Hair Loss Supplements – Best Hair Growth Restoration Treatments?

Reduce Hair Loss and Balding with Natural Supplements

A man’s hair, like the contents of his wallet, are among the most important aspects of his life. There is a reason that millions are spent yearly hair loss supplements, creams and medications. Let’s face it, hair is one of the first qualities that many people will notice in a man, as it is often attributed to their sexual prowess. Having healthy locks equal sexiness or mystique is as much tied to a man’s pride and ego as being the stereotypical bread winner in many cultures. No matter how down to earth a person might be, there is going to be some connection to a man’s sense of self-worth with relation to their hair.

Even in biblical tales, such as Samson and Delilah, the importance of thick, long hair was prevalent and showed a man’s status and ability to bring both sexual pleasure and political strengths to the table.

Today, there are many solutions to hair thinning and baldness, especially as science continues to find new reasons and solutions for this age old problem.

Going Bald Is A Drag

Nearly two-thirds of the American male population will experience a large amount of thinning and hair loss before they even reach the age of 35. It happens slowly for some over several years, progressively becoming worse, and very quickly for others and even in those who are very young.

Losing your hair before your time is a particularly disturbing embarrassment that changes a man in more ways than can be accurately described. Suffice it to say, hair loss in men is a very serious issue.

Take The Shame Out Of Hair Loss

It has been established that men can’t be blamed for their lack of hair. In fact, in many cases it is the genetic factors of the male’s mother that will dictate what happens to his hair. Possibly one of the most difficult elements of hair loss or baldness in men is the denial involved. No one wants to admit it is happening, so it becomes an internal and shame filled concern.

It is understandable that you may be feeling a bit of shame due to your receding hairline, but don’t give up just yet. The good news is that there are many breakthroughs that are changing how hair loss is seen. As scientific understanding increases, you will likely see advances in understanding how to treat baldness.

It is suggested that if you have receding hair in your family line, if you notice your own hair receding or if you just have a concern about keeping your hair that you take supplements that promote hair growth as soon as you notice a problem, if not before.

Self Acceptance

Now is the time to just accept what is happening and know that you don’t have to live in shame. You have far more options than you used to generations ago. Modern technology has come far, and more and more natural remedies are coming to the forefront of our minds.

We are here to tell you that you shouldn’t feel ashamed because of your hair loss. There are many different forms of help available. You are not alone!

Heads Up on Hair Growth

But first… we really need to get down to the nitty gritty and see what hair loss is all about. Because there are so many myths surrounding the concern, there is a lot of false information out there. In order to take the right hair loss supplements for your specific problem, it is important to understand what is causing the issue in the first place.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male Pattern Baldness is a broad term that simply describes men who suffer from slow or rapid hair loss. Ultimately, the most common reason for hair loss is concerned with the natural hormone levels in the body which are slowly diminished as we move through life and age.

The causes of this hair loss have many contributing factors such as:

  • Genes/genetic predisposition
  • Sex hormones
  • Thyroid problems
  • Chemotherapy
  • Malnutrition
  • Stress
  • Over processing due to perming or hair products

Each hair on your body has a follicle where the hair sits. Baldness happens because the follicle itself will shrink over time as it is no longer being supported by the hormones necessary to continue to grow. This causes finer, more delicate hair to grow and then over time the follicle no longer houses new hair at all.

The follicle itself doesn’t die, which is why there is so much room for cures and various kinds of remedies that can stimulate the follicle enough to open it up and begin producing again.

Symptoms Of Male Pattern Baldness

There are a few common symptoms to look out for when you think you might be losing your hair.

For example, one of the signs to look for, while your hair is still in your head is the shape of the hair. When your hair begins to move backwards in an M shape, where the hair becomes much shorter and thinner than it used to be, or it might create a horseshoe shape on the top or sides of your head.

