Pro Muscle Fit

Pro Muscle Fit Review

Pro Muscle Fit is a recently-released testosterone supplement that claims to supercharge your body using amino acids. Here’s our Pro Muscle Fit review.

What is Pro Muscle Fit?

Pro Muscle Fit is an amino acid supplement. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They play an important role throughout the entire body. When you work out regularly, amino acids keep your muscles supplied with the oxygen, nutrients, and vitamins needed to stay healthy.

To help you accomplish your bodybuilding goals, Pro Muscle Fit contains a whopping 2400mg of L-Arginine as well as additional amino acids like OKG ornithine and glutamine.

Some of the promised goals of Pro Muscle Fit include:

Increase Your Strength And Energy
Boost Lean Muscle Growth
— Speed Up Post-workout Recoveries

Your body uses amino acids to strengthen, repair, and rebuild damaged muscle fibers after a workout. By taking Pro Muscle Fit daily, you can enjoy the benefits listed above – or at least that’s the idea.

The supplement is currently available through a “free” trial program (it’s an autoship program in disguise). Each bottle costs around $80 and you’ll be charged monthly if you don’t cancel.

But does Pro Muscle Fit actually work as promised? Keep reading to find out.

How Does Pro Muscle Fit Work?

Pro Muscle Fit claims to contain a range of different amino acids. Unfortunately, the manufacturer never lists exactly which amino acids are included in the supplement, nor does it list the specific amounts of the amino acids (it only lists that it contains 2400mg of L-Arginine “blend”).

That L-Arginine “blend” could be anything. Pure L-arginine is a healthy amino acid proven to help encourage the growth of muscle fibers. However, the fact that the manufacturer of Pro Muscle Fit has added “blend” to the word, while also claiming to add other amino acids to the formula in undisclosed dosages, weakens the benefits of the supplement.

For example, in addition to L-arginine, Pro Muscle Fit claims to contain the following amino acids:

— A-AKG Arginine
— OKG Ornithine
— A-KIC Arginine Ketoisocaproate
— GKG Glutamine

There’s no mention about the dosage of any of these amino acids included in the supplement.

The manufacturer does say, however, that there are only amino acids in the formula and no other ingredients. So it doesn’t appear that the manufacturer has added ingredients like caffeine to the supplement in order to “trick” users into feeling like they have higher energy levels.

How to Buy Pro Muscle Fit

Pro Muscle Fit is currently only available from the supplement’s official website at You can’t buy it on Amazon or other online retailers.

That site is filled with disclaimers that aim to enhance your desire to buy the product. Immediately after visiting the site, for example, you’ll see a banner across the top of the page stating that it’s your lucky day: due to increased demand, the manufacturer can’t guarantee supply but just because you have the right timing, a small amount of Pro Muscle Fit just became available!

Don’t fall for this trick: there’s always plenty of Pro Muscle Fit available if you decide to buy.

But the real kicker is the free trial. The creators of Pro Muscle Fit prominently advertise a free trial offer. Across the top of the main page and the sales page it says “Claim Your Free Trial Offer”.

Once you get to the ordering page, you’ll realize that the trial isn’t quite free. You’ll need to enter your credit card details. The site claims your credit card will only pay for the small $5 shipping fee.

If you read the fine print, however, then you’ll learn that your Pro Muscle Fit “free trial” will end up costing you a lot more money than you initially thought.

Here’s how this trial works:

— The company specifically advertises it as a “free trial”

— You pay $5 for shipping and will receive a full-sized order of Pro Muscle Fit at your doorstep within 3 to 6 business days.

— You have 15 days to try the supplement before your credit card will be charged a $79 fee for the full-sized supplement you already received.

— After your credit card is charged $79, it will continue to be charged an additional $79 plus $5 shipping every month thereafter until you specifically call the company to cancel.

Ultimately, Pro Muscle Fit will only cost you $5 today but may cost you $79 per month until you realize your credit card info has been used.

The company claims you can call their customer service at any time to cancel your subscription (1-888-221-2554).

Is Pro Muscle Fit A Scam?

Pro Muscle Fit has been accused of being a scam because of the shady way in which it lures customers into its autoship program.

This scammy autoship program is frequently used by low-quality supplement manufacturers online. They know that people don’t read the fine print of “free trial” offers, so they bundle in hundreds of dollars of fees. In many cases, your credit card will be maxed out before you even realize you’re being charged.

