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Raspberry Ketones Review

Raspberry Ketones are one of the hottest diet crazes of the past 2 years.

You can actually identify the exact moment that raspberry ketones became popular: in summer of 2012, Dr. Oz called raspberry ketones a “miracle in a bottle” and placed it on his list of the world’s best fat-burning supplements.

Ever since then, Raspberry Ketones have been available at countless online stores and health food shops. Raspberry ketones purportedly increase fat metabolism, which boosts fat burning and, by extension, increases our energy.

Raspberry ketones aren’t your average natural weight loss miracle. Raspberry ketones are backed up by some surprising research and clinical studies. Today, in our raspberry ketones review, we’re going to explain everything you’ve always wanted to know about raspberry ketones and the raspberry ketone diet.


What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are a natural chemical compound found in raspberries. Chemically speaking, they’re considered phenolic compounds, which means they contain a phenol group

For years, the only known property of raspberry ketones was that they gave raspberries their distinctive natural scent.

In fact, before raspberry ketones started to be used in diet pills, they were primarily used by the perfume industry.

Eventually, however, somebody decided to figure out what happens when you take high doses of raspberry ketones. Even at high doses, ketones are safe to consume. In clinical testing, they were shown to help the body break down fat.

However, as you’ll learn below, there’s one huge problem with every study ever performed on raspberry ketones.

You’ve Probably Already Eaten Raspberry Ketones Before

Raspberry ketones sound like something weird. However, you’ve probably already eaten raspberry ketones before. Raspberry ketones were declared safe by the FDA a long time ago. For years, they were used to add flavor and color to ice cream and soft drinks. Today, they’re still used in treats, but they’re more commonly used in weight loss supplements.

Obviously, if you’ve ever eaten raspberries, then you’ve also eaten raspberry ketones before. Yes, they have a weird name, but no, that doesn’t mean raspberry ketones are some strange synthetic chemical: they’re just a naturally-occurring compound found within raspberries.

Health Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

You already know about the flavoring qualities and aromatic properties of raspberry ketones. However, you’re probably here to learn about the health and weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones.

According to weight loss supplement manufacturers, raspberry ketones come with all of the following weight loss benefits:

— Safely Lose 2 To 5 Pounds Per Week While Taking Raspberry Ketone Supplements
— Detoxify The Body And Cleanse Impurities
— Strengthen The Immune System
— Boost Energy Level
— Increase Metabolism

There’s just one problem with the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones: they’ve never been proven on humans. That’s right: all the weight loss studies performed so far have been performed either on rats, mice, or test tubes (in vitro).

Researchers have tried to replicate the weight loss results of raspberry ketones in humans but have found no link between oral supplementation of raspberry ketones and weight loss.

So despite Dr. Oz’s insistence that raspberry ketones are a miracle weight loss tool, there’s little to no scientific evidence reinforcing that claim.

Scientific Evidence for Raspberry Ketones

There have been numerous scientific studies performed on raspberry ketones but none of those studies have been able to demonstrate weight loss benefits in humans.

When you search for “raspberry ketones” on PubMed.gov, you find just 40 studies on raspberry ketones. None of these studies discuss the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones on humans. Nevertheless, these studies deserve to be mentioned because they show that raspberry ketones may have other beneficial health effects.

Here are all the major studies performed on raspberry ketones to date:

2008 Study Shows Raspberry Ketones Improve Skin Elasticity and Hair Regrowth

One 2008 study involved topically applying raspberry ketones to mice and humans. In this study, it was observed that both mice and humans experienced improved skin elasticity in the areas of application as well as greater hair regrowth in the targeted areas. The study concluded that “these observations strongly suggest that RK might increase dermal IGF-I production through sensory neuron activation, thereby promoting hair growth and increasing skin elasticity.” RK, in this study, stood for raspberry ketones. (Source: PubMed.gov)

2014 Study Shows Raspberry Ketones Could Promote Healthy Bone Formation

One 2014 study on raspberry ketones examined the link between raspberry ketones and bone formation. Specifically, raspberry ketones have been suggested as a potential treatment for diseases like ovariectomy, osteoporosis, and the general bone weakness associated with aging. The study concluded by stating that raspberry ketones “may promote bone formation”, although the specific mechanisms behind this bone formation were not identified. (Source: PubMed.gov)

