5 Healthy Reasons To Start Going On A Raw Vegan Diet Review


Reasons To Switch To A Vegan Diet

There are many reasons why a person might undertake the not so easy task of switching to a Raw Vegan Diet. The best benefit of making the switch is your health. A raw vegan diet consists of consuming only food that you can eat raw and do not have to cook or heat up above about 110 degrees.

Most people decide to switch to this type of a diet because they want to feel healthier, have more energy, or lose weight. All of this can easily be achieved with a Raw Vegan Diet, but don’t be fooled. It is not an easy task. Switching to all raw or even mostly raw food can be a difficult adjustment. Nonetheless, if you are in it to win it.

Using the enzymes in raw food for your own benefits.

When you cook any food, you effectively kill most of the enzymes found in it. What does this mean to you? Well, your body needs enzymes to absorb the nutrients in all types of food effectively. Since all of the natural enzymes found in food are killed during the cooking process, your body needs to use its own enzymes in order to break down the food and remove the nutrients and vitamins for its own use.

This is a normal process, but it seems that we feel a lot better when there is a source of enzymes being delivered for us through our food. We don’t have to work as hard to produce our own enzymes to break down the food, and thus we feel better in the long run.

Your immune system will thank you for making the switch.

Another very important part of eating raw food is that your immune system becomes much stronger. This is because you are able to receive the proper amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins through your food. Unfortunately, anytime you cook food these same minerals and vitamins are lost during the cooking process.

This means that you end up with far less nutrition in your food after it has been cooked. Since the raw vegan diet consists of raw and uncooked food, the higher levels of nutrients in your food will make you feel better and strengthen your immune system. Many people report feeling healthier and more energized almost immediately after starting the raw vegan diet.

This is a direct result of the increased amount of important nutrients that their bodies did not previously receive.

Losing weight is a snap on a raw vegan diet.

If you have struggled for years to lose that stubborn belly fat, then perhaps a raw vegan diet is the answer to your problems. ‘Regular’ food is packed full of calories and fats, which we have a tendency to store away as fat in our bodies.

However, most of the food associated with a raw vegan diet is low in fat and calories while being high in vitamins, fibers, and minerals. The best part is that most of the food can be eaten as often as you like. So while you graze as much as you want, you end up filling your belly and satisfying your hunger while avoiding the fats and sodium in traditional food.

All of these factors make it pretty clear why the raw vegan diet is known for its weight loss potential.

Your taste buds will be taken for a new type of a ride.

Raw food simply tastes better. You no longer clutter your taste buds with spices and mega processed foods, so they become revitalized. This means that you become far more responsive and more sensitive to all the food you consume.

Once you have a clear palate, everything tastes amazing. And like we mentioned before, you don’t have to limit yourself as much. You generally can eat as much as you want.

You will sleep like you have never slept before.

Because of the raw vegan diet, your body no longer has all that extra fat and sodium that it has to deal with from the normal modern diet. This means that when you go to sleep, your body doesn’t have to continue working as hard to store or eliminate those same pesky extras.

You will be amazed at how deep your sleep will be and how rejuvenated you feel. The amount of energy you will have after switching to an all raw vegan diet is truly out of this world. The same goes for your mind: you no longer have to dedicate subconscious brain power to the complex task of dealing with the extra sodium and fat, so you end up more focused and less stressed overall.

It is truly fantastic to see how amazing the transformation can be when switching to an all raw vegan diet.

Final Thoughts On Starting A Raw Vegan Diet

Keep in mind, each body is different and you might have even better results with the raw vegan diet than others have experienced. At the same time, your results might take a bit longer to show up. This is a normal phenomenon when switching to a new diet. Tour body isn’t used to the new foods that you are feeding it, so it may go into a conservation mode in an attempt to save as much energy as possible.

Losing weight can be a bit harder at first when this occurs. However, if you press on and dedicate yourself to the diet fully, you will see the same results as everyone else. Also, there is nothing wrong with only switching to a partial raw food diet at first. Try starting out by eating 50% of your total food raw and working your way up to a full raw vegan diet.

We understand that not everyone can go cold turkey and give up the unhealthy foods they have enjoyed for such a long time. Take your time, but don’t give up. The rewards are far too great to miss out.

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