Top 3 Possible Uses for Saw Palmetto – Healthy For Prostate & Bladder?


Saw Palmetto is a plant that has fan-shaped leaves, the fruit of which is used to make medications. Saw Palmetto is mainly used for medications that decrease the inner lining of the prostate.

There have been numerous research studies done on Saw Palmetto, and while some are inconclusive on the benefits and uses for this plant, others are showing positive results. The majorities of these studies have been done on the prostate and have shown it to be helpful with both prostate infections and with prostate cancer.

Research has shown that people have also used Saw Palmetto supplements for help with their colds, asthma, chronic headaches, and pelvic pain.

In this article, we will be discussing the three possible uses for Saw Palmetto. Some are still in the research stages and some have shown great promise in the field in which they were studied.

What is Saw Palmetto?

Many research studies have shown that Saw Palmetto has a positive effect on men who have had prostate issues and prostate surgery.

Using a supplement or medication made from the Saw Palmetto fruit, doctors are prescribing this medication to prepare men for their prostate surgery. Not only does the medication show a decrease in the size of the inner lining of the prostate, it also shows a decrease in surgery related problems.

Current research shows that if men take a prostate medication or supplement for 2-3 months before having surgery they can significantly decrease their prostate lining, which actually brings the time in surgery down.

It can also decrease blood loss during surgery and help reduce the time you spend in the hospital after your surgery, meaning that you will have a shorter recovery time.

Enlarged Prostate

There have been many studies done on the effect that Saw Palmetto has on the inner lining of the prostate and the results have been promising. However, studies have shown that using Saw Palmetto to actually decrease the prostate itself have been inconclusive.

Some research shows that Saw Palmetto can decrease the actual prostate size, which would help to prevent some men from having prostate surgery.

Some research shows that Saw Palmetto does not decrease the actual prostate, only the inner lining, which would mean that men would continue to need prostate surgery even when cancer is not present.

If a man is suffering from BPH, studies are showing that there may be a slight improvement in the area of restroom use, but not in any other area that is caused by BPH. Some studies state that there is no effect on BPH and that Saw Palmetto does not affect BPH enough to be a good match for men.

Bladder Control

Though there have been many research studies conducted on Saw Palmetto, there are some studies that are inconclusive on the effects that it has. Other than prostate issues in men, researchers have also studied Saw Palmetto and the effects it has on other medical issues.

They have tested both men and women to see how Saw Palmetto treats the common cold, asthma, and even bladder control. There is not enough evidence in these studies to draw a conclusion one way or the other.

Once researchers have more evidence, they can conduct studies even further to see if Saw Palmetto could be an alternative to other medications.

If they show positive results, then most people would be able to simply take a supplement instead of taking a regular medication prescribed to them by their doctor.

In early research done on the bladder control issues that most people face, researchers found that if a certain dose of Saw Palmetto is taken for three to six months, it can improve the amount of liquid that the bladder can hold.

This means that women who suffer from bladder control issues would be using the restroom a lot less and be able to continually maintain control of their bladders.

It will also allow them to be able to completely empty their bladders when they use the restroom, which will help prevent leaks between bathroom trips. This could be a better alternative to having to take medication constantly for years at a time.

Saw Palmetto has shown some positive results when it comes to prostate issues and other small medical illnesses. There are still a large number of research studies that need to be conducted in order to know for sure whether or not this is a supplement that can be introduced to the public fully.

For men who are having prostate issues or who may have prostate cancer, this is something they will need to discuss with their medical doctor before they begin taking it.

There are a variety of Saw Palmetto supplements on the market today that are combined with other more active ingredients. If this is something that men are considering taking for their prostate issues, then talking with their doctor is a must.

Medical doctors will have the necessary training to be able to let their patient know if Saw Palmetto is safe to consume for their individual circumstances.

There are various factors to consider before you begin adding a supplement to your diet, the most important being the effect it will have on other medications. If you take medication on a daily basis for various medical conditions, you need to be aware of any side effects that Saw Palmetto may cause with your medicines.

Currently, Saw Palmetto is deemed safe to consume by people who are healthy overall. However, you should be aware that it can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, and vomiting.

Like with other supplements, it should not be consumed longer than prescribed by your doctor or longer than the warning label on the medicine suggests.

Women who are nursing or pregnant should not take Saw Palmetto supplements. There are not enough research studies to prove that it is safe for these women.

Like with any other medication, talk with your doctor before starting. There are more research studies being conducted to try to find out if Saw Palmetto can have positive results.

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