Total Life Changes IASO Tea Review

Total Life Changes is a network marketing company which sells a wide range of nutritional supplements. IASO Tea is arguably their most popular product. Find out everything you need to know about Total Life Changes IASO Tea today in our review.

What is Total Life Changes IASO Tea?


Total Life Changes IASO Tea is one of about a dozen different IASO products sold by Total Life Changes. In addition to IASO Tea, the company sells IASO coffee and IASO skin creams.

These IASO products don’t really have anything in common: some of them reduce the effects of aging, while others are designed to enhance the effects of coffee. In the case of IASO Tea, the product is designed to cleanse the digestive system.

Total Life Changes calls its tea a “miracle tea”. Here’s how the official TLC website describes it:

“This unique all-natural blend of 9 essential herbs is designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines, ridding the body of toxins and some really nasty parasites. Just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic results.”

There are no further details about the tea available on the official website. Total Life Changes doesn’t want you to buy the tea from the official website: it wants you to buy the tea from one of their network affiliates.

How Does IASO Tea Work?

The official Total Life Changes website may not explain how IASO tea works, but if you dig a little deeper, you find that the tea relies on powerful digestive enzymes.

These enzymes are typically destroyed during food processing. That means the foods we eat don’t contain the enzymes needed to digest them. This can reduce digestive efficiency, which means you get less nutrients and energy from the foods you eat.

IASO Tea Ingredients

Once again, Total Life Changes doesn’t publically publish the list of ingredients in IASO Tea: it expects you to get that information from a member of their network.

However, we’ve found that IASO Tea contains all of the following natural ingredients:

— Persimmon Leaves
— Holy Thistle
— Malva Leaves
— Marsh Mallow
— Blessed Thistle
— Papaya
— Ginger
— Chamomile
— Myrrh

We can assume those ingredients are listed in their declining order of appearance. The ingredients might sound unique and weird, but they’re actually relatively common in digestive cleansing supplements.

Health Benefits of IASO Tea

The ingredients aren’t backed by much concrete science, but anecdotal evidence online suggests that users feel cleaner and healthier after taking supplements with one or more of the above ingredients.

Furthermore, ingredients like ginger, myrrh, and marsh mallow have long been used in ancient medicine. Ginger was particularly popular among the ancient Chinese, for example, and is still used today to treat a diverse range of aches and ailments.

Here are some of the suggested benefits of IASO Tea:

Cleanse Your Digestive System
Antioxidant And Anti-inflammatory
— Remove Excess Fat From The Body
— Promote Cardiovascular Health
— Purify The Blood
— 100% Organic

Keep in mind that IASO Tea has never undergone independent clinical or scientific research, so the benefits listed above have not been confirmed.

How to Buy IASO Tea

You do not necessarily need to buy IASO Tea from an affiliated member of the Total Life Changes network, you can find it sold from the Company on Amazon. If you try to buy the tea online, you’ll need to enter their member ID or referral ID. Alternatively, you can buy it offline if you know someone who works as a Total Life Changes affiliate.

The IASO Tea category on the Total Life Changes website contains an astonishing number of packages and options. Here are some of the different prices and options for buying IASO Tea:

IASO Tea 4 Satchel Pack: $39.95. This satchel calls itself a “1 month supply” and contains 40 servings of tea.

26 Day Intense Weight Loss Pack: $134.85 (contains 1 month of IASO Tea, 1 Nutraburst, 1 bottle of HCG drops, and 1 free pack of IASO tea to support a 500 calorie per day diet.

Detoxifying Weight Loss Pack: $84.90 (contains 1 month IASO Tea, 1 box Delgada, 1 free pack IASO Tea

Health Pack: $134.85 (contains 1 month of IASO Tea, 1 bottle of Nutraburst, 1 Gano, and 1 free pack of IASO Tea

You may also be able to find Total Life Changes products on eBay and Amazon, although they tend to be more expensive than ordering from the official site.

All Total Life Changes products come with a 30 day guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with IASO Tea or other products, you can return the unused tea bags to the manufacturer for a full refund – although you will need to pay the full costs of shipping and handling.

Who Should Use IASO Tea?

IASO Tea may be the most expensive tea you’ll ever buy. That being said, it also has more enzymes than any tea you’ll ever buy. If you want to use a natural tea to support your cleanse, then IASO Tea may be the right product for you.

The tea is loaded with natural ingredients like papaya, ginger, and persimmon leaves. You’re not artificially cleansing your system or loading your body with chemicals. Instead, you’re gently detoxifying your body and giving yourself the nutritional support you need while cleansing or dieting.


    • Hi Tracy, i will advise you to get the iaso tea, resolution drops and chaga for the health issues. You need to follow at least a month treatment to see big results, samples are not enough.

    • Hi Tracy,

      We can be reached by email. We would like to find out your other medical issues along with the weight.
      Please respond if you would like our email.

  1. All I want to do is order a kit. I sent an email for guidance and the response was try the tea. No mention of the drops, vitamins or the NRG although I asked. I may try something else. The seller of this stuff is not hard pressed about making money. I also asked if I should just buy it from Amazon. I was told that its not100% guaranteed and if I wanted to buy it from Amazon I do so ay my own risk. I don’t know what to do at this point.

    • Hi Sarah!

      We are Regional Marketing Directors. However, we are in the Charlotte, NC area.
      We are full-time entrepreneurs and have flexibility to come to the area.

  2. I could help so many people from this list that are having issues, if only there were some way for me to leave contact info, ..I love helping people ..helping people everywhere achieve improved health, vitality and incredible quality of life …all naturally, one cup at a time ( – financial freedom is just a side effect)

  3. Does anybody offer samples for at least a week? I would like to try this for a week before committed plus if it works I would love to become a distributor.

  4. I ordered from AMAZON and received the product on Thursday,09/08/16 and started taking it on a Friday 09/09/16, and I have not really seen any change in my use of the restroom or any weight loss and my packages state 100% Organic TLC Detox Tea, looks just like all the packets that I have seen. How long does it take before you see any results. Looking at all the reviews on line everybody seem to loose, and I ordered a months supply, so my question is should I wait until I start the next gallon to see results

    • Hi AC different people see results at different times make sure u drink 2 liters water day it helps flush out toxins but message me if u want me to go through things to make sure u get results it does work but u may be using or doing something wrong

    • Hi omunyokol the tea gets rid of the built in gunk and undigested food in our intestines which also store fat cells so when u get rid of toxins u will lose weight you could also take the resolution drops which help u lose weight even more pm me if u wish

  5. Hi. The Iaso tea is a great product. My husband has recently lost over 20 pounds using the Iaso tea, Nutraburst, and Resolution drops. You will definitely change your whole life with these products. Don’t take my word for it….find out for yourself!

    • Hi Dee,
      This tea does with it claims it’ll do. Email me for further information on getting this tea and other assistance you may need to cleanse, lose weight and stay healthy. I am a TLC coach & IBO.

    • No I’m on my second gallon and not even lost a pound and certainly don’t feel any better like it supposed to make you feel, although the it does make you go toilet but no weight loss for me.

    • Yes this tea works. I have lost weight that I just could not get rid of. And besides that now anytime I don’t feel good (stomach) I just have a glass of tea and it gives me relief. Has also worked for my children too for stomach aches and over fullness too.

  6. Hi can someone explain to me why some of the Iso Tea pack has a certified organic 100% authentic seal and some don’t. There are also some differences in the packages, like the one with the seal, the packaging is lighter in color and slightly larger, and has a telephone number to the back but the other one don’t.

    • Unless you are purchasing from an AUTHORIZED REP it is fare to say that you will not be able to know for sure that your purchase is accurate. Only authorized rep will be able to sell you a legitimate supply of tea. If you are in need of some help purchasing I am an authorized rep and through my independent business provide amazing sales with an effective cost.

    • Some/most of the iaso tea online are Imitations. Real iaso tea can only be purchased through a TLC Rep. Contact me if you need any TLC products.

    • Greetings Cindy B I would like to share information with you about Iaso Tea. You can email me and we can discuss what is the best option for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. Hi! am from Abuja, Nigeria. I have gotten the tea, but can someone explain to me better on the preparation method? Thanks.

    • The best way to prepare the tea is to fill a Crock Pot with gallon of water and 1 package of tea, (two tea bags). Turn pot on low and turn off at 6-8 hours. Let the tea cool to room temperature. Pour tea and bags into a 1 gallon container and refrigerate. All week you will simply pour yourself 8oz twice per day. I lost 5in 5 days.

  8. I just want to say I started out as a customer using products by TLC. I suffer from fatigue and weight issues due to my thyroid disorder. Since using Nutraburst, NRG, and drinking the tea my weight is good and the fatigue is better. I am able to function throughout the day without becoming overly tired and actually enjoy family time again. I recently became a distributor because I believe in the products plus they have one of the best compensation plans out there compared to other companies… 50% back on all sales WINNING! I just started using the SLIM lotion along with being more active and I am blown away with the way results so far. If anyone needs help getting started with a strong team who will be there to help and support you no matter what please contact me or if you are interested in becoming a customer and getting healthy.

  9. I need to try this and become a distributor I live in Ontario Canada and there is no way to buy the products.
    Is there any way to try get samples and try it? I would love to take before and after pics of me and share it with the whole country! Please I need more info, like what kind of products are the best for me, I am actually 250 lbs and I cant wait to hear from you.

    • Hello Noemi, if you would like, you can email me and I will help and assist you with answering any questions you may have and also help you get set up to help you and your family with Total Life Changes products.
      Look forward to helping you soon.

  10. Hi. i live in the Caribbean and would love to become a distributor. I have my own business and would love to offer this product to my customers providing it is a creditable product as I cannot afford to offer products which do not work. I am concerned at the length of time it would take for me to receive the product because of the comments I am reading. I would also like a sample of the product first before I place my order. I am interested in the weight loss kit, iaso tea, and hcg drops. What do I have to do to sign up? Can someone email me and offer me direction? How would I arrange a sample?

    • I will be happy to send you samples of our products if no distributor has replied back to you.
      My name is Romond Anthony I am an IBO for Total Life Changes.

      • I don’t know how to leave a comment in the thread. How can I get some samples, I would like to try this . I have done Shakeology and itworks and was very unhappy with both. Thanks in advance.

        • Hi Shirley! I am a TLC IBO. I have samples available for you. You can request samples and find out more about Iaso tea

          • K. Monique
            Is there anyway I could have a sample or two. I am really interested in this tea. I suffer from Fibromyalgia…I have emailed been off work and entire school year. I am preparing to return on three weeks. I have gained weight and suffer from fatigue. I would love to type this before committing. Please get back with me. If I am pleased, I would consider becoming a IBO. Get back with me soon.

          • hello my name is markisha, i would like to sample this product. How can i get some samples. i like what it is saying what these products do.

      • Hey men, I was trying to get Strick up, but they say is on hold, I’m having some problems u all ready no, they told me to get this tea to uncloge me lol, u no Wht I mean, so hear I am

  11. Total Life Changes is more than Iaso Detox Tea. It has many products that help with weight loss, blood pressure, diabetes, eczema, wrinkles, stretch marks, energy, chrons, lupus, migraines and so much more! We make no actual medical claims but have plenty of testimonies to share many satisfied customers! Feel free to contact me with any questions about our products or any interests in becoming a distributor. Thanks for your time!

    • HELLO, I am a TLC Representative in the Boston. Massachusetts area. If your interested in partnering with this WONDERFUL Company. Please contact me via email. TLC cares/shares there spectrum of health suppliments and products…and they’ve helped me feel better in my mind body and soul. In duplicating caring/sharing we know have a vehicle to change ours and others (who partner with us) financial circumstances. I’m here to help you build your business

  12. I am interested in obtaining some samples for the purpose of a consumer and possibly join the company as a representive . I have already researched my area and there are no local representives . This could be a good opptunity however I would like to try the Detox Tea first . I recently purchased a system from ItWorks which included a Detox Clense and was not a fan. Please e-mail regarding samples and opptunity . Currently I am a DS Presentor with a Cosmetic company so I can jump right in if satifisied with products . Thank you

  13. Hello All,

    I am a TLC customer and rep. I am a huge fan of Delgada Coffee which is a weightloss product with Super Energy supplements in it. I am also a fan of the NutraBurst liquid vitamins which highly soluable. I rave over these two products because I was anemic since childhood, having to get an iron injection during pregnancy years ago.So being intro’d to these products were a God-send. Lastly, Iaso Detox Tea the flag ship product…ALL Natural…its a DETOX TEA…WEIGHTLOSS IS A BIPRODUCT OF 10ft of FECO mattter per foot you are tall emptying from your body…so 50lbs of feces for a 5ft tall person. But the reason I like the product is because I had stress knots so bad that when I would go to get massages I would scream when my shoulders were touched. However, the detox tea safely without stomach cramps,etc., removed toxins from all over my body. The key is YOU DON’T GO TO THE BUFFET, PIG OUT & DRINK THE TEA EXPECTING LOOSE WEIGHT..AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!! Also YOU MUST DRINK plenty of WATER to flush out the materials that were extracted from the various parts of the body. This product is wonderful to JUMP START a weightloss plan of any sort…try any products

    • Hi Ruth
      The stress knots sounds like what i have had for years, so glad the tea has done wonders just waiting on my patch as we speak. I can’t wait to try the tea.

  14. Hi! My name is Sharon Hilderbrand Maynard. I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor and Marketing Director with Total Life Changes. I joined TLC to save my life and to bring awareness and a solution as to how we can take better care of ourselves. I don’t want to die early. I am taking my health seriously and I have found an answer in Total Life Changes. Cheers!

    • Good Morning,
      Congrats on being a 4 year breast cancer survivior so am I! I’m interested in purchasing the slimming pills but Im VERY concerned if it contains hormones. Due to me being a post HER2Positive Triple Negative survivor I was encouraged by me oncologist and gyn to stay away from hormones which will increase the chances of reoccurance. How do I know for sure if this product is safe?

      • I am a rep with TLC as well. Which slimming pills are you interested in? I can research them for you if noone else has.

