Stop Hair Loss – Top 10 Natural Hair Growth Restoring Tips?


Losing your hair is one of the worst parts of getting older. It may be the second least thing that people looking forward to happening as they grow old, just behind getting wrinkly skin. And why wouldn’t they feel that way?

Our hair is a big part of our appearance and once it starts thinning and falling out, it makes us look bad. Especially when we are all trying to live up to the impossible beauty standards set by celebrities and supermodels.

So, how does one prevent their hair from falling out as they age? It is a question that has spurred a plethora of haircare products which are usually a mixed bag of effective and ineffective products.

Luckily for you, you found this article which means you will not have to do the legwork of finding out what methods of preventing hair loss are effective. Everything listed in this article has been proven to work and it is up to you to find out which methods would work best for you.

Let’s get started with the top 10 natural hair growth restoring tips:

1. Aloe vera

Many people use some form of Aloe Vera to treat their skin. It is an effective cream to use to relieve the pain of sunburn, and it is also an effective skin moisturizer. But did you know that Aloe Vera can also prevent your hair from falling out?

Studies have shown that by applying Aloe Vera directly to your hair's scalp, it can make your scalp healthy again and make your hair less likely to fall out. Experts recommend that once you apply the Aloe Vera to your scalp, you let it settle there for roughly a half hour before rinsing it out with water.

2. Stop stressing yourself out

Being incredibly stressed out can lead to all kinds of health problems. One of those such problems can be making your hair fall out. This is because extreme stress leads your hair follicles to get into a resting stage.

Once they have gone into this stage, your hair will start falling out in clumps. To pinpoint if stress is the reason for your hair loss, you would have to go and make sure that you are not suffering from any of the other causes of hair loss, including vital nutrient deficiencies.

Once you have determined that stress is the cause for your hair loss, you have to start taking the necessary steps to reduce your stress.

For me, working out for a half hour to an hour a day is enough to relieve my stress. Others try yoga or just shut themselves out from the world to relieve their stress. Find what works for you and stick to it.

3. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a natural remedy for hair loss that not many people know about. And it really is a shame that it is not more well-known, because it is very potent in preventing hair loss.

This is due to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids (like the ones in fish oil) and vitamin E. Both of these substances have been shown to help your hair grow back and keep it from falling out.

It has more health benefits than just that however, and that is probably why it has been a staple of Indian medicine for countless years.

4. Rub your scalp

Rubbing your scalp has been shown to be an excellent method of thickening your hair and preventing it from falling out. You can rub in any of the oils listed in this article and they will greatly reduce your chances of hair thinning and hair loss. On top of that, it feels so good and relaxing to have a scalp massage. Try it out!

5. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is not the best thing to consume or to rub on your face, but it is a superb oil to rub in your scalp if you are looking to prevent hair loss. It is jampacked with those fatty acids that I discussed that were abundant in mustard oil.

And all of these fatty acids help to feed the scalp and make it stronger and fuller. What is the best way to apply coconut oil to your scalp? Melt it down and then rub it into your scalp. For the best results, let it sit on your scalp for a few hours before rinsing it out with water.

6. Combine essential oils with the other oils on this list

Some essential oils, such as rosemary, clary sage, and lavender, can be used in tandem with the other oils on this list to create a potent scalp-strengthening cocktail.

Rosemary is an especially potent oil as it pertains to strengthening one's scalp and helping to prevent your hair from falling out. Beware allergies, however. To see if you are allergic to any of the essential oils, apply them to a tiny patch of your scalp and if there is any kind of allergic reaction, do not use that oil again.

7. Treat your hair better

Beyond stress, aging, and nutrient deficiencies, the way that you treat your hair can be the culprit for why it is starting to thin out and fall out. If you spray all kinds of different chemicals into your hair to “fix it up” in the morning, you may be causing irreparable damage to your scalp.

Even using hair irons have been found to cause hair thinning with constant use. In addition to that, when you aggressively tug on your hair to put it in pigtails or a bun, it could cause your hair to fall out. Be gentle with your hair and do not overload it with chemicals.

8. Switch to a hair-friendly diet

A lot of people are not aware that what they eat can actually effect their hair. And it seems like a silly concept, but when you really think about it, it makes sense. As stated earlier, various nutritional deficiencies can cause your scalp health to deteriorate and your hair will thin out and fall out as a result.

That is why I suggest switching your diet to one that is full of leafy vegetables. And make sure that you cut out sugary processed foods from your diet as they offer no nutritional benefit and are unhealthy for the body as a whole.

Fried foods should be avoided as well, as they can damage your hair from within. Beyond just leafy vegetables, try to find some foods that you like that are jampacked with various nutrients like protein, iron, zinc, as well as foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish.

9. Exfoliate your scalp

A lot of people exfoliate their skin when the cold wintry months come rolling around, but not many people know that exfoliating their scalp can be very helpful as well. Exfoliating your scalp can help to get blood flowing to your scalp again so that your hair cells can regenerate and promote hair growth instead of hair loss. To make a scalp exfoliating scrub, you can mix some of the oils listed in this article or you could go to a store and buy a pre-made scalp exfoliating scrub. Make sure you look at the substances used in the scrub, though, in case you have any allergies.

10. Take a look at some hair growth supplements

I do not like suggesting that people should turn to supplements to solve their health problems. Why? Because the amount of United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversight is very small.

Many ineffective and potentially harmful products do hit the market and can only be taken off the market by the FDA if enough complaints are mounted. This means that people are free to waste their money and put their health at risk and the FDA can act only after the fact.

However, there are a few effective hair growth supplements on the market that are worth looking at. One such supplement is one called Saw Palmetto. In various trials, it has been shown to treat baldness in men.

In addition to Saw Palmetto, supplements containing biotin may be effective for growing back hair that you have lost.

Just make sure that you buy these supplements from reputable brands with plenty of positive customer reviews. You definitely do not want to be scammed and you certainly do not want to put your health at risk when you are trying to improve your health in the first place.

Stop Hair Loss Conclusion

Hair loss is something that we all fear happening to us as we age. Thankfully, our understanding of hair loss is always expanding and we already have a lot of methods available to stave off hair thinning and hair loss.

Hopefully in the future we will develop something that will make hair loss impossible, but for now it is in our hands to take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. I hope that the methods listed in this article will help you as they have helped many others.

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