Collagen Silica Supplements – Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Health Benefits?


Collagen Silica Supplements have been around for years in the health and beauty aisle of millions of grocery stores and pharmacies all across the world.

They are considered, by researchers and consumers alike, to be two of the best supplements for getting and maintaining beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

Women all over the world use these supplements on a daily basis to improve the look, feel, and overall health of their hair and skin. Collagen is found naturally in your body in places that you might not have considered before.

Collagen is most known for keeping your skin tight and plump, giving you that youthful look and glow to your skin. It can also be found in your muscles, tendons, and even your bones.

This helps create a network inside your body that provides you with the strength that your body needs. Silica is actually used to help your body make collagen, so the two go hand in hand when it comes to keeping your hair, skin, and nails looking their best.

You can also find silica in your nails naturally, which helps to give them strength and to prevent them from cracking or breaking off. If you find that you do have brittle nails, that is a good indicator that you do not have enough silica in your body.

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How To Tell If You Have A Silica Deficiency

There are a few ways to determine if you are lacking silica or collagen in your body. Of course, as we age, we begin to lose elasticity in our skin which causes wrinkles and sagging skin, but there are other ways to tell if you need a little boost.

Thinning Hair

A good number of both men and women will begin to lose their hair as they age, and while some of this is due to their genetics, some of it has to do with a loss in silica or collagen.

If your hair is coming out in clumps in the shower or you start to shed similar to your dog, you might need to look into adding a collagen or silica supplement into your diet. Bald spots and brittle hair that breaks off at the slightest touch are also indicators of a problem.


Our skin will dry out and can turn a reddish color if we are not moisturizing our skin the way we should be. However, if you are applying a lotion or cream on a daily basis and you are still noticing a redness or patchiness to your skin it can be an indicator of a lack of silica in your body. Patchy, red skin can be bothersome, irritating, and sometimes embarrassing for people.

Just by adding a silica or collagen supplement, you can give your skin that youthful glow that it once had.


Your nails need more than just silica and collagen to make them healthy and help them to grow. You also need calcium in your body to help give your nails some added strength. If you find that you are getting enough calcium in your diet, but you still have a problem with dry, cracked, or brittle nails, adding a silica supplement can do wonders for you.

Silica is found naturally in our nails and by adding a supplement into the mix, you are more likely to see a huge improvement in your nails than you would with just calcium in your diet.

Why Silica Is Important

As we age, we lose the amount of silica and collagen in our bodies. This is why children have extremely soft hair, are flexible, and have no wrinkles in their skin. Children have more collagen in their bodies and you are able to find silica in large quantities as well.

We need silica in our bodies to help produce collagen, without it, collagen cannot form. In addition to helping to keep our skin soft, plump, and wrinkle free, collagen also holds our bodies together.

We have collagen in our joints, skin, our teeth and gums, and other places in our bodies. So, it is very important that we keep enough silica in your system to help our body form the collagen we need to stay together. You can actually find some forms of silica in rock formations and plants as well, so it is an abundant mineral found naturally.

Commons Sources Of Silica

You can also find silica in certain foods like oats, barley, and wheat. However, because most of the these foods are processed before they are in a form that we consume, you are not going to be able to get the full amount of silica that you need.

In most cases, you may not be getting any silica at all from these foods due to the processes that they go through before they are ready to eat. Because of this, most people choose to use a silica supplement to make sure that they are getting the proper amount that they need on a regular basis.

On average most people will get around 60 milligrams of silica a day, however, research has indicated that you really need about 375mg a day to ensure that you are getting the required daily amount.

Because you need such a large amount of silica on a daily basis to help maintain collagen creation in your body, more often than not, your only choice is going to be a supplement that can be taken daily.

You will need to do some research to make sure that you are purchasing a supplement that can be taken on a daily basis. Most supplements are safe for daily use, but you will need to follow the dosage instructions so you are not taking more than you should.

