Alpha Fuel Review – Worth Buying?

Alpha Fuel is a bodybuilding supplement that promises to support healthy testosterone levels. But should you really use it to increase your sex drive and boost muscle growth? Here’s our review.

What is Alpha Fuel?

Alpha Fuel is a bodybuilding supplement that works as a natural testosterone booster.

By taking Alpha Fuel daily, you can “unleash your natural testosterone”, according to the manufacturer, and increase your stamina and endurance.

The supplement never actually claims it will “boost” your testosterone. Instead, the manufacturer uses words like “supports healthy free testosterone levels.” So if you were looking for an anabolic steroid replacement, then Alpha Fuel probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

How Does Alpha Fuel Work?

Alpha Fuel promises to maintain healthy testosterone levels with no harmful side effects.

You take one pill in the morning and another pill before each workout. By doing that, you can enjoy higher testosterone levels throughout the day while also maximizing the effectiveness of your workout.

This is where the Alpha Fuel description gets weirdly vague: the manufacturer never actually lists its ingredients, methods of action, or any other important information about how it works. Instead, this is pretty much all the manufacturer says about it:

“By working holistically with your body, Alpha Fuel gives you that extra burst of energy to lift more, pump harder and go the distance.”

That’s a lot of vague marketing words thrown around. It doesn’t actually tell us anything about the science behind the supplement or the ingredients.

Alpha Fuel doesn’t tell us how it works. However, based on similar supplements we’ve seen online, we would guess that Alpha Fuel contains ingredients like maca root, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, and Longjack, all of which are herbal extracts used by ancient civilizations to increase virility.

In modern scientific testing, these herbal extracts have shown an ability to increase virility (i.e. your sex drive). However, none of them have shown any significant correlation with higher testosterone levels.

Alpha Fuel Ingredients

We would love to tell you about the ingredients in Alpha Fuel, but the manufacturer hasn’t listed any of its ingredient on the official website or on the product packaging itself.

Obviously, it’s a bad idea to take any product without first knowing the ingredients inside. That lesson is especially important when a supplement promises to alter levels of an important hormone like testosterone.

Without knowing the ingredients, it’s impossible to say whether or not Alpha Fuel works as advertised.

Alpha Fuel Pricing

Alpha Fuel hasn’t undergone any clinical trials or scientific testing. The manufacturer also doesn’t list its ingredients. Based on this information, you’d think Alpha Fuel would be a very cheap supplement.

That’s not the case. Instead, Alpha Fuel is one of the most expensive bodybuilding supplements you’ll find.

The supplement is exclusively available to order through a “free” trial offer. Like anything that’s free online, this free trial is way too good to be true. Here’s how it works:

-You pay a $5.95 fee for shipping and handling today and receive your trial bottle within 3 to 5 business days

-The trial bottle is a full-sized bottle of Alpha Fuel. You have 18 days (from the date you ordered) to try the supplement.

-At the end of that 18 day period, your credit card will be charged the full price for the full-sized bottle you already received ($89.99)

-That charge also gives you access to a “health and weight loss portal”, which is basically just a subscription-based weight loss scam website with no significant value

-Every 30 days thereafter, you’ll be charged $89.99 again for each bottle of Alpha Fuel, and you will continue to receive shipments to your address every month

-You’ll need to call the company to cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you’ll continue to receive bottles of Alpha Fuel every month for the rest of your life. Make sure you also request to cancel your subscription to the health and weight loss portal – otherwise, you may be charged separately.

Some people call this a scam. Basically, it is a scam. However, the manufacturer does force you to check a box saying you read the terms and conditions. And all of the above information is hidden in the fine print of the terms and conditions. The company is legally protecting itself while hoping you’re too lazy to read the terms and conditions.

Who Makes Alpha Fuel?

Alpha Fuel is made by a company that calls itself Alpha Fuel HD, which also does business under the name Alpha Fuel Products, Inc.

You can get in touch with the company at [email protected] or by phone at 844-845-8061.

The company lists its return address as:

PO Box 61553
Savannah, GA 31419

That’s just a post office box in suburban Savannah and is not some major company headquarters. So it’s unclear where the actual Alpha Fuel Products company is based, where its ingredients come from, or where the supplement is manufactured.

Should You Use Alpha Fuel to Raise Testosterone Levels?

You shouldn’t take any supplement without first knowing its ingredients. That rule is particularly important when you’re taking a supplement that promises to affect crucial hormones like testosterone.

The ingredients in Alpha Fuel could be dangerous. More likely, they’re completely harmless and will have absolutely no effect on your body. Unless you really want to pay $90 for 60 capsules of unidentified herbal formula, there’s little incentive to pay big bucks for Alpha Fuel.




  1. These tablets are not worth the money to spend on. I cancelled after using the trial bottles and they do not work and after cancelling I called to see about my money being returned and was brushed off the phone by someone named John. I regret ordering these and suggest anyone reading this to be cautious about ordering from this company which does seem to be a scam to get free money. Yes the tablets are blue and recommended that you take 2 two times a day for what i don’t know since nothing happens only that you are taking pills that don’t work. BUYERS BEWRE.

  2. Wow! Wish i would have seen these reviews before I made the mistake of ordering this product ! The wierd thing with me is i called to cancel and they tried to offer me the same deal of giving me a discount and hold off charging me for a couple of months so mean while I got a new card and pin number cause I didn’t trust what i was told , they haven’t gotten a dime from me in over 4 months or so . And they’ve still been sending me my monthly shipment ! I am so glad i read these revews and learned that i shouldn’t take them cause i started taking the pills yesterday not knowing they could be harmfull to me . needles to say they are going down the toilet as soon as i am done writing this , and thank you all for inlightning me about the product and the companies dishonest intentions and scam atempt .

