Outbreak Nutrition Rise

Rise by Outbreak Nutrition is an upcoming testosterone and libido booster that will soon be available for purchase.

About Outbreak Nutrition Rise

When the product is released, it will feature a large, six-capsule serving. Rise also has seven primary ingredients, featuring AgresTest with a (10:1) ratio to assist with elevating testosterone and libido.

Other ingredients in Rise include ZMA, and half a gram of KSM-66 ashwagandha for managing cortisol levels. There is also the presence of the estrogen blocker arimistane to round out Rise’s formulation.

To date, there is no definite release period for Rise to hit the market, other than it is “coming soon.”

Ingredient Listing For Rise

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Agres Test
  • KSM-66
  • Fenugreek
  • Longjack
  • Boron citrate

Boosting Testosterone With Zinc And Magnesium

If you are deficient in zinc and magnesium, as numerous athletes and strict exercisers are, your natural testosterone level will sag. Here's why and how to repair it.


Several research studies on men have demonstrated magnesium to be positively associated with total testosterone. Unfortunately, deficiencies in magnesium are common because people don't normally get enough of it from dietary sources.

As a natural process of aging — or as a effect of low protein diets — sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) concentrations increase and those globulins bind with testosterone in order that it's unavailable to the body. However, one study showed that testosterone favored binding to magnesium rather than SHBG, thus sustaining free levels of testosterone, and thus its anabolic effects, also.

In a different study, 30 men, aged 18-22 (both sedentary and active), obtained 10 mg of magnesium for four months and it raised their free and total testosterone values. Interestingly, those folks participating in intensive exercise actions were observed to have even greater increases in testosterone levels together with calcium supplementation.

Suggested Intake: If you were to exactly replicate the amounts utilized in the above study, you would take 10 mg of magnesium per kg body weight, therefore a 100kg person (approximately 220 pounds) would require 1 gram per day. That is a lot. Better to use more logical doses. The RDA is about 420 mg. A day for an adult male, so to enhance testosterone production, experiment with 750 mg. A day for a couple of weeks and see how you're feeling.


Low testosterone is often associated with zinc deficiencies because androgen receptors are usually altered in calcium deficient people. Adding zinc to your diet has been shown in a variety of studies to raise amounts of adrenal hormone, a pituitary hormone that stimulates testosterone production. Studies also have shown zinc to be a strong aromatase inhibitor, which may block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

The good news is that when Rise is released to the market, it will come with an estrogen inhibitor. This means that estrogen is less likely to be made and converted, thus leading to better potential gains inside and out of the gym. This effect is compounded with the use of other ingredients and botanicals that are packaged with the t-booster.


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