Fenugreek – Factual Herbal Seed Health Benefits or Side Effects?

Fenugreek – A Life Changing Supplement?

Don’t be surprised if you have never heard of this fantastic supplement before. Not many have, but it has been growing in popularity in Western Society over the last five years. You will find fields in France, Africa, and predominantly in India. The history of the seed is rich and long and has been referenced as far back as ancient Egyptian times who used it to cure all manner of inflammation.

Now, the word is out! There is a veritable boom of interest in Fenugreek, and for good reason! Let’s take a look into his fantastic supplement for men, women and children. It does a lot of good for a lot of conditions. Now it is up to you to see how it can help in your life.

You’ll be glad you did.

Read on to learn more.

It’s all Fenugreek to Me!

Before you begin taking any supplement, it is always good to get to know what it can do for you. With Fenugreek, since it is not usually common in the typical Western diet, often people don’t know much about this amazing herb until it is recommended by a doctor, nutritionist or healthcare professional.

Originally, native to India and surrounding areas, it has been a deep seeded part of the culture which for hundreds of years wasn’t a ‘big deal.’ It was just something that was used for everything, in every household. In many local recipes and for countless ailments. This was a family kept secret which wasn’t even supposed to be a secret. It’s as simple an ingredient as lentils, and just as often used.

Fenugreek was grown wild in North Africa and used similarly, and simply, again, out of homes and in families. If you had a cyst, you would use Fenugreek as an emollient. If you had a boil? Same thing. It was used to help you when you had an upset stomach and to add flavor to your chutneys. This supplement has so many uses it is almost too vast to list!

How Is Fenugreek Used?

Fenugreek has long been used to help to relieve symptoms of certain ailments and to benefit the body by provided much needed nutrients. It has been considered a healing supplement as well as being beneficial for sexual dysfunction, lowering blood pressure, as well as digestion and respiratory difficulties. Read on to find out how Fenugreek can help you.

Digestion and Respiratory

Fenugreek helps with digestion issues, and regulates cholesterol. It can be broken down into a tea, or even just added to your meal and when ingested will calm down the acids in your stomach. Since it is an overall anti-inflammatory it calms down lung issues and helps to dry up congestion over even the most finicky cold.

Fenugreek is considered an expectorant because it naturally eliminates waste, (another reason that it is helpful in digestion. There is enough fiber in Fenugreek to regulate the digestive tract really fast, while also being gentle enough to take for the long term) and removes phlegm.

When used in the stomach it is known to slow down your body’s ability to empty out, which means that if you are suffering diarrhea, this will calm that down long enough for your body’s healing centers to kick in.

Source of Iron

Selenium is an anti-radiant which aids the body in using oxygen appropriately and Fenugreek is full of it, along with thiamine, it is an excellent source of iron, as well as sodium.

With these sources being rich in Fenugreek it stimulates all of the mucous type fluids in the body which actually helps calm allergies down and remove toxins from the body including the lungs and liver which tends to be where toxins build up. If you have a fever, it will calm it down so that you can get back to your life.

Tinctures and Teas

Another standard trick in the East is to create a drink derived from the seed of the Fenugreek in order to calm down stomach issues. This is similar to drinking ginger or mint tea, but even more effective. It is also similar to cod liver oil in this way.

Love Aphrodisiac

When it comes to matters of the heart, Fenugreek has always been used, from Egypt to India, as an aphrodisiac tincture. This allows lovers to be more amorous toward each other in times of trouble.

As an anti-inflammatory, you can see how this could also help to de-escalate a situation with an angry lover.

Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Most popularly Fenugreek is used to lower blood sugar which aids in diabetes. This is of primary importance to recognize when you consider the raging popularity of the supplement in Western Society.

As soon as there was the potential that it would help with diabetes, it became an instant superstar in the supplement market.

Several case studies show that with consistent Fenugreek supplemental intake, taken with your food will lower the blood sugar on a consistent level.

