Moringa – Miracle Nutritional Superfood Extract Supplements?


Swiss Army Knives are commonly regarded as the most versatile and useful tools available, but this is not an article for knives. No, this book will explore something of comparable versatility, yet vastly different application.

What is this incredibly useful object you might ask? Well, it is none other than the Moringa tree.

Moringa Tree History

Background Information

Indigenous to Africa and southern Asia, the Moringa tree is a rather physically unappealing tree. It has a very rotund base and it narrows towards the top. It is similar in appearance to a stretched out water balloon only more distorted and oblong.

Moringa trees are a type of angiosperms, flowering plants, and they inhabit tropical and subtropical climates. Although they can grow in the wild, much of the supply of Moringa products come from cultivated farms in southern Asia

Although Moringa first got used in Southern Asia and Northern Africa, it has recently spread all throughout the world. The substance has many benefits that make very popular both in the United States and abroad.

Early Uses

One of the earliest uses comes from the Egyptians. They were constantly bombarded by dust storms and everyday hassles of living in a desert. They needed something to apply to their skin to help keep it healthy and in good condition. They began to apply Moringa in an oil form in order to combat the stresses commonly associated with their highly taxing, desert lifestyle.

The Greeks and Romans also developed their own uses for Moringa Oil. Many medical books found in Greece describe Moringa as having numerous and extensive medical applications. The Romans adopted the substance from Greek culture.

In the 1800’s Jamaicans used the substance readily as an alternative to lamps and firewood. Moringa burned bright and did not give off any smoke, so it was perfect for illuminating a house.

Shortly after this innovation, the Jamaicans were able to implement these new torches throughout villages and homes that were susceptible to fire. The quality of life in these Jamaican villages improved because they no longer had fires and they could also keep lamps on well into the night without running the risk of burning down their homes.

Modern Innovation/Use

Today, we see Moringa being used far and wide for a wide variety of treatments. It can be used as an oil form to rejuvenate the hair and skin. Some prefer consume Moringa in order to harness the internal benefits that Moringa has to offer. These benefits can range from an increased intake of vitamins to drastically improving your protein intake.

No matter which way you chose to apply this marvelous substance, the benefits that it has to offer are as more numerous than the Greeks or the Romans could have ever predicted. Seldom does a medical substance perform as well as advertised, but Moringa is one such substance that seemingly defies the expectations and assumptions commonly associated with medical “cure alls”.

It is hardly expected to cure every ailment that someone could possibly contract, but it performs amazingly for such a relatively abundant substance. In order to know just how far and wide this substance can be applied you should refer to this book for a comprehensive analysis of the applications of the fantastic substance that is Moringa.

Moringa Non-Medical Uses

Food Applications

Moringa is well known as something that can be added to a meal. Not only can it be eaten, but it can also be consumed as a beverage in the form of a smoothie. When consumed (in any fashion) there are numerous benefits that one can get.

Vitamins are an essential part of a well balanced diet. Many of these vitamins are easily acquired when you consume Moringa. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are all plentiful and can by adding this supplement to your life you will easily be able to get your recommended daily dose of these Vitamins.

The way you acquire these Vitamins is by consuming the leaves of the Moringa tree. By eating the leaves you are consuming the most nutrient and vitamin rich part of the Moringa tree. This is where most edible Moringa products get their supply of powder.

Not only are their numerous Vitamins that can be acquired by adding Moringa to your diet, but you can also get lots of fiber and protein by consuming Moringa. This can drastically improve the ease with which you are able to get a healthy level of protein and Fiber all without a drastic change in your lifestyle.

In conclusion, Moringa is a great supplement to add to your meal or beverage in order to increase the amount of vitamins that you consume. It can also be consumed to increase your daily intake of protein and fiber


Not only does Moringa have numerous immediate benefits to the human body, but it can also provide us a useful fertilizer for use on crops. There have been numerous studies investigating the safety and efficiency of Moringa. It can have numerous benefits when utilized as an agricultural supplement.

When used on crops, Moringa becomes useful in all sorts of un-imagined ways. Moringa is crushed into a liquid that is then refined further into a spray able mist. According to the TFL study, Moringa spray can have a 20-35 percent increase in crop yields, accelerated growth in younger plants, larger and more sustaining fruits, and the plants that the spray is applied to will live considerably longer lives than typical plants.

As of yet, the specific substance in Moringa that increases plant growth and yields is unknown; however, more research is currently being done and it is not unlikely that we may have an answer to that particular question within the next decade.

Although we don’t know what particular compounds or molecules cause the accelerated plant growth, using Moringa on plants is an easy, cost effective, and safe way to drastically improve the quality and quantity of an agricultural product.

