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Elite Test 360 Review

Next to the weight loss industry, muscle boosting and muscle recovery supplements are the most wanted supplements on the market. There are plenty of different brands and different types; – Liquid, Powder, and Pill. But which supplements are the best – not only best selling, but best supplement with your health in mind.

One of the top brands that we are hearing about from our readers and subscribers is a brand called Elite Test 360 which gets its power from its blend of L-Argenine and Tribulus Terrestris. After the enormous amount of feedback we are getting from our viewers, we decided to take a closer look at the Elite Test 360 brand.

What Is Elite Test 360?

Unlike most muscle boosting supplements, this doesn't come in a powder or liquid, it is in an easy and convenient pill – one of the many benefits that our readers are expressing. But what is this supplement and what can it do for you?

Elite Test 360 claims to be able to help you put on 30% more muscle in 30 days or less (assuming you get off of your butt and go workout). That is an impressive percentage, especially since each bottle comes with a 30 day supply of pills.

But what makes their supplement so much better?

It is the combination of two powerful ingredients; L-Argenine and Tribulus Terrestris. L-Argenine is an amino acid that has long been known to help increase blood flow and boost muscle as well as numerous other health benefits.

But its the combination with Tribulus that truly makes it powerful. Tribulus is a fruit plant that people have been eating for years to help increase athletic performance and help increase sexual stamina.

How To Use Elite Test 360?

As we mentioned earlier, our customers expressly conveyed that they loved that this product is in pill form. That way they do not have to carry around a 5lb tub of protein powder to the gym. But what is the best method to actually taking this product and gaining more muscle and stamina?

It's really as simple as three steps:

  • Take 1 Pill twice a day (spread out the pills)
  • Workout! – Try and use heavy weights while doing low reps to build muscle or lighter weights and higher reps to get lean
  • Feel and See the Difference! – You should be able to see your results in as little as three weeks!

Who Should Take Elite Test 360?

This is a question we see asked the most. This product is best for men that want to Increase Strength, Boost Energy and Testosterone, and Burn Fat. Almost any male will fall into one of those three categories but can benefit from all of them. If you are looking to start hitting the gym harder and longer, then this is the supplement for you.

Using Elite Test 360 will help men with “Low T” or low testosterone get a boost to make them feel young again. Not only that, but having a higher T count, weighing less, and having a more ripped body will help boost confidence. An added benefit that most men are shy to discuss, is sexual stamina, and Elite 360 may be able to give you a boost for longer durations which most men will gladly accept.

How Does Elite Test 360 Compare?


As you can see from the image above, there are a lot of checked boxes for Elite 360 which is why it has become so popular.

Besides having a product that actually works, many of our readers love this product simply due to the Free Trial. Not many companies are willing to let you test out their products before you actually pay for them. Elite Test 360 is so confident in there supplement that they are willing to let you try it for free.

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Below is one of our readers personal review on Elite Test 360.

Elite Test 360 User Review

Out of all of the workout supplements that are currently available for purchase in today’s market, Elite Test 360 is hands down one of the best ones that I have ever been fortunate enough to use. I have tried every muscle booster that I can get my hands on, and I can confidently say that none of them work nearly as well as this one. It has made my body look younger than it has in years, and it has allowed for me to once again feel confident and happy with my appearance. Elite Test 360 is definitely the product that I will continue using for quite some time.

The thing that I loved most about Elite Test 360 is that it not only boosted my muscle mass, but it also reduced my body fat and caused me to slim down. I became unbelievably strong, and I also got rid of the flab that has plagued my stomach and arms for years. This is the only product that has allowed me to get the best of both of these worlds. Normally, I have to use a separate supplement that helps me with weight loss as well.

Elite Test 360 Energy Booster

In addition to weight loss, Elite Test 360 also increased my energy levels both in regards to my workouts and my daily activities. For the first time ever in my entire adult life, I no longer felt the need to drink multiple cups of coffee every morning in order to wake up. Instead, I woke up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. My attention span increased, and I suddenly became better at focusing during my job and interactions with other individuals. Both my boss and my family definitely appreciated this fact.

Similarly, I also became able to work out for longer periods of time without becoming exhausted. Essentially, my endurance levels skyrocketed, and I was able to push myself further than ever before. My muscles didn’t cramp up constantly, and the aches and pains that I normally suffer from also started to disappear. All in all, I just felt healthier, younger, and like a new individual.

Pill vs Powder

Plus, because Elite Test 360 comes in tablet form rather than powder form, it is incredibly easy to use and travel with. I oftentimes have to go on business trips for work, and it can be tricky to bring powders with me, especially when I need to use a blender in order to prepare the drinks. But, with Elite Test 360, I never have to worry about this. It is by far one of the easiest products that I have ever used, and it never requires you to change your schedule or go out of your way to use it.

Although Elite Test 360 is slightly more expensive than some of the other products that I have previously used, it is by far the most effective. I definitely find the price to be more than worth it, and I think that a lot of individuals would agree with me. If you’re interested in building up your muscle mass and becoming stronger, trying out Elite Test 360 is absolutely pivotal.

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  1. I also fell prey! 30 day 100% risk free trial. Took just one pill, got a headache from? And to top it off, they charged me for 89.oo dollars. Contacted company, now they say that they are only going to charge half. I paid what the ad. said and before the 30 days was up they took the money out of my account . Will be reporting to the Attorney General, and my Attorney. Scam 100% Don’t fall for this ad. Or product!

  2. Hi there just read all your comments and these guys wont be getting there hands on my money thanks guys for the insight

  3. I used elite 360 and for one month and my bench press went from 315 to 425….!!! I have muscles growing where I didn’t even know I had muscles….this stuff is the BOMB….Don’t be fooled by the cry babies in here,,, you have to work out but if you and if you take the elite 360 you will be a hulk in no time,….my bench press just went up 10 more pounds since I been typing this bullshit

  4. I really want to try this but is there an alternative product for women or will it be ok to take this even though I’m a girl

  5. I didn’t do the free trial I just paid 55 bucks to Amazon I haven’t tried this stuff yet but with all the negative feed back I feel stupid for getting it I only got it because they said this is the stuff the Floyd Mayweather was using lol is there any benefit to using this stuff

  6. They are also comparing a testosterone booster to whey protein (Optimum Whey) to a pre-workout (N.O. Explode) to a casein protein (Muscle Milk). So of course they’re going to be different. That chart is comparing apples to oranges to bananas. What a joke.

  7. If anyone falls for that stupid crap they advertise, then they deserved to be duped out of their money. They show some fat kid without traps and in four weeks, he’s ripped with traps??? You can’t get those results on steroids….I know because I use them. No supplement is going to make you some movie star. Eat right, work out, and then you can show off. This shit isn’t easy. Hell, if you want to get big, just start juicing like CT Fletcher, Khali Muscle, and everyone else.

  8. I used both Ripped Muscle X and Elite Test 360 without performance or size improvements. They mislead you with their advertising: Elite says 30 days free trial but they would charge you $90 after 10 days and Ripped says 30 days too but will charge you in $87 in 10 days.
    I tried to cancel within 5 days but no response via email and you will stay a long time on the phone waiting for them to answer. And they will continue to keep charging you until you finally contact them and they respond!
    Stay away from these rude misleading company and their employees.

    David G.

  9. I fell for this scam… I have been using the ripped muscle X and the Elite Test 360 – both are a complete scam. Not only was I misled when I thought I was receiving a free trial… but the supplement itself literally does nothing. It could have been a coincidence but I even got sick after I started taking them. I was charghed $90 for each two weeks after I got them in the mail… This stuff is a complete rip off.

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