  15. Hello everyone my name is Tamorah I love in Michigan if you are from Michigan and would like to join TLC let me know I am ready to sign you up to be apart of this wonderful company

  16. I am a distributor and have been on the Tea, NutriBurst, & Healthy Coffee. I have been a business owner for about 1 month. I have been blown away by the Amazing Products and testimonies. I have not had any bad experiences with the company or products. This is the best company in this industry that I have seen in the past 30 years. Contact me if I can answer any questions, get you started with excellent leadership, or help you in any way!

  17. If u are interested in becoming a rep for the company you can join as well. Have a second income from working at home. Mininum amount to spend is $40.

    • Hello!
      Does this product ship to Canada?
      I have many people who are interested but no one is a rep.. I’d love to try a sample and become a rep!

      • Elizabeth,
        The product can be shipped to Canada. I am sending my email to you. If you would like a sample of the tea. I can mail one to you.

        • Hi Sara,
          I am from Canada too, I would like the Iaso tea too. Could you help out.

          Actually, I have been reading on the internet about it, and I am kinda decided to go with the slim kit.

          Can you help me with that?

      • Elizabeth,
        The product can be shipped to Canada. I am sending my email to you. If you would like a sample of the tea. I can mail one to you. I am a TLC Reps.

      • Jennifer.

        There are distributors of IASO tea in Ontario, Canada. Do your research please. The Tea claims to assist in cleansing of your gut system…loosing weight is all different ballgame. Strict diet of low caloric intake and physical activity!

  18. The product Works. I have lost 46lbs and I feel good. I got off of one of my blood pressure medications. Now I am in the business because how my husband and I are improving our health. I am worth the $45.00 a month I spend on the tea. My body loves me because I am taking better care of it.

  19. hahaha…. expected false testimonies when people buy over priced products that turn ‘patients’ into raving sellers. After buying the over priced tea whose real value is (A) but costs you A x 2 (50% comm for seller) plus B profit. A $5 worth of product is sold for $12 to cover sales rep’s commission $5 and make $2 profit for TLC. If you think the price sucks …. Ooh, kindly sell the product to others to recoup your money and tell them you lost 50 kgs overnight even if you only weighed 40 kgs. If the buyers also think the price sucks … tell them our tip above. Thank you from selling our product and turning your customers into OUR die hard customers while YOU turned them into direct YOUR competitors.

    • After having four kids I have tried so many things and nothing has ever worked. But today I am one happy camper!!! This detox tea has made me feel better, my tummy has gone down and clearly I have lost inches and weight.. my pants are too big!!! It works!!

  20. Hi! My name is Sharon Hilderbrand Maynard. I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor and Marketing Director with Total Life Changes. I joined TLC to save my life and to bring awareness and a solution as to how we can take better care of ourselves. I don’t want to die early. I am taking my health seriously and I have found an answer in Total Life Changes.

    • Hi, I use the tea for a week. 8 ounces with lunch, 8 ounces with dinner and 4 ounces with the snack at night, and I gain 3 pounds. I am just upset. And I am diabetic and one representative told me is safe, because help to control my blood sugar. Could you explain me, how works the tea? Maybe I did something wrong. I prepared the tea as, 1 litter hot water and keep the tea for 8 hrs and then put 2 litter cold water together with the other tea.

      • Hi Aida, I am a representative with TLC, IASOTEA does not guarantee weight loss, The tea is a DETOX tea, It goes in and removes toxins, parasites and other harmful things from your body, which usually results in weight loss. For weight loss, you should try one of or weight loss products which are designed just for that purpose.

        As for people that are diabetic the tea does work to help regulate the blood sugar, you however need to make sure that you are making sure that you are not putting things in your body that can cause the tea not to work.

        Did you just use 1 week supply. The company sells a month supply because everyone’s body is different and it can take time for your body to adjust to what the tea is doing. One week is not enough time to determine whether it works for you or not. I hope this information helps you

        • Hello, do you offer any one week trials? I would love to try this before I commit to it due to money being tight. Thank you

        • HI name is Kim and I am interested in ordering the tea. Can you tell me how or if I can go on line 2 order. I have tried it and I’m not able 2 get with the person I bought it from
          Thank you

          • Hi Kim, My names Becky I am a TLC Rep and I’m happy to help you order your tea.
            please email me and we can discuss the products which are best for you. many thanks Becky x

      • The Iaso Tea is a Detox product not a weight loss product. Weight loss can and is in most cases is a side effect. I ordered the Iaso Tea from a childhood friend because I trusted her. She didn’t have to sell it to me her pictures did that. We were just catching up and I saw the difference. That was in April of 2015…I received my 1st order. I was using the product, just me. In June my husband went to his yearly Dr appointment. That’s when we were hit with “You are diabetic”! Needless to say, we started him on the Iaso Tea admittedly. His next test it was gone. The Dr was amazed, she couldn’t figure it out.

      • Hello Aida – if you need help with healing, you can contact me and I can help you. There is a group where people discuss healing diabetes symptoms using food designed to regulate blood sugar and heal cells. Peoples lives have really changed and it would be my pleasure to help you heal as well

      • Hello AIDA,

        I’m not sure if you received a response for you question. But I will say this. The DIRECTIONS you posted for the tea is not correct…. After allowing the TEA to Steep for up to 8 hours, you are supposed to add 3 MORE LITERS of water. The Total yield is supposed to be A GALLON (or slightly more since it is measured in liters rather than Quarts).

        Also, what was your WATER intake throughout the day? Just Curious. Since the IASO TEA is a Detox, the TEA combined with the WATER should give digestional “relief” and aid in flushing out your system.

        If you need any other questions answered, I’ll be glad to answer… I HOPE THAT HELPS.


        By the way, I had… Diabetes Type 2 … Regular exercise, Adjusting my diet, and drinking water helped TREMENDOUSLY… I am new to TLC, but I too use the IASO Tea as well.

      • Aida,
        You diluted the tea too much. You should have just boiled the two bags in one gallon of filtered water for about 15 to 20 minutes. It should have a brown color to it. Then turn the stove off and let it sit for 8 hours or overnight is the way I do mines. I have lost 36 pounds in 4 months. I also have blood pressure, IBS and joint pain with me taking the tea and other products my quality of life have greatly improved.

      • My weight fluctuates every week up or down 5 lbs. Pretty sure that’s pretty normal depending on what we each and the time of month it is ;)

      • It seems it works for most but not for some, as in ALL products, but it worked for me. Everything is not for everyone. And just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. I would suggest to sample products before you spend a lot of money. Some companies will allow that, such as TLC and some, well they don’t offer samples at all. See what works for you and your body.

  21. Boost your metabolism
    � Start burning stored fat
    � Suppress appetite and cravings
    � Naturally raise energy levels
    � Detox your internal organs
    � Reduce bloating
    � Improve skin complexion
    � Flush out harsh toxins
    � Fix digestive issues These are the benefits of the lasco.. you cant loose

  22. Excellent tea!!!I I am a distributor. If you are interested I would be more than willing to provide you with the necessary infro..

      • I am a rep and customer. The products work great. I use the iaso tea,delgada slimming coffee and NRG pills. My chronic issues with bloating,gas and bad breath are GONE!

    • I live in Georgia and I came across a testimony on facebook and I am a Christian as well and vinteinterested in a all all natueal approach to getting healthy using the herbs and fruits the Lord gave us to get healthy.

      I also hward someone speak of nrg pills whats that?

      She lost 40 lbs so far so Im interested

      I’ve been diagnosed with high bp and also my bosy is usually sensitive to caffeine I need to lose lots of weight…. Like at least 200 lbs

      Can these products help me ?

  23. I like the sound of this tea, but would like to try a sample before i committed to buy a months supply. I live in the UK are their any suppliers this side of the pond.

  24. I’m an IBO for Total Life Changes and ALL of my customers so far have all had wonderful things to report from drinking this tea. From better focus to easing joint pain. I personally was able to kick my diet coke habit. Hope this helps anyone that’s curious about it.

  25. Hi there everyone I’m a TLC distributor and the tea works like magic, it can cure your IBS headaques etsc…I had ibs and now it disappeared.

  26. love this Tea so much and achieved such results that I’ve now become a distibutor :) if you would like more information, please feel free to contact me. Donna

  27. If you’d like to become one with the Almighty Toilet then try “Make’Ya Dooky Tea”!! Man this Tea has given me Bubble Guts!!! I could have spent $5 for a laxative at Wal Mart but no! I spent $20 for 1 bag of tea that has me singing old negros spirituals on the toilet. I will NEVAH! use this again!

    • Hi, Red
      I just found this page, so please excuse the late response.
      You cracked me up, “Make’ Ya Dooky Tea”, Laugh-Out-Loud. It wasn’t until my 4th day on the tea that I got “Bubble Guts”, as you would say. All my life I have suffered from Constipation, so to hear something moving was a miracle to me, and I only drank 2 and a half cups a day like the instructions directed! It sounds like you must have drunk a lot in a short amount of time, or you for sure had a lot of detoxing to do! I didn’t give up after my first week, although I think that’s because I had gotten a full months supply so after the 7th day I was feeling so much better and can I say lighter too! I did find that after that first week I didn’t have and more Bubble Guts and I was told that the bubbles come from all the parasites because they don’t like the good stuff that’s in the tea. Well, just wanted to let you know I’m still on the tea and still no more Bubble Guts! Hope you give it another chance to get all the toxins out so you can get more of the good stuff in!
      Best to you,
      That Tea Lady!

      • Thank you for breaking it down. I am soon to start the on Monday. I too have a constipation problem. This will be like cloud 9 for me. Again thanks and I look forward to sharing my results.

  28. I am also a rep of TLC, I joined about 8 weeks ago although it hasn’t officially launched in my country. I’ve read the comments below and I just want to say…I believe TLC is a legitimate company, it is difficult to get in touch with customer service via phone and that is annoying but they respond with promptness to emails with solutions. I have always received my products within the specified 3 to 5 days. Someone in my team ordered a pack of 25 and only received 4, but upon reporting this to TLC they went to work on it and resolved the issue. About the tea…different bodies react differently but majority of the people I have sold to have loved the tea and seen weightloss, some more than others…but you have to realise the tea is for detoxing, weightloss is just a side benefit. If you really want to lose wight get the drops. Like any other business there are ups and downs but TLC is trying and has the best compensation plan of any network marketing I have seen.

        • I am also a rep for anyone who would like more information. We not only have the e tea but there are so many other products that have been proven over and over again to work. The e founder of total life changes had stage 4 cancer and was morbidly obese. He started a regime of his tea and other products and is now living cancer free. M Please if you have any health problems from minor to severe and life threatening you need to talk to me or any other representative in this chat.

    • I’ve been trying to contact Tlc all day, because someone has used my friends card without authorization. (He’s a thin guy,FYI) & no one has answered the phone even emailed them. That’s some B.S.

  29. Can someone please put the number for customer service up. I can’t find it anywhere. I ordered product and should have gotten a confirmation. Ordered past Friday still nothing. What’s up

  30. Hello all, im a Health & Wellness coach and i can help you with your nutrition & fitness goals! At 46 years old i took the challenge and got amazing results the proper way with Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success!! Stop lookin for a quick fix or fad diets. Trust me when i say it will hard but its worth it. Nothing worth it comes easy. So email me your contact info. Ty and i look forward on helping you because Every1Matters.
    Coach Edwin
    Helping to stop the trend of obesity

  31. I’ve been Drinking Iaso Tea since August 19th and Im loving it! I’ve lost 29lb and down 2 full dress sizes! My cholesterol levels are down, My blood pressure is perfect and my Thyroid count went from 17 to 3. I sleep better and my stress levels are normal again! I had acid reflux, IBS and was very irregular all of those symptoms are gone. I have referred more then 20 of my friends and family to TLC products and they to are 100% satisfied! I’ve never had a problem getting my orders and have direct contact with my sponsor who answers my questions in a very timely manner! Iaso Tea and other TLC products have changed my life for the better! Always order from the SOURCE not a 3rd party like ebay or Amazon and you will get 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  32. I used to be overweight. If you are having trouble losing weight read. This is a review of a weight loss program called The Venus Factor. This program focuses on a hormone called “leptin” that is more concentrated in women. I can’t stress enough that women should try this before wasting money on things that don’t work. It changed my life.

  33. Hello everyone my name is Brian and I must say I have tried other natural herbal products in the past, but this is the best! Not only have I gain massive energy on the Nutriburst, but I have love 30lbs in 5 weeks on the Iaso Tea. It is great to detox, releasing dangerous toxins from your body, in order to loose fat safely. That is what this product did for me. If anyone would like more information on our company, or even a sample of our wonderful products please email me.

  34. Do not buy!!! On my second week and haven’t had regular elimination since. I thought it was supposed to help with constipation. Sucks!!! I had to do Epsom salt and warm water it got so bad:(

    • This is the end of my second week; my acid reflux which had abated is back with a vengeance and I feel severely bloated. And no, I DO NOT EAT a lot, I am actually very mindful what I eat. I got a month’s supply and based on all the good press and reviews, got my boyfriend to buy me two more months worth and a month each for my sisters, but I’m seriously wondering whether I want to continue. I noticed that most of the people praising this tea to high heavens are affiliated with the company. I feel pretty upset because before I started, I was telling my boyfriend how i was losing weight rapidly but since I started, I feel like I have gained at least 5kg. It’s undone all my hard work and I’m plenty pissed.

  35. A friend sent me a sample pack to try. The tea seems to work like Dieters Tea as it caused me to have explosive diarrhea. I’m not sure if the product is safe for long-term use as it is very rough on the digestive system. I’m only on Day 1 and will try to drink the tea for the remaining 4 days.

    • First I would say that everyone will respond to supplements and/or pharmaceuticals differently. In my professional life that is why I know that NO drug will benefit 100% of the population.
      Based on a recent experience, I would want to inquire if you made the tea correctly. I would think that you are not drinking the concentrate as you mentioned you have 4 days left. My ten year old consumes the tea and by no means has explosive BMs.

      • Well I made it correctly. I followed the directions to a tea making a gallon of it….. And it’s one explosive experience… Lol… And I plan on telling everyone I know about it.

          • I agree, because I have yet to have that experience and I’ve been drinking it off and on for 6 weeks. I even used less water on one pack and I still didn’t get that affect.
            Dang! Lol!

    • You too!!! I will never buy this again. One… Because I have bubble guts right now and two, even though I was trying to support, this tea cost me $20 for one pack from a sales rep at a networking party. Never Again!!!