Perfume and Hair-Care

One of the 5 key senses is your sense of smell. Moringa has a very pleasurable smell, and that is why it is featured very prominently in many perfumes, shampoos, body lotion, hair products, and numerous other personal hygiene products.  Not only does Moringa smell good, but it also has many benefits to your health when applied to skin and hair.

When used as a perfume, Moringa can be very enjoyable aroma. There are many products that capitalize on Moringa’s sweet, floral smell in order to appeal to many markets. Moringa based perfumes have become more and more popular throughout the past few years. Many people enjoy the light, tropical scent associated with Moringa.

The aroma associated with Moringa perfumes is actually that of the oil extracted from the seeds found in the flowers of Moringa trees. This oil is what gives Moringa its distinctly appealing smell. This is one of the many.

Another popular use for the marvelous oil of the Moringa tree is in hand and body lotion. Not only does the smell come into play here, but the healing and regenerative properties of Moringa oil have been very beneficial to those who use these hand and body lotions.

The aforementioned vitamins and proteins that can be found in Moringa are an essential part of the healing and regenerative properties when examining Moringa products.  By applying Moringa lotion or other Moringa oil based products you can provide these areas of your body with a direct supply of essential nutrients that they need to be healthy.

Not only do we see Moringa oil lending its regenerative properties to keeping your skin healthy, but it can also help your hair in a similar fashion. Shampoos and hair products infused with Moringa are able to bring nutrients and vitamins directly to your scalp and hair. This process is immensely more efficient at providing your hair with the essential nutrients that it need than conventional ways of acquiring said nutrients

In conclusion, the direct application of Moringa oil is a very common use for this versatile substance. It can be applied to your skin and hair to improve your fragrance, skin health, hair health, and the amount of essential vitamins and nutrients these areas receive. Thanks to a small part of the Moringa tree, the seed, we are able to create so many Moringa oil based products.

Moringa Medicinal Benefits


Anemia is caused by a decrease in iron content amongst your red blood cells. One of the most common sources of iron for humans is the consumption of other animals. By eating meat we are able to adequately supply ourselves with all the iron we need; however, in certain situations the body is lacking in the amount of iron present. This issue is rather common and it is known as anemia

A simple solution is to increase the amount of meat that you eat. This is where the issue arises. Vegetarians and Vegans are at an elevated risk for anemia because they do not consume iron rich foods.

This is where our good old friend, Moringa, comes into play.

Moringa is extremely high in iron content. 100 grams of beef has anywhere from 10-20 grams of iron. Moringa, on the other hand, has anywhere from 28-43 grams of iron in every 100 grams of Moringa. This high iron to mass ratio is why Moringa is such a common alternative to the consumption of meat. This ratio is higher than almost every other plant that we know of and is by far the most easily accessible.

In summary, our society has seen many people shift towards a lifestyle that doesn’t rely heavily on the consumption of meat for a wide variety of reasons.  These people are at a high risk for anemia, iron deficiency. When anemia strikes, Moringa is right there to increase the iron content of these individual’s blood and solve their anemia.


Pain and discomfort associated with arthritis is a very serious and pestilent issue. Typical medication and treatments have mixed results and can cost a fortune. This is yet another instance where the Moringa tree can come in handy.

Arthritis is caused by inflammation around the hands and fingers. This inflammation only gets worse over time until the pain is very persistent and unmanageable.  This also progressively harms the joints and tissue in and around your hands. Inflammation is the direct cause of arthritis, so most medication dealing with arthritis attempt to target and limit inflammation in the joints around your hand.

Moringa is very effective at combating inflammation. It works by harnessing its natural anti-inflammatory abilities to reduce the suffering in your hands. Not only does it quickly relive your pain in your hands, but it is also very cheap compared to many name brand substances.

Few substances throughout the course of humanity have been so useful to the wellbeing humans. The many applications of Moringa make it one of the most useful substances in our modern society. Its usefulness at decreasing inflammation in the hands make it one of the most, if not the most, effective treatment for arthritis, and it is extremely cost effective. You can get Moringa to help your arthritis without breaking the bank.

Other Joint Pain

Not only can Moringa be effective at combating inflammation and joint pain in your hands, but it can also help decrease joint pain in the back, knees, and many other joints all around the body. The Moringa reacts in a similar fashion to decrease joint pain. It reduces the amount of joint trouble and pain you experience by targeting and stopping inflammation in your joints.

