10 Easy To Follow & Do Weight Loss Techniques You Can Try At Home


Weight loss doesn’t just involve dietary regulations. There is much more to be done than simply watching what you eat. It is, of course, expected that you will cut down some pounds when you eat less food. However, also remember that your metabolism slows down eventually when doing this for an extended period of time. This happens as the body undergoes changes when adapting to the new condition.

If you monitor your weight while cutting down on your food intake, you will soon realize that your weight doesn’t change as much as you’d expect. For those that do lose a few pounds with diet alone, it is also easy to gain them back after a short time.

Working out is part and parcel of any weight loss program. Exercising helps you build muscles. Under normal circumstances, your body’s metabolism increases when the body firms up as a result of exercising.

When you binge out occasionally, you will soon realize that your weight stabilizes over time. Strengthening your inner and outer body is the single most important reason for working out.

In addition, working out helps your body establish energy reserves that can help you tolerate unusual days. You are also in a better position to manage stress and daily frustrations.

At Home Weight Loss Techniques

If you happen to hit the nearby local gym, you will find a ton of workouts all at your disposal. Being a beginner, knowing which workout best suits you may be a challenge. To eliminate the hassle of frequent gym visits, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics behind multiple at home workouts.

Below is a list of the various at home weight loss techniques and workouts and a brief description under each:

1. Aerobics

These are a form of physical exercises that have varying intensity. They enable the body to utilize oxygen. When doing aerobics, the heart, lungs, and blood vessels are some of the body’s organs that are strengthened. A few of the most popular aerobic workouts include swimming, jogging, treadmill, and running.

2. Bodyweight Squats

Most individuals find this exercise difficult. However, it is actually very easy on the nervous system. For this reason, most individuals can do as many as 50 squats per day. Doing bodyweight squats helps to improve the body’s range of motion, especially along the hips. This exercise is somewhat akin to knee bends so that one can keep the glutes and the legs firm.

3. Pull-ups

Basically, these are a range of pulling motions in the upper body. Suspending oneself on a bar is the most common type of pull-up. Pull-ups rely on upper body strength and are completed by pulling yourself up using only your arms. In order to concentrate on your arms, your legs must stay fixed as you pull your weight up.

4. Step-ups

Step-ups strengthen your glutes and quads. They involve upward and downward movements of your legs as if you are trying to go up a flight of steps. Both the experienced and beginners do step-ups and can adjust their workout intensity by increasing step height, adding more weight, and attempting quicker moves.

If you find squats difficult, you may appreciate step-ups more. They are easier to do because, unlike squats, they don’t exert excessive pressure on joints along the knees, back, and hips.

5. Planks

Planks are some of the best exercises that can improve your abdominal strength and benefit your core. This exercise involves hovering in order to improve stability and increase strength. You may choose to face the ground on your elbows or hands. You can choose the style that best works for you. Additionally, you can explore other options such as twists and leg lifts.

6. One-Leg Romanian Deadlift

The one-leg Romanian deadlift is one unusual exercise. It is a functional and resistance training whose objective is to strengthen the posterior chain. The major focus is on strengthening the hamstrings and the glutes as one bends hips horizontally. When doing the one-leg Romanian deadlift, the lower back gets strengthened isometrically.

As suggested in the name, this exercise requires you to balance your entire weight on one leg. It is much easier to do and exerts less pressure on the back compared to the traditional Romanian deadlift.

7. Stick-ups

Stick-ups are great at relieving stress, and only lasts a minute or two. They are executed by standing against the wall with the feet 6 inches away. You then stick your hands up and ensure they touch the wall at all times.

To complete the workout, you slide your arms downwards and tuck the elbow. This exercise may seem to be the simplest, however, that is far from the truth. Slouching makes this workout a lot harder than it ought to be. Nonetheless, stick-ups work great at improving posture.

8. Shoulder Press Pushup

This exercise works out shoulders and triceps. It involves mounting the feet on a bench with hands on a mat or floor. You then bring your entire weight down and push it back after assuming a vertical position and lifting your hips. It is a difficult exercise that requires you to practice and increase your strength first before doing it seamlessly.

9. Abdominal Hold

This exercise is loved by those that desire to have a rocking bikini body. All you need is a sturdy chair. It involves sitting on a chair, assuming an upright posture, tightening the abs and lifting the legs at least 4 inches off the floor.

10. Push-ups

These are perhaps the most popular calisthenic exercises that are performed when one is in a prone position. Push-ups simply involve lifting the body up using your arms. They focus on working out your deltoids, pectoral muscles, and triceps.

What Needs to Be Done?

Despite the fact that most individuals are pretty much aware of the health benefits of working out, most opt for alternative exercises to avoid hitting the gym. This is one of the reasons behind the rising cases of obesity.

If you are committed to cutting down on your weight, you definitely have to take a step, or few, and try these at home weight loss techniques. If working out doesn’t seem to work for you, consider supplements.

Along the journey of becoming slimmer and healthier, you will be inspired greatly. However, in order to keep off those extra pounds for good, your attitude towards healthy living must change.

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