Other additional signs of male pattern baldness include:

  • Waking up with hair clumps on your pillow
  • Random bald spots

Usually diagnosed by a medical professional, male pattern baldness is common enough to be diagnosed easily. But the doctor will want to make sure that you aren’t losing your hair for other reasons, such as scaling as a result of an infection, pus or severe pain.  Many doctors will run biopsies or blood tests to make sure you are healthy overall. Some baldness happens as a result of a chemical allergy or poison being introduced into the bloodstream.

Consider checking in with your doctor if:

  • You want to cure your hair loss
  • You are concerned your hair loss is related to a medical condition or your medication. (Your doctor may want to change the dosage or medication entirely to fix the problem. )
  • You have itchy, irritated skin as well as pain or scale-like quality to the scalp.

Alternative Solutions

Many men turn to ways to replace their hair as a means of curing the problem. Unfortunately, some of these alternative methods can also cause additional problems.


In the 1970’s hair toupees were very popular, albeit incredibly rug like and unattractive. Men would rather wear them than show off their bald heads. Now with modern wig making alternatives, the options of finding a toupee that will really look good for you are many. But the embarrassment of this not being a permanent fix is still enough to cause great anxiety.

Additionally, toupees can rub against the follicles of the hair and cause friction which damages the scalp, causing more of the same problem that was trying to be avoided – baldness. Toupees may be a good solution if your dome is completely hairless, or to fill in gaps of missing hair. However, unless you are willing to spend a lot of money, toupees can’t do what natural alternatives do – which is to help give you back life and fullness to your hair.

If you are using a toupee, you may find that they impede with your normal hair care routine and can prevent solutions when working in conjunction with creams or hair loss supplements.

Hair Transplants

Another viable option to prevent the appearance of hair loss is to consider hair transplants. In the past those who got hair transplanted had a doll-like appearance which caused great shame among many.  Now, you will not get this effect because the art has been perfected, but this process is really expensive.

If you would rather not go broke or suffer through impermanent, fuzzy fixes, natural hair loss supplements are an extremely helpful and popular choice because it attacks the problem at its source, most often, with the hair follicle.

There are hair growth supplements that can work with the transplant process. If you are set on this alternative method to grow your hair, consider speaking with your doctor about what you can do holistically to keep the hair once it is transplanted.

Herbs And Hair Growth

Beyond transplants, medicine and herbs have long been used to promote hair growth, reverse balding and stop hair from receding more. Through the years, there have been fad ideas that have been associated with hair growth supplements that didn’t work.

Through trial and error, we now have a better idea of what herbs and plants do actually help grow hair and make it healthier. Many of the hair growth supplements on today’s market include natural remedies which have been passed down from various cultures over generations. These herbs stimulate growth in the scalp and increases a holistic view of how to take care of your hair. These herbs are often used as a part of the treatment or added to the treatment to give an extra boost.

Let’s take a look at some of the trusted hair growth supplements solutions that are on the market today.

Green Tea

Commonly used for a vast array of ailments, green tea stimulates growth by suppressing the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme which tends to be the culprit of what causes male pattern baldness. If this is suppressed, the long term effects are reduced significantly.  Green tea can be taken as a tea, a supplement, or added to an ointment and used topically.


Frequently used in many hair growth products for men, Palmetto is a prostate ally. It promotes the regrowth of hair because it enhances testosterone in the body.

Aloe Vera

The useful ingredient of the Aloe Vera plant is the gel like substance found within the plant. This can be added to shampoo or creams to enhance the healing properties of the plant. When used topically, the gel opens up hair follicles and increases general blood flow to the scalp.

Top Selling Natural Hair Growth & Balding Supplements:


This product is designed to slow down the intensity of hair loss. Revivogen is meant to be used as a preventative measure upon the onset of initial hair loss.


Adrogenetic alopecia, a common genetic mutation which causes early onset hair loss, is treated most often with Advecia in oral supplements. This balding supplement actually combines grape seed extract as well as palmetto berries and green tea creating a trifecta of potent hair growth magic.

Hairomega (otherwise known as Maxahair)

This hair growth supplement has almost every possible nutrient imaginable to help the hair become lush and thick again. It includes quercetin dehydrate which is known to be a DHT inhibitor and stinging nettles.