      • Good Morning! Im not sure if you tried our tea again or received any answers! I had the same results but it was because I was eating unhealthy food! All the toxins had to leave my body first! I’ve never had it happen since!????The parasites in our body don’t like herbs! If you’d like to try again I’ll give you our price for 4 packs for 53 with shipping! I’ll send you a free pack to try again! Email me

        • I’m on several different medications for Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes resulting from meds that I was given while in a coma (2011). I want to support my relative who is a rep by purchasing the tea. My problem is that in the past I’ve tried many herbal remedies and the detox teas specifically worked too well! I found that these types of products also rid my system of the anti inflammatory and pain RX’s and I need those meds to function. I’m interested to see if your product is different. Where can I obtain a sample of the tea before I invest $40 in something that I may not be able to continue?

    • It may be a little rough on the digestive system at first simply because it’s ridding tlthe body of parasites and toxins that have built up for probably years. Once the initial toxins and parasites are out of your system the tea regulates your digestive system and causes you to have more energy and you feel a lot better and lighter physically. It’s really a very gentle product and is safe for continual use. I don’t go a day without it

  36. Great review. However, I like the Skinny Fiber product better. It helped me lose 60 pounds and my cholesterol level dropped by over 20 points in only 4 months.

  37. This company is a total SCAM. You can’t get through to customer service, EVER. They don’t respond to your emails. They just take your money and you never hear anything from them ever again.

  38. I live in the Caribbean and like what I read but need more and also sample is it possible that you mail it to me the name is Elizabeth Ludovique
    thank you


  39. Hello All,
    I’m sitting here reading all the comments. My suggestion… BEFORE you try anything…research EACH of the the WARNING.. You have to understand…if this product is not agreeing with you, then it’s probably because of a certain herb YOUR body cannot tolerate. I would also suggest once you have all the ingredients…visit any GNC or Vitaminshoppe and compare this product to what they have…This is a basic form of a detox really…and there are plenty of other products that can do the same trick…. But nothing can replace a better diet and fitness program so please don’t be fooled…Do you want to lose weight or do you want to live a “healthier” lifestyle? Use any product to “assist” you…not FIX you..That’s just my 2 cents…

    Regarding the business side….I’m a gym rat and It would certainly makes sense for me to be in the health field…but honestly…as I continue to search around…I have yet to find a company and or products that I can fully support…so I guess online places and GNC continues to get all my money..(and No I’m not pluggin GNC by no means..just being honest)… But health products are costly….I spend at least $250 to $300 per month to “maintain” my program… So how do I support this?…Well…simple…. I work..but I also mail out a couple hundred Post Cards a week…that’s makes me about $5000 plus a month…from the same Post card I received in the mail a few months ago….No products…no bad customer service…just so simple..and easy….and very “easty to duplicate” which is key to success with any business… So that’s my spill…hope it helps you…. give me shout if you want any free workout tips …. Take Care… freedom

  40. I have used it for two and a half weeks now, and have lost a total of One and a half pounds! Ridiculous. I could have lost more than that by just drinking more water! I have made it and drank it as directed. It took two weeks to receive my order. After a week, I too, tried calling and emailed the company. NEVER got to speak to anyone, and NEVER got a reply to my email. I would love to get the refund that is “Guaranteed”, but of course I can’t get a reply from the company!

  41. I can never get someone on the phone to check status on my order. You wait forever only to be told that that voicemail is full. If you try to leave a message, again you are told that the message box is full. It has been a week since they charged my credit card. I will wait a few more days, if not received , I will cancel the order. I have no tracking number. Nothing. So disappointed with service. Have been trying for 4 days.

    • Patsy this the very reason i left the company TLC…customer service sucks. But from what i have been reading they want you to call the rep you purchased from. The company doesnt have to provide a customer retention team to resolve the many problems this company is having.

  42. I hate this product!!! Since I have taken this tea (I tried the pack that was for 39.99) I have not been able to go to the bathroom on my own anymore!! I had to go to the dr. and now I am on medication for severe constipation!! I never had a problem before, i wanted to use the tea for the very same reason that all of you did, but i hate like hell that i purchased it!! it took two months to receive it, when i got it i forgot i’d ordered it. It was not worth the wait! the customer service sucked big time, but when it was time to charge the card……like lightning they took it!! Please keep your money its not worth it, and truth be told, it didn’t do anything it was “suppose” to do………

    • I thought I was tripping. This tea did make me constipated. I’m usually regular. I don’t know what it’s doing. I’ve given it 4 days. I won’t be buying anymore and it was given to me. I guess you’d have to try it for yourself.

      • GEE GEE WONG…If you read the instructions before using…drink your tea 8 oz glass with lunch and dinner…4 oz glass with a snack. You cant drink the like you water. You still must drink the required amount of water as well

    • I thought it was just me. I use to go twice a day on my own, but getting rid of the parasites is what got me interested. I two have been taking it faithfully and no results SMH.

  43. Here’s the deal people. The products work. They fell behind due to the extreme popularity of the Tea and struggled to keep up for months, hence the order mix up and busy customer service lines. Now that they have restaffed their warehouse staff and caught up with orders. This is called growing pains in a business and they happen, it’s how company’s deal with them that determine the type of company, much less the success of the business.

    It’s like anything, if you search hard enough you will find negative things. Its just life nothing is perfect but TLC has been around for over 14 years now, but this is their first year in the US and as network marketing company. In that short time TLC has helped thousands of struggling families improve thier income situation and thousands of people struggling with thier health and weight lose pounds, feel better and improve thier health.

    It’s not a perfect company by any means as no company is. And unlike some company’s, TLC gives people a chance to live a better qaulity of life. Can you say the same about other company’s who’s names I won’t mention but one starts with W and end with T hmmm?

    The bottom line is you shouldn’t base your opionion on the expereince of others. Some people only look for the bad in things. All these problems will be resolved very soon,yet someone will find a reason to say its a scam and why they don’t like it. Rant over thank you for reading.

    If you want a closer look at the products feel free to hit me up, I have a detailed blog including the ingredients.

      • Hello my name is Reina and I am an independent business owner marketing tlc if you are having trouble getting an order shipped out to you because you are going through someone that is possibly not even involved in tlc I can definitely hook you up with my website so you can see that I am an ideal of total life changes I got my package in less than a week when I first started and it has definitely worked miracles it for me. Feel free to give me a call Again my name is Reina. Contact me for further dialog

    • I enjoyed your post Jonathan because of the authentic position you take and points made.
      I’d like to locate your blog please. Thanks

    • I do agree with everything you said, and i do not talk negatively about any company…I state the facts…You left out the one huge fact…TLC does not formulate or manufacturer their products. They come from a third party thus the reason for the back log of the products. I left TLC because of the customer service issues. Customer service is the backbone of any company …i have a huge problem not being to reach c/s….spending as much as 3 hours waiting online to be either disconnected or drop into vm of ext. 270. I have not received 8 packs of tea that i purchased a month ago. No one calls you even after you leave messages and support ticket after support ticket. Come on they have got to get it together. There is no way I can sponsor people into a company that was completely unprepared which says to me there was lack of vision. It was the people who were looking for a solution to a problem that many are experiencing today no income, homelessness…i heard all the heart wrenching stories of most of the leaders in TLC….PEOPLE LOOKING FOR AND FOUND HOPE. However, for their sakes i pray this lasts. I have found another that sells tea, coffee, beauty products, weight loss products, they formulate, manufacture and distribute their own products. Because of this the compensation plan is very lucretative…no binary….which is very difgicult for the average person to make money. Back to my c/s…i can call customer service anytime during the set hours and get someone. the customer service reps are Trained and are very knowledgeable about each and every product that we have on our product line. I called customer service 3 times yesterday just to chit chat just because i could..

  44. I so agree with the others I purchased 2 sets of tea and should have gotten 8 packs instead I only recieved 5. I sent a email on 6/19 to get a generic email a week later asking me to send a picture of shipment. I did that the very same day. I have sent a second email and got a generic reply saying they merged my tickets together. My rep has also emailed them as she copied me on the email and nothing yet. I have called them numerous of times to only get a busy tone. This is from early in the morning through the evening. Voicemail is always full. The can’t not possibly be that busy. The customer service SUCKS. I’m calling my credit card company and dispute the charges. They did not have a problem charging my credit card but have a problem assisting their customers. If any would ask me to refer them I would not just because of the poor customer service.

  45. I wanted to become apart of the business but I’m truly afraid of what I’m reading. The product sounds good but the company sounds a little shady.

    • Hello Andrea Johnson, my name is Ray and I am a Life Coach with Total Life Change, I have been with the company since May and had great success in my finances and I have lost over 30 lds. and I am still losing. Friend request me on facebook, my facebook name is Sun Ray, I have pictures of my before and after. The products work!!! If you are inserted in joining contact me.

      Looking forward to speaking to you soon….

    • Hello my name is Reina, & I am an independent business owner with total life changes team tlc. I am definitely a product of this product it took me just under a week to receive my package from total life changes and has been working miracles for me and as far as the business side of it if you are looking to make money this is definitely where you want to beat we are definitely helping a thousand families stop struggling in life and become successful. I can definitely talk to you more about this it is not a shady business I have been making great money and losing weight at the same time by using my products for free after I made my first purchase. Please contact me so I can further answer any questions that you do have and so I can get you on with one of my biggest fears that definitely helped me make the choice to join Team TLC.
      My name again is Reina and you can contact me
      If you contact me I can send you my own personal website so you can see that this is real business and no shadiness about TLC. It has definitely made a total life change for me

  46. I joined Total Life Changes April 23 tea was down at the time so I waited about month or so before it came back on.the site. When came back my money was rolling.and now they are telling me for the last week of june and beginning part of july I won’t receive my money when I activate my account because my account was not active for those two weeks I wish you someone would’ve told me this I would’ve never joined This company cheated me out of $400 I want to speak to the main person in charge of this not customer service. I worked too hard for this. I waited almost 2 months for tea to be back on the website then I finally make money and y’all telling me if I activate my account I wont even get my money oh hell no I want my money talking about its lost!! What the fuck??? Lost where?? These people bought products under ME I should have a right to my money if they signed under my link!!!! This company is bogus! I swear now I have to start all over again.smh! No better yet I quit!! Thanks for getting my hopes all up for nothing!!!

    • Dont give up now. Its seems that maybe you didnt know about the autoship that keeps you active as an affilliate. If you have had success like that then you would do well. talk to your sponsor about the requirements to remain active as an affiliate so that there is no misunderstanding. Great products and a great company. Come on lets Win !!!

    • Keisha, have you heard of thrive by level.
      I think they have better products and are easy to promote their products than TLC

      Check It Out

    • I believe a lot of you are getting scammed by buying it off of a non real website. I am an independent business owner networking with total life changes and it has worked wonders for me as far as my house and my finances. If you would like to work with someone who is really part of the total life changes to business please contact me and we can talk further about things. I am sorry that you have had a bad experience but I assure that TLC is Real and I am a testimony for it. I got my package when I first started under a week. And am customers of mine have had that same experience. So if you would like to make great money for just even buy the real product I am the one you need to get with. I will be able to send you my personal website and I can also get my biggest sponsor on the line with us for a conference call to answer any questions or concerns you have.
      My name is Reina again and you can contact me

    • Keisha, if you are interested in earning from a real company, email me and I will give you information about my team and our success!!! It’s not fake TLC!!!

  47. Let me just say I LOVE THIS TEA! I too am an affiliate of TLC and just like any company experiencing major growth, there will be some bumps and bruises along the way. All my customers have been receiving their tea in a timely manner and are loving it too! I have also incorporated the Resolution Drops with the tea and I’ve lost a whopping 13 POUNDS! I have about 20 more pounds to lose and I’m SO EXCITED to have finally found something that works. Infusing my tea with different fruits has been so much fun! If you’d like more information or if your interested in trying some of our amazing products, let me know!



    • Please share info on how it’s been working for you? I’ve been drinking it for 5 days now for starters it’s horrible and I’ve gained a couple of pounds vs loosing any… Please give advice I’m frustrated and want to ask for a refund.

      • Hi Lady 4tay.
        After giving up on tax tea, a friend referee me to Thrive products by le-vel. Powerful vitamins, prohibited and enzymes combined.
        I have dropped 25th undo in 7 weeks With thrive.
        Create your own customer account to see the products.

  49. I always have tea because I know how to adapt to situations that present itself in my business. I have been with them since January2015. I know their support is sub-standard. But I also know a LOT of companies both on and offline with terrible support. Then years later a lot of the problems were fixed and we deal with it. Call me for tea or any of the other wonderful products.

  50. Well I am another easy mark where TLC is concerned. Paid for two autoshipments of Iaso tea from TLC – after waiting for over a month to receive the Tea I did finally receive one of my orders but have now waited over a month for the second order. I have tried to phone Customer Service but like others couldn’t leave a message as their mailbox was full and then other times all I got was a busy signal. I have also put in a ticket to support and not a peep from them. The only option I now have is go to my credit card company and ask for a refund for products not received – will be doing this at the end of this week should I not get a response from the company before then (and I am not holding my breath that will happen) I would also suggest to others – if the company doesn’t give you a refund – go to your credit card company for a refund.

    • The tea has been arriving in 3-4 days now. Clearly your order was lost in a shuffle of sorts. I would suggest you CALL customer service first thing in the morning and send an EMAIL with the subject line “**IMPORTANT** to get your matter resolved. They respond to emails very quickly and certainly they are not trying to keep your money and not provide a product!!! Cheers!

  51. I was thinking about ordering this tea but with all the negative feed back there Is no way I would attempt so sad so many people have lost there money

    • Sue,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. It does seem that the company is getting back on track with getting orders shipped out. Most of the negative comments on this review were from customers that had been waiting over a month for their shipment with out any real support from the company or reps for the most part.

      We will have to wait for more viewers to leave a comment to let people know they are starting to receive their product orders on time.

      — Supplement Police

  52. This company sucks…I never received my tea nor my refund since March 2015, but they were so quick to get my money but dragging their feet to refund my money…I have been calling and you can NEVER get through cause its a busy signal all the time.

