myVIGRA is a supplement that may help men to get the performance and endurance that they want to have in their routine, while also giving them the reaction they need. The treatment is offered as a subscription for two weeks before use, though consumers will be given monthly shipments after it ends.

What Is myVIGRA?

Every man places significant importance on having an enjoyable sex life. No matter how old or young that someone is, erectile dysfunction is very common and treatable. Sometimes, the issue is due to the hormones, while other causes can include stress or even age. However, that is no reason to give up the enjoyment of an active sex life. Rather than going to a doctor to correct the issue, consumers may consider myVIGRA.

myVIGRA requires no prescription and is entirely discreet. When the user takes a pill, the website claims that they will experience ultimate arousal and erection strength to help them enjoy their sexual activities without fail. However, the website has no details about the ingredients that create this effect, which can make it hard to trust the reaction.

Using myVIGRA Male Enhancement

Consumers will need to take the treatment before they plan sexual intercourse. Once the user takes a tablet, they will have the performance that they need within 30 minutes. There should not be any delay in the reaction, and consumers will not have to wait weeks for their body to acclimate.

If the user has any blood pressure issues, they may want to speak with a doctor before beginning the regimen.

Pricing For myVIGRA

When consumers get involved with the myVIGRA regimen, they have two options – taking part in a trial or buying the product outright.

With the trial, they can test out the formula on their own for 14 days. If they like the results, they do not have to make any changes, because they will automatically start receiving monthly shipments at a rate of € 49.99.

The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Contacting The Creators Of myVIGRA

Since the information on the website is limited, consumers may want to learn other details about the product. The customer service team does not provide an email address to communicate electronically, but they can call +31 30 80 800 65.

Local rates apply to these phone calls.

myVIGRA Male Enhancement Summary

myVIGRA is meant for men only, and it does not impact the testosterone, as far as the website states. However, the only claim that the company makes is that it increases virility and performance.

Due to the limited information available about the myVIGRA treatment, consumers may want to go over the ingredients with a medical professional before they make a commitment. Most results like this product advertises are only offered in prescriptions that have been regulated, so consumers may want to err on the side of caution.


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