  3. I think we ALL need to call the news cree an let them check in on them,ill bet they will refund my dam money,Its ridiculous well my husband ordered the free trail for 5.99$ each bottle an 1.99$ shipping so wen my husband talked to them he said TAKE OUT TRAIL MONEY ONLY,well nope they or another company refunded me for some of my money i turn around an this company draws out more of my money they say it wasnt there company but he talked to us bout the bottles an they say the cant give me my money thats theft wen you tell someone to take out so much but they take more!! Wats wrong wit these ppl but i guess they make money scaming us!!

  4. By far the worst product i have ever taken and the worst company to deal with. False advertisement. They are out to get your money. Just got of the phone right now and they would not give full refund. Product is dangerous and should not be consumed by anyone. Someone should put a law suit on them. When products are shipped to you they are shipped with NO information of the company making it very hard to track down. Your first tranaction with them shows as “ALPHA SUPER MULTIS” on the bank statement. Then the second transaction shows as “ALPINE PLUS”. They do this because by the time you figure out who is ALPINE they would have shipped out a few bottles at $89.99 and they will only reinbrust you the last one if not open. If open partial redund only. I have all their bottles un-open and they would not take them back. They guy said to just through them away if i am not going to us them. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! “Alpha Fuel”

  5. *************SCAM ALERT************
    Wish I had not been duped by “Fake News” as this was a CNN promotion, or so it seemed. FCC, FTC and FBI need to be involved in this company’s potentially illegal business practices. Money for nothing, as it were.

    Called about unauthorized charges. They started their scripted speil and I interrupted and stated called about business. I asked for a good-will refund of charges and a good-will release from the “contract” and they said they could help. They can cancel the account for a mere 19.99. When I questioned, they said they would wave cancellation fee, so my account was closed, at no charge – how magnanimous of Alpha Fuel. When I asked about charge, they stated since I did not follow their rules, which were not made clear at time of “Free Trial” order, that the charge was for the “Free” bottle.

    • Since then have they took money out of your account..Cause I just called and they told me same thing..Just wondering if they were lying..

  6. Let me start by saying that I never comment on products or service… This is the most dishonest company I have every done business with. I have been self employed and worked for very large companies in the past and would have never treated my customers the way this place treats customers. Everyone there works off a sales scripts and repeats the very same thing for the 8hr shift. There is no management for this company as I have been told this by several phone jockeys. The product was shipped that I did order and then I received another package with 2 different products. Someone called me to confirm my order and then placed another order for a different product. I asked several question and was told the answer I wanted to hear from someone who spoke broken English. I was then billed approximately $180 for products that I never ordered and approx $90 for the product that was ordered. When I tried to return an unopened bottle of there product I was told that the have policy and procedures to follow and they were unable to refund me my money….. AGAIN DO NOT BUY OR TRY THIS PRODUCT THEY WILL BILL YOU. BY the way when you call to cancel they will offer you products at half price. So do not ever pay regular price…….

  7. just called a cancelled my order. they tried to offer a better deal, refused of course. did get confirmation number. been looking for the 2wk notice on the reorder, never happened. Am on my way to bank, check on status of my account, take it from there. will be shipping left over product back. will not order anything again regarding products like this. If it sounds good, buyer beware.

  8. STOP: Don’t buy it. It is fluff coating. It doesn’t work. The company is horrible to work with, they will take your money and send no product. Had to file a fraud claim to get them to stop. Don’t learn the hard way !!!!

  9. I would like to cancel my monthly shipments (all) of “Alpha Fuel” and ‘Alpha Cut” but I don’t have the info to do so. I can’t afford the payment coming out of my checking account. I was also billed on the 30th of October and still have not received my two supplements.

  10. Be careful this company doesn’t work with you and doesn’t do there job. I called to cancel and they charged my card still they next shipment almost 90.00 a piece. I called them back and they have no file of me calling to cancel so there is no refund PERIOD NO REFUND. its not even shipped yet and they cant refund it. I am very upset there service skills are terrible and they politely hung up on me with I’m sorry our records don’t show a note of you canceling or calling you have a great product on its way its going to be worth it good bye. So i did my part and they didn’t do theirs and I get the punishment and close to 200$ gone that I don’t have.

    • I hear you, the same exact same thing just happened to me, their “service skills” are bad on purpose, definitely a scam going on, I’m not going to let these people or person off the hook. They most likely are running this out their home. I’m going to make this the toughest $200 bucks they will ever earn, I will keep you posted.

  11. I should have look at these reviews before ordering the trial, but thanks to these reviews I went to my bank and they blocked my card and I received a new one before they could charge me with the first $90, Will never fall into these scams again. Thanks.

  12. Absolutely never order any product from Alpha Products Supreme. They give you 2 week trial but it takes a week to get there. After having the product for a week you will be charged $90 for the test pills (which are the watered down version). Even if you attempt to cancel your membership before that trial period ends, it wont work. You will be charged $90 no matter what after accepting a free trial in which you are told you would only pay shipping. These people should go to prison in my opinion. When you call customer support they will literally hang up on you. I have been hung up on 3 times in the past hour. I finally got the membership cancelled but had to pay $90 for the watered down sample and have no other shipments on the way. If you order this product after reading this review. You are a fool.

    • I wish I would have seen your review first. It happened to me to but the charged me for two different ones. so close to 200$ and i did call and cancel but they don’t have record of that. so I am our 200 right when the holidays start its great I am so happy!

  13. The tablet is blue…what does that tell you. There is nothing special about this product and I have stomach pains after t s king it teo days!


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