    • I am having the same issue I purchased the tea in February they took my money and no tea has been received I asked for a refund they have gone ghost on me very very angry I want my money

    • yes they do!! since i had that tea i have not been able to go the bathroom on my own anymore i had to go to the dr for medication!!

    • Shannon, if you are interested in a real product that provides whole food based nutrition, email me and we will get you started on your path to healthy living.

  53. I was referred by a friend who tried your product absolutely loved it and said i should try it. I got the tea from him since you guys were back ordered and I ordered the vitamin supplement online at the website. It has now been a month and I still cant get my vitamins they have sent it out twice and twice to the wrong address and i have called 3xs to correct the address and each time its an hour and half hold to get a hold of someone and when you do and you express your frustrations the agent on the line is even more upset with you and has the biggest attitude.

    Its as if you guys don’t care about your consumers and again im spending my money on something I never got and when i call to complain I get the third degree and almost hung up on.. I love the tea I must say but do to the lack of customer service You have lost a customer.

    • Missy. The products really work. I drink the Tea, tried the HCG drops, Nutraburst. I am also a product of the product. The Tea is back online to purchase

      • Hello…. I’ve been on the tea for 5 days now but unfortunately instead of losing weight I’ve gained a couple of pounds! I’ve heard great reviews about the tea and I know of a person who has benefited from it but thus far my experience has not been good. I keep hearing people say the tea is delicious! Can someone please tell me what am I doi wrong or how to enhance the taste? I see some sites show the tea is yellow vs a dark color (brown). Are there different teas?

        • If you want a tea that has more in it, and for less money, then you want what I’m drinking. It’s from a 25 year old company with excellent customer service, no requirements for auto ship, unless you want a commission check. Less than $20, before shipping, and you get 30 tea bags. Feel free to look me up. I’m the only one in the world with my first and last name. Oh, and the company had paid commission checks on time, every time, for 25 years.

        • No,You are probably making it wrong try using boiling 4 tea pcks. One body might be different from the next. It will work I do know that. You Can Do It!

  54. The company is awful to deal with…I never received a credit for product I never received. Buyer beware when dealing with them. Good luck because you will sit on the phone for an hour and get hung up on. I have been dealing with this so called company for 3 months. I will never recommend or do any business with them.

  55. Hi everyone. I am a director in Total Life Changes and I want to clear a few of your concerns about the shipping and receiving of orders placed. If you have placed an order of Iaso tea in April or prior to, you should have by now received your order. The company received an overwhelming amount of orders for the Iaso Tea and took the product off of the website (total life changes) to fulfill prior orders.

    As of yesterday June 11th, the Iaso tea is back on the company’s website, all orders have been fulfilled, and the new manufacturing warehouse in Houston is up and running to handle the demand of the Iaso Tea.

    If you have any further questions as to how to join our company, contact me in the following ways:

    Thank you,

    TLC Director & Independent Business Owner

    • Donetta are you saying the tea is being made in Houston? Or is it merely packaged now in Houston? There are rumors out suggesting it’s not the same tea as before. Can you elaborate more on these concerns?

      • I have been on this stuff eating right and healthy and not losing but gaining and the taste is dull it’s worst than green tea others lost weight within a month or to so disappointed I will go back to first fitness supplies that worked for me

    • Hi Donetta, I ordered back in March and still have not gotten my tea. The girl I ordered from is really no help and says it’s an awful company. Saying she’s emailed 20 times with no response. Is she playing me? Also how do I get my tea cause I really want to try it, I honestly think my order got lost with all the back orders. Help please – Jamie

      • Jamie I am soo sorry to here about you experience with tour sponsor. I am a distributor myself and know of the struggle, but everything is back in order. Have you talked to your sponsor and received your order

    • I need my refund which I have been waiting for 4 months, the wait has drained me and I DONT want the product I just want my refund Donnetta, thanks in advance.

    • Hi
      I placed my ored back in February 2015 and still to this day I still haven’t received my order. I tried calling several times and it was busy or on hold for over 1 hour and it hung up. This is ridiculous! Very diassapointed with thus company taking my hard earned money and not to receivinganything.

    • Donnetta, maybe an apology would have been accepted to all the customers who received such awful customer service from your company. I was interested in your product but after such negative comments and still no apologies I am not sure it is worth it!

    • Hi, I’d like more information directly crumb the director herself. As technica you would be able to answer any questions and concerns straight away?

  56. I just wanted to share an encouraging commentary to all those who have had issues with TLC thus far. I ordered my product the 20th of April 2015 I didn’t receive my order until June 8th 2015. I ordered 4 units of the 1month supply, that’s 16 2 teabag sachets. Please be patient with them. My Frat brother is the distributor and I ordered from him and received my product before he did (OMG!!!). So understand this is the new American fad and I hope it is well worth my wait.

    Moreover, I went back to the site and the tea, item #150 is not even available anymore from my boy’s site! Crazy Right!.

    I have been on my fitness journey hardcore Since the second week of April and since then I went from 335lbs to 295lbs. This Tea is simply to add fuel to the fire I already started. BE ENCOURAGED! I don’t believe this company is purposely attempting to screw anyone over… I will return after my first 30day trial of this product. BE BLESSED ALWAYS!


  57. I am a distributor in NY. I received my first order of tea about a month after ordering it. Actually I was charged for my autoship for the next month before I received the first one. It sold quick and I changed my autoship to Iaso Oil and Nutraburst. I received that the next week. You can still become a distributor even thought the tea is on back order for now. TLC has more than tea. I currently use the tea and the oil.

  58. I’m an Independent Rep in Orlando, FL, since March 4, 2015. I’m currently drinking the tea & nutraburst & I have had great results. I also have customers who are satisfied with the products. If anyone’s interested in the products or becoming an independent, contact me. I do have some products on hand or feel free to go on my website. Thanks

  59. I ordered a month’s supply in March 21, 2015. You eagerly took my money but never sent my product. I can’t get through on your lines, No one is answering my emails, here it is June 8th 2015 STILL nothing! I am beyond being patient with you people, you think you can just get away with taking people’s hard earned money and get away with it? So i’m supposed to just chalk it up as a loss? No way either return my money or i will be forced to take legal matters.

  60. Finally Finally Finally our tea has arrived I KNOW next time not to order from my Distributor she stopped answering my phone calls our order was made on 4/26/15 received order 6/4/15 I already have a new Distributor who answers her phone and is RELIABLE thank the Lord thank the lord.

  61. I used this Iaso tea from total life changes. I lost 20 pounds in a month so about 5 pounds each week. I could eat normally and had a lot of energy. I have used the pomegranate but this is so much better.

  62. I purchase 145.00 for tea & resolution in April and I have NOT received my products. In June it will be two months and nothing. I have called and if not busy I keep getting a recording. This company is not what they claim!

  63. Joined 4/27/15 still no tea Was told it would take 21 days. Cancelled my autoship before a 2nd payment was taken out. My sponsor didnt want to help me because I couldnt get 2 ppl to sign up. I swear this is a scam!! Just waiting for TLC to be on news stations everywhere!!

    • Your sponsor failed you. He/she seem to not provide you with all the information that you need to be successful and to not want to help because you couldn’t sign up 2 ppl is just selfish on their end. Also, I Can promise you this is not a scam because I get paid weekly on time and the product works. Are you set up on the training call? Do you follow Stormy Wellington on social media and even you tube?

  64. Ordered in April its now may took my money and still no product, line is busy or no answer. Cannot leave any messages. I smell BBB

  65. Great article on Total Life Changes and it’s product: Iaso Tea… I found that for the price of the tea and it’s ingredients… It is WAY over priced. But that’s because they need to be overpriced if they are paying out 50% commissions to it’s distributors. Overall though great article again on Total Life Changes and the review of the company and it’s Iaso Tea!

  66. Hello everyone, I am a distributer of Total Life Changes products and as I read all of you all comments, I see that just about everyone is experiencing long waits or not receiving their ordered products. Well, I can be a solution for your future orders due to me having quite a bit of tea on hand and I have a source that has more than 300 satchels of tea on hand. If you are interesting in faster shipping, go to my above lead capture page to leave your information and I will come in contact with you as soon as possible to be an assistance to your purchase.

  67. Total Life Changes(TLC) has been experiencing major growth over the last couple of months and because of that had experiencing growing pains. Quite honestly they were not prepared for the growth therefore has experience a backorder on tea. To rectify the issue they have stop receiving new orders on tea so that they can catch up on all the back orders. Once the back orders are up to pace tea will be available. The product works, and that is why it’s in such high demands.

  68. My Husband and some coworkers order this tea from a rep and it took almost 2 months for him to get it. She was no help because she would not answer there calls and then when they finally sent her a message through her child she got mad at them. When they got the product and we tried it i was not at all pleased with it. Now we can’t even get a refund. This is really a scam and i will be reporting them to the BBB and anyone else i can until i get my money back.DON”T waste your hard earned money on this.

  69. Today is 5/26/15 my tea was ordered 5/27/15 the web site said i would get it less than 21 days so when inquired by email what has happened to the tea it’s 21 business days well total life changes it’s pass 21 any kind of days where’s my money or where’s my tea it’s a low down dirty shame yall have took all of our money and won’t give us the time as to when we will be receiving our tea you won’t even fix your crazy phone lines or respond to these reviews lord help you.

    • I ordered tea on April 6th and just recieved it on May 27th. It takes awhile but it should arrive. I hope that this situation is quickly resovled, because it is a very good product. My body is feeling the effects of this tea just after two days

  70. I ordered tea om April 14, 2015, and the money has been deducted from my account there is no number to contact and the one listed on my statement 8887311898 just gives a busy signal. I apologize for being harsh, but this is bad business. I was told 21 days.

    • I’m a new distributor and I am waiting on an order from April 8th. The tea has been taken off the website so they can catch up on the orders.

      • the tea got taken off the website because the better business bureau has been contacted so many times from customers not receiving their orders …….it was not taken down by TLC they were happy to continue to keep accepting orders they could not fulfill……$ over customer satisfaction…..

    • Yes it’s a shame lord knows what they doing isn’t right taking money and making you wait months at a time is wrong then they have the nerve to sale the tea on amazon for a higher price they making money all the way around.

  71. I have ordered twice from TLC company, both times the exact same order and was charged differently for each purchase on my credit card. 9 weeks later, still have not received my products (tea and resolution). BUY OR BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had to cancel my credit card due to this company. If you choose to buy products from this company that you may or may not receive by evidence in these comments, use a one time use credit card that can be purchased anywhere and only put enough on the card to pay for the products to ensure security with your finances. I have been told several different dates as to when my product will arrive, however as one passes and no product i keep being told to wait and the dates keep changing so, sounds to me like the representatives are getting false information from the top…..definitely very skeptical about what the result will be. I would like to know why i was charged two different amounts for the very same order, of course you can imagine, i have yet to hear back from my representative about this issue as she will ” look into it”……that was over a month ago…still waiting…….

  72. Hello, I am a Total Life Changes Distributor in Texas–I currently have Iaso Tea. I am a new distributor who was able to purchase tea from my upper line during this time. The company did have an extremely large jump in sales unexpectedly and is trying to fill orders as quickly as possible. I understand the frustration but trust me when I say the product is well worth the wait. I was skeptical at first but I can say that since my tea arrived, I have been drinking the tea for about 2 weeks and have lost 8 lbs. contact me if you would like to purchase the product or would like more information about TLC products. There are other products that are beneficial for health, weight loss, and much more.

  73. I order NGR ENERGY package since February27, 2015 and I have not receive my order notification up till now.
    can you help

  74. The tea that is being sold on Amazon and ebay is usually twice the amount it costs to buy from the company’s website. Also, most of the products sold on Amazon and ebay are fake.

  75. Wow didn’t think I would be commenting but here goes we ordered the Isao tea 4/26/15 and was told less than 21 days lords will which is tomorrow and we have yet to receive anything and uses doesn’t run on Sunday I tried calling the number held on for 1 hour and a half then the phones disconnects tried to leave a message voice mail full but of course tried the tea that I had on hand it’s awfully weak please tell me what’s going on with the money or the product in my opinion if the products not back when it’s suppose to be give free samples that way maybe you’ll have less angry customers I know it was high on demand but look how long it’s been out you should have been better prepared maybe B.B.B. do need to know about how fast you take our money but very slow in sending our products Angry in Alabama.

  76. Don’t order this product. Their is no science to it and has not been tested. It is not healthy to loose weight that fast. It is always best to check with your doctor first. Some ingredients my not be right for you. Try regular green tea and I really recommend you talk to your doctor first.

    • i’m not a rep of the company and have never taken the tea, but what you say is simply not true – all of the ingredients are tried and true and its not true that it’s not healthy to loose weight this fast –

  77. I went on ebay to make an order it’s been a month now and i never received it. I freaked out cause i thought this was not real. So now i had my bank dispute my claim. I did not realized many were not getting theirs on time too. I still want my tea. So now that i had cancelled it it will take me twice as long to receive after i re order it again.

  78. I purchased the tea over 40 days ago and have yet to receive my order. I tried calling but there is no ring-just a busy signal. Their lack of email response is a joke. If you boast of being a thriving company surely you would use your resources to be able to sustain the prosperity of the business through a reliable customer service system. I believe this company is more interested in taking money from customers than respecting them and providing good customer service. I do not understand how any company can succeed, if they continue to purposely dodge their customer when they call and email. I am quite perturbed with this company and I do not look forward to purchasing any items in the future.

  79. It is so sad! I placed my order April 8, 2015. Money was withdrawn out my account the very next day April 9. Haven’t received the products nor an email. It’s so sad people does business like this. People have been asking me about the order. I had to return their money back to them. Because I can’t produce any products. Never again will I do any online order to this degree. Now I am out of money. I work hard for my money to just throw it away like that. I will take business in my own hand and start a Class Lawsuit against this Company. Please email myself To those who are on the same page With me concerning your products.

    • These people is bad business. Will take your money and no product. Please spread the word. Put it on Facebook Twitter etc. I am total pissed off with the company about my money. No contact with them. Only thru email. So they can sugar code it. Smh!

  80. I received the tea but it does not agree with my stomach. That’s not the problem, the real problem is I ordered it as a “one-time” purchase through a representative. Now I am receiving tea that I never asked for, and $50 is being taken out of my account each time!
    The representative cannot stop the charges because I don’t know the password. She said that I told her a password to use when she created the account, I told her I do not recall that. I gave her several passwords to try, but no success. Now I have to cancel my bank card.

