even need to be adjusted on the machine, since everything is controlled by an app on your smartphone.

If you need to go away on a vacation, you’re usually left with the uncomfortable circumstance of asking someone that you can trust to go into your home and keep your animals fed. Unfortunately, when you’re already stressed about leaving your animals behind, the pressure of finding someone that is reliable and pet-friendly can add to the anxiety.

To make matters worse, you don’t know how your animals will react to this change. Rather than letting a pet sitter into your home, you can take care of your animals from anywhere with Catspad.

How Does Catspad Work?

The Catspad project started off as a way for consumers to take care of their cats on vacation, rather than having to pay for a pet sitter or ending your vacation early. Without the right eating schedule, your cat may throw up this essential nutrition in minutes. Furthermore, by letting your cat predict the best times to fee the.

Your cat eats small amounts of food throughout the day to keep their energy levels up, which can add up to maybe 10 to 14 small meals a day. You need to be able to keep a steady supply of food available to them to keep them strong and healthy, but anyone with a job can tell you that it’s not easy to keep that dish filled.

Furthermore, your cat can end up overeating if too much food is available at once. By putting the release of food on a schedule, you can supply enough nutrients for their energy, without impacting their weight.

Too many people are lazy with feeding their cats properly, which puts your furry friend at risk for a wealth of damaging problems. Along with obesity from overeating, you can weaken their immune system by leaving them with the same water all day long, instead of offering fresh water frequently. The Catspad helps to eliminate all those nutritional worries, no matter how long you need to be away.

Controlling Catspad

Every single function for the Catspad is run by a downloadable app, which is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It is free to access and it can give you plenty of information and control over the device.

Some of the functions that are in this app will give you information, while others will let you perform a function. The app lets you:

  • Determine which cat is approaching the device, using microchip technology with recognition software
  • Create a schedule that will release food and water that coincides with your regular feeding routine
  • Check on how well your cat has been eating and drinking lately
  • Find out when food supply is running low in the bowls

You will need to wirelessly connect your smartphone with the device. There’s no indication of how far the app will be able to reach when you’re away, but programming a feeding schedule will ensure that you keep your cats healthy and well-fed while you’re away.

Pricing For Catspad

Catspad is not ready yet for pre-order sales, but they are presently available on Kickstarter to gain support from backers and investors. This campaign will be open until February 5th, 2017, and each pledge comes with a specific reward that you can gain.

The rewards on the website have an allotted number of spots for each reward, so they are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some of the rewards have already reached those allotments, but many are still available, such as:

  • €20, which gives you a signed photo of the creators
  • €219, which gives you the cat feeder, a charger, and a collar tag (which is a basic package)
  • €438, for two basic packages
  • €2,000, for ten basic packages that you can give as gifts or to distribute

At this time, a return policy has not been put in place, which is probably because the product isn’t even available to the public. However, with devices of this nature, you usually end up with a 60-day return policy.

Contacting the Creators of Catspad

Even though Catspad is still collecting funding from Kickstarter, you still may have questions that you want to address before you invest in the purchase. While there is no phone number or email address, you can fill out the online form for a reply.

Catspad Conclusion

Catspad has innovative technology that helps you give your cat the best attention and care possible, even when you can’t be there to provide it yourself. You don’t need to worry about getting out of work on time for meals, or allowing a stranger into your home to care for your animals, since this device will show them that you’re still providing nourishment.

If you need to get away, or you need to monitor your pet’s nutrition, the Catspad has it all.

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