Biomagnetism – Non-Invasive Biomagnetic Therapy For Optimum Health?


Most of the methods used in clearing bacteria and other infections from your body have been the application of modern and traditional medicine. These are the two methods everybody trusts and uses to keep the body well. Since the two are recognized, they have been widely popularized as good ways to promote excellent for the body’s health.

The use of traditional medicine and treatment encompasses the use of herbs and other traditional supplements. It’s the most preferably for ailments which can be helped by either method, as the extracts are gotten directly from nature.

Modern medicine is comprised of chemicals that are well regulated to give high standards. When treating and balancing the different components of the body, many will find it easier when using modern medicine.

All in all, the two methods are essential and geared towards giving you the best body recovery possible. There is now a new way in which you can eliminate the body’s inconsistencies, such as excessive iron or reduced iron in the body.

This method is called biomagnetism. The method works by the use of magnets. It’s a new deal in the world of medicine and the initiators are glad because it is bearing good results as it spreads worldwide. This has led to its establishment in major universities worldwide.

In this article, we will focus mostly on the possible befits and side effects that can come with the use of biomagnetic therapy (biomagnetism). At the end of this article, you will be able to know what biomagnetism entails and how you can benefit from it as compared to other methods such as the use of modern medication or traditional medication.

What Is Biomagnetic Therapy (Biomagnetism)?

With more discoveries being unveiled, the medical world isn’t just standing still. The use of modern technology has encouraged innovations that matter a lot towards the wellness of our bodies.

The newest way is through the use of magnets to restore iron balances in the body and enable the body to function well. The methods focus on the modality of restoring and enhancing homeostasis.

Sometimes, the body is unable to achieve this balance due to various inhibiting factors such as high blood glucose and lower intake of minerals. Therefore, the use of biomagnetism ensures the balance is attained without surgery or internal medication. This method has been found to work well with other traditional combinations in restoring your body’s enzyme balance.

Biomagnetism was developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran in 1988. He applies biomagnetics by putting magnets in specific body areas to fight bacteria, virus parasites, and fungus that are the main cause of disease and other body illnesses. Other body dysfunctions are not caused by bacteria or a fungus. Instead, they come as a result of other external issues such as emotional imbalances. This can lead to negative impacts on your general body wellness. The only way one can deal with such imbalances effectively is through the use of biomagnetism as directed by Dr. Isaac.

Biomagnetism, therefore, uses two magnets to enhance its effectiveness. The two magnets will possess the positive and negative magnetic fields for better functioning. Biomagnetism ensures the body’s PH is balanced is in check, allowing the body to function well in various body parts to execute their functions easily. There is a saying that goes, ‘you are what you eat’. Well, this one is true as to what we consume daily.

The moment you ingest acidic or basic foods into your body, it automatically affects your PH and is likely to affect the normal functioning conditions. This will thereafter affect the way your body works and can result in other body conditions that come as a result of high or low PH.

Therefore, when the increase is witnessed, there is the need of rebalancing the PH to normal rates for better body functioning. Biomagnetism is the way forward as it works to restore this homeostasis.

The magnets applied will feature positive and negative polarity. The magnets are placed in different parts of the body for about 15 to 20 minutes. The imbalance at the targeted tissue will be corrected with the effect from the positive and negative polarity and once restored, the body assumes its normal functions, keeping you well.

Once your body’s PH is balanced, it promotes the elimination of pathogens that would have led to serious harm for your body. Since the body is made at least partially of magnetite, it’s easy for biomagnetism to function with the different magnetic fields being created.

In the human body, there is always a balanced magnetic field leading to proper body functioning. At any point where the imbalances occur, there is the need for restoration of the balance and this is detected with the use of biomagnetism, which strives to restore the balance. Therefore, biomagnetism both detects and corrects the imbalances.

Benefits Of Biomagnetism

Biomagnetism is an alternative to both modern medication and traditional medication. It is also a compliment to traditional medication. There are various benefits that come with the use of biomagnetism. Some of the top benefits are as follows.

  • Biomagnetism is easy to use and you can apply it at home. This saves you time and gives you the comfort of your home environment.
  • You do not need to keep replacing the magnets as often as you would medicine that is ingested. Therefore, by applying biomagnetism, it assures you of longtime use as it doesn’t deplete.
  • If you experience pain in your body, biomagnetism will target the root cause of the pain, unlike other methods that only target the symptoms.
  • Biomagnetism is the safest method for your body as the body already has a magnetic surface which occurs naturally. This makes the balancing easier.
  • The process is quick and will only take about 15 to 20 minutes. This will get you the desired results a few days or weeks.
  • The biomagnetism is affordable, as you can use the magnets over and over for several years.
  • You will also benefit from a balanced body with proper PH levels, making it easy for you to improve the body functions easily.
  • If you are suffering from ulcers, this is the fastest method to do away with the bacteria that cause the ulcers.
  • Psychosomatic disorders such as depression and anxiety can easily find their normal statuses through the use of biomagnetism.
  • Elevated energy levels are felt when biomagnetism is in place. This happens as the normal body functions are restored, hence giving your body energy.
  • Allergies have also been cured using biomagnetism effects and this enhances the body to produce the right environment for the digestion of various foods to occur.
  • The use of biomagnetism works perfectly with the human body and this will eliminate the pain and injuries caused by other methods such as injection and use of syrups that taste bad.

The above benefits are only some of the many benefits you are likely to experience as a result of biomagnetism. This is a clear indicator that biomagnetism is becoming popular and a worldwide alternative form of medication for you.

Side Effects That Come With Biomagnetism

The common side effects that come with this method are usually as a result of ignorance or lack of care. For example, before, you rush into treating a psychosomatic disorder, first, consult your doctor to ensure that it is a good option for you.

Otherwise, you are destined for negative and disappointing results. This is the reason why you need to consult your doctor before you make any move as far as the application of biomagnetism is concerned. The good news is that this process happens to have very few side effects and they are continuously reducing as more advanced methods are coming into place.

Biomagnetism Review Summary

Biomagnetism is growing very fast and its impact if being felt by many users who report positive results. With more research underway, nearly all body inconsistencies will find their correction by use of Biomagnetics.

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