  81. TLC is not a scam. The products work which is why there is a delay with the Iaso tea. Before you speak ill of the company, do a little research. You would find that the company grew over 400% within a matter of a month, growth that was unexpected and certain things weren’t in place at that time. Mr. Fallon, the CEO, is working hard to increase fulfillmentand customer service staff as well as a new fufillment center.

    Yes, the tea has been pulled in order for them to get caught up with orders. IF there are any cases, where tea was ordered and NOT received for 3 months, they are truely RARE and you need to call customer service. For those customers who have not received you tea, I would suggest a little patience and dont be discouraged.

    Honestly, I would suggest you actually become a distributor because when the tea returns with the normal delivery time, the sales are going to go through the roof!!!!

  82. Hello everyone I share the same feeling but what make the wait so difficult is no communication with customer service. Joined 3/1/2015 no products for my order and the order wasn’t all tea customer was sent incomplete orders, people TLC reps enrolled by me that didn’t received their order. I know for sure Chaga is not on backorder. Losing customers I am trying to make director to the third power here. Trying to stay positive.

  83. this is the Sorriest Company i have ever had to deal with…. i believe they have got alot of us… i ordered 3 months ago, they got my money but do you think i got the product. “NO” .. i would like my money back and an apology. I also think the better business bureau needs to be contacted. This is just another scam, well brovo you got me!! thanks for nothing…

    • The BBB helped me get resolution. I received my tea and a letter of apology. They have since taken the ability to order the tea off the website.

      • Yes, the tea has been withdrawn for the next few weeks so that the company can get caught up with orders. Once they are caught up, normal delivery times will resume. Total Life Changes is not a scam. The products work and the compensation plan is real.

    • I’m sorry your order has taken this long, which is rare. Have you contacted the distributor you ordered from? I am a distributor and can attest that TLC is not a scam. No order has taken 3 months to arrive. Contact the distributor to see how they can help.

  84. I placed my order April 7 and tomorrow will make a moth and I still haven’t received my order. They made sure to charge me but no tea and that’s not right. When u call for help the line gives a busy signal or hangs up. I’m very frustrated at this point and makes me not want to deal with it and get my money back but I don’t know how I would even do that. Then my account I created no longer works!! I need a customer service number now!! I will not do this again

    • Hello Catreice,
      Have you reached out to the distributor that you ordered from? He/She should be able to check on your order for you.

  85. I order this tea in march,still waiting on it,bad business never do they answer the phone.ghey shouldn’t t as keep people’s money if they can’t produce the product

  86. Hi TLC distributors, I made an order worth almost $200 since 20/03/2015, I haven’t received my orders yet, I have called a couple of times but I could never get through to anyone, I sent some emails but only got a reply promising me I’d recieve my orders aft 21 days of placing the orders, it sure has passed the delivery date and I haven’t received anything, might I add that the money was taken out of my account immediately. And to make things worst I can’t seems to log in into my TLC account, it’s like my log in details no longer works, I feel I’m a victim of fraud, I’m beginning to feel like this whole thing is a fraud, can someone help me out Pls. Thank you

    • I placed my orders since 20th of March, it’s 5th of may, I still havent gotten my order,$200 was taken out of my account immediately, can someone help me out please? My log in details no longer works, it was as if they deleted the account I created when placing my order, I have tried to call and mail them but it’s Bn impossible to get a response from the TLC team….

  87. I placed my order March 27, it’s not May 5th still no order, but my money has been taken out of my account… I was told I should have it in ten days… ten days came and went twice. I will count it as taken my money but has not recieved my product… need to contact my back by the end of the day

    • I placed my order April 26 its now may 17 no product can’t get in touch with nobody so now next to do lords will go to media and let them see how so many people are being scammed I do understand it was supposed to be less than 21 days I received a email today stating 21 business day what a joke these people are let’s START A LAW SUIT AGAINST T.L.C.

  88. I have been drinking this tea for about a week it doent make me use restroom. …so is there is something i could be doing wrong…when preparing i follow the instructions.

  89. PLEASE STOP CHARGING MY CREDIT FOR SOME TEA EVERY MONTH. mY NAME IS Ruth Brown phone number 301-710-2830 please I am not making any money off this.

    Thank You Please.

  90. I’m very very disappointed I placed an order in February and March still haven’t received my orders or my refund every time I called and ask to speak with a supervisor they hang up in my face. So I have asked for a refund of $245 and I still haven’t received that either. So I know what will be next cause something has got to be done.

  91. ik ben ook distributeur ik heb mijn thee nu bijna een week binnen.. moet wel zeggen dat ik 2 maand heb gewacht dat is wel lang voor een bestelling….. de thee is wel heel goed

  92. Is Total Life Changes still selling IOSA TEA. I’ve tried ordering again but i don’t see IOSA TEA on their website. Does anyone know where I can purchase the tea, besides Ebay and Amazon?

  93. I want to end my auto ships, have tried to call, can’t get a person, disconnects after several rings. Tried emailing, also no response. HELP!

  94. I order TLC tea over a month ago and have yet to receive the tea and not even a confirmation email..I’m now looking into reporting this. It makes no sense that my money was taken out of my account and I still haven’t received anything..I sent several emails, the phone number doesn’t work, so now I have nothing else to do but report it..I wouldn’t recommend this website to anyone.

    • I highly encourage you to have a little more patience. The tea is in so high demand that production is backed up. The company is considering taking the tea OFF the market until orders are caught up on. However, I keep a stock supply to help people in times like this. You can always get some from me in the future if you like. You’ll receive your product in 3-5 business days.

  95. I am very disappointed with the way customer service is. I’ve been calling sending emails, no response. I’ve placed an order since February I’ve yet received my product. They charged me for the month of march yet with no products. 2 months with no response on what has happened to my orders. Or am I getting refunded

  96. Hi Everyone!

    I’m a distributor with Total Life Changes. I’m waiting on tea but I am proud to have a product that EVERYONE wants. I’ve worked with other companies in the past with products hard to sell. I’m glad our products are in high demand and they work. I’ve recently noticed some updated changes to the website to better accompany customers/distributors with customer service questions.

  97. Hello everyone..I am a distributor in Jonesboro, GA. I’ve been able to purchase from my team members and use the Iaso tea, so my experience is that it most definitely it is a 100% certified organic product and time is needed for it to grow!

    For weightloss the tea actually starts the cleansing detox process..depending on what your body needs w Individual results. Other products as the Hcg, Resolution, Nrg and Nutraburst are needed to serve as a complete health and wellness kit to get the maximum results you are looking for. Having a healthy meal plan is needed as well to get maximum results.

    Because of the unanticipated growth..the backorders are being processed asap! And I would suggest ordering the tea separate from other products so you’re most likely receive..they estimate 5-7 days maybe a little longer, but not as long as the tea.

    My team generally tries to have a few packs of tea on hand for new reps signing on to use, so you can be a product of the product, be able to show your results, feel good about it and represent the company while you earn income! You are investing in your health. .for a Total life change!

    However TLC is a legitimate professional entity that’s been in business for over 15 years now worldwide and within the last few years are growing like wild flowers here in the U.S. You will definitely need to have patience for the tea, I would not suggest purchasing from anywhere else because you may not be getting the real thing! I am using the Resolution, Nutraburst and Iaso tea now..feeling better than I have in years. Waiting on the NRG and more tea anyday now..

    I also have a supply on autoship to be sure I don’t run out. The key is..once you get started, you can actually stretch it to last 1 month or longer.. with walking or just a little exercise will help in the weightloss. Again. .You have to Change something to get the maximum results you’re looking for! You can also email them, get from the TLC website. If I’ve answered your questions Great..and if you’re looking to become a rep contact me, training is the key on how to work it as a rep and building a business for yourself! Lisa



  98. We are having success with TLC, at first our orders were slow but now we get a
    supply every week. Time to Roll Richmond.We are near Chesterfield Va, how can we help you.

  99. I placed an online order on 19 March 2015, and I still haven’t received my order. I only ordered the product once, and they charged my account twice. I have been calling TLC’s office since 20 March 2015, and I have not spoken to anyone. The phone rings once, and then goes into a busy signal. I’ve sent many emails (10), and no response. I have reported TLC to the CFPB, FTC, and VA attorney general’s office.

  100. I ordered 3/10/2015, and it is now 4/22/2015 and I Still have not received my order. Everytime I call I get a busy tone. I have tried tocall early morning, late morning , afternoon evenings for the past week. And I still get a busy tone.

  101. Instead of worrying about if you will get your product you order over a month ago Or don’t know much about the products then what the company says. Why not have somthing that legit, healthy, gluten free And nothing to hide with all facts right there for you to see. Get your products in a week or less and Comes with MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!! we have our products studied and clinical proven, we have been around for 10+ years. Buy somthing you can trust and trust to get and if you don’t like it or the results you get your money back! Don’t get scammed from this tea junk. Get results with vemma!

    • Hi Laura.

      How much of the tea can you spare? I just placed my order last Thursday, so I know it will be a while before I get it. Please email me.

  102. My name is Cynthia I’m in the Miami area and my story is similar to each of yours I order last month on the 20th and found myself concern when nothing arrived. The company was fast to take my money but slow in the return it’s been over 21 days at this point, and when I went to the order site I didn’t see where the order has been shipped. I’ve called all day the number on the website which gives a busy signal. What business phone gives a busy signal in 2015?

    • The tea is so high in demand it will take a while to get to you… The person who sold u the tea should have told you that!

      • this tea is in really high demand it will take some time to get here I ordered mine and and it just arrived I ordered March 6th and it came yesterday the tea is really really good and they did not anticipate this but be patient it will come but if you need anything to hold you off until it comes contact me I’ll ship to you directly

  103. Hello Everybody,
    I ordered mine on the 25/04/15 and was billed 9 times,8 times because when I was on the website I was told that my card was not going through but it was charged to my account and emailing and phoning them was impossible because no one was replying or picking up the call,you can imagine how frustrated I was but my Bank reasurred that,the bill might dropped and it did drop.

    To my surprise,when it was almost 2 months, I got an email for the tracking of my order and it was delivered a week and half after.

    So now,I got my Iaso Tea,Nutriburst and HCG but I don’t know how to go about it because I was expecting sample recipes or menu for the 500 calories in the package.

    I will be glad if anyone has use and will like to share .Thank you.

    • You are absolutely right. I have yet to receive my order as well. And it’s been over a month. They haven’t even answer my email. And I will be canceling my membership. Now all you need to do to cancel your autoship, is to go into your back office look for your
      autoship and shut it down! I do believe
      you can cancel your membership there
      as well. best to you.

  104. I understand that the company is growing faster than they can get the orders out, but what I don’t understand is why they charge your card before they send your product. Most companies charge your card when your order is shipped. What’s more frustrating than the wait time for your product is the fact that no one answers the phone. I have several people lined up and waiting to start; however, I have nothing to offer them. Explaining to someone who is ready to get started that they have to wait often means losing a customer. Next week will be one month since I signed up and placed my order, and on the 1st they will be deducting for another auto ship. I don’t think so. I will be canceling my auto ship. But WAIT, there’s no way to do that because they never answer the phone. If I can’t get through to someone, I will be calling my credit card company to cancel the auto ship from their end. It’s sad because the product does really work – I’ve seen fantastic results and I thought I could make money selling it, but I guess not! if anyone has any answers, please share. Personally, I think the BBB should be notified of this because it’s borderline scamming – taking someone’s money and not delivering the product. Even though the site says clearly 21 days, a few people I’ve spoken with have been waiting well over a month and you can’t start or run a business that way. I think instead of doing all of these conferences, seminars, and appearances about how great the product is, the company should focus more on getting their product out in a timely fashion so they can keep distributors. Just my two cents…

    • Hi there Kim

      You can in fact cancel or change your autoship in your back office so no need to call CS.
      There’s many other products that are available on autoship too whilst they fulfil the tea orders.

      If you need help with navigating the back office please get in touch I’d be happy to help.

      TLC is a great company with fantastic products but are just experiencing some growing pains at the moment!

      If anyone else needs some advice or info and can’t get in touch with their up line give me a shout : )

    • Today is 6/2/15 I to as a customer have placed an order on 4/26/15 and was suppose to get TLC products less than 21 days but to “NO” avail I haven’t seen any tea yet and I did call the B.B.B. and a lot of customers have made complaints what TLC don’t seem to understand is that we as customers have given them our hard earned money and they’re not giving us anything but a headache and months of calling a number that’s not worth diddle the least thing they could do is answer some of reveiws but I guess that would mean taking hands away from making the tea lol seriously they have made a lot of people angry and it’s justified don’t mess with my money automatically taking money from anyone accounts and not sending the products sounds like stealing because they’re supposed to be taking money and sending products in a timely fashion TLC you might want to get these products out ASAP UPSET in ALABAMA.

    • Today is 6/2/15 I to as a customer have placed an order on 4/26/15 and was suppose to get TLC products less than 21 days but to “NO” avail I haven’t seen any tea yet and I did call the B.B.B. and a lot of customers have made complaints what TLC don’t seem to understand is that we as customers have given them our hard earned money and they’re not giving us anything but a headache and months of calling a number that’s not worth diddle the least thing they could do is answer some of reveiws but I guess that would mean taking hands away from making the tea lol seriously they have made a lot of people angry and it’s justified don’t mess with my money automatically taking money from anyone accounts and not sending the products sounds like stealing because they’re supposed to be taking money and sending products in a timely fashion TLC you might want to get these products out ASAP UPSET in ALABAMA this is what I don’t understand either the distributor that i went through to get the tea won’t return my calls just simply leave you out here to drown without a life jacket a word to the wise if you’re going to be a “DISTRIBUTOR ” at least have some communication with the people that has not only put money in your pocket but what about the trust we put in you GOD is sitting high and looking low believe me this will come back on you and this to shall pass.

  105. HELP!!!!!!! I ordered my tea on March 4th and just received it today. I signed up as a distributor under someone who has not given me any guidance. On top of it all, I ordered a (5) pack of tea and was billed. When I opened my package, I only had (4) packs of tea. You never can get a human on the phone. I need to know how I can receive my additional pack of tea I paid for.