There are many products on the market that aim to help improve your knee health. These products can be anything from knee braces to medication. Moringa is a cheap, natural supplement that is able to easily combat the inflammation that causes joint pain. In terms of your knee, Moringa is able to increase mobility, relieve pain, increase comfort, and reduce inflammation. This can improve the longevity and usefulness of your knees.

Some other crucial joints also benefit from the use of Moringa. Your back is the center for all of your other appendages and bodily functions. Many joints in your back are susceptible to joint pain and inflammation. As mentioned earlier, Moringa is able to drastically decrease inflammation and pain around the joints. It is very important to make sure that your back is in good health because it is crucial in everybody motion.

In addition to combating pain in your knees and back, Moringa is able to target inflammation that may occur all throughout the body. Every joint in your body is a point where pain and inflammation can arise. By taking Moringa you are offering your body a natural, cheap way to combat the stresses and strains of everyday life


The leading cause of death amongst humans is cancer. Although Moringa cannot cure all cancer, it does have the ability to help cure and combat certain types of cancer. In order to combat the most deadly ailment known to man, many pharmaceutical companies have utilized Moringa in order to apply its healing properties to combating cancer.

Many research teams are conducting studies and tests to understand the extent to which Moringa can help combat cancer. It is very hard to develop a cure for all forms of cancer, but Moringa gets us one step closer to that goal.

First of all, cancer in today’s society is commonly associated with the pain and, often times, death that result from it. This perception is based mostly on the fear of the unpredictable nature of cancer. It can strike at any point in your life, and it can be very terrifying for you and your family.

Every year, billions of dollars are dedicated towards the research and development of a cure for cancer. While we may not be able to research every type of cancer, it helps to have substances that are able to help slow down and combat a wide variety of cancer. Substances like Moringa.

Moringa has quickly caught the eye of research teams and doctors across the world. Throughout many preliminary studies and trials Moringa has had numerous benefits on the patient. The results have been positive, but the full extent to which Moringa can combat cancer is unknown. What is known, however, is that Moringa roots (when used in moderation) are able to improve an individual’s chance of survival.

One of the most unpredictable and terrifying ailments to ever plague man, cancer, may very well be around for a long time, but with Moringa we are able to make some progress in our persistent fight against cancer.


A simple and natural solution to the age old issue of constipation is, once again, Moringa. Constipation occurs when your lower bowls have trouble passing excrement. Your body needs something rich in fiber in order to combat this issue. This is where Moringa comes into play.

Although we typically do not feel particularly inclined to discuss bathroom matters, it is necessary to relieve issues associated with your waste. Moringa is able to easily remove any obstructions that may be blocking the expedient passage of waste.

Moringa is very high in fiber content. Fiber is essential in clearing up constipation, so when you take Moringa in order to combat constipation you are adding a natural remedy to your body in order to solve a simple issue.

Not only is Moringa very good at clearing these obstructions, but it is also a safe and minimally intrusive. Many remedies for constipation require a rectal supplement being deposited on the site of trouble, but Moringa can be easily added to food, taken as a pill, or consumed in the form of a smoothie.

Stomach Issues

As mentioned earlier, in order to solve simple bowl problems one need only look to the natural solution of Moringa. This amazing substance has the ability to heal and solve issues located all around the body, but they are particularly good at combating stomach issues. Moringa is extremely useful for reliving stomach pain and illness because of its high nutrient content and its high fiber content.

When it comes to stomach pain, Moringa is particularly effective at combating this type of pain. As mentioned earlier, Moringa is high in vitamin content. This allows it to be ingested and bring these vitamins directly where they are needed. When you consume Moringa it brings its contents directly to your stomach to be digested. Many of these vitamins are able to improve the wellbeing of your stomach and you will begin to feel immediate benefits after consuming Moringa.

In addition to having vitamins in Moringa to improve your stomach health, the fiber in Moringa is able to easily and quickly make sure your bowl movements go swiftly. Fiber is essential to ensure that your bowl movements and overall stomach health go without any hindrances and obstructions.

Stomach viruses and sickness are very common occurrences. Moringa is able to easily combat these issues by bringing many essential nutrients to the area of the sickness. Vitamins are brought to the site of the disease and are able to help your body fight the illness much better than they typically would have. This helps you to get over an illness quickly and without any obstructions.

Moringa Side Effects

Although we have seen all of the benefits that Moringa’s various parts and applications can have on the body, there are some applications of Moringa that can be less than beneficial. Like all things, Moring should be used in moderation.

The primary way (though not the only way) that Moring brings more harm than good is when it is consumed or applied at a rate much higher than necessary.

Avoid Eating the Roots and Extracts

The roots or Moringa trees need much more caution when being consumed. First, they could possibly contain harmful substances, and the excess consumption of them could severely harm the body by introducing it to much more nutrients than it needs.

