Life Long Super Health

Supplement Police’s primary object can be found on our about page but we want to dig deeper and dive down into the nitty gritty of the cutting, leading, even bleeding edge of “how to be healthy” in today’s fast paced, modern-convenience style food and diet standards.

Tall task to tackle we know but believe we can shed some Healthy Lifestyle tips upon you that have helped us amidst all the new scientific studies and nutritional supplement language thrown around so loosely on the internet.

Is there a higher path to radiant health? Can there be true wisdom and knowledge be shared amongst all the overwhelm of how to / well-being information available at a finger tips notice?
We believe balance will play a pivotal role in the obtaining joy and lasting longevity in life.

Our plan is to give you 30 health tips that you can reference anytime you would like to your heart’s desire as this should as a free flowing fundamental guideline recipe for success when it comes to expressing your highest mental potential and physical essentials.

You can look at these as the inner workings and secrets from first hand experience and direct perspective of the things that have kept us healthy for handfuls of years plus now without a sign of sickness or illness.

Is real attainable health, happiness and wisdom achievable?

We want to breakdown the belief barriers that you may be holding onto and give you a purposefully short bullet point reminder list that you can take with you and try to live close to in your actions and choices about eating, dieting, exercising, working out, and all out living.

We will call some of these from the school of thought to be attitude adjusters just like we call some of our supplements belly busters.

The sole chief aim is to start correcting bad dietary behaviors and motivating you to move with force and grace so that your body may be limber and flexible for a long time to come.

Supplement Police's 30 Tips To a Healthy You

We approproately labeled this section as the “Savvy Start” because if you can start clear and gain clarity from the beginning the path to life long super health will be much faster and easier!

1) Self Respect

Close the conversation. All that needs to be said or did is to respect yourself. It is one of the greatest treasures in every facet and aspect of our lives no matter what the convo is about. It is also one of the best assets you can have in place for enjoying life long super health and longevity.

Most people who are aware of their body-mind-soul connection realize that they will not “pollute” the body with hardcore drugs, junk food, dirty water / sugary fluids and all the other seemingly endless temptations that we encounter on a daily basis.

2) Build & Protect Whole Body

In ancient Eastern literature there were these 3 treasures called Jing, Qi and Shen.

Picture this:

Jing is akin to our primal power; it is our reserve life force that fundamentally determines how long we live. This inner battery is like a slow burning candle. Make sure you are doing all that you can to protect the base and body on a daily basis.

Qi would be our day to day virility and vitality; it is the energetic flame of life acquired through breathing, eating and acting (you’re either burning/consuming or recharging/reusing) – this is our protective energy and can depict how well we adapt and function to the world around us. Having an abundance of this life treasure will give us maximum possibility for optimization of our organic energy supply.

So we have the candle and it’s flame – now what?

Shen is the light given from both the candle and flame; it is our Spirit or Soul’s Nature. Modern scientists and medically-focused minds would say it is a state of psychological well being. More spiritually-minded individuals would say this is the spark of divinity and peace within our hearts that life can bring us.

This is why tip number two is building and protecting our Jing, Qi and Shen treasures!

Remember life is ultimately measured on our adaptability and how well we can coevolve/change and transform to the times and world we live in.
Anytime we talk and refer to the 3 treasures, it is always coming from a place of abundance.

3) Organic Source of Will Power

Everyone’s favorite inspiration words to use … lol … #willpower

Do you have what it takes to make it happen? Do we have the goods to garnish the game of life?

Will power is the energetic essence of human highlights. It is how we do almost everything in life is through pleasable willpower or formidable force…willing or not … unwillingly or unknowingly… it is a characteristic nearly all of us deal with.

You either do it, delegate it, or defer it – either way – will power is not the thing to lack in life – being healthy with no will power is a rocky hill to climb.

I have read entire masterpiece books on the subject of Will Power alone – in order to become successful at anything, health or wealth, personal development and self-growth in this realm is vital to your ability to withstand peer pressure and society temptations.

One could arguably say that lack of will power is the root of all unhealthy activities and counter intuitive choices we end up making – these bad habits are easy to avoid if we have the right focus and concentration on what matters most – your health and wellness.

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