    I’m just really disappointed and frustrated with this company. How in the world can someone make money, when they can’t get the product. My IBO# is 3782851 and I’m trying not todo a complaint with the BBB.

  106. I’ve been drinking the tea since the beginning of March….drinking A LOT of water, working out and haven’t lost a pound. This tea does not work for me! I’m not sure if it’s a scam but it doesn’t work for me….waste of my hard earned money. :-(

    • Hi Mary J, I was thinking the same thing but I’ve measured myself and I’ve lost about 2 inches. I started around 9 March. I have not worked out much. If you still have tea keep drinking it. I figured since I have hypothyroidism, it might take me a little longer to drop the pounds. I know they said it come of quickly but I didn’t go with that because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I didn’t improve my eating habits much until about a week or so ago. I ordered more from my distributor and I ordered some on my own totaling a 3 month supply. I ordered my own because my distributor started to get a little cocky, plus she’s a liar and I loathe liars. Maybe it’s the $$$ going to her head but I won’t deal with her EVER again! I placed my order under a stylist that I’d been following on Facebook.

      • Well Sandi, it’s been about another week and I’m still drinking the tea and I still weigh the same or a pound more. I have about 2 more weeks of tea. Plus my back order tea after drinking that I don’t believe I’ll be ordering any more. Unfortunate though because I’ve spent my money on a product that obviously doesn’t work for me!

  107. I am an affiliate with Total Life Changes and I absolutely love the business. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the products or disteibution

    • Hi Ann, my question is like everyone else’s; where is our tea? Why doesn’t the company hire more people or at least get an adequate customer service team so that when people do call they can speak with someone. I’d rather hear from a live person that my order will be shipped on “x” day, or even an “I can’t give you an exact date, but it will be shipped.” Not being able to speak with someone, having funds deducted from your account or your credit card charged and then not being able to speak with anyone or having to wait 30+ days is not good. Hopefully, you can provide some answer. Thank you in advance for any insight you can offer. Kim

  108. Hello, hope someone gets back with me . I placed an order a month ago and still have not received it , please help

  109. Total Life Changes has changed my life! LITERALLY! I was sponsored in with a negative bank account, I made over $400 dollars my first month. That was before I received the products!!! When I received the tea I was blown away!!! I immediately purchased a few of the company’s other products which shipped right away! I have yet to be disappointed! I Love the products and I love the business. I want to help others change their lives! Lets Start Living! Contact me with any questions, concerns, or just to chat about what this company has done for me!

  110. My wife and I became reps with TLC in Aug’14. When we first signed up there were no issues with long waits for products. As a matter of fact we would order online and have our upline reps give us the product the same day. They would simply have our orders shipped to themselves. We were confident and satisfied with TLC and how they operated. However as the new year approached things began to turn south. Delivery time started to get longer and longer. We were told that same day pick up of the tea was no longer available. As this started it seems customer service at the corporate location in Michigan was overwhelmed. That’s understandable …for a few days maybe a month even. But it’s 4 months later and clearly it’s not been resolved. Facebook posts feature 6 figure earners driving aston martins and living the good life. Meanwhile people are on hold for more than an hour to talk to someone in customer service. With all the reported growth of the company we wondered why there was no investment in customer service. After all is said and done without taking care of customers there won’t be any business to invest in. We also were told the iaso tea was introduced in the US market in Dec.’14. Guess what…another lie we discovered after a few Google/Yahoo searches yielded pictures and posts dated ’09- ’10-’11. We are no longer affiliated with TLC as a result. Integrity should always trump profits in our opinion. Sadly we fear people might wind up getting ripped off if the folks at TLC shut their doors. Something is definitely fishy and it’s not my wife’s salmon croquets. Be careful good people.
    We are selling tea again from a very reliable and prompt source (2 day shipping) Contact me if you’d like to see whay we’ve found. What a blessing!

  111. Hi everyone –
    I’m a Total Life Changes distributor based in the UK.
    I placed my first order on 22nd February and received it today 10th April.

    Is that a long time to wait for tea?
    I guess so.

    Could I have got upset about it and started demanding a refund and calling the company unprofessional etc? Yes I could.

    Did I look at the situation from a business perspective? Yes I did.

    TLC did not predict the sudden explosion of growth in the past 6 months where the demand outstripped the supply tenfold.

    This created a problem (albeit a great problem) in that they needed to up their supply, processing and fulfilment regime which absolutely could not be done over night.

    They are still catching up with orders but they are catching up.

    The results speak for themselves with the tea and when something works and is spoken about with such positive feedback then more and more people will want it.

    For those IBOs that have stated that they want their money back and will never order from the company again that is of course your prerogative; I would however question why did you get into the business in the first place? To make quick money or to build sustainable wealth? To become a hard-working knowledgable representative of a company that has been around for 14 years or someone who expects the system to work for them without doing any of the graft? To appreciate that they are part of a business that has had astonishing growth because of multiple products THAT WORK or to cry about one product that is temporarily out of stock?

    Anyone who is in TLC should realise just what kind of opportunity they actually have at the moment. The tea will come but in the meantime try something different if you can. If you can’t for financial reasons then learn all you can about the business; visit TLC’s YouTube channel (TLCHQ) and you will be able to watch videos where they went to corporate to find out what the situation was with orders and customer service – it explained that their phone lines are inundated with calls but they are hiring and training new staff and putting in a new system. That does not happen over night people!

    They’re not hiding anything but what they are doing is managing to deal with the explosion of a company that was unexpected but is benefiting those who have patience, understanding and a vision.

    • Kathy with all due respect you don’t take other people money and not deliver tea to them, since TLC tea is so high on demand then why in the world do you continue to take orders and money when you have people already waiting months and months and you telling lies yes lies saying you will get your tea in less than 21days lie if TLC was so backed up why is it that Corporate couldn’t email people to keep us updated with our products yet instead they have bogus phone numbers that you can’t get in touch with “NOBODY” since they were so backed up why didn’t they tell people the tea had a two to three month or longer wait and let us decide whether we want to wait two months or longer they” NEVER GAVE us that option they took our money first hid that fact from us it’s appalling how dare them wrong is wrong “TLC” knew that they had a limited amount of tea and I truly understand when it’s gone it’s gone but for crying out loud please stop taking “MONEY” today is 6/2/15 my order was put in 4/26/15 right along with a lot of others this is ludicrous simply ludicrous!!!!!!!!

  112. I believe the quality of the tea has changed drastically. I tried a pack in Dec worked great…these last packs I have had..nothing. The tea bags arent even consistent. Either 1 large or 1 small..or 2 large…or 2 small. I even tried the NRG and nothing.


  114. I have waited to long for this product! The representative I’m using will not answer my texts about my order and I ordered this tea over a month ago! The company didn’t have a problem taking the money out of my account but when I’m trying to figure out where my package is I cannot get ahold of anyone!

    • You will receive the tea just hold on in there. My order was 22nd Feb and I got it 10th April. They are working hard and it will come.

  115. I too signed up with the movement on March 2nd, ordered that day and placed another on March 8th, I have not received either order and auto ship was done already on April 2nd, I’m not able to get in contact with anyone via phone and my sponsor just gives me false hopes, They say they are helping families make six figures but how when the product is not being shipped.. my sponsor went as far as sending me tea from her own stash, but supposedly put the wrong address on it and the package was returned back to her, but charged me 30.00 for overnight shipment of a package that never came to me, when I asked if she would resend you said she would but never did!!! I honestly don’t think anything was in the package, and that the address was put incorrectly on purpose!!!! idk what to do, I have collected over 300.00 of other peoples money, because I really thought I was joining a legit business… this company is making millions, and the top sponsors are making thousands off of people like me, this company is shady and so are the ones on the director level

    • Did both of your orders contain tea? If so there will be a delay.
      Any orders that don’t have tea are shipped within 10 days.
      The company is not shady, they are dealing with demand that unexpectedly outstripped supply.
      There are lots of other products aside from the tea that have wonderful results.
      However, tea orders are being fulfilled and they’re gradually catching up so that the next few weeks should see them back on track.
      The company may be making millions – that’s what a sustainable business should do; but lots of ordinary people are making thousands too not just the higher level sponsors.
      Ultimately, what you put in is what you will get out.

  116. I agree with all of the comments here as well. I became a distributor for this company and have been nothing but dissatisfied with the type of service that is being provided. I feel as thought I have lied to my customers because the company has given misleading and false information. Whatever the problem is with filling orders and answering phones should have been solved a long time ago. This company is making millions of dollars but won’t invest in themselves. This is a really good product and it really works. I have used several of their products however I am unable to use them on a consistent basis due to the lack of product. I would only sell something I believe in and I believe in this product but I know that by the time they get this fixed I will have lost all of my initial customer base due to the companies inefficient ways of operating. I have only been able to get in touch with CS once and the one time I did was given false information. This company does not set up its distributors for success and I feel as though they don’t plan on sticking around for a long time.

    • The company has been around for 14 years starting off with the product NutraBurst. They have achieved astonishing growth and expansion over the past 2 years thanks to the successful model of direct selling which is helping thousands of people worldwide to improve their financial situation.
      As a business they are definitely investing in themselves by hiring and training new staff and implementing new equipment to make the processing quicker.

      To be part of a company that is growing as a oppose to declining surely has to be a good thing?

      The other products work too. And the tea will come!

  117. My ordered was placed for the 26 DAY INTENSE WEIGHT LOSS PACK on 3/3/15 and its 4/7/15, i have yet to receive my order. I have tried to contact the customer service # 888-873-1898 many times but the # just ring and disconnects. The payment for this order was taken from my bank account same day. I have also emailed for my order status but no response. This is terrible services offered by TLC, i plan to file a complaint with BBB and have my lawyer investigate this company. I am looking to receive a refund ASAP.

    • The tea orders are being fulfilled. Your order contained tea so unfortunately there will be a delay.
      My order was 22nd February and I got it today 10th April.
      Yes it is taking some time but they are catching up.
      Demand outstripped supply because the products work and more people wanted them.
      I think if you get a lawyer to investigate you’d find that TLC are a business that are just going through huge growth and as a result some things are not running as everyone on the outside would like them too.
      Hang on in there – the tea is coming as part of your weight loss pack.

  118. I ordered my tea on the 27 of February n it’s April 6 still haven’t received it I know it’s on back order but DANG!!!!

  119. I’m going through the same thing I was even given a tracking number but when I go on UPS it say not found..yes BBB causethis is a joke no email no phone call no nothing vbut my money taken out my account!!

  120. I placed an order on Feb 27 I haven’t received an email nor product was told my product was sent out mailed on the 23 of March its now April 6 and I still don’t have no product!!! It do not take this long for something to come in the mail. And a course this unprofessional so called business has took my money… The Rep I went through was blowing my phone up and on the media to order. Now that I ordered and my money gone its like talking to a wall…. WHERE IS MY PRODUCT OR MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW TJIS IS BS AND I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE OR PEOPLE THAT SELL THIS PRODUCT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

  121. Tried the tea first week lost 3lbs, 2nd week zero, 3rd week gained 2lbs this is with eating right and exercising. This tea is not for me I won’t be buying it again.

    • Did you up your water intake? You need to be drinking half your body weight in water otherwise you cannot flush effectively.
      Also everyone’s system is different and depending on how congested your system is it may take longer.
      Also did you try the concentrated version of the tea?

  122. I tried the tea and had no results. I only went to the bathroom once in 5 days which was strange. The company markets lose 5 in 5 and my results were 0 in 5. Disappointed to say the least.

    • They also state that results may vary because everyone has something different going on in their body.
      You could try the concentrated version of the tea and you also need to up your water intake; need to drink half your body weight in water to flush properly during a detox.

      Not everyone will lose 5 in 5; some people lose twice as much and some people very little.
      However, there are probably other health benefits going on which you might not notice if you are just focusing on weight loss.

  123. I ordered my tea on March 3. Today is April 5 and I haven’t received anything. It’s well over 21 business days and I can’t get a hold of anyone. What a joke. Companies grow all the time. Hire some damn customer service reps! What a stupid company.

  124. Originally ordered product 12/20/14 through a rep said she mailed the package but I never received it contacted her several times each time she made promises to get it to me but she never did finally I contacted my bank 2 months later.Placed new order 03/01/15 haven’t received order today is 04/05/06 still no order call customer service only get ringing hangups & busy signal can’t get through to a live rep.I’m pissed & will never order from this company again.Hopefully I can get a refund.

  125. I ordered my tea on March 17. Nothing. I called customer service and never got through. I ordered a 1 week supply on ebay this morning. I got an email confirmation immediately . I just got a tracking number this afternoon. This is how TLC should do business. I suggest to anyone who wants to try the tea, order it from eBay or amazon. I am expecting my order by this time next week.

    • It is not recommended to buy from eBay or Amazon because you don’t know if these are legitimate TLC products.
      Total Life Changes do not endorse or support the retailing of product on marketplaces and this is why they use the direct selling model of having legitimate distributors to sell product.
      I’m an IBO and I only retail through my TLC site or my personal site where my IBO number is displayed and linked to my TLC site for transparency purposes.

    • Any iaso product found in eBay or amazon is not covered by the 30 day money back guarantee. In fact, Total Life Changes strictly forbids their independant business owners to sell or distribute on these sites. There have been many instances where people who purchase from these sites are getting a product that is in fact NOT made by the company. People are taking advantage of those not patient enough to wait for the shortage of tea to get caught up. This I find unfortunate. I can understand some frustration when orders take a while to get to you, but if you understand that this product really is that good and the demand for it is through the roof ( because again, it is that good) it is well worth the wait. The company wants you to get details about ingredients etc about the products from the independant business owners simply to protect those individuals. This is a business opportunity and the company take very good care of and pays their people very well. Please, supplement police, when you do a review on a company or a product, do your research completely. Had you done this you would not be advertising that people can purchase the tea on amazon or eBay. If they do they are taking a huge risk of being ripped off or getting really sick. Thank you.

  126. Just an update, my tea arrived on the 01 April 2015. I am absolutely thrilled. I’ve been using IASO TEA since September last year. It really works for me. I believe this tea works, but make sure you reduce your carb intake!
    I will order again, but hopefully it won’t take that long!

