Evlution Nutrition – PreWorkout & Muscle Recovery Supplements?


Evlution Nutrition is a company that offers supplements to give your body nutritional support in every aspect of your workout. The company features different accessories and gear as well that allow you to advertise with their logo at the gym.

What is Evlution Nutrition?

When you decide to start on a fitness routine to improve your health, you probably determine the eating plan and workouts that would work best for you. However, many people who are new to fitness don’t realize the importance of nutrition before, during, and after a workout. A bottle of water is not sufficient nutrition, since your sweat contains a lot of nutrients from your body. Luckily, Evlution Nutrition is able to help you with your dietary needs.

Evlution Nutrition helps you to support your fitness goals with a variety of supplements, which address each stage your body goes through while working out. Your body needs a different level of nutrition at this time, and these formulas are the best way to deliver it in a concentrated dose. You should still keep up with your water intake during your workout.

Evlution focuses your attention on five different types of supplements they carry. These supplements address your pre-workout, post-workout, and overall health needs. By committing to taking these supplements, you are taking one more step in the right direction for your fitness. Additionally, you are giving your muscles and the rest of your body the important support it needs to perform in the gym, while you minimize recovery away from it.

Evlution Nutrition Products

There are many different supplements offered by Evlution, which are all formulated to help you achieve the best success possible in achieving your fitness goals. The products are available generally as either a powder or a capsule. Be sure to check if your selected product has a flavored powder, to help you determine what liquid you want to mix it into.

These high-quality formulas attack your physical fitness and health from all angles, ensuring that you won’t feel fatigued, sore, or dehydrated. To get a better idea of what each collection of supplements can do, check out each category below to find out more.


Preparing correctly for a workout is the key to maintaining your energy levels and stamina during the more rigorous parts of your routine. Evlution has a variety of different supplements to cater to your particular needs. There are formulas that include caffeine, while others omit it, depending on your preference.

This category can be split into three different products – Trans4orm, BCAA Energy, and ENGN Pre-Workout Engine. Trans4rm is the easiest product to include, since you just have to swallow a capsule. However, if you prefer to hydrate yourself at the same time, both BCAA Energy and ENGN are available in powders, which you mix into water.

If you prefer capsules, it costs about $49.99 for 60 servings. The powders start at $26.99.


Once your workout is complete, you need to fill your body with the nutrients it has lost from sweating. Luckily, Evlution has something for that as well. There are actually quite a few different options, which force you to, again, choose between capsules or a powder that dissolves in water. None of the products contain any amount of caffeine; they simply contain electrolytes to nourish your muscles.

Capsules in this category start at $19.99. Both flavored and unflavored powders start at $24.99.

Weight Management

The products in the Weight Management category give your body the boost it needs to burn more fat, while having the energy to keep up with your workout. Choose from any of the high-quality formulas to help speed up your metabolism while you work out:

  • Carnitine500: $19.99 (capsules)
  • CLA1000: $22.99 (capsules)
  • LEAN BCAA: $34.99 (powder
  • LeanMode: no price listed (capsules)
  • Trans4orm: $49.99 (capsules or powder)


If you are new to all of these formulas, it may be overwhelming and confusing to figure out exactly which one benefits you the most. Luckily, with the trial packs of the different supplements, you are able to test out the effectiveness they have in your workout, prior to selecting the full bottle.

The total cost of any trial pack is determined by the product line and the amount of the supplement in the order.

EVL Stacks

One way to maximize your performance in the gym is to stack your supplements. This process is used when you want to tackle many areas of your nutritional needs at once for optimum results. However, most of the time, you have to figure out what to stack for the results you want. Rather than needing to do your own research on these combinations, Evlution Nutrition has done the work for you. The stacks all help to tackle different areas of fitness, so you can choose your product by your goals.

Products from this category start at $19.99, and they vary in their specialized functions for your optimal health.


This category is actually very limited, but it contains vitamins that you will need on a regular basis, even if you do not work out at all. This category offers fish oil (starting at $6.99), which is the best product you can take for your heart health. You can also purchase FocusMode ($39.99) or VitaMode (starting at $9.99) to help with your overall health.

Contacting Evlution Nutrition

With so many products to choose from, it is understandable if you need a little guidance from the customer service team at Evlution Nutrition. The company is located in Sunrise, Florida, and can be reached at 1-855-385-2300. If you are unable to reach someone at this number, you can also submit your inquiry online on the website.

Evlution Nutrition Review Conclusion

Evlution Nutrition is all about supplying your body with the right nutrients to achieve what you want to during your workouts. Without the right nutrition, you are more likely to plateau or become fatigued. Luckily, by including these supplements in your routine, you won’t have to risk those effects, and you can focus on taking care of your evolving body.

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