Making matters worse is that you’ll only have 1 to 2 days to try the supplement before your credit card is charged. That’s not a free trial period at all. Let’s say you order the supplement on Friday afternoon. It won’t arrive for 6 more business days, which means it will arrive the Monday after next. That gives you limited time to try the supplement before your 15 calendar day free trial is over.

It’s a scam, plain and simple, and it shows that the manufacturers of Pro Muscle Fit don’t really care about their customers.

Who Makes Pro Muscle Fit?

So who’s responsible for the pricey scam behind Pro Muscle Fit?

The company – understandably – doesn’t list its name or information anywhere on the Pro Muscle Fit page. It simply refers to itself as “Pro Muscle Fit”.

You can contact the company by toll-free phone at 1-888-221-2554 (within USA) or 1-646-688-0457 (international).

The company doesn’t describe anything about itself. But a little research shows that the customer service numbers listed above have been used by other supplements in the past.

Those other companies came with similar scammy autoship programs. They included supplements like Tropical Green Coffee, Pure Garcinia Cambogia, BioActive Raspberry Ketone, Forskolin Fit Pro, and Pure Colo Detox.

Basically, this nutritional supplement manufacturer appears to release low-quality supplements that capitalize on the latest industry trends before pulling the products from the market before it can get into legal trouble.

The company also makes a supplement called AlphaMan Pro, which promises virtually identical benefits to Pro Muscle Fit but contains different ingredients.

Who Should Use Pro Muscle Fit?

Pro Muscle Fit is a shady nutritional supplement made by a shady manufacturer.

Don’t fall for the “free trial” – which will leave your credit card with hundreds of dollars of charges before you barely get a chance to try the supplement.

If you’re willing to spend $85 per month on an amino acid supplement, then I recommend buying a good protein powder or BCAA supplement. These will do the exact same thing as Pro Muscle Fit but at a fraction of the cost – plus, other manufacturers are more honest about their ingredients, manufacturing conditions, and contact information.


  1. I also was duped into this… Saw a tweet from and thought that meant it was legitimate. WRONG. Foolishly, I didn’t even realize this was happening until about 2 months of charges. After seeing this article I visited their website and tried calling the 1-888-221-2554 number and they had no record of my purchase OR THAT IT IS EVEN ONE OF THEIR PRODUCTS!!!! The last lady I spoke to recommend I contact my bank to check the phone number the charge comes from. I did my research and found a (480) 662-3809, it rang for a while and kicked in a voicemail and the FIRST thing he says is “If you’d like to cancel your trial, please email [email protected].”

    So for those that are in my position, just email them and let them know you want to cancel.

  2. DO NOT ORDER! When trying to return the bottle so I didn’t get charge $79 I had to go get a tracking number and then call them back to give that number to them. The man I spoke to said I could keep 45 pills from the bottle but the company is so shady I don’t want to take the pills. I am not even gong to open the bottle and just return it. I had to pay $5 for them to ship to me and about $5 to send it back to them. It is a $10 lesson. Please everyone DO NOT ORDER from this company!

  3. When you call and ask for the cancellation do not press the number 1 for customer support/service they will keep you on hold forever. Press the number 2 for sales they will transfer you quickly if not immediately to a sales rep, after let them know you’d like to cancel your enrollment and shipments. You will have 15 days to either return it for no price at all you just have to call (by pressing the number 2 again) for no charges at all other than the shipping you paid (plus the option of removing 45 capsules) or you will be given the option to pay 49.00 flat to keep the full bottle and that will also be the final charge that you pay for along with the cancellation of your subscription. You’re welcome y’all.

  4. Are you sure that is scam? I ordered ProMuscle Fit at 15/01/16 and now i waiting for my order. Credit card number they have not asked me and I paid nothing for free bottle. What do you think about my situation?

  5. Well, I actually just received it, one called AlphaManPro and the other ProMusclefit, I had completely forgot about it and when I arrived home, they were there in my mailbox, the thing is that my credit card is rechargeable, that means it only has money on when I recharge it, I just decide to try the ” free trial ” because I had only the right amount to pay for the shipping. Normally when I recharge my card, I use it right after to buy supplements or clothes online, so I guess it wont be a problem, right? they can t charge a credit card with no money on it, I hope so xD

  6. scam! dont do it, I have been calling the # and it doesnt work. try for yourself! they also wont respond to my emails asking to cancel. calling credit card company now.
    thanks for the aggravation.


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