    • Kay, you have it right. When your body is trying to cleanse itself, the entire process is disrupted when we do not refrain from eating junk foods.

    • @ Dalis,

      You people just tell a bunch of lies to gain consumer money. The only reason why the distributors are claiming that the IASO tea works is to get more people involve in their pyramid scheme. The tea doesn’t let you lose weight!!!! neither does it detox your body. and even if the tea is a detox that cannot be healthy for any human being to be detoxing their body for a whole month.

      Secondly if this is a fast growing business that means the company is making hugh amount of money, why not employ more customer care representative to respond to customers query.

      People I repeat this is a pyramid scheme and soon you will hear about this in the news. Each person who become a distributor as to bring in two or more member in order to get pay. each member that was brought in, whatever, money they sign up with the first person get 50% of that value. For example; if I am a distributor and I signed up two members, each member buy the IASO tea $200 or $300 then the distributer earns $100 and $150 respectively. The tea is just use as a tactics to get people on board in this pyramid scheme.

      They are aware that the shipment is in backlog, yet still they are taking peoples money. This is fraud, you don’t have the product don’t sell it until you have the product in stock.

      For those distributors who are marketing the IASO tea knowing that you yourself have never taken the product and assuring consumer that the product works, this is misleading and fraud. You people need to desist from telling lies. Some of you are photo shopping your before and after pictures stop it.

      I wish to God police start investigating some you people.

      • Total Life Changes is a company that uses the direct selling / network marketing model of business.
        This is entirely different to a pyramid scam.

        TLC has products to sell. You are not required to recruit and build a team if you don’t want to. You can earn a healthy income earning 50% retail commission.
        If you choose to build a team then you of course can earn further commissions on team volume sales and rewards for building your team through the fast start bonus.

        TLC’s compensation plan is 2nd to none but nobody is forced to recruit to make money.

        Since their phenomenal growth spurt they have indeed employed more office and warehouse staff, installed a new phone system and working on the computer systems.

        Business growth is an exciting time but also has its challenges which they are working on daily.

        If anyone has anyone questions please feel free to ask me – I’m a UK based TLC distributor but I keep fully up to date with how the company is operating as I like to deal with facts and not fear based hearsay.

        • Hi everyone I am a distributor when I joined i ordered months supply of tea that I still have I am in Toronto Canada bUT more than willing to mail out if you anyone needs tea and interested thanks

          • Your a distributor, but you don’t even use what you sale??? Then why should anybody else???

        • I’m totally disturbed by the comments that I’ve read. When I was a customer, I ordered my tea March 30th and got the order May. The company did keep their promise. I tried the tea that the distributor gave me and It did work, I lost 15 pounds drinking IASO TEA. It is what you put into it, if you are putting junk into your bodies then you are going to get very little results. Everybody not going to get the same results, each person’s body is different. After I drunk the two packets that my distributor gave me, and saw the results for myself, I became a distributor for TLC.

    • I was told less than 21 days to no avail it’s been more that 21 days if they’re going to take your money first then send my products as well to show good faith send me some free samples or something TLC should stop taking orders until they fulfill orders for feb,mar,april.

  127. I’ve been using the tea for 2 weeks and haven’t lost a pound. I have enough for 2 more weeks. If I don’t see results in a week, I will not be ordering anymore! I’m preparing it just as the packaging suggest and I’m drinking two 8 ounce cups a day. Any suggestions??

    • try drinking your tea hot what I found is that it when you drinking cold tea and you’re trying to remove toxins chemicals and parasite and needs to be activated in your digestive tract so try that and see if it doesn’t work that’s what works for me

  128. I ordered Feb 8. Received March 21. Horrible customer service. Been on tea since March 22. GAINED weight. Crap. Crap. Crap. Do not waist your money. I’m going back to my $3.99 box of Dieters Tea. That works.

  129. I placed an order for IASO TEA on the 09 February 2015 and its now 31 March 2015 and I still haven’t received my tea!! What is going on???

  130. This is the worst mlm company. Why take my money knowing your behind in getting product. I went with another company and got product three days later. I do want my refund because I’m not giving 200.00 away. It’s also wrong that there promoting that tea as a weight loss product. It’s not your basically getting rid of waste which in turn your losing weight. The longer it takes for people to get product and money continues to be taken the more negativity will come out about this company. I will be contacting the BBB because I as a customer should not have to go through acts of Congress to get my refund if I can’t get product. TLC as a company should of been prepared. Would you be understanding if Walmart gave you a rain check and you has to wait months to get product, shop somewhere else. I’m sorry but this is not the only mlm that’s been in business 10 years debt free with detox , weight loss, wellness and skin care products. Do due diligence and research before signing up with any business. I’m highly disappointed at the service. People steady making money but no staple product. to me. I placed my order Feb. 23 and have yet to receive it. I’ve called and even emailed asking for refund. All I get is the auto respond email that they never answer in 24 hrs. and when calling phone hangs up after connection. I just want my money back.

  131. I placed my order on 2/17 and here it is 3/30. No product and no response from the company. I feel the same way that most of you do very frustrated and I think I will be contacting my bank to dispute the payment because this is ridiculous. The worst customer service ever!!!!!!!

  132. I order my tea on 2/22/15 and still haven’t got. I keep asking the consultant and all he says is it’s coming be patient. This not a way to do business. Very disappointed in the service. I will not order again. The customer service number rings and hang up. The consultant has lost a customer. I will do business elsewhere. I don’t care how they’ve grown so fast. They took money before they issued products. I’m very pissed off.

  133. QUESTION? How do you expect people to keep customer when product is not being delivered in a timely fashion. I have 5 or 6 Facebook friends selling this and they all have customers going off on them about not getting their tea. I have had a couple friend as me to become a distributor…NO WAY! This does not sound fun to me. My one friend had to give back money out of her own pocket just to stop people from cussing her out on FB. NO Thank You! I would even like to try the tea, but ummmmm, No!

    • do you know there’s 28 other products besides T in this company that come within 5 to 7 days there is will see that this product is more powerful than anything that it can do its a detoxication on top of a healing properties so check it out and see what you that is $99 but you get 90 capsules it is a superfood look it up on google and you will see that this product is more powerful than anything that it can do its a detoxication on top of a healing properties so check it out and see what you think and I get that product in 3 days

      • I don’t agree with you about that. I ordered for Resolutions , 2 to be precise as my autoship on 18th May and iv not received word as to its status.

  134. Since so many people were wondering about where their orders are and how to purchase the product. We have added a link to purchase on Amazon.

    Amazon has a rule that shipping times has to fall within the line what they state online. So if you purchase there, you should expect your product by the shipping dates set. Most have product in stock. Some state it will be longer for shipping.

    Hopefully that helps.

    — Supplement Police

    • purchasing on eBay Amazon is not part of the normal culture and I we don’t know if the products are legitimately had some people get product that looks like iris but you love me lifting or green tea somebody has fradulently created a package and look like Total Life Changes its not and they pay an arm and a leg you can go to our website and purchase for 3995 at 4 for packages and then when you go to Amazon if you go and look some of them are for one package $20 to pack is 50 60 dollars 3 packs is like $70 and so on and so forth

    • No it doesn’t help why is it amazon has tea but not TLC that’s who has our money we put trust in TLC I feel that TLC should stop taking orders get all the tea back from amazon and give it to people who have already paid for it plus free samples since it’s taking so long lord it’s in your hands help these people see what they are doing is wrong stop taking money until you have the product on hand and can send it to people in a timely fashion not making us wait 30 days or longer it’s really sad lord help them to see the errors of they ways in the mighty name of Jesus oh lord please fix their phones to all mail boxes are full lol what a big joke they say if you know your party extension daily it now I put so many fake numbers in there but it kept saying that mailbox is full right lol I WANT MY PRODUCTS OR MY MONEY BACK ASAP!!!!!!!!

    • Hello . A detox is much much more than just about losing weight. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about the detoxing process and how the Iaso Detox Tea and supplements can assist you in having a much healthier body.

      • Hi can you help me out please I have order tea since March no email no I’m traveling out soon,can I change the shipping address.thanks

      • I placed a order and haven’t received anything about the order. I contacted my rep several times on social media about status and she blocked me. Bad business. Can I get a update on order please

  135. I ordered my tea on January 30, did not receive it until March 6. I started the product on March 10, and on March 13 I lost 3.4 pounds. I weigh only once a week every Friday. Since March 13, I have lost NOTHING!! I increased my water I take daily and on March 20, I actually GAINED weight!! 2 pounds to be exact. Either this is a SCAM or I’m not doing something right. Needless to say I’m not happy with this product right now. Can someone give helpful advice for weight loss?

    • It’s a detox, not a weight lose product. That’s a big problem which will only show if they continue to promote iaso as a weight loss drug. Resolution didn’t work for either. I did get sample of that. I eat chocolate and didn’t get sick. I did the opposite just to test to see if what they claim on the products. For me it did nothing. I ate flour, sugar, etc. I am a skeptic so I don’t believe everything that’s claimed. I try it for myself. I do exercise and detox using product that’s cost 30.00. I was excited because my classmate came to me with a business plan that seemed doable. But when you can’t get product my potential customers lost interest and to keep from looking crazy. I stopped promoting it. I’ve seen some people who ordered the same time I did get there’s and I didn’t so.

      My next step in the BBB to get my refund since they not moving as efficient as a customer service organization is supposed too.



  137. I order my tea February 23 it is now March 22 … NO TEA smh this will be the last time I ever order anything from this company

    • I ordered my tea on February 23rd and haven’t received it yet. Everything said about being charged and no one answering the phone is the same results I received. It would be nice if they would respond to us!!!

  138. I understand the growth.

    I do not understand taking orders and money for a back ordered product!

    I understand being overwhelmed with phone calls but a constant busy signal for 2 weeks is unacceptable. Or you get through and the phone just rings and rings.

    I am a distributor but not for long.

    Worst customer service in the history of customer service.

    No more excuses. Companies grow all the time.

    • I agree. How long does it take to hire customer service and employ a new and better courier service. I am a distributor too and getting highly frustrated. Not even getting 50 percent in retail orders. And since customer service doesn’t answer who can I run to?

    • I was excited about being a distributor at first but now i am not. My team constantly contact me about their tea orders. Its taking well over 21 days to arrive. Pathetic to say the least! Customer service is non-existence. Frustrated with this. Credit cards are being charged but no product. Its no way to contact this company..,Sad. Im done!!

  139. I recently purchased my order on February 11th. I went thru someone I seen off Instagram. She contacted me personally & she told me a little more about the tea. It does say on the TLC website that the tea is in high demand & is taking up to 21 days. I was a little weary myself once I have not received my tea but my card was charged. I constantly contacted the rep to see what was going on. She also gave me the customer service number when once called it rings & hangs up. Today March 17th I finally received my tea. Meaning if I want or need another months supply & this stuff actually works I need to go ahead & reorder now. Will let you guys know though.

  140. Ordered the tea Feb 13, still nothing in the mail, not even a confirmation email. Line is busy- basically disconnected, emailed and received an email about getting a reply to my concern over a week ago, and nothing. Its the middle of March, the money of course has been taken out. There is no way to speak to anyone, and nothing else to do but wait. I am really starting to highly believe this is a scam, and it has been discontinued. HIGHLY UPSET!!!

    • Hi Denise, first of all I’m sorry that you didn’t get your tea . the T has been a very popular demand and it has been on backorder for a while. As of today it is officially on our website again. if you still have not gotten your tea please contact me I’ll be glad to help!

  141. For those of you that have not received your IASO orders yet, there is an alternative product called Fire ‘N Ice Tea (it’s flavored with Peach & Mango) from Sisel that is available, and is not on back-order.

    • Aretha, this is weird others have ordered on Feb 11th after you and have received the tea if you read above. I’m starting to feel like orders are getting lost in the mix, but the money has still been deducted. SMH, BAD Business!

  142. So now that I have my product I’m wondering do I still eat food or I have to do just the liquids to lose weight? I have the tea, coffee, drops, and Nitra burst….someone please tell me how to use my products

    • Hi Tawanta.

      I’m a distributor and I use the product. For a healthy weight loss you should have a healthy meal, drink plenty of water, and exercise 45 min. 3 or more times doing the week. Try to cut back on carbohydrates.

      I hope this helps!

  143. Hello I can help any one on this past start today. The tea is a high demand with our company. Shipment is taking 21 days to be sent out.

  144. It says right on the site that there is a shortage of the tea and to expect up to a 21 business day delay. They are very honest about the delivery time. Everyone is having trouble getting the tea right now but they are working on standing up additional manufacturing power. Be patient.

  145. I ordered this product on Feb. 21 and still haven’t received my order, I also tried calling the phone number on the invoice, the phone rings and then goes to the busy signal. Has anyone else ordered from them and are still waiting to receive their products? I’m starting to get pissed, and will notify the BBB!!

      • I placed an order in the beginning of February to be an distributor, never received anything, so I sent emails, called, and anything else I could think of to reach these people and have yet to get a response, reply or anything else. I want my money back, and they are so full of crap.
        At this point I really don’t care if their products work or not, I want no parts of shady business people.

    • Tea is on back order right now of about 30 days but it will arrive be patient. Tea is very popular I just received mine after 34 days of waiting

  146. i placed my order feb 22nd and still no order and i cant get in touch with anyone by email or phone.. i would like a refund or the number of a consultant in the tampa or or orlando area i did no one will email me back and when you call the number it goes from ringing to busy while you are on the call

    • Hey Nikki!!

      Im so sorry to hear about the issue. I am a member in the Tampa area inbox me. I can be more than happy to help you. Also TLC has grown over 400% much faster than they have thought so hang in there we are here to help!

    • Lorena,

      Thanks for visiting. We are aware that TLC is an MLM company and you can get distributor/business/consultant/affiliate memberships by joining the company any number of ways.

      MLM is not our focal or strong point, we just were mainly reviewing the IASO tea product due to the increase in demand from our current health readership.

      There are business-minded reviews about Total Life Changes and the network marketing opportunity attached to it if you are wanting to become a part of the compensation plan and earn business rewards within that system.

      We hope this helps!

      — Supplement Police

      • I attempted to order the tea but I received the Nutra burst twice. I didn’t ask for my card to be billed twice. The phone number is bogas. It just hangs up. I will be reporting this scam.

