Natural Anxiety Treatments – Top Stress Relieving Herbal Remedies?


Naturally Managing Your Stress and Anxiety

Nobody likes feeling stressed out and anxious, which is why many people turn to therapy and medication to get these conditions treated. Unfortunately, these treatments have a hefty price tag that many sufferers of stress and anxiety just simply cannot afford.

And even if a doctor has prescribed you medication for those conditions, the medication is not always safe. Many anxiety medications come with scary side effects that those dealing with anxiety would not want to endure. I have a family history of anxiety and luckily I was the generation that the anxiety skipped.

That said, I still have plenty of experience with dealing with anxiety thanks to my family members, so I know good ways of treating it through natural means. No more doctor visits and no more dangerous and often times ineffective medications. And no more expensive therapies.

Let's delve into some ways to manage your anxiety through naturally:

1.) Lavender

Oil extracted from the lavender plant has a long history of being used to soothe those dealing with mental afflictions such as depression and anxiety.

One of the most well-known attributes of lavender oil is its ability to balance your mood and prevent sudden mood swings that are a big part of most mental problems. You can either apply lavender to your skin or you can ingest it to receive its anxiety-relieving benefits.

2.) Green Tea

I have done a lot of research into various health topics and one thing that always seems to come up is green tea. Green tea is just so packed with nutrients and other good stuff that it can help people dealing with a wide range of health problems. Stress and anxiety are some of those such health problems.

Green tea is effective in relieving the symptoms of anxiety due to one of its ingredients known as L-theanine. In lab trials, this ingredient has been shown to make people more focused and reactive to certain stimuli. On top of that, the ingredient was found to relieve people who were dealing with high levels of anxiety and make them feel more relaxed.

3.) St. John's Wort

You may have heard of this herb before when it comes to treating depression, but it can help you relieve your anxiety as well. This is because it is super effective in enabling your body to release more mood stabilizing hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

These hormones will help relieve you if you are feeling anxious and put you in a more relaxed and content mood. This is mostly why it is such a potent treatment for depression as well.

4.) Rhodiola

If you have never heard of this plant before, I do not blame you. It is found and used primarily in the Nordic countries and China. But research has shown that it is potent in relieving those dealing with tiredness and anxiety.

Part of the reason for this is, much like St. John's Wort, it helps the body release more of the hormone serotonin, which is known as the “feel good” hormone. In addition to that, rhodiola helps to slow down the activity of the system in the body that is responsible for the bodily movements associated with anxiety, such as shivering and nausea.

5.) Chamomile

When you think of chamomile, you probably think of something to help those dealing with insomnia. This is because chamomile is incredibly potent in helping those who drink it fall asleep fairly quickly.

Most people consume chamomile in tea form and this is the best way to consume it. In addition to helping you fall asleep fast, studies have shown that it is also effective in soothing the symptoms of anxiety. Now, this study was not conducted on chamomile in tea form. It was conducted on chamomile transmitted through a spray. But the anxiety-relieving benefits should remain the same no matter what form you take it in.

6.) Kava

This is another herb that you might not have heard of if you live in the United States. This is because it is mostly found and used on the various islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Much like chamomile, this herb has been found to be effective in treating those dealing with both insomnia and anxiety-related symptoms.

These health benefits can be attributed to kava's ability to trigger the body to release more of a chemical known as GABA. This chemical improves body and brain function as well as soothing some of the most common symptoms associated with anxiety, such as shivering and a rapid pounding of the heart.

7.) Ashwagandha

Do not let the hard to pronounce name discourage you. This herb is becoming the health trend to watch in the years to come. This is because of its recently discovered ability to treat those dealing with a specific type of anxiety associated with a fear or uncomfortableness in wide open areas surrounded by large groups of people.

Ashwagandha's use in the medical field is not something new, though. It was one of the key components in medical practices used in the ancient times and we are just now rediscovering why it played such a key medicinal role during those times.

On top of that, we have recently found out that consuming this herb has the ability to decrease the amount of the hormone called cortisol within the body. This hormone is widely known to cause stress, so you definitely want to have as little of this hormone in your body as possible.

8.) Passion Flower

Much like chamomile and kava, passion flower has been shown in various medical trials to be effective in treating those suffering from severe anxiety and insomnia. In fact, trials have shown that passionflower can be even more potent in treating anxiety than some of the most widely prescribed medications.

With the added benefit that taking it does not make you drowsy in the process. This is a great herb to consume if you want to balance your mood and keep your emotions in check.

Natural Anxiety Treatments Conclusion

If you are dealing with mental conditions such as high stress and severe anxiety, you do not have to turn to expensive therapies or hard to obtain medications to treat your symptoms. There are many treatments that occur naturally that will treat your symptoms without all of the side effects associated with the aforementioned prescribed drugs.

You can definitely find them at a much cheaper price than therapy. Just make sure that you are buying them from reputable brands with plenty of positive customer reviews. I hope this article was able to help you deal with your anxiety symptoms.


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