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Before we delve into the intricacies of testosterone production, we need to understand what exactly causes a depletion in hormone levels, and what effects that can have on our bodies.

As we begin to grow older (especially after the age of 35) we discover that our natural ability to produce essential hormones and enzymes begins to decline.

This is majorly due to natural reasons, as with age the ‘pituitary gland’ starts to slow down production. This is natural, yet can cause many individuals a tremendous amount of stress.

Some of the key physical effects that become apparent due to poor hormone production include low sperm production, erectile dysfunction, macular degeneration, decreased stamina, and poor libido.

All of these aforementioned issues have been identified by psychologists as a tremendous source for stress. Many men have reported feeling low levels of self esteem and poor self worth because they are no longer able to perform at a high level sexually.

In terms of solutions, today there exist a wide range of products that have been found to help stimulate the pituitary gland.

Using a potent mix of herbal and natural derivatives, many potent supplements stimulate the working of our Central nervous system, thereby increasing the working efficiency of the pituitary gland.

Since a vast majority of today’s supplements have been designed using clinically verified ingredients, they are able to deliver fast results without any issue of unforeseen side effects.

What Is BPI Sports Best Test?

BPI Sports Best Test is an all new ‘Testosterone Stimulator’ that promises to help users regain their once cherished vitality and energy levels. Using a potent blend of Niagen  and Murex it is able to increase the flow of essential nutrients within our bodies.

When our muscles and tissues receive adequate nutrition timely, they are able to recover faster. Not only that, many of the key active agents in the mix have been shown to increase the protein transfer rate within our bodies.

This allows for a faster metabolic output, thus allowing users to obtain heightened energy levels, as well as an improved potential to increase lean muscle mass.

A key factor that makes Best Test so useful is its compositional profile, since all of its components are naturally derived, the product is highly easy to extract maximum benefits from.

The manufacturer has also made sure to supply adequate scientific information in regards to the various ingredients added, thus users can read and see if these nutrients address all of the issues one is looking to address via the use of Best Test.

BPI Sports Best Test Key Features

Test Levels:

This is probably the primary function of BPI Sports Best Test. Using a unique compositional profile, the supplement is able to increase the production rate of testosterone and other essential enzymes and compounds.

This increase is achieved via a boost in the working capacity of the pituitary gland (through the transfer of certain key compounds).

Strength & Stamina:

Through a systematic, regular use of the supplement. Users can easily increase their muscular development. When the rate of fiber formation is at its peak, then a user automatically feels a difference in their power and strength levels.


There are certain agents in Best Test that have been found to counter the ill effects of any toxins, bacteria or free radicals that might have accumulated within our bodies. This results in the appearance of firmer, more glowing skin.


When the production of testosterone is happening at an optimal rate, our reproductive system can also function at a high level.

Using a combination of free testosterone and increased blood supply, Best Test from BPI Sports is able to help users achieve more sexual stamina as well as increased stimulatory capacity (allowing for more pleasure for both partners).

Well Being:

An often overlooked part of many supplements is their inability to increase mental well being. Best Test has been clinically found to increase the production rate of compounds like Dopamine and serotonin into our bloodstreams.

These compounds are known to heighten our mood states, and thus allow us to remain calm and collected through the course of all our daily activities (be it socially or while pumping iron).

BPI Sports Best Test Directions

  • Best Test comes in the form of pills which should be taken on a daily basis.
  • For best results, 2 capsules should be consumed along with adequate doses of water. (this allows for maximum nutritional uptake).
  • The dose is best taken in the morning everyday. Alternatively, users can also have the pills along with a light meal.
  • It goes without saying, the product is not meant for individuals under the age of 18. Similarly individuals with a long standing medical history should consult a doctor before starting regular dosage.

Purchasing BPI Sports Best Test

Best Test  by BPI Sports comes packed in sleek white and blue containers. Each bottle contains a total of 60 capsules which should last users for at least a month.

In terms of its pricing, each container of Best Test is available for $39.99 and can be directly purchased through the official company website.

Each unit comes with a full satisfaction guarantee, and in case users are dissatisfied with the supplement, they can request for a full refund.


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