Oral Health Hygiene Supplements – Best Dental Mouth & Teeth Care?

Natural Guide to Oral Health Supplements

Countless people in America suffer from a variety of oral ailments, seeking out treatments, supplements  and relief for their mouths. Many may suffer from a combination of oral ailments and some may even suffer from all the ones that are being discussed in the following publication.

The following is a simple yet thought out guide for oral health supplements that combat those oral ailments. Starting with the most common ailments this guide will break down each one and then proceed to the supplements that can help combat them.

Though this guide is all encompassing of the common oral health ailments it is recommended that you talk with your dentist or dental hygienist about your ailments and any supplements taken, especially for those who are pregnant.

What is Ailing Your Mouth?

Mouth pain can be some of the worst. On top of pain, issues with the mouth can also be confusing when you don’t know what is causing them or embarrassing. It becomes a struggle to find out what to do,when you don’t fully understand the problem.

So, let’s start by discussing common issues that you may be concerned about when considering your own oral health.

Bad Breath

Bad Breath is the house hold name for halitosis which can come from a variety of different things. Though almost everyone has suffered from bad breath at some point in their lives each person's experience with it can come from a different source. Bad breath can come from anything from poor dental health habits, to poor diet, even a specific food or an underlying condition can all result in bad breath. Bad breath typically happens when bacteria that it left in the mouth travels to the lungs via the bloodstream.

Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth also known as xerostomia can range anywhere from typical or occasional to chronic with many inconveniences even including the previously listed bad breath as a side effect. The production of saliva is crucial for a healthy mouth and just as important for comfort.

Many people suffer from dry mouth as a result of a side effect from a medication they were prescribed. Other reasons include dehydration, lifestyle choices such as drinking and smoking, as a result from a medical procedure, infection, or disease. For example chemotherapy or radiation and even HIV/AIDS or a stroke could all be ailments that result in dry mouth.

Gum Disease

Gum Disease is commonly diagnosed as periodontal disease and affects upwards of 47 percent of American adults are estimated by Center of Disease Control to have gum disease. What gum disease is, is infection of the gum tissue that surround and support the teeth. The unsettling thing about gum disease is that it goes undetected because most of the time it is not painful.

Plaque is the culprit of every form of gum disease, you may have already heard of plaque if not a simple definition is the sticky film or residue that builds on the teeth from time passing, eating and drinking. Gum disease can also result in bad breath as well.

Mouth Sores

Mouth Sores come in a variety of different ailments. Mouth sores can come from cold sores (herpes), canker sores, anemia, b12 deficiency or even a burn in the mouth. Some mouth sores such as ones from mouth cancer need immediate medical attention and may not be as easily combatted with the oral health supplements, yet more benign ones are immensely aided with the treatment of oral health supplements. It is always suggested to check with a dentist or dental hygienist if a mouth sore lasts more than 6 weeks.

Make Your Mouth Healthy

A healthy mouth is a happy mouth is a smiley mouth. Don't be afraid anymore to open that mouth and say something due to bad breath or smile because of bad teeth from gum disease.

Talk long and smile big with these supplements helping against many common oral health ailments listed above. In any discussion about mouth health it must be brought up that those who are pregnant should always practice good oral hygiene considering those who are pregnant are at an increased risk for gum disease and cavities. Again this is just a guide and a routine check up with your dentist is recommended when starting the supplements.

Supplements For Maintaining Oral Health

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel can immensely help many of the side effects of gum disease, one of the most common being inflammation of the affected gums. Inflammation due to gum disease is most common in the beginning stages of gum disease and treatment of the side effects along with good oral health care can prevent it from developing into a very serious disease that can result in tooth decay, receding of the gum line making otherwise permanent teeth loose or separated and even loss of said teeth.

Easing the inflammation is a must for those who don’t want their teeth separating or becoming loose because if the inflammation is bad enough it can cause the more severe side effects. Aloe Vera gel calms down the inflamed gums and will sooth the tissue when directly applied to the area that is affected by gum disease.

What’s The Science Behind Aloe Vera Gel?

To get the best effects from the Aloe Vera it is preferred to get the gel that is unprocessed form from the plant. It has healing properties and has been used for many kinds of burns for centuries and centuries. Knowing this it was not a long jump to use it for other ailments including oral health ones. In the same way it helps burns by soothing the pain it helps the gums suffering from gum disease.


