Polymethoxylated Flavones – Citrus Flavonoid Compounds Benefits?


Natural polyphonic compounds like flavonoids found in various vegetables and fruits have been shown to deliver several health benefits. There are many types of flavonoids that have already been identified, and one particular sub-set that is of interest is polymethoxylated flavones, or PMF as they are popularly known.

It has been shown that PMF has numerous cardio-protective benefits and manufacturers now offer PMF supplement products under various brand names. Here is a descriptive review of this group of flavonoids, including what it is, how it works, the uses, benefits, and concerns, as well as a few examples of top supplements.

What are PMFs?

As aforesaid, Polymethoxylated Flavones are a group of natural polyphonic compounds known as flavonoids. PMF is derived from orange and tangerine peels, among other citrus fruits. These peels are often highly methoxylated and contain active biological molecules known to impact the metabolic processes in a positive way.

The popular use for PMFs is in lowering bad cholesterol LDL, although the compounds are also known to result in other health benefits, such as protection from inflammation, heart disease, and cancer.

How Pmfs Work in the Body

The discovery of PMFs impact on the body is not in any way new. Research studies done on animal subjects back in 2004 were quite positive. Based on the joint scientific research carried out by the US Agriculture Department and Canada’s KGK Synergize, PMFs can be a very effective alternative to reducing LDL and helping in cholesterol management.

Although cholesterol can be controlled through dieting by avoiding saturated and trans-fatty acids, this will only influence 20% as the remaining 80% of cholesterol is synthesized by the body in the liver. 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase is the rate-limiting enzyme that controls biosynthesis of cholesterol in the liver.

When there is low cholesterol in the blood, the liver produces more of this enzyme, thus increasing cholesterol synthesis. Conversely, high cholesterol in the blood triggers the liver to limit the production of this enzyme.

PMFs are highly methoxylated, which means one of the H-groups in the compound is replaced by CH2O. By taking PMF, the limiting enzyme production is lowered resulting in the reduction of LDL cholesterol synthesized.

Dietary choices are usually the major cause of disruption to the cholesterol synthesis process, increasing the production of HMG-CoA reductase. Using dietary supplements to deliver polymethoxylated flavones is one way to counteract this effect.

Flavonoids also act in various other ways that include reducing oxidative drug metabolism, inhibiting LDL cholesterol oxidation, and inhibition of chemical carcinogenesis that often results in tumor development.

Uses of PMFs

Various uses have been identified for PMF supplements currently available in the market. Some uses have already been proven through research, while others are assumptions based on the health benefits shared by over 4,000 different flavonoids already known to man. Some of the popular uses for PMFs include the following:

Lowering LDL cholesterol

According to the results from animal subjects, PMFs have already shown great success in the reduction of bad cholesterol LDL.

One of the great advantages is that PMFs achieve this without the associated side effects of conventional cholesterol lowering drugs like statins. There is no risk of liver disease or muscle weakness.

Reduced Risk for CVDs

With low LDL levels, patients with a high risk for cardiovascular diseases can forget about their preconditioning. PMFs have increased cardio-protective benefits and reduce the risk for heart disease and high blood pressure.

Improved Immune System

PMF supplements have been recommended to boost the immune system and increase protection from various kinds of diseases that arise from oxidative drug metabolism and cholesterol oxidation.

Reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases is also another form in which boosted immune system characterizes.

Cancer Treatment

Although research is still ongoing in this field, PMFs have been shown to possess potent anti-cancer characteristics.

Taking PMF supplements can thus reduce the risk of developing certain types of cell cancers. They also prevent chemical carcinogenesis and stunt the development of tumors.


Polymethoxylated flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent and/or sooth inflammations in different areas. Most supplements also include Vitamin C and other ingredients and antioxidants.

There are other uses of PMFs described in supplement labels and many benefits may also be identified.

Although some of the claims may be genuine, it is important to stick to your doctor’s recommendation and the proven uses.

Risks & side effects

No side effects have been associated with the use of PMFs thus far. Unlike other cholesterol lowering drugs like statins which result in muscle weakness, nausea, and increased risk of liver disease, PMFs are natural compounds derived from plants.

Nonetheless, it is important to consult your doctor before using PMF supplements, especially if you have an underlying medical condition or if you are using other medications.

Top PMF supplement products

Although there are many PMF supplements currently available in the market, not all of them can deliver the projected benefits effectively. It is important to keenly review the offers as some include additional ingredients that may tamper with the delivery, release, or action of the main flavonoids (nobiletin and tangeretin). The top two recommended supplements are:


Sytrinol was developed 12 years ago following extensive research on PMFs and tested for its effectiveness in delivering cardio vascular health. Animal and human testing revealed no side effects and the benefits were shown in vitro, vivo, and clinical studies.


Supplements that contain this 3rd component of Sytrinol are also highly suggested. Tocotrienols help lower serum cholesterol levels by inhibiting the reductase enzyme and also boost the immune system.

Other recommended choices include Eriocitrine and Optichoice Alivel.

Polymethoxylated Flavones Review Summary

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a profound adventure that requires adequate nutrition, regular exercise, and supplementation. One way of preventing various diseases is through ensuring perfect heart health, which involves maintaining cholesterol levels.

PMF supplements can help deliver heart-health benefits and reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases while improving your immune system. However, you should only take supplements following the recommendation of a qualified physician.

It is important to purchase from credible licensed stores that can be trusted for genuine quality supplements. More importantly, carefully review your options and find out information about laboratory research studies, user reviews, and side effects.

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