Plant Sterols and Stanols Supplements – Lower LDL Cholesterol?

Stanols & Sterols: Heart Disease & Cholesterol

Medical advancements are rapidly changing the way we look at our bodies and how we treat them. More and more we are learning the many benefits derived from supplements and holistic medicine. Most importantly, we are learning the advantages of taking supplements for preventive care… especially in the area of the heart. No romance, but heart health.

Rather than waiting to be diagnosed with a heart disease, we are learning the value of taking supplements to prevent them from ever occurring or to lessen the severity of them when they do. Think of your body as you would a car. Regular maintenance helps to avoid car problems down the line. Your body is no different.

Many of the advances in science has led to further understandings of the heart. Of course, we all know that the heart is important for health. However, with our diets these days and often hectic lifestyles, our hearts can take on a lot of the health issues and stress of the day to day.

Don’t wait until it lets you know something is wrong. Pay attention to your personal needs and do what you need to ensure future health, today. Stanols and Sterols are one such supplement that can illustrate the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

What Are Stanols And Sterols?

Stanols and Sterols or sometimes referred to as phytosterols, are steroid compounds that are molecularly similar to cholesterol. This may sound frightening but it's not. Unlike real cholesterol, stanols and sterols do not clog arteries or lead to serious heart conditions. They are harmless and cause no health concerns. In fact phytosterols rich foods and supplements have been marketed for decades and their health benefits have titillated the scientific community for many years.

The LDL cholesterol (harmful cholesterol) lowering effect has been well documented by many promising studies. They also show promise in treating enlarged prostate and helping to balance a compromised immune system. There are many things that can disrupt regular immune function so if you suspect you may have a compromised immunity, high cholesterol or an enlarged prostate, talk to your doctor about the benefits of taking stanols and sterols as a supplement. It may be just what you need.

How Do Stanols And Sterols Help?

Stanols and Sterols are natural mimics whose molecular structure is so similar to cholesterol that they effectively trick your body into treating them as it would cholesterol. While your body is absorbing the stanols and sterols, the stanols and sterols block the absorption of harmful cholesterol, keeping it out of your bloodstream and away from your arteries.

Since the absorption of cholesterol is blocked, it has nowhere to go and is expelled as waste which leads to an overall lowering of cholesterol levels. The stanols and sterols themselves are harmless to your system. They pass through your bloodstream without any damaging effects. It’s as simple as it is effective.

Heart Health

High cholesterol has a negative impact on heart health and function. As the arteries of the body narrow or become clogged, your blood pressure increases. Increased blood pressure can potentially damage or even ruptured arteries, especially when those arteries are already compromised. Ruptured arteries can cause blood clots and they can be fatal.  Any or all of this puts undo strain on the heart whose function is pumping the blood throughout the body.

So as you can see, high cholesterol may seem like one small problem but in reality it can be the first push towards a domino effect leading to poor heart health and even death. Stanols and sterols can help keep your bad cholesterol lowered so that all of this can be avoided or lessened in severity.

It can add years to your life and life quality.

Improved Immune Function

In a normal functioning immune system we are often able to ward off illness and stay healthy despite exposure to irritants or pathogens. Unfortunately in today's world there are many things that can compromise the immune system. Because we live in times of high stress we often trigger our flight or fight response. This floods our system with adrenaline and cortisol. These two chemicals prepare us to either fight or run.

It also causes tremors, increased heart rate and an extreme sense of panic. Usually events that trigger this response are short lived, perhaps you almost rear ended the car in front of you while driving to the corner market. You would be flooded with adrenaline and cortisol and feel shaken up but would return to normal quickly.

Ideally these events happen infrequently or not at all. In our day to day reality however, we live in a high stress world. We may have events like this occur every week or even daily. When our system is constantly flooded with adrenaline and cortisol, our natural production of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) drops. DHEA is a chemical that proves benefits both as an immunity booster and an age defying hormone.

Having lowered amounts adversely affects our immune health as well as aging us prematurely. Stanols and Sterols modulate the production of cortisols and help increase the production of DHEA. In this way it can counter the immune damaging effects of stress and balance out your immune system function. If you live a high stress lifestyle then it is likely you could benefit from taking stanol and sterol supplements.

Prostate Relief

BPH or enlarged prostate is a benign malady the effects men, usually over the age of 40. There are multiple ways that stanols and sterols help those suffering from BPH and BPH related symptoms. Stanols and sterols can lessen inflammation and reduce the size of the prostate. This in turn lessens the pressure that your prostate puts on your urinary tract. This in turn helps alleviate frequency of urination, incomplete voiding and sudden urgency which can be embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable.

Where Do You Get Stanols And Sterols?

Stanols and sterols and plant fats and occur naturally in several different plants including fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. In fact it is plentiful in the plant kingdom and should, theoretically be easy to obtain naturally.

The problem with stanols and sterols however is that they are most concentrated in the fibrous parts of plants. This means most of the stanols and sterols we consume cannot be digested and will pass as waste. Storing, freezing and cooking further compromises the amount of stanols and sterols that will reach your system.

The best way to get the therapeutic amount of stanols and sterols is by taking supplements. Supplements are easy to obtain and contain the correct dosage needed to lower cholesterol, relieve prostate symptoms and bolster the immune system. This allows you to better track your progress, and know exactly how much you are getting whereas directly from plant sources, you could never be sure if you are getting a therapeutic dosage when likely most of it will pass through your system as a waste by product.’

If you are interested in taking stanols and sterols, speak to your healthcare provider. Stanols and sterols can be obtained in capsule, pill or liquid form depending on your preference. You can find them online or at your favorite health or drugstore.

Stanols and Sterols for Better Health

Stanols and Sterols can make a real difference in your life if you are suffering from high cholesterol or related heart disease or suffer from an enlarged prostate or compromised immunity. Although prevalent as a plant by product it is difficult to obtain from food alone. Supplements are your best bet for optimum results and are easy to manage and track. High cholesterol in and of itself may not seem that serious. However, when you consider the domino effect that having high cholesterol creates you cannot help but realize how important it is to nip it in the bud as soon as it arrises.

By regularly supplementing stanols and sterols you will lower your cholesterol, reduce heart disease and lower your odds of having a heart attack. The benefits of sterols and stanols make them an ideal supplement for longevity and heart health. If you are serious about your health. Consult your physician about Stanols and Sterols and get started on a road to improved heart health.


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