Bioflavonoids are a great find as well for those with gum disease considering it combined with vitamin C actually promotes healing of damaged gums more specifically bleeding gums. Bioflavonoids combined with vitamin C greatly improves the qualities vitamin C has for example vitamin C actually helps with the lining of the epithelium or the lining of the gums by keeping it healthy in spite of the harmful bacteria that may occupy the mouth. Vitamin C is so crucial to not just our oral health but even our all around health that it is one of the rare vitamins that without it we will die.

What’s The Science Behind Bioflavonoids?

How bioflavonoids work is that it significantly aids in the absorption of vitamin C. This significant improvement in the absorption has a direct correlation with the healing properties of vitamin C. Because our bodies absorb the vitamin C so efficiently it is able to do its job more efficiently which has many health benefits but specifically in the oral health region it is great for improving epithelium also known as the lining of the gums. This layer is pivotal for the health of the gums and preventing and combatting gum disease.


Calcium has always been linked to good bone health but did you know it is great for teeth and oral health as well. Actually being great for bones is exactly why it is so great for our mouths. The bones in our mouth are especially crucial and teeth themselves are actually made of calcium and a deficiency in calcium can result in brittle bones and teeth.

Supplementing calcium can help stop the process of getting brittle bones infact a study lead by Elizabeth Krall, MPH, PhD showed that those who took supplements specifically calcium and vitamin D had a 40% less likelihood of losing one or more teeth and i think we can all agree keeping our teeth is good oral health.

What’s The Science Behind Calcium?

Because our teeth and mouth bones are made up of calcium it is necessary for oral health. Osteoporosis is a common ailment in the United States and what many don’t know is that it can actually affect the teeth as well. This being said it is crucial that our bodies have enough calcium to repair any damage done as well as just generally keep our bones and teeth healthy and in working condition. By supplementing not only are you getting some of the calcium we get from the food we eat and drink you are making sure it is broken down from the supplement and going straight to our bones along with our teeth.


Chamomile is most commonly made into a tea to ease and sooth the gums and other tissue in the mouth making it not only a supplement but also a very useful topical. This is not only beneficial to those that have gum disease but many mouth sores actually affect the gums and interior mouth tissue.

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory which more often than not is very soothing for those suffering from a canker sore along with that it also actually soothes the nerves directly taking the edge off of even the more severe cold sores. Chamomile has been around so long it is a staple in many different aspects of health so you may find that the benefits you get in the oral health department may be replicated elsewhere in the body as well.

What’s The Science Behind Chamomile?

Chamomile is similar to Aloe Vera in that it's been around for ever and yet still seems to be finding itself useful in many different ways continuously throughout the centuries. Chamomile tea itself has many positive side effects but the most intriguing one is the effects it has on oral health ailments. The chamomile itself has a unique property in that it targets the nerves themselves and sooths them. This brings sweet sweet relief to anyone drinking the chamomile tea instantly.

Clove Oil

Clove Oil is arguably the most talked about supplement is more appropriately categorized as a topical since it is typically applied to the affected area and is listed in regards to oral health because like chamomile it provides relief to gums and teeth that suffer from a range of ailments yet all result on pain of either the teeth or gums. Clove Oil is most commonly used on tooth aches but can also help pain from gum disease and infact has been said to work just as effective as many oral numbing medications. This is great news to those trying to steer clear of unnecessary dyes and/or chemicals.

It also has antibacterial properties making it especially great for the mouth considering many infections we get that cause pain are from bacteria. The last quality I will mention is the fact that clove oil’s distinctive smell actually combats bad breath and it is actually used in many toothpastes and mouthwashes for that reason.

What’s The Science Behind Clove Oil?

Clove Oil is oil extracted from a clove plant also known as eugenol, and very strong and potent by itself and can range anywhere from 60 to 90 percent concentrate. If you are going to use this supplement it is suggested that you dilute it to your preference by adding olive oil before applying it to any affected area that needs in it your mouth. Mixing the two will also prevent any possible small tissue irritation.

What clove oil does is, when it is applied to the area it immediately starts numbing the nerves which eases whatever mouth pain you may  have while fighting harmful bacteria. The pungent odor of the clove oil works in our favor combating bad breath and like stated before the also combatting bacteria that can sometimes cause it.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10  is a great supplement and topical to use if the ever so silent gum disease has taken effect and you wish to repair some of the damage it has done. Taking this at any stage of gum disease is a good idea, it can even help the more severe stages of gum disease but early detection is the key to combatting this silent disease. Along with gum disease coenzyme Q10 can help those with dry mouth as well. Like clove oil coenzyme Q10 is used in many oral health household projects and even some that are designed to help with dry mouth.

