Nitric Oxide Supplements – Health Benefits of Boosting NO2?

Nitric Oxide Review: Health Boosting Benefits

If you have an interest in bodybuilding or weightlifting, then you have probably heard of Nitric Oxide. These supplements have been touted to be as effective, if not better than steroids without the harmful side effects. This is because of the effect that Nitric Oxide has on the body, aiding the body to strengthen and develop core muscle groups.

While there is a lot of hype about the benefits, research is still coming in and it seems to be more and more obvious that people should be paying attention to this supplement as it can be helpful for the average person as well as the hard core gym rat.

So… What Exactly is Nitric Oxide?

Not to be confused with Nitrous Oxide, which is found in aerosol sprays, Nitric Oxide (nitrogen oxide) is a naturally produced gas which helps with many primary functions of the body, primarily around communication.

There are 50 trillion cells which need to be transmitting signals appropriately at any given time to make the body function properly.

Nitric oxide, also referred to as NO, is considered a free radical because it has bonding structures on a molecular level has a solitary and unpaired electron. It is a crucial molecule in humans and mammals because it is used to signal various parts of the body to do their job. Such as in the case of moving toxins out of the liver, or in cell reproduction.

Should You Be Taking a Nitric Oxide Supplement?

Well, this is an easy question – especially if we go back to those that are bodybuilders or looking to strengthen their body. Since NO is known for transmitting information between cells, it becomes a primary feature in muscle building, because without circulation, or communication between cells, we would pretty much just be lumps of mass, incapable of movement.

Nitric oxide communicates to the cells when it’s time to move, and it also helps to heal damaged muscles faster. This is a win win when exercise is your goal. It means that you can work more and bulk faster. Plus, you are likely to get increased results than what you would normally get on your own.

The benefits of Nitric Oxide supplements don’t stop there! Taken regularly, it also makes sure that the functions of the brain, liver, kidneys, as well as the lungs and other organs are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing to keep you going.

You body does produce NO naturally. However, like anything, most of us are not getting the appropriate nutrition out of our day to day diet, and millions all over the world are lacking in the regular levels of Nitric Oxide so desperately needed for the body to function the way that it should.

As a result, one might have negative symptoms, such as weak muscles, lethargy, heart problems, and deadly toxic buildup in the liver and kidneys. All the more reason to research and consider naturally occurring Nitric oxide supplements.

How Much Nitric Oxide Should You Be Taking?

Since Nitric Oxide is produced naturally already in the body, it is important not to overdo your supplements. With the guidance of your general physician, find out how much is going to be right for you and your workout needs.

Generalized guidelines on dosages haven’t yet been established, because, like Vitamin D, the deficiency level is based on many factors, such as lifestyle, general health and food intake.

An average starting dose is 30mg a day, however some routines may require more. It is generally safe to take up to 300mg daily. However, before increasing dosages and to determine the right amount for your lifestyle and body needs, consult your physician or fitness professional.

Nitric Oxide – a Win/Win Supplement for Men!

Since much of the lack of nitric oxide in the body can originate in the heart, if you have high blood pressure or hypertension, men often experience difficulties having or maintaining an erection. Certain medications treat part of the issue, such as moving the blood flow to the organ itself, but Nitric oxide treats the whole body to create a positive environment for erection.

Nitric oxide supplements work to create the reactions between cells in all parts of the body to get a person back on track. This means that it can help balance out your blood pressure levels, which often help to raise the levels in your pants.

Which Conditions Benefit from Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Much of today’s usage for Nitric Oxide is for bodybuilders who have a strong belief that it helps them workout harder and faster and for longer periods of time. This, in combination with L-arginine and L-citrulline helps to increase oxygen and blood circulation into the skeletal muscles themselves.

This removes the possibility of becoming fatigued, unlike normal workouts where no supplements are present.

Without supplements, one might feel tired and sore, but with the introduction of your own customized dosage of Nitric Oxide supplements, your workouts will remain efficient for as long as you desire to workout.

Fundamental Functions of Nitric Oxide

Of the millions of processes in the human body positively affected by healthy amounts of Nitric Oxide, these functions are most commonly referred to in medical forums and journals as being proof of supplemental nitric oxide efficiency.

To understand how beneficial NO is as a supplement, you need to take a look at the full array of what it can add and offer for your lifestyle.

Nitric oxide:

  • Relieves infection by strengthening the immune system, allowing for the fighting off of bacteria to be more effective
  • Creates inhospitable environments for tumors
  • Dilating arteries to lower blood pressure
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • Strengthens quality of recuperative sleep and rest
  • Increases muscular and skeletal strength
  • Increases adrenaline and improves endurance
  • Aids in digestion
  • Heightens brain function in areas of memory and behavioral health

When healing up post workout, Nitric Oxide supplements also help the muscles recover by increasing the blood flow, and triggering healing cells to heal faster.

