Afterburn Effect – EPOC Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption Guide


There is a huge crisis facing the United States, and it’s not a political or global one. It’s a problem happening right inside its boarders, one that gets worse and worse with every passing year. The problem is known as the obesity crisis. With one out of three adults suffering from being overweight or obese, and the numbers looking the same for children and teenagers, to say that the country was facing a crisis is an under exaggeration.

However, just like every crisis facing powerful countries, when people learn about the issue, they begin fighting back. The same can be said for those who have been made aware of the weight problem the United States is facing. In recent years, there has been a rise in healthy initiatives. People are seeking out healthier foods, trying to eat natural and organic. And more and more people are exercising, with movements spreading across the country, from CrossFit to marathon running.

With so much focus now being on how people can get fit and stay healthy, more and more people are wondering what are the most effective ways to lose weight and have a more fit and healthy lifestyle. This is where the problem arises. There are so many different options out there and everyone has their own preferences, so it can be difficult for those just starting out to get a complete and full idea of what steps they can take for their health.

For those who are serious about their health, losing weight, and getting fit, the Afterburn Effect is one of the best places to start. While a lot can be said about the Afterburn Effect, the driving force behind its influence is found in how much research and scientific study has gone into the method. Because there is so much proof behind this exercise choice, it truly is the one thing every person trying to get fit or lose weight should include in their exercise routine.

What is the Afterburn Effect?

The Afterburn Effect, also known as excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), is a term that describes a method of burning calories and fats when people stop exercising. The idea behind the Afterburn Effect is that when people work out for shorter periods of time, but at a higher intensity than usual, they will be able to burn as much or even more calories than longer, less intense workouts.

While there are several different ways the idea of the Afterburn Effect can be used, from lifting weights to cardio, what makes this method so impressive is that it allows users to work out for less time, but still get the same, or better, results that they would get during a long workout.

One of the biggest reasons people quit going to the gym or working out is because they can’t find time during their busy days to put aside for exercising. The Afterburn Effect is able to provide an alternative, and effective, option for those who still want to transform their lives and their bodies by exercising and getting healthy.

In order to better understand the benefits of the Afterburn Effect, a better understanding of how it works is needed. This explanation can be found below.

How does the Afterburn Effect Work?

The Afterburn Effect works by using the body and its biological functions to create a longer period of fat burning. The body reacts in a very predictable way, which is why the Afterburn Effect works.

When people work out, they tend to keep it at a rate that they can sustain over a long period of time, giving their bodies and muscles the oxygen needed for maintenance. However, with the Afterburn Effect, users will work out at an intensity that can’t be sustained for an extended period of time, which causes them to burn out faster.

When people workout at the intensity needed for the Afterburn Effect, their muscles begin to burn because they’re not getting enough oxygen in them. When the muscles are desperate for oxygen, they try to get it from any other source, which uses up the entire body’s supply of oxygen. This causes an extreme depletion, which doesn’t sound good, but has great results.

The body needs to restore its oxygen stores, but this takes about 12 to 24 hours. This means the body is working overtime to reproduce oxygen for at least half a day after the workout. As a result of this, the body is burning more and more calories, even as it rests.

And this is how the Afterburn Effect works. As mentioned above, when a high intensity workout is done, people burn about the same or a bit more than those using longer, less intense workouts. However, with these more intense workouts, the burning doesn’t stop when the exercise stops.

Instead, the body keeps working for 12 to 24 hours, burning more and more calories. In the end, this means better results in the long run.

While the short-term effects of the Afterburn Effect are great, there are even more that become apparent in the long run. People who commit themselves to using this type of high intensity workout increase the ability of their bodies to use oxygen and extend energy. Over time, this means users of the Afterburn Effect method will build their endurance faster than those who opt for longer, less intense workouts.

As the endurance of those who use the Afterburn Effect increases, they’ll be able to work out more intensely for longer periods of times, which gives them better results. All of this equals a circle of success for users.

Even people who don’t want all their workouts to utilize the Afterburn Effect can get the same advantages as those who do use it each and every time. Studies have found that even adding one of these workouts to a weekly routine can give users the boost they need to burn fat better and build better endurance.

What are the Benefits of the Afterburn Effect?

When it comes right down to it, most people want to know what the Afterburn Effect will do for them and their bodies. While knowing how it works is great, it seems like every exercise available has pros and cons, which is why it’s so important to go over the benefits of the Afterburn Effect.

The biggest reason the Afterburn Effect is so beneficial is because it offers better results. Research has found that the Afterburn Effect method of training can increase the energy expended during a workout up to 15%.

While this may not seem like a lot, for those who are serious about getting results, this is exactly what is needed to push them closer to their goals. In fact, professional athletes have found that using heavier weights and HIIT workouts gives them more endurance than longer, but lower intensity workouts.

There is a down side to this benefit, however. To reap this benefit, people really need to push themselves, truly depriving their muscles of oxygen. The problem with this is that it can challenging to get to this point, especially without a professional there to assist. However, those who are committed to the method often find that it well worth the effort they put forth during these intense workouts.

As mentioned above, another huge benefit of the Afterburn Effect is that it requires a shorter exercise time. For those who are short on time, but want real results, this is the best way to get them.

With the Afterburn Effect, it’s all about the intensity in which the workout is done, not for how long. So, if people using this method truly push themselves, they’ll be able to see amazing results in record time. It should be noted, however, that their bodies will require a longer recovery time. Since the body will be building its oxygen reserves back up for about 24 hours, a good 48 hours is needed between these types of workouts.

And finally, the benefit that has been mentioned over and over again, the Afterburn Effect allows users the opportunity to burn more calories. Again, this has been supported by research and evidence. For every liter of oxygen the body consumes, the body has to burn about five calories. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, when the body is constantly using up every bit of oxygen in its system, it is burning those calories like crazy. Plus, the amount the body has to work to rebuild its oxygen supply only adds to the calories burned per workout.

Conclusion On The Afterburn Effect

While there are several different options for those who want to lose weight, get healthy, or bulk up, using the Afterburn Effect has proven itself to be the most effective option. Requiring less time and offering better results are only two of the many ways the Afterburn Effect separates itself from other workout methods.

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