Those who suffer from gum disease happen to naturally have a lower count of coenzyme q10 in that area. Many people have allergic reactions to some of the other things that are put in our household oral care supplies so going straight to coenzyme q10 can set all of that aside and still give you the benefits of using oral care supplies. The coenzyme is more often than not used without any side effects but the most common side effect of coenzyme q10 is a mild upset stomach.

What’s The Science Behind Coenzyme Q10?

The University of Maryland Medical are credited with the find that Coenzyme Q10 is found at drastically lower levels in gum disease patients compared to healthy patients without the disease. Coenzyme Q10 is not exactly a vitamin but it is found in every cell in the body and is used in the production  of cell growth and maintenance. Directly applying Coenzyme Q10 to gums can control gum disease because when scavenging antioxidants react with oxygen atoms is can drastically slow down the destruction of collagen.

It is suggested to routinely use the coenzyme Q10 topical as well as the supplement for those who do have gum disease. It can affect other medications so make sure you talk with a doctor before supplementing.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a very common household drink and has many great different qualities and can arguably be the most versatile of the supplements listed today. Green tea is great for oral health for a variety of different reasons. Starting with cavity prevention this supplement can control harmful bacteria in our mouths that leads to cavities and gum disease.

It also is an anti-inflammatory so this is another quality that does most help in the gums area of the mouth preventing separation of the teeth. Green tea also contains antioxidants and other properties making it a great protector against cell damage and cancerous tumour growths. The last quality I will be listing for green tea is its association with better smelling breath.

What’s The Science Behind Green Tea?

Starting with cavity prevention and gum disease, how green tea works is that it controls harmful bacteria in the mouth while lowering the acidity levels in saliva as well as dental plaque. A recent study done showed that after a five minute rinse with green tea the subjects had noticeably less bacteria and acid in their mouths as well as a reduced bleeding from gums.

The next would be the slowing of oral cancer which was proven at University of Texas. The study showed that green tea extract slows the progression to oral cancer when given to subjects with precancerous lesions in their mouths. Ending with the bitter bad breath green tea can improve the way our breath smells. How is this possible? Well green tea actually kills the microbes that make our mouths smell bad. In the study done at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry it out performed many mints, chewing gum and even parsley seed oil.


Lysine or L-lysine is an important amino acid necessary for our health but is not made in the body and must be found elsewhere like in foods or supplements. Lysine is a great oral health supplement that can help many people who suffer from the Herpes Simplex Virus. This supplement is a tool to reduce the recurrence of the outbreaks and improves many of the symptoms that come with HSV such as the intensity of the breakout.

Many studies show that taking lysine regularly can aid in the prevention of cold sores also known as HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) breakouts and preventing breakouts helps stop the spread of HSV to other people and other parts of the body.

What’s The Science Behind Lysine?

What lysine actually does is it blocks and reduces the activity of arginine which is a substance that promotes HSV replication which means it has great antiviral effects. When an antiviral comes in contact with a virus it fights it relentlessly to keep the virus contained while it protects other areas in the body to stop the spread of said virus. The antiviral effects of lysine can reduce the number of HSV breakouts in any given year making it less likely to spread from host to host.


Magnesium is many times pared with calcium in that it has many of the same bone strengthening qualities. Infact magnesium paired with calcium brings out the best in both of these supplements aiding in the absorption of calcium as well as helping bones and teeth itself makes this supplement extremely useful.

Magnesium specifically helps the teeth by repairing and replenishing the enamel on the teeth which is essentially a protective wall surrounding the teeth that tries to keep harmful bacteria and acid from corroding the teeth making them disintegrate. Magnesium is found in leafy greens but many of us do not get even the recommended daily dose of magnesium.

What’s The Science Behind Magnesium?

Magnesium paired with calcium is a great combination. Sometimes the body has issues with calcium and can start to become deficient in this vitamin. Magnesium makes it so the calcium that is to be absorbed by the body is able to be transferred much more quickly and efficiently. Since both vitamins have similar effects on the body the quick absorption of the calcium just makes the combination that much more effective at doing their jobs. Magnesium on its own builds up the mouth bones and specifically for the teeth makes them stronger and helps make a wall of enamel that protects those teeth from further damage.

Supplement Your Oral Health

Whether you choose to take one or combine the supplements it is suggested to check in with your healthcare provider or talk with a doctor to make sure none of the listed supplements will affect you or any medications you may be on negatively.

Mouth supplements are a great way to either keep your oral health on point or even combat poor oral health in the past. Whatever your oral health ailment may be these supplements are sure to either help the symptoms or even combat the ailment itself. You will be speaking up and smiling bright like before or even better than before thanks to the previously listed supplements.


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