PrimeMyBody Review

PrimeMyBody is a nutritional supplement manufacturer best known for its hemp oil and plant-based protein powder. Find out how PrimeMyBody makes its supplements today in our review.

What Is PrimeMyBody?

PrimeMyBody is a Dallas, Texas-based supplement maker that promises to “formulate life-changing products with quality in mind.”

Today, the company’s popular products include its NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil and its plant-based protein powder called Prime Protein Superfood.

PrimeMyBody is more than just an ordinary supplement manufacturer, however. The company is a multilevel marketing company that uses a commission-based system to sell its products. It’s one of the few MLMs focusing on the hemp oil niche at the moment.

Let’s find out more about the company’s lineup of products.

PrimeMyBody Supplements

PrimeMyBody offers a range of supplements, including their Prime Protein Superfood and their NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil.

Prime Protein Superfood

The Prime Protein Superfood is a plant-based protein that derives its protein from hemp protein, pea protein, and brown rice protein. While most protein powders use whey (a dairy product), PrimeMyBody uses plant-based sources. It’s vegetarian and vegan friendly.

PrimeMyBody recommends mixing the protein with coconut water, almond milk, filtered water, or any other beverage. Each serving delivers a strong dose of detoxifying ingredients along with essential amino acids, omega fatty acids, and proteins.

There are 20 scoops (20 servings) in each container. Each scoop contains 140 calories, 2.5g of fat, 13g of carbs, and 7g of dietary fiber. There’s also 3g of sugar, 15g of protein, 160mg of sodium, and 290mg of potassium.

So far, that looks like an ordinary protein powder. But where PrimeMyBody differentiates its protein from the competition is with its Proprietary SuperFood Blend, which consists of 3275mg of ingredients like maca, moringa, barley grass, chia, and Rhodiola rosea. These herbs have been shown to promote healthy blood flow. Some are also rich with antioxidants.

Other ingredients in the protein powder include acacia gum, coconut sugar, “natural flavors”, maltodextrin, and xanthan gum.

Most reviews online seem to agree that the protein powder tastes very good. The chocolate flavor is particularly well-reviewed. The company also labels their protein powder in boxes that say “Heck No GMO” – so clearly, the company is committed to not using GMO ingredients (you can also buy “Heck No GMO” t-shirts and hats from the company).

NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil

Hemp is one of the hottest nutritional supplements on the market today. It’s illegal to grow hemp in the United States, but it’s legal to use and consume it – because hemp doesn’t contain the psychoactive substance THC.

PrimeMyBody’s NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil is categorized as a “repair and maintenance formula”. The formula delivers hemp to your body in a liposomal delivery system – which essentially involves placing the ingredients in special molecules to enhance their bioavailability.

The formula uses industrial hemp extract derived from the whole hemp plant. You get the health benefits of hemp without the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

A 1.7 fl oz (50mL) bottle of the hemp oil is $149. There are 25 servings in each container (4 pumps per serving). Each serving contains 30mg of hemp extract (aerial parts) and 12mg of phytocannabinoid diols.

There’s a total of 300mg of CBD in each 1.7 oz bottle. The company claims that normally, when you take CBD orally, you can expect an uptake of about 10%. In PrimeMyBody’s supplement, however, you can expect a 6X increase thanks to the liposomal delivery system.

There is where PrimeMyBody gets vague: they claim their supplement went through trials and studies led by a “major pharmaceutical company”. However, they never mention the name of that pharmaceutical company, nor do they explain where the trials were published. We could not find any evidence of this study online. Typically, when a company invests in a study, they want to share those results with the world – so it’s weird that PrimeMyBody is vague about this latest study.

Other PrimeMyBody Supplements

PrimeMyBody advertises itself as an overall health and wellness brand. They’re best known for the protein powder and hemp oil product. However, they also sell the following products:

  • Hydrate Daily Moisturizer ($66)
  • Lift Firming Cream ($109)

Both of these products make similar promises: they claim to reduce the effects of aging using natural, botanical extracts. Hydrate moisturizes your skin to give it a healthy glow and replenish collagen levels, while the Lift Firming Cream promises to firm your skin in place, reducing the appearance of wrinkles (similar to the effects of Botox).

PrimeMyBody also sells a male health supplement called Vitality, which appears to target specific male health concerns – including sexual performance.