        • Hi Arlene,
          I am so sorry you are having issues getting your products. I absolutely love the Nutra Burst and am happy you have something to tie you over until your Iaso Tea arrives. I’m hoping you have a TLC Representative that is willing to assist you.

          If not, feel free to contact me. I’d be willing to help you get you situation straightened out.

          The momentum in the USA our company is experiencing has been more extensive than the corporate office in Ira, Michigan anticipated! The number of phone calls they’re receiving has overloaded their phone system; but they are aware of the issues and are working on it.

          The tea is worth the wait, but it would have helpful for you to know about the production delay ahead of time.
          With that in mind, I am telling my customers to expect it in 30 business days. Some have gone ahead and placed their tea order, others have ordered the Slimming Coffee (I love that) and/or the HGC drops.

          I hope this helps!!!!

          • Hi tlc representers,

            i made a purchase over a month ago(3/17/15). The money was taking out of my account how ever i did not receive my order. I have called, left several emails and no one Replied back. I don’t know what else to do. If any Went Through This or Know The resources Please help!!

          • Can someone help me. I ordered 2 months ago and never got product. Now all I want u s a refund and my rep is no help.

            Thank you.

          • I ordered the tea in April and was charged for it, but I have not received it yet. Now, I have been charged again for May, which I did not authorize. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as well.

        • I had been waiting on my Iso tea products for over a month March the 2and the 3 my mother ordered products on the second I ordered mine through her credit card on the third and we have not got it and we got billed instead of 2 different payments its been 3 try to call and correct the issue and there’s no one to answer the phone to let you know anything is this a scam or what and how many more days do we have to wait on our products sorry if I’m coming off harsh but over 300 dollars has been spent already and there’s no product in our hands just a little frustrated please help or at least let us know if the product is on its way to us now…..thanks appreciate I will be looking for a response soon!

          • Hi Sabrina!
            Not sure how you ordered, however the shipping could potentially take anywhere from 21-30 business days to receive the shipment. The reason for being is due to the demand of the Iaso Tea. The company is experiencing massive growth right now. In order to meet the demands they are expanding to meet the needs. I am a representative however I was a customer first and I totally understand your frustration. I lost 6lbs my 1st week just using the tea. I hope that this will help!

          • Hi Zonnya and CeCe,
            I am a rep and would like to apologize on be half of TLC! The issue is that SO MANY are ordering the tea, the shipping company is behind on orders. I is taking up to 30 days to get shipments out. This is only for the tea. The coffee does the same detox. I myself as a rep had to get the coffee because I didn’t want to wait for my tea. I just want to assure you that your order is being filled and we are working to get you started on a healthier you! DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! It will be worth the weight. I also encourage you to consider becoming a rep. You can do this by simply ordering at least $40 in product that will auto ship. I did it and I am well on my way. Why not give it a try? Skin care, waist trainers, libido care, hcg drops and essential oils are available as well. Thanks for your patience.

          • Hi so sorry to hear about your shipping issue. Right now we have been experiencing a very very high volume of orders which is causing distribution of the tea to take up to 21-30 business days (Mon-Fri). I’m so sorry you are experiencing this problem as we are all waiting for the tea to arrive, but I promise it is soooooo worth the wait!! I hope this helped answer the question of this issue. If not feel free to contact me and I will see what else I can do to help. Thanks. or try the customer service number 888-873-1898.

          • Zonya,

            I hope that you ordered your tea from the TLC website and a distributor. A friend of mine ordered the tea from Amazon and was overcharged. Please be aware of scammers on Amazon just trying to get your money. I am a distributor and yes I had to wait a while for my products because of the demand however on the consumer side of the website the product is not autoshipped like it is on the distributor side. People selling tea on Amazon are just trying to make more money by selling tea outside of the tlc network.

          • Hello Zonnya,
            I was just sending you a message to reassure you TLC isn’t a scam, our product is in such high demand the company is behind shipping orders. I purchased tea on March 29nd and didn’t receive mine until the beginning of May!smh! I just hope that you remain patient( yes I know hard to do) but I reassure you this is a quality product! they are working on speeding up shipping!

          • It’s coming they are still backed up I received $200 worth of tea 4-6 weeks after I placed the order contact me with any questions

        • Arleen, the same thing happened to me. I ordered once and they billed my account twice. I have reported them to the CFPB, FTC, and VA attorney general’s office. I also have a family member that practices law, and I am working with them to see what my other options are.

      • Where is my tea i order it in February. …But they took out 3 payments…I seeking legal action this might be a scam

        • Hello everyone, I see a lot of people are looking for products that help them detox their bodies and maybe also to lose weight. I am a distributor of a well known nutritional company called Vemma. We have many products (backed by science) from tea, coffee, ready to drink protein, weight loss, kid supplements and more! You wouldn’t have to worry about the product coming in a month later or not coming at all for our products would be shipped to your front door step in just 3-5 business days!

        • Hey it’s no scam it’s just so powerful the number of people ordering this product has become larger than what the company projected or could handle. I met with the companies master distributor armon pujolt and they are catching up on orders and hiring more customer service reps. But they have to train them first

    • Hi Lorena,

      I recently became a distributor and I know first hand that the products work. I would love for you to be a part of the TLC family.

        • Sonya,
          I am in the same boat! I have not received a invoice yet the amount was deducted from my account. I ordered Feb 19th and it is now March 17th. I have emailed them numerous times (8) and attempted to call the number of the representative that I was assigned. When I called the number of the representative the message stated that “no incoming calls where being accepted at this time”. I have tried calling customer service and only got the busy signal and when I called them on the weekend there was a answer and kept hanging up each time I called. By far the worst customer service I have experienced!!

          • I signed up to become a distributor on 2/18. I just received my order 3/30. My auto ship pyment came out 3/18. I too, called….busy signal, no answer. They have tons of orders. Iaso tea is the talk of the town!! With all that being said…ITS WORTH IT!!! Hang in there!!!!!

          • I have encountered the same experience with this company in regards to not receiving my order twice. I have spent close to 500$ on resolution drops along with the tea and it has almost been two months and still waiting…… the customer service line i have attempted to call several times and it is busy 24/7, i can only assume its with the increasing amount of consumers not receiving their products either! Has anyone experiencing the same issue actually received their products yet or even a response?

          • I can agree with everyone who has complaints. I also tried the tea from a friend cause mine never showed and it does not work all. I drank it all 4 weeks and got no results. I order over two months ago which equates to 60 days and still no product. You can email and call and still get no response. I don’t understand why people are saying its a reputable company because it is not. Scam!!!!

        • I ordered on 19 March, and still haven’t received my order. I only ordered once and they billed my account twice. I have reported them to the CFPB, FTC, and VA attorney general’s office. I also have a family member that practices law, and I am working with them to see what my other options are.

        • I ordered from one of the TLC Reps 3 months ago and have yet to receive it. But the payment was taken on the day I ordered. The only explanation I’m getting is they’re backed up, “but it’ll be worth it”. The company sends the same Email when you request a refund and the phone number is no good.

      • Don’t have a website yet. I want to find a distributor in chesterfield or Richmond, Va. I have asked on the computer, but, it keeps giving me
        out of state names. How do I find them near where I live?


        • Hello Louise
          I have a friend that is a distributor in Chesterfield, VA. Everyone believe me the company is not a scam. I have order my tea and I did get my first order. I am waiting on my only two order. They did not expect for the tea to grow so quickly. There are other products that do the same thing. If you do not have a rep. Let me know

        • I am a new distributor and I am using the detox coffee since the tea is on back order. I would rather have the tea but I didn’t want to wait! I am a full figured diva, but I really could use the extra money as a single mommy. Check out my site. If you are passionate about losing weight and starting your own independent company the TLC is for you! I would love to have some hard workers on my team!

        • Don’t it’s a pyramid scam. They make money off of you while your waiting to make money. I was in it but once I did all the research I got out of it. The authorship is the only way to make a profit off of anyone not the one time sells.

          • obviously you weren’t in the business long because everything you said was false..A.) you get paid every week and I have from the products I’ve sold. B) you make money from one-time sales, 50% of your customer purchases (which I have). C) Don’t you do the work at your job, your job makes their money and then pays you on your check bi-weekly??? Just stop with the nonsense

    • Hey Lorena!
      Inbox me! Visit my site and click “Start Now” come join us its growing FAST and folks are changing their lives to be #teamhealthy !! Talk to you soon!!

      • I haven’t received mines yet ive tried calling never could get anyone im just trying to see if there’s another number

        • Hi Davis,

          Just wanted to respond to your comment about nobody receiving their order – this is factually untrue.
          Yes there have been delays with the Iaso Tea due to overwhelming demand for the product.
          Yes there are certain products that from time to time are out of stock such as most recently the Delgada coffee, the Iaso Hot Chocolate and the Love supplement. Again because of huge demand!
          There is demand because the products are working for people.

          Appreciate that it is frustrating to not receive an order within a matter of days but they really are worth the wait : )

          I’m a UK based distributor so I have a few days extra shipping time but I have received every one of my orders placed.


          • That is great… Its factually to the person that have not received their order. I am going into week 7. I was advised that I would receive it this week. Its Friday and I have nothing, I have signed up to become an distributor bit I would feel horrible having someone get anxious about and product yet never receive it…. I have bought gallons of tea for 25.00 per gallon and it does not last me even 5 days. So, of course this isn’t affordable for me… I believe the product works and I can wait to finally receive my shipment.

      • Hi Catrina,

        Can you help me? I placed my order on March 19th, and still haven’t received my order. They charged my account twice when I only ordered once. I’ve sent a ton of emails, and no response. I asked to cancel my order, and I did recieve an email about the overwhelming response but nothing directly relating to my issue. No products and no refunds – this is very poor customer service.

      • I ordered the first week of Feb I haven’t got an email or anything was told my product was mailed on the 23 but I still don’t have product and the tracking number do not work do not track Nothing

      • Hi if you order from a distributor there is a lot of back order because the tea is in demand so they ask you to allow 21 days to receive the tea but if you ordered other products they arrive quickly

        • Hi there, i ordered the tea and the drops, i understand the high demand for the tea however, they will not ship item separately……i would have ordered separate had i known this. I was told 7-10 business days….its been over 4 weeks.

      • do you have a number I can contact to get my money back. Im a distributor and I have yet to receive any products and they have taken over $400 from my bank account but no one answers the phone or emails.

        • Hi I contacted my rep and she helped me this is what she said I did…

          Okay, here’s the issue. In looking at my back office when you placed your first initial order of tea you clicked the “Join Now” button as opposed to the “Shop” tab at the tab. Therefore, when you bought your order of tea you signed up as a distributor. By doing so you have created a monthly autoship where your charge will get charged every month. To stop this from happening you would have to call customer service at 586-716-2044 (option #4) & give them your IBO (Independent Business Owner) number & explain that you didn’t mean to sign up as a rep & that you want to opt out. I cannot call & do this for you because you are a rep & all reps have to call to get out themselves. Let me explain to you that when you call be prepared to be on hold for at least 50 minutes before someone picks up….but they will pick up.

          Hope this helps!

      • Xavier, can you help me get my order or money back? It’s been over a month, and I’ve tried calling and emailing, but no answer and no response. I’ve reached out to the upline but they can’t get a response either.

    • Contact me by email…When I say it works….Believe me it does!!! My before and after pictures have sold the product. All I do is take orders. Love it!!!
      Contact me about your interest to become a distributor. Well worth it. You will be helping mankind in the process!

        • It takes a gallon of water to make the tea. So I purchase a gallon of water every week to make sure I’m using the right amount of water. It will taste watery. Just add one lemon to the tea to give it a little taste. You can also add honey or cinnamon.

        • It took me about a month to get my tea, but it was worth the wait. I have been on the tea for one month and a week. I have lost 15lbs. So the tea speaks for itself..

          • Tina,
            Seems like this boat is getting bigger. I placed 2 orders one in January and February. I was told ALL order were in back orders due to the high volume. I moved out of state and fave the new address. I receive. An email in March that the order was shipped to the old address. I’ve called and emailed and no response from anyone now!! Its now APRIL , still no product or money back.

        • Hi Dion,
          Too much water my slow you down but it’s still good to drink. Next batch pay attention to that and make sure to let it sit. I let mine sit for about 24 hours. I want it potent.

    • I can help anyone interested in becoming a distributor or purchasing the products! Total Life Changes has literally changed my life! I am 25 and have Polycystic Kidney Disease and enrolled in the company with a negative bank account! I made over $400 dollars my first month and the products are doing miracles on my body! I have NEVER felt better. Get healthy and wealthy with me!!

        • Kristine, If you would like to order follow my link and we can get that started. Or feel free to email me with any questions and I will also send you more information

        • Hi Kristine,
          I would love to give you some information and have you join the team. Check out my site. If you have any other questions you can email me I love it.

      • I don’t have one yet. I am trying to find a distributor in Chesterfield or Richmond, Va. that I can join with to sell this product. The computer gives me names of out of state people. Can you tell me how to find them?


        • Hi Louise,
          You don’t have to join with anyone in your specific city or state. We are nationwide. If you would like to join just go to my site, click join now and follow the prompts. I would love to walk you through it though, email me and we can make an appointment for a phone call to walk you through set up.

      • Why are yall marketing like that? You do NOT have to spend a minimum of $200 to become a distributor…stop ripping ppl off and not genuinely helping them…it only takes $40 to become a distributor…I can tell if ppl sign up with you, you don’t help or teach them the business…

    • You can become a distributor by going to my website above, and becoming a member, and in order to become one you have to spend a miminum of 200 dollars but that will go on your own supply, I started off with the tea and is losing weight daily

    • I can help u become a distributor if u haven’t become one already I am one with total life changes in mobile . love the company. Also u can I can sign u up tomorrow for special price they are running now of only 40 to join.

      • Hello Lorena if you are still interested in becoming a distributor, please let me know, you can also give me a call and we can talk if you like

    • Hello, Lorena I can help you with that. I can help you get started becoming a distributor. give you step by step instructions on how to get started, advice and mentor-ship which is need. I don’t recommend join under someone that is not going to help you so if your interested in working with me, I would love to have you on my team please message me on facebook.

    • Hey Lorena have you joined with anyone in TLC? I see that this bogger is not a representative. I would be happy to help you.


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