Most supplements are only capable of helping over time, so of course if you need something to work faster than this, you will want to consult your physician about it. But the general idea is that if you start to take it consistently, your body starts to understand it as a part of itself and then moves to support your blood sugar levels.

It is said that if you take from 5-50 grams twice a day depending on what your doctor thinks, that within thirty days your blood sugar will have lowered significantly.

The reason that this works is that Fenugreek has an overall slowness effect when it is taken internally, such as with digestion in which it slows down how fast food moves through the body, so it is with the sugars in the stomach. These sugars create insulin, and Fenugreek slows down how much insulin is being created which helps to lower that blood sugar, specifically, which significantly increases the quality of life with those who have diabetes.

If you are already taking medication to lower your blood sugar by your doctor you shouldn’t take both at the same time as it could affect you in a negative way.

Breast Feeding

The same goes with Breast feeding. Women in India and various other cultures around the world have been using Fenugreek to help produce more breast milk to feed their children, but in Western culture we had no idea.

Fenugreek is selling like gangbusters for millions of women now who have had trouble producing enough breast milk to properly feed their child.

Fenugreek assists those women who have a hard time providing enough milk to their children because it behaves as a lactation activation substance called a galactagogic.

Fenugreek essentially simulates the ducts in the breast and allows them to provide more milk.

Research shows that taking two capsules three times a day with the intention of moving up to a fourth pill a day, helps to assist the ducts to open up.

A Closer Look at Fenugreek

Fenugreek references the seeds inside the pod of a plant that looks a bit like bush beans. The seeds are yellow and stony. When purchasing the Fenugreek seeds they are often either purchased ground or dried, or even roasted and covered with salt.

Fenugreek has a spicy kind of scent, very similar to curry powder and overall tastes a little bit like brown sugar.

Fenugreek is known by many names, the most popular being: Bird’s foot, Chandrika, Egyptian Fenugeek, Greek clover, Woo Lu Bar, Goat’s Horn.

Once a person hears about all of the amazing benefits of Fenugreek, they always end up asking the same question…

Grow Your Own Fenugreek?

Unfortunately, this awesome supplement doesn’t grow just anywhere. If you are in many parts of the world it is going to be tricky unless you have a lush, humid environment. The Fenugreek plant grows mostly in a wild and uncultivated fashion. It is happiest in the Mediterranean, in areas where the climate is mild and not too extreme in either way. Additionally, it usually takes the plant about four to six months to mature. So, it isn’t always convenient.

When the plant has matured, the whole plant is pulled rather than picking off some of its parts. The seeds then are picked and allowed to dry out so that they can be used for remedies. For this reason it is wisest to purchase a Fenugreek supplement, in order to get the benefits when you need them.

Nutrition Conscious?

The important properties of Fenugreek are with the ratios being that one serving is a tablespoon of the actual seeds themselves. This serving contains just 35.5 calories as well as 6.4 grams of carbohydrates. More interestingly, the protein content in just one tablespoon is 2.5 grams and the fiber is almost 3 grams, which makes it a healthy supplement all around.

Fenugreek in Cooking

Most often times when Fenugreek is used in everyday cooking it is included in many of the Indian Five Spice mixes. The hot curries in Sri Lanka use Fenugreek daily and consistently because the amount can be controlled and doesn’t overpower the other flavors.

Many fish are also seasoned with Fenugreek in order to calm down the fierce flavor of the fish.

Chutney’s such as mint or mango are combined with Fenugreek in order to enhance the flavors of the vegetables, giving them a smoky but also a bit of a spicy taste.

If you mix fenugreek with flour, you end up with a really delicious and spicy bread. Additionally, you can mix Fenugreek into your coffee like you would chili powder to add spiciness to it. This creates a delicious flavor and is a unique way to use this herb.

Keep in mind, while you can include Fenugreek in many dishes and drinks, you may still need more than you would get from adding it to your diet. Consult with your primary physician if you are unsure about how much of of the Fenugreek supplement that you should be taking in addition to dietary additions.