The PrimeMyBody Opportunity

Like other multilevel marketing companies, PrimeMyBody sells nutritional supplements and anti-aging skin creams at prices significantly higher than competing products. PrimeMyBody’s products are priced significantly higher than the competition because most of that price goes towards commission fees – it doesn’t go towards the actual formula or product.

Can you get rich from PrimeMyBody? Here are some of the important things to note about the PMB opportunity according to their introductory presentation:

The US demand for hemp and CBD continues to grow; PrimeMyBody claims that US consumer sales of hemp products reached over $7.1 billion in 2016, while the US market for hemp products is expected to reach $22 billion by 2020.

Obviously, PrimeMyBody isn’t the only manufacturer in this space. There are plenty of other hemp oils and CBD oils on the market – many of which contain higher doses at a stronger price than the NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil.

Nevertheless, the company cites “a test against cannabinoid uptake results, published by a leading pharma brand”, when their “liposomal hemp oil was absorbed in the blood in amounts three times as great at half the dose”

That study sounds good – but PrimeMyBody never links to that study or mentions the name of the “leading pharma brand” that published the study. Like other MLMs, PrimeMyBody advertises benefits like working from home, avoiding inventory, and controlling your own financial future

Earn 10% on team building rewards, with unlimited reward point depth on each leg that lets you earn up to $75,000 per week. Affiliate matching bonuses, where you earn 15% on level 1, 10% on level 2, and 5% on level 3

Residual rewards, where you earn 10% from the purchases of your customers, then 10% of the same purchase is distributed through a 7 level residual rewards plan. Rank advancements include 9 levels, ranging from 4 star ($250 per month) to black diamond ($45,000 per month)

There are 7 different ways to earn money, including through preferred customers, retail customers, fast builder rewards, residual rewards, team building rewards, top 10 rookie bonuses, and matching bonuses

How Much Does It Cost to Join PrimeMyBody?

Like other MLMs, you have to pay to join PrimeMyBody. You pay an enrolment fee for your website and online platform, then buy a set of PrimeMyBody products as well. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Enrolment Fee (includes website and virtual office): $39
  • Personal Pack (includes 1 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottle): $119 per month
  • Starter Pack (Includes 3 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottles): $357 per month
  • Business Pack (Includes 6 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottles): $714 every 2 months
  • Premium Pack (Includes 9 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottles): $1071 every 3 months

You have to continue buying PrimeMyBody products every month to stay active in the company. If you don’t spend a certain amount of money on PrimeMyBody products per month, your membership will be deactivated.

About PrimeMyBody

PrimeMyBody was founded by Brian Cummings, who is also currently the CMO of the company. Other key members of the team include Paul Rogers (CEO), and Buddy Byington (COO).

The company is based at the following address in Dallas:

1501 LBJ Freeway, Suite #500
Dallas, TX 75234

The company was founded in 2013. According to their LinkedIn page, the company has fewer than 10 employees.

You can contact the company using the online contact form found here. Other contact information can be found at their customer support page here.

Should You Join PrimeMyBody or Buy Their Supplements?

PrimeMyBody is a nutritional supplement and beauty product manufacturer based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2013, PrimeMyBody is best known for its plant-based protein powder and hemp oil. Hemp oil and CBD oil is a fast-growing market in the United States, and PrimeMyBody aims to capitalize on that market. They claim their hemp oil absorbs more effectively than other leading hemp oils on the market.

PrimeMyBody has flashy marketing and a professional-looking brand. The company also appears to have invested in studies (although they never actually link to those studies, or mention where they were published).

If you want to join the company, then you’ll want to use the company’s products: the company requires you to buy a certain amount of company products each month to stay active. The lowest amount you can spend is $119 per month – which comes with just one bottle of hemp oil.

Ultimately, when a company requires you to buy a certain amount of its own products every month to stay active, that’s a huge red flag. However, if you’re passionate about hemp oil and enjoy PrimeMyBody’s supplements, then PrimeMyBody may be the right opportunity for you.


  1. Correction: you are asked to spend $100/mo – either your own purchase or if a customer makes a $100 purchase the affiliate will remain active. So the affiliate doesn’t necessarily HAVE to make a purchase. And a skin care item and the protein superfood cost far less than $100.


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