Natural Immune System Enhancement – Best Immunity Boosters?


Why is Your Immune System’s Health Important?

Everyone knows that a healthy immune system is a good thing. But beyond that, a lot of people do not know much else about our first line of defense against possibly deadly diseases.

It is a system that can recognize threatening pathogens that enter the body and send white blood cells to fight and get rid of those pathogens.

And it is called the IMMUNE system because after fighting and defeating the pathogens, the body develops an immunity to it and it will be much easier for the immune system to get rid of those pathogens in the future without the body feeling any symptoms.

Since the immune system is so vital to overall health and well-being, you definitely want to keep it running in tip top shape.

Diseases like cancer totally exploit weak immune systems and make them even weaker, making cancer patients more susceptible to other diseases while already suffering from the cancer.

Kick Start Your Immune System Naturally

You can try any of the following methods, or try all of them to maximize benefits. Either way, it is up to you to do whatever you think you need to do to for natural immune System enhancement.

Let’s get started.

#1: Add Some Elderberries to Your Diet

Elderberries are an age-old ingredient in various tonics to treat people when they get sick. And unlike a lot of age-old medicinal ingredients, the benefits of consuming elderberries have been scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system.

It is especially effective at fighting the effects caused by the seasonal cold and influenza strains.

Various scientific studies have shown that taking an elderberry-based medicine as soon as you start feeling cold or flu symptoms will make those symptoms go away faster than taking regular medicine or waiting it out.

Even if you are not sick, consuming elderberries will give your immune system a much needed kick to fight off future diseases.

#2: Add More Probiotics to Your Diet

Not many people know that there is a huge bacterial environment within their gut. Fewer people know how much influence that bacterial microbiome has on their overall health. Let me tell you – it has a lot of influence.

If you have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in that microbiome, your immune system’s performance will be significantly damaged and you will find yourself falling ill easier.

Taking probiotics will restore the healthy bacteria in your gut and make your immune system strong again.

Good sources of probiotics that should be easy to introduce in your diet include yogurt, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, and sour pickles.

#3: Consume More Vitamin D-rich Foods

When you do not get enough vitamin D in your system, your immune system’s ability to fight off diseases and infections is greatly diminished.

This is substantially corroborated by a plethora of scientific studies that show that those with low vitamin D levels are more vulnerable to disease and infection.

Vitamin D helps your immune system build a resistance to diseases that it has successfully fought off, as well. This is why you should take the time to address vitamin deficiencies if you have any.

#4: Consume Oregano Oil

The extent of what most people know about oregano is that it looks like marijuana. People who know more than that are most likely cooks, doctors, or health freaks.

Regardless, everyone should know that oregano is really good for your health and is not just something that ripoff artists sell to kids wanting to buy some weed.

Consuming oregano oil has been found in various scientific trials to cure diseases and strengthen immune system function.

On top of that, oregano oil also joins the fight against viral, fungal, and bacterial infections because of the chemicals and substances contained within oregano oil.

The most effective infection killing substances within oregano oil are thymol and carvacrol. Oregano oil is really a diamond in the rough when it comes to substances that provide a wide range of health benefits. Start taking it now!

#5: Consume Some Ginger

Ginger-based medicines have been used long before humans even learned how to read and write. It is highly effective as an immune system enhancer.

Health experts attribute these beneficial properties to ginger’s heating effect that destroys the build-up of harmful toxins that occur in various organs in the body.

Ginger also helps to clean up the human lymphatic system – the system responsible for expelling waste and harmful toxins from the body.

You can take ginger in the form of ginger root or by extracting the oil from a ginger root. Either way, just consuming it will give you a massive shield against disease and ensure your immune system’s strength and effectiveness.

Trials have also proven ginger to be effective against infections caused by viral and bacterial agents. Are you a smoker? Supplementing your diet with some ginger will help mitigate the damage done to your body from smoking as well.

#6: Supplement Your Diet With Myrrh Oil

Myrrh is a sticky substance that is best compared to tree sap. But more importantly, it is an essential oil and a quite popular one at that.

In fact, it is one of the most popular essential oils as it is used by millions of people all around the world.

Obviously if so many people use it, it must be really good, right? Bingo! Myrrh oil can be taken like a regular supplement or applied directly to open cuts and wounds just like colloidal silver.

Historically, myrrh oil has been applied to wounds to clot up the blood and speed up the healing process, as well as keeping the wound clean and protected from infection.

You can create an especially potent supplement if you mix myrrh oil and frankincense oil and take it.

This concoction is a surefire immune system booster and will help fight off and even prevent all kinds of infections and illnesses.

#7: Start Using Colloidal Silver

The healing properties of silver are not a new discovery. In fact, many ancient human civilizations have been found to use it to heal various ailments.

It is a shame that it has basically been an abandoned relic (in the health field) up until recently, when scientific studies were done to proven its effectiveness.

And the benefits of colloidal silver as well as the handful of ways that one can use it make it something that you simply cannot overlook.

Studies have shown that taking colloidal silver can halt the development of various bacteria – in addition to that it can help prevent infection by applying it directly to open cuts and wounds.

Remember when I said it is versatile? I was not lying – you can take it by consuming a drop of colloidal silver supplement with a meal, or like I said before, you could apply it directly to your skin to protect an open cut from infection.

One thing I should remind you is that you should stop using it after two weeks. Also, disregard the warnings that taking it will turn your skin blue.

True colloidal silver will not actually do that – that is a result of people getting ripped off and taking a supplement with ionic protein instead of actual colloidal silver. Make sure you are getting a legitimate colloidal silver supplement.

Natural Immune System Enhancement Summary

And there you have it – seven different things you can do to kick start your immune system and keep it strong and healthy to keep your body strong and healthy.

Your immune system is something you cannot live without and you should take care of it like you would anything else you could not live without.

Introducing some of these products into your life won’t fix your problems (if you have any) on their own, though.

You also have to make an effort to weed out the bad lifestyle habits that you possess and drop those, or else your immune system will keep getting weakened again.

Taking ginger may mitigate the harmful effects of smoking, but that does not mean you should not make the effort to quit anyways.

And as always is the case when dealing with health supplements, be careful. Be sure that you are getting legitimate products and not fraudulent products full of filler ingredients and empty promises.

Buy from reputable brands that have plenty of positive independent reviews. Other precautionary measures you can take is to make sure to adhere by the instructions and warnings associated with the various herbs and supplements on this list.

Most of the products on this list should not be taken for more than 14 days as their effectiveness could become borderline harmful after a two-week period.

You can resume your supplementation after a small break, though – and rinse and repeat. If you are currently pregnant and are interested in introducing any of these into your lifestyle, consult your doctor or a trusted health care professional first.

The last thing you would want to do is complicate your pregnancy by misusing one of these supplements.

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