10 Best Ways to Lose Weight Faster – Top How To Tips Starting Today?


Not everyone loses weight as fast as they would wish. We have to tweak our diets and change our training to achieve our own best weight loss results. For most people, the first instinct is to reduce their caloric intake, but that has very detrimental effects in the long term. Instead of trying to cut down your caloric intake, go right ahead and try some of the techniques below. Most of them might not work for everyone, but you can’t miss one that works for you.

  • Incorporate Intermittent Eating

Intermittent fasting that allows a small feeding window has proved a success for many people, especially men. The idea here to ensure your body cuts down on the storage of fats. You need to keep a window of 8 hours from your last meal before taking another one. This further improves your insulin sensitivity, allowing you to eat a wide variety of foods.

In between the eating hours, you can engage in your favorite cardio exercise. You don’t have to do this trick for a long time, especially for women as there are long term side effects on the hormones.

  • Get Your Omegas In Good Order

Most people have always used fish oils to supplement their weight loss goals. Omega fatty acids have been shown to have a wide variety of benefits, and there is nothing wrong with using them. Taking 100mg of CLA will help enhance your overall health and leave you in good condition. Remember, the omega fatty acids might not necessarily help you with fat loss, but when losing weight, you don’t want to give your general health a backseat.

  • Get A Full Day’s Rest

While most people might not be into the idea of a skipping a day from their workout, a full day of rest is highly recommended. You just need to listen to your body and respond to it accordingly. Are you feeling pains, headaches, and discomfort? These are signs that your body is crying for a full day of rest. Whether you are looking to get stronger or leaner, rest is so important to give the body time to recover. Always ensure you rest well and go harder the next day!

  • Work Harder On Your Form

Most people have the tendencies of slowing down when they hit top form and think they have reached their goals. You need to maximize on your good form and go even harder. Do not cheat your body with fewer reps just because your energy levels have gone down. Look to concentrate and put more focus on specific muscle groups. You might have a lower volume workout, but the results will be more effective when you focus on each muscle contraction.

  • Carbohydrate Cycle

One way to effect better weight loss is to cycle your carbs depending on your training and non-training days. This simply means you need to eat more carbs on days when you’re training and half of your carbs on days when you’re doing light cardio or not training at all. This is a very effective strategy that helps prevent the storage of fats, instead restoring more glycogen in the muscles. This also helps fight the metabolic crash that most low-calorie diets have while keeping a strong satiety signal throughout your body.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to eat on your training days, fiber is a good choice that stays in the stomach for longer. Whey protein is also a good protein to give you all the protein macros your body requires.

  • Know About The Energy Balance Equation

The general rule is that calories consumed must be less than the calories burned. However, the challenge here for most people is how to create that deficit. Creating a steady cardio plan is one of the best ways to create a calorie deficit in your body and balance the energy equation. 20-25 minutes a day of cardio training coupled with increased resistance is good enough to burn a decent amount of calories. In between the sets, one needs to engage in high-intensity training for about 90 seconds.

  • Supplement With L-Arginine

L-arginine is one of the best weight loss pills in the market and one that can help you lose weight fast. The carnitine supplementation has been known to boost the activity of the beta-oxidation pathways, which increases metabolism in the body. Basically, what you will be doing here is increasing the body’s fat burning potential.

While this supplement remains effective, you don’t have to rely on it fully. It is advised that you couple it with exercises. L-arginine, especially for vegetarians, remains highly recommended if you’re planning to lose weight. A dosage of 1.5 grams of this supplement is enough to stimulate fat loss and increase energy levels in most people.

  • Do Not Stress Over Your Meals

If you’re the kind of person that weighs his food to the last grams, then you need to drop this habit. It might be weighing you down and causing you more stress. You don’t need to have any stress about your eating. Have an eating plan and stick to it without making silly mistakes. Preparing all the food you need when hungry might be a problem, so take a day during the weekend and prepare food for the whole week. A whole week’s food is a week worth of muscle fueling.

  • Perform Compound Supersets

Most people who exercise tend to include compound exercises and workouts that are quite efficient. While this is a good idea, there is nothing wrong with adding compound supersets like the bench press and squat. This works to your favor, working out more muscles fibers within a short period and burning more calories than expected.

  • Do Drop Sets

Drop sets are exercises performed at heavyweights until one fails. This is then followed by dropping the weight and doing more reps until another failure. This is a very effective way of turning your metabolism furnace on and getting to burn as much calories as possible. However, you must intake enough carbs and make sure you don’t overdo the drop sets.


Next time you want to lose weight, don't just think of exercising and cutting out your calorie intake. There are so many ways you can lose weight and the above ways can help you achieve your set goals.

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