Amino acids play a very important role when it comes to the growth of healthy hair. L-Arginine is in Provillus as one of the primary ingredients as well as B-6 and Biotin which is a crucial vitamin for hair growth.


This is a product which is combined with Minoxidil and can be used both as an internal and external treatment. Since DHT causes hair to thin and fall out, having a hair product that brings a maximum dose antidote to DHT is most useful.


One of the most popular supplements for hair loss prevention is Minoxidil. This product is something that should be considered a commitment though because it operates as preventative maintenance. If you stop using Minoxidil it puts you back where you were before you started it, so the idea is to maintain it for the long term. This is for those with severe hair loss problems and not for those with a temporary illness or nutrients deficiency cured by vitamins.


This three part system focuses on hair growth internally as well as externally. As a supplement for balding, it is often used in a shampoo form or as a gel that diminishes the frequency of hair loss and allows the hair to grow back in naturally and more lush. The oral part of this product includes the natural stimulant Panax Ginseng Roto, which, similar to the energy enhancing traits that it usually causes when taking internally for increased energy, this increases blood flow to the hair follicles and wakes them up.

Nisim Shampoo

This shampoo is designed to help hair grow faster. So if it takes a long time for your hair to grow a cohesive inch, this product would stimulate the hair growth so that it happens much faster because it has amino acids and proteins mixed in it.

If you are looking for a little bit more bang for your buck, consider adding these exotic plants to the mix:

  • Exotic hair growth plants
  • Asiasari radix
  • Citrullus colocynthis schrad
  • Polygonum multiflorum
  • Thuja orientalis
  • Elipta alba
  • Cuscuta reflexa rob

If you want to make sure you have the right nutrients in your body to help with hair loss, have a blood test done by a medical professional as it will show where you are at. Incorporating hair growth supplements and vitamins will give you the fertile ground you need to get a healthy bunch of new locks started.

Multivitamins for Balding

As you age, you’re going to be told that you need to take daily vitamins in order to stay healthy. Did you know that the daily multi-vitamin that your doctor has probably already suggested to you also has a host of possibilities for your receding hairline as well?

You’ll find the following minerals and vitamins in your multivitamin.

Aside from being handy for overall body health, these specifically will also help with hair growth and contribute to the quality of hair that you have. Being deficient in minerals or nutrients is one of the easiest ways to witness cascading curls on your pillow. For this reason, hair growth supplements, combined with a daily multivitamin is one of the best things that you can do to treat baldness.

Natural Hair Growth Food Supplements

No particular diet has ever been found to fix the issue of hair loss, though there are a lot of foods which will help keep your head full of healthy hair. It has been proven that without the proper amounts of nutrients, such as in situations where food isn’t digested properly after weight loss surgery or anorexia or diseases of the intestinal tract and stomach, your hair will fall out.

Since hair is predominantly protein based, a diet which is higher in certain types of protein will increase the health of your hair.

These healthy proteins create a positive environment for hair growth:

If you have been mortified and embarrassed by your hair loss, whether it is a small problem or a large one, consider healthy natural hair growth and balding supplements to make your life easier.

A Note on Hair Growth Medications

Over the counter synthetic chemicals can also be helpful in preventing balding. Depending on the severity of your hair loss, a medical practitioner is going to be able to tell you what kind of treatment you should look for. Whether that is just an ointment or a gel, or if you need to include it in your daily routine or even both topically and orally.

It is important to note that some of the medications can include hormonal or chemical treatments that can be severely harsh on the body. When you can, natural methods for hair growth are almost always the preferred method.

Get The Head of Hair You’ve Always Wanted

Remember that millions of men around the world are affected by this frustrating ailment and they get help.You don’t have to walk this path by yourself. Just reach out and start including some of the natural hair growth supplements from this guide to start seeing results. Don’t forget that the best thing that you can do to take care of your hair is to give treatment early.

The earlier the better. Make sure that you are getting your daily nutrients that you need to grow healthy hair as well, including both a multivitamin and supplements for balding that will benefit you. Chances are, you will be seeing a fuller head of hair in no time.



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