Whole Body Health

Since Fenugreek is known as an all-purpose supplement, it is important to break down some of the other more common uses for this multitalented plant.

Fenugreek supplements helps with a number of ailments that are not limited to but including:

  • Menopause
  • Skin conditions
  • Heart conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Low sex-drive (generally for men)
  • Mood disorders

Let’s take a look at these conditions a bit more closely so that we can understand specifically how Fenugreek supplements can help.


The body becomes depleted of various kinds of hormones when a woman goes through menopause. It also provides extra nutrients which the body needs when going through this time. It is generally recommended that a woman take up to 2700mg of the Fenugreek seed three times a day to allow the pain to be reduced and the inflammation to settle down. However, always check with your doctor if you want to know what the ideal dosage is for you.

Skin Ailments

For external use, Fenugreek really shines. Since this plant is an anti-inflammatory, it is often used as a part of a poultice to be placed against the skin for ailments such as:

  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Flaking, dry skin

It is important to check first with your doctor to make sure that you are not allergic to using Fenugreek externally so as to not make the issue worse.

The Heart

Fenugreek slows down the clotting of blood because it is considered an anticoagulant. Make sure that if you are already taking anti blood clotting medication that you contact your health professional as you don’t want to have bruising and bleeding as a result of your blood being too thin.

Fenugreek tends to also help heart concerns by thinning the blood enough to loosen hardened arteries and to clean the blood from certain kinds of cholesterol as well as the triglycerides which could clog the arteries.


The anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties in Fenugreek helps the body fight against the swelling in the body that causes Arthritis. If you have pain because of Arthritis, taking Fenugreek supplements is the right decision.


An extremely helpful use for Fenugreek in men is to help with their libido. Most men don’t like to talk about erectile dysfunction but it affects more men on a daily basis than many take note of. Fenugreek is used as an aphrodisiac all over the world which not only increases the libido but also increases testosterone in men.

Eating Disorders

There are many kinds of eating disorders that affect millions of people worldwide. Particularly for issues of anorexia Fenugreek, research shows, can be used to increase appetite and just by taking the seeds alone or in supplement form you get all of the rich nutrients of the seeds themselves, including proteins and fibers, and extra calories that you might have taken in otherwise.

Mood & Eating

Since a large problem with eating disorder is the mood of the individual, Fenugreek is also used to increase serotonin levels in the brain itself which creates a comforting feeling and allows a person to eat correctly without being subject to their emotions.

Other common ailments treated by Fenugreek:

  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Dandruff
  • Gout
  • Eczema
  • Painfully sore muscles
  • Lymph node swelling
  • External Ulcers

Side effects

While Fenugreek is excellent in so many ways and has helped millions over centuries, it is important to note, along with any supplement, the potential side effects as, like anything, it is difficult to know how your body is going to react to something.

Here is a list of possibilities, if any of these side effects interrupt your daily life, see a doctor immediately and make sure to tell them how much Fenugreek you have been taking and how often:


Fenugreek has a lot of fiber in it. When you first start using the supplement, your body might react by creating excess gas. This can cause quite a bit of discomfort. However, when your body becomes used to it, the gas usually subsides.

Skin Irritation

Though Fenugreek is meant to be able to be used topically, if you are allergic, you might find your skin to be irritated. Make sure to have your doctor test your skin first so that if something goes wrong, they are there to see it.

Inducing childbirth

Fenugreek has been said to induce childbirth. This is very dangerous if you aren’t prepared. Definitely refer to your doctor before taking fenugreek if you are pregnant.

Food Allergies

If you are allergic to vegetables such as peas or beans, it is likely you are going to be allergic to Fenugreek.

 Get Your Fenugreek Supplement Today

Whether you just want a spice for your chutneys or curries, or if you need something to lower your blood sugar or help you to feed your child. When used properly and with your doctor’s recommendation, the possibilities presented in using Fenugreek are endless. Stock up today and see the difference in your life.


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