NO brings the body a sense of overall wellness, not just temporary such as might happen with steroids as often takes place in the body building communities.

Nitric Oxide supplements have none of the side effects of other drugs on the market, such as infertility and rage, because it works in tandem with the gasses which is already being produced by the body.

Nitric Oxide and the Heart

In matters of the heart, Nitric oxide is being popularly referred to as a strong heart healer. The cardiovascular benefits of Nitric Oxide supplements are incredible.

Nitroglycerin was prescribed for many years in the past because it was deemed capable of helping heal heart attacks in the process. Part of this was because NO was released in small amounts, which actually is what helped to heal heart attack and stroke patients.

You don’t need the nitroglycerin at all, just the Nitric Oxide.

For high blood pressure, hypertension and other heart related issues, speak with your doctor to find out which Nitric oxide supplements will be best for you.

If plaque is developing in your arteries, it inhibits your ability to produce healthy amounts of nitric oxide, so supplements would be a way to bring your levels back up to a normal level for a healthy and high functioning heart.

Body Building and Nitric Oxide

Most important to bodybuilders are these Nitric Oxide benefits:

Faster Recovery

Nitric oxide supplements support how much blood moves to the tissues and creates a positive environment for smooth muscles to grow in.

It ensures that the oxygen distribution is moving as it should between cells. Which means that you can workout harder, for longer periods of time, and your muscles will take less of a beating.

This means that you will be able to reach your fitness goals faster than you would without!

More Energy

Everyone knows that it is difficult to hit a wall when weight lifting. If you have pushed to 12 reps and feel like you can go no further, you need a little bit more NO.

The reason for this is that Nitric Oxide supplements help wake you up after a long run or a long day at work. It relieves fatigue and causes you to have more energy to push hard during your workout.

When you’ve hit that 12th rep, your body wants to go 13, then 20, then 30, making your routine far more effective.

NO supplements increase the oxygen that gets to your tissues, which helps them heal as you are working out leaving room for less soreness later when in a resting state.

Higher Glucose Output

Bodybuilders are on the whole, looking for ways to get rid of as much body fat as possible, to be replaced by lean muscle. Nitric oxide makes your workouts more efficient by burning off more glucose than muscle or protein.

This targets the areas most subject to critiques and helps you meet your goals. Since the fat is burned as fuel, it adds to the energy part of the cycle, making your workouts longer as well.

Bring on More Nitric Oxide!

There are a lot of ways to increase nitric oxide in the body, particularly just by adding a few simple foods or activities into your daily life. The idea is to keep in mind the way that your body functions.

If you are lifting weights, you will need more oxygen, which inevitably needs more blood flow.

With a healthy amount of Nitric Oxide in your regimen, this process will be easier on your body. If you have a diet which consists of foods low in nutrients, this will cause damage to the free radicals, as well as causing the arteries and veins to deteriorate.

This means that you won’t be able to do what you want.

But with a few changes you can have a life full of vitality and strength.

Simple Ways To Take In More Nitric Oxide Naturally

Create A Daily Exercise Routine – And Then Do It!

When you push yourself physically, the heart has to work harder and gain long term strength. With more exercise, more nitric oxide is released, creating a reciprocal cycle of NO inducing wellness.

Naturally occurring Vitamin D

Get outside! We all know that too much sun can be dangerous and so we hide under hats and in our houses, but a little bit of sun will do you good. Increasing Vitamin D, increases Nitric Oxide.

Hawthorne Tincture

Hawthorn has long been known to be an ally of the heart. It helps to present cardiovascular disease by focusing specifically on releasing the plaque that builds up in the arterial walls. It also behaves as a calcium channel blocker. With the blood flowing freely through the heart, more and more Nitric oxide is produced and distributed. With more communication in the body, the healthier you will be.

Eat beets!

Eating beets wouldn’t normally be the first thing you would think about when it comes to increasing your Nitric Oxide in the body, but beet juice, fruit, and leaves are all used to support the energy levels in the body as well as increase nitric oxide production. It helps to strengthen the immune system as well, creating a cohesive relationship between cells.


Garlic is filled with Nitric oxide inducing nitrates and has quercetin built within it. Both of these elements combined create a jam packed Nitric Oxide supplement.

Grape Seed extract

Grape Seed extract increases the production of testosterone which encourages the communication between cells and brings to the surface Nitric Oxide levels needed to maintain the balance between testosterone and estrogen. It is a powerful enzyme blocker.

NO Supplements for All!

Not just for bodybuilders, Nitric Oxide supplements should be a part of all of our lives, whether they be in pill form or found naturally in your food. Clearly having more of it means you are going to be healthier and more vital. Your body will perform better, your mind will be sharper. Take the first step to a powerfully vigorous life and see what happens!}