11 Healthy Anti-Aging Skincare Ways To Win The War On Wrinkles


The war against wrinkles is a tireless and continuous one. Following the New Year, many Americans are working towards a new and improved appearance.

Specifically, many concerned citizens seek to destroy once-and-for-all the sometimes aesthetically unappealing wrinkles.

Though the fight against the pesky blemishes is far from an easy one, Scott Gerrish, MD, skin care specialist from Virginia, has some good news. Saying that “there are steps you can take to lessen and even reverse wrinkles,” Gerrish believes that there is still hope for the warriors in the fight against wrinkles.

11 Simple Everyday Tips to Defeat your Wrinkles

— Stay out of the Sun– Though many Americans understand the threat the sun presents to the skin, few understand the full risk of sun-exposure on the body’s most important organ. Avoid dark colors when out in the sun, and don’t be afraid to stay close to the shade!

— Put on a Splash of Sunscreen – Dr. Gerrish also articulated the importance of chemical protection from the sun. Saying that “sunscreen of SPF 15” is ideal for most Americans, this professional believes the benefits of sunscreen to be expansive.

— Avoid Pollutants – Smoke, gasoline, and even everyday pollutants native to the city can be disastrous for the skin. Avoid entering areas where such pollution is prominent for the best wrinkle-related results.

— Start a Program, and Stick with it! – There is no substitute to a continuous skin care regimen. Across the internet exist thousands of reviews of different anti-aging skin care programs. Consumers should consult a physician in order to choose the system that is right for them.

— Avoid Smoking –Among the detriments of smoking, few are as physically observable as its effect on the skin. Smoke dries out the skin, depriving it of oxygen and water. As a result, smoking is a surefire way to destroy any progress in the realm of anti-aging.

In fact, Dr. Breiner, Maryland doctor of internal medicine, elaborates on the scientific link of smoke inhalation to wrinkles, saying that “The amount of cigarette consumption and the number of years you have smoked are correlated with an increase in premature wrinkles.”

— Don Some Stylish Shades – The sensitive areas under the eyelids are incredibly susceptible to the development of signs of aging. One way that consumers can avoid the pitfalls of the sun is to wear UV-protecting sunglasses, especially when the day is a bright one.

— Avoid Sleeping on the Stomach – Though it may be most comfortable to lay with your face on the pillow, many dermatologists argue that the development of sleep lines is detrimental to anti-aging efforts. With your eyes constantly being pressed on by the pillow, wrinkles in this important under-eye location are all-too prominent.

— Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! – Most Americans understand the importance of moisturizer in skin care. But its effects on wrinkles are nothing short of incredible. The rejuvenating effect of even the simplest moisturizers can help Americans look much younger.

— Keep Exercising – Medical doctor Breiner also speaks volumes about the importance in regular cardiovascular exercise in the war on wrinkles. “It gets your cardiovascular system going, which is great for getting needed nutrients and oxygen to your skin,” Breiner explains. As a result, eager Americans should embrace exercise to make their skin cleaner and healthier.

–Diet is Key – As a general rule of thumb, Americans should seek to live off of a diet heavy in anti-oxidants, Omega Three minerals, and a variety of other minerals so integral to the anti-aging process. Fresh-caught Atlantic salmon should become a staple of the diet of an American seeking to fight the aging process.

— Stress Less – The chemical effects of stress on the skin are well-documented. In order to get the most out of your anti-aging process, take a walk, meditate, and let your skin chill out for a while!

The first step in any skin care plan is always to maintain maximum health. In order for the body to perform its best, it needs to be the best.

Aging is a natural process from which no Americans are exempt. However, the continuous fight against aging’s best warrior, wrinkles, rages on.

This year, Americans who want to win the war should consider these simple steps to get a leg-up. Working against the signs of aging is hard, but not impossible. With hard work and dedication, the lifelong battle against aging can be won.


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