2012 Study Shows Raspberry Ketones Protects Rats Against High-Fat Diets

This 2012 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food is one of the most commonly-cited raspberry ketone articles on the internet today. This study tested the effects of raspberry ketones on rats. Rats were given a high-fat diet (including 9% pure lard). Rats received a low, medium, or high dose of raspberry ketones depending on their group. The study concluded by stating that, “it was believed that raspberry ketone had a dual effect of liver protection and fat reduction, and the mechanism was probably mediated by alleviation of fatty degeneration of liver cells.” In other words, rats could safely eat a high-fat diet without actually getting fat thanks to the protective benefits of raspberry ketones. (Source: PubMed.gov)

So it appears there’s more scientific evidence behind using raspberry ketones to combat balding than there is to support its weight loss benefits.

Of course, just because there’s no scientific evidence behind raspberry ketones doesn’t mean they don’t work: there are plenty of anecdotal reviews online stating raspberry ketones can transform the body. For some people, raspberry ketones have genuinely been able to reduce their waistlines and help them live a healthier life.

One thing that all the studies listed above do suggest is that raspberry ketones are unique and powerful natural compounds. The weight loss benefits just haven’t been quantitatively studied at this point in time.

How to Use Raspberry Ketones

The typical raspberry ketone dose involves taking one 100mg capsule of 100% pure raspberry ketone before each meal. An average month’s supply of raspberry ketones will contain 30 to 60 capsules.

Some supplements recommend taking just one capsule per day before breakfast. Others recommend taking one capsule before breakfast and another capsule before lunch.

Buying Raspberry Ketones

So you’ve decided to buy raspberry ketones. You have two options in front of you: buy raspberry ketone supplements online or purchase them in-store.

Either way, you have dozens of different supplements available to you. This can make it difficult to pick the right one.

After comparing an overwhelming number of raspberry ketone brands and supplements online, I’ve noticed some common trends between the well-reviewed supplements and the poor-quality supplements.

Try to pick raspberry ketones that have the following qualities:

— Pure raspberry ketones with no additives (some companies add green tea extract, caffeine, or even ephedrine to the pill to “enhance” fat burning power).

— 100% pure raspberry ketone with approximately 100mg per capsule

— Be careful with free trial offers. Many of these free trials are auto-ship programs and you’ll end up with hundreds of dollars of charges on your credit card.

If you follow the above rules, you should expect to pay between $50 and $80 for a one month’s supply of raspberry ketones.

Like with most diet supplements, you get what you pay for. If you’re paying more than $80, you’re probably getting ripped off. If you’re paying less than $40 to $50, you’re probably not getting pure raspberry ketones.

Raspberry Ketone Side Effects

There are no known side effects for pure raspberry ketones. However, when you’re comparing raspberry ketone supplements online, you may find supplements which claim to have certain side effects.

In most cases, these supplements have additional ingredients which have created these side effects. Many diet pills contain high levels of caffeine, for example, which comes with side effects like nausea, sleeplessness, irritability, and other uncomfortable effects.

Pure raspberry ketones, on the other hand, have been approved safe by the FDA and have no known serious side effects.

Aside from anecdotal complaints about loose bowel movements and mild digestive problems, there are no known side effects associated with raspberry ketones.

Conclusion: Who Should Take Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are not a miracle fat burning solution: you can’t sit at home every day, pop a ketone diet pill, and eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner expecting to lose weight.

That’s just not going to work.

However, as shown in scientific studies, raspberry ketones have a powerful complementary effect on healthy diet and exercise routines. If you’re already somewhat careful about your diet and exercise a few times per week, then raspberry ketones have been shown to enhance the effects of diet and exercise.

That being said, the lack of scientific evidence for direct weight loss in humans is troubling. To date, no scientific studies have been able to show that raspberry ketones lead to weight loss when used as an oral supplement in humans. They have, however, exhibited powerful fat-busting properties in rats, mice, and stem cells.

What does that mean for raspberry ketones? It means that the best raspberry ketones results will occur when you’re exercising and eating healthy. When complementing a healthy diet and exercise routine, raspberry ketones may be able to boost weight loss results, trim away fat, increase energy levels, and help you lose 2 to 5 pounds per week.

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