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Testosterone issues plague a plethora of men over the age of 35. From a scientific perspective, we can see that this happens due to natural changes which affect out our organ health. For example, after a certain age (40+), the working efficiency of our Pituitary gland and Gonads decrease quite significantly. This results in a power production of testosterone and other important enzymes.

When levels of test drop in our bodies, we can see that there are many physical and mental health effects which become apparently clear. Some of the common symptoms which arise as a consequence include lowered semen production, erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, decreased energy, mental fogginess.

Thus, in order to cure the aforementioned issues, there now exist many potent supplements in the market. These formulas include a wide range of natural and herbal ingredients which not only boost our hormone production capacity, but also optimize the working of our neural channels.

As a result, a man starts to feel more energetic and vital once again. However, with all that being said, many supplements tend to contain chemical derivatives which might cause our bodies harm in the long run. Hence, many scientists recommend the use of traditional herbs which are not only efficacious, but also are completely ‘bio-compatible’ with our bodies.

About Vintage Boost

Vintage boost is an all new ‘testosterone enhancer’ that has been formulated using a host of efficacious components that deliver a wide array of beneficial physical benefits. The formula is natural and has been clinically validated, in fact there are many studies that are available in relation to the various components included in the mix.

Thus, it would be advisable for potential customers to read through and see whether the product is right for them or not. Some of the key features of Vintage Boost include:

  • Testosterone Boost: as is common with such supplements, Vintage Boost has been designed to aid in the release of copious amounts of “Free Test’ into our bloodstream. Similarly, there are certain active agents in the mix which actively inhibit the formation of estrogen and other female hormones.
  • Strength Benefits: clinical studies have shown that through regular intake, a user will see a marked difference in his strength levels. This is because the core active agents in the blend help in increasing the muscular generation rate of our tissues. When fibular production is happening at a high level, then a person is able to feel more energised and powerful.
  • Sexual Support: an underrated aspect of Vintage Boost is its ability to increase our overall sexual potency. Using a combination of vasodilators and aphrodisiacs, the product increases the flow of blood and other essential nutrients into our groin area. This results in heightened stimulation as well as increased sexual stamina.
  • Recovery: due to the presence of various relaxants, the supplement is able to reduce the buildup and accumulation of harmful lactic acid based compounds. These derivatives have been known to increase sensations of fatigue in one’s body, thereby enhancing our innate workout capacity.
  • USA Made: all of the components that have been used to fabricate the solution have been made in facilities that are based in the United States. All of the manufacturing units are verified and work in complete compliance with guidelines set forth by the FDA and cGMP.
  • Natural: there are no additives, fillers, binders in the mix. Similarly, the manufacturer has clearly revealed all of the added components on the outside label. Thus, users need not be worried about ingesting harmful nutrients that might be guised under the pretext of being ‘proprietary blends’, ‘special ingredients’.


Vintage Boost is highly rated on many web forums across the internet. For example, based on over 400 reviews, the supplement received a rating of 4.4/5 stars. Some satisfied customers include Eddie C who says ‘Solid product. I'm starting my 2nd step and the thing I've noticed is that my i'm having better workouts. I don't know how to explain it but the burn feels good and makes me do a few more reps.

So far I'm noticing more stamina during cardio in the morning and looking forward to my evening workouts.’ Similarly, Troy K. says ‘So far so good. I'm in my mid 30's and have noticed that my levels of testosterone have gone way down. I needed something to give me a long lasting stamina kick and help me add strength. My workouts are longer and stronger. I also am noticing more energy overall. Love it.’

Other important details

(i) Non Gmo: all of the core components are completely free of any genetically modified components.

(ii) Gluten/ Allergen Free: the supplement is free of any common allergens like Gluten, Wheat, Soy. Thus, users can be sure that the supplement won't flare up any dormant allergies.

(iii) Vegan Friendly: all of the active agents have been fully tested for any traces of fats, dairy, meat. Clinical trials have shown that Voltage Boost is safe for consumption by people following a Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle.

Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of Vintage Boost contains 126 veg capsules which should last users anywhere between 1-2 months. A single unit is priced at $47.79 and can be purchased directly from the official amazon portal of the manufacturer. Payments can be completed using a host of safe, secure means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.


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