Moringa is used for the benefit of your health in almost every case, but caution must still be maintained when consuming the roots of Moringa because they can possibly have a substance that can bring paralysis and death. Caution is also warranted when consuming any other part of the Moringa tree because it is possible that you may overdo your consumption and harm your health rather than make it better

Can Cause Paralysis and Death

It may come as a big shock to most people that something as helpful as the Moringa tree can actually have some substance in it that can harm humans. However, some Moringa roots contain the paralyzing agent spirochin.

This substance can cause a quick paralysis and before you know it, death. It is hard to actually locate the spirochin unless you eat it and experience the paralysis or if you have a scientific laboratory. For this reason, the processing of Moringa roots is typically left to medical professionals.

We see Moringa roots used a lot for medical purposes such as combating cancer, but the roots are not extremely accessible because of the possibility that it contains spirochin. Moringa oil, seeds, or leaves are all much more common forms of Moringa because of the possibility that the root may contain a paralyzing substance.

When looking for what type of Moringa is the most useful, it always depends on your situation. Most situations call for the oil of Moringa plants, but the consumable Moringa products are typically from ground up leaves of the Moringa tree. Roots are almost never used for consumption, but they do have a valuable application, as mentioned earlier, in helping cure cancer.


“All things, in moderation”. This commonly stated phrase could not be truer than in the case of Moringa. Overconsumption of Moringa can lead to drastically high level of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. This can lead to nausea and gastrointestinal issues.

The elevated amounts of vitamins are not able to easily get consumed and digested by the body so they just sit in your stomach and cause nothing but trouble. Moringa needs to be taken in moderation and with appropriate dosages in order to avoid over consuming the vitamins.

Although one of the aforementioned benefits of Moringa is that it can vastly improve the quality of your gastrointestinal health, when your body is exposed to an extremely elevated amount Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E it can actually have a negative impact on your stomach health. It is rather ironic that the same area that benefits drastically from Moringa is also the same area that is strongly harmed whenever you over consume Moringa and the vitamins in it.

Moringa Benefits Summary

Now that we have viewed Moringa in its entirety you hopefully understand all of the benefits and harms that this versatile substance has. Moringa has seen all corners of the globe in terms of where it has been used and grown. However, this widespread distribution is not by accident. The extremely versatile nature of Moringa lends itself to a wide assortment of uses and application. That is why it is so easily and readily used all around the world.

This book covered the non-medical application of Moringa. In this, we discovered how useful Moringa is at increasing productivity and agricultural efficiency, being used as a foot itself, and increasing the cosmetic and aromatic characteristics of an individual. We have seen all of the immense benefits that can be acquired when Moringa is used in a non-medical substance

Moringa’s next application that was explored was its application in terms of medicine. Moringa is extremely useful at combating anemia, dealing with inflammation related with arthritis, dealing with inflammation and restricted movement that may cause other joint pain, cancer, obstruction of bowls known as constipation, and other commonly acquired stomach ailments. All of these seemingly unrelated illnesses have one thing in common. They can all be resolved with a moderate usage of Moringa.

Lastly, the side effects and possible harms associated with Moringa can range from paralysis and death to nausea and gastrointestinal issues. If the roots are consumed and have not been dealt with by a medical professional then there is a chance that they contain a substance that is known to cause paralysis and sometimes death.

Consuming excessive amounts of Moringa also has its issues. You could over consume the vitamins in Moringa and have moderate to severe gastrointestinal issues as well as nausea. When dealing with Moring it is important that you are careful and take all the necessary precautions.

As always, it is important that Americans take into account the potential side effects of this supplemental drug before giving it a shot. More importantly, they ought to take into account the views of a medical professional before undergoing any major change in diet.

While the authors of this guide have designed it to be poised to stand as a guide for information and data for all potential users, the nature of the supplement industry nods to a constantly changing venue; the facts and opinions in this guide are always subject to change. In this respect, there is no substitute for genuine research as well as the advice of medical professionals.

However, the simplicity of the claims which have been made in favor of Moringa for thousands of years lends itself to the resounding conclusion that Americans who want to experience its myriad of proposed health benefits ought to take steps to safely give it a try.

In conclusion, seldom has a substance seen as widespread and as versatile a role as Moringa has. To go back to the Swiss army knife analogy, Moringa is very versatile and can offer a wide variety of benefits.

However, just like the blade of a knife, if you don’t use Moringa carefully and in moderation then it can possibly have adverse effects on you. This comprehensive book should have provided you with a good understanding of the marvelous and unique supplement that is Moringa.


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