Top Metabolism Boosting Whole Foods Groceries To Use & Buy In 2017


Boosting your metabolism can be a great way to kick start your day, burn more calories, and keep your weight under control. There are certain foods that are found in your local grocery store, though, that can boost your metabolism to keep it on the right track.

Today, we will be reviewing some top metabolism boosting foods that are easy to make and whos ingredients can be found in just about any grocery store. These are the great foods for you to purchase in order to keep your metabolism at full throttle!

Top Metabolism Boosting Whole Foods Groceries To Use & Buy In 2017:

#1: Cottage Cheese

While not everyone likes the idea of cottage cheese, it’s actually a pretty healthy food with many benefits.  It is tasty and full of vitamins and minerals, and can be used as a side dish, breakfast item, or even dessert when mixed with fruit.

The healthy fats that it contains help keep you feeling full for longer (so you aren’t mindlessly snacking), while the high protein content can help build and feed lean muscle and provide vital, lasting energy.

Keeping your body energized and your muscles fed is crucial to keeping a healthy metabolism and maintaining the right BMI for your height. Cottage cheese can be mixed with everything from pasta to fruit, and is even tasty by itself.

#2: Twice Baked Potatoes

This method of preparing the potatoes allows the nutrients to be kept in tact. Potatoes are a great source of starch and protein, which both supply the body with fuel. The protein content can help feed the muscles and the starch can provide lasting energy. It is almost completely fat free (depending on what you add to them for flavor) and is a guilt free food!

To prepare this delicious option, bake the potato like you normally would. Cut the potato in half, scoop out the insides, and put it in a bowl. Place the empty potato skins on the baking pan again while you mix the potato insides with whatever you like (hint: you can mix cottage cheese from the previous step in to double boost metabolism!).

After it is mixed, scoop the mixture back into the potato shells and place in the oven for another 10 minutes.

#3: Chocolate Cottage Cheesecake Mousse

Sweets generally are not typically recognized as a top choice to boost metabolism and maintain a healthy weight. This is a delicious dessert that can help boost metabolism and a guilt free chocolate option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Add a metabolism boosting spice on top (ginger, cinnamon, turmeric) for a kick of flavor and a double metabolism boost!

To make this delicious dessert, visit this website for the recipe:

 #4: Matcha Powder

Matcha is a green tea powder that is concentrated and packed with antioxidants and health boosting nutrients. It is a versatile super food that can be added to desserts, drinks, breading, and more! Matcha can help combat free radicals, boost metabolism and energy, and can even help block your body from absorbing fat.

Many people like the taste of matcha as a drink, but if you don’t you can sprinkle a bit on dessert, put some in your herb chicken seasoning, or even make a recipe for a matcha-mole (guacamole with matcha in it) for a snack here:

This recipe is especially effective for boosting metabolism because the good fats in the avocados are great for you as well, and when mixed with the antioxidant properties of the matcha, makes a super food a super snack.

#5: Navy Beans

Navy beans are versatile beans, and can be added to soups, salads, snacks, and even eat them on their own as a side dish. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and can help boost your metabolism by adding crucial fiber to your diet. They can help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure as well.

Dr. Oz has a delicious recipe for navy bean hummus that you can find here: for an easy to make, super food packed snack perfect for any time. It’s a great source of protein and can boost the metabolism by feeding the muscles and allowing them to go harder for longer.

Because there is so much fiber in these beans, they are also great for keeping your digestive system working and regular.

#6: Red Quinoa Stuffed Artichokes

Red Quinoa Stuffed Artichokes can be a meal that attacks your metabolism from different angles. It is packed with super foods, nutrients, and is only 150 calories per serving! Red quinoa is a known super food that is packed with nutrients and will help keep you feeling full. Artichokes are delicious and great to the metabolism and digestive system.

This dish packs a punch with other metabolism boosting ingredients: vinegar, plant proteins, and fiber.  If you choose to add onions and garlic, it can boost the metabolism even further! It can help reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and help your body metabolize fat.

You can learn how to make them here:

Top Metabolism Boosting Whole Foods Groceries To Use & Buy In 2017 Conclusion!

All of these items can help boost your metabolism while providing crucial vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and more. They are a great way to supplement your diet without having to add capsules, and can help you build better eating habits for weight management and healthy living.

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