If you have supplement questions, make an appointment with your medical doctor or consult your local pharmacist to see what the maximum number of capsules are that can be taken in one day.

Precautions Regarding Collagen Silica Supplements

Before you begin taking any type of silica supplement, you will want to consult with your medical doctor as he or she knows you and your history. Some supplements can have negative interactions with other prescription drugs, causing the prescription to become ineffective.

There is a chance that you can also be allergic to some of the ingredients in silica supplements, so you will want to check all of the ingredients and try to find one that is all natural.

It would also be beneficial to you to have your doctor check your levels and see how much silica you actually need in your system. While you want to make sure that you are getting enough, you don’t want to have too much and overload your system.

Research studies have indicated that many of our age-related problems are due to a lack of collagen in the body. When the collagen in our bodies begin to break down, we also lose strength in our bones, joints, and skin.

You can experience problems with food digestion and even a hardening of your arteries. So, while it may seem like a lack of silica and collagen is more of a vain, beauty thing, it is something that can be potentially severe if you do not stay on top of your levels.

This is why it is important to make sure that while you are at your yearly checkup that you have your doctor review those levels as well.

This is a way to keep yourself healthy and ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis. You can find silica and collagen supplements at your local supermarket, health store, or pharmacy.

Try finding a supplement that is completely natural with all of the ingredients so you are able to get all of the minerals and nutrients from the silica without anything added to it. If you are new to taking a supplement, you might want to try your local health store.

The employees are trained to help you find the right supplement for you. If you are looking at trying different brands and dosages, you will want to find a smaller bottle to start off with. Just like prescription medications, supplements also expire.

Make sure that you are getting enough for at least two weeks for a proper trial, but not so much that if you choose to go with a different brand that you will be out money on a larger bottle.

Benefits Of Taking Silica

By now you should be ready to purchase your bottle of silica supplements, but you may be wondering what all of the different benefits are. There are many benefits to taking a silica or collagen supplement, but we are going to touch base on nine of them.

These are the ones that are the most common problems and benefits that you will see when it comes to collagen and silica. These are naturally occurring problems, as well as some diseases that you might be able to help prevent or help slow the progression of the disease.

Connective Tissue

These tissues are joints, ligaments, and muscles in our bodies that will lose their elasticity as we age. The silica and collagen supplements are taken to help restore the collagen needed to strengthen and support these tissues as we age. This will help them to remain strong and will slow the process of tissue breakdown.

Bone Support

While it is widely known that we need calcium to help keep our bones strong and in proper working order, we also need silica and collagen in our bones. Research has indicated that it is actually impossible to grow bones without the aid of silica and collagen in our bodies.

There are research studies being conducted now to see if silica supplements would work better for bone growth and strength instead of calcium.

However, since that is still a work in progress, making sure to get a silica supplement in addition to plenty of calcium is very important.

Oral Health

We all know that making sure to brush our teeth twice a day and see our dentist twice a year is vital to our oral health. Did you know that taking a silica supplement can also be vital to your oral health?

Because our teeth are made of material that is similar to bone, collagen helps them to grow and stay strong. Therefore, taking a silica supplement will help make sure that we have the collagen needed in order to have healthy teeth and gums. You might be able to find a toothpaste that has silica in it, but your best bet is to use a supplement on a daily basis.

Cardiovascular Support

Silica is vital to our arteries; this is one time that we need just the silica itself and not actually collagen. Silica helps to keep our arteries clear and to prevent the build up of plaque that leads to the hardening of arteries.

It allows the arteries to remain open and keep the blood flowing to your internal organs, by doing this you are lowering your risk of heart disease and other heart related issues.

This is vital because heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States.

Digestive Issues

At some point in our lives, we will all have digestive or stomach issues. Most of those will be caused by something spicy that we ate, or maybe too much food in our systems. This problem of a breakdown in our digestive tract happens over time as we age.

Our G.I. tract will break down, which can cause severe pain and discomfort when trying to digest food, but it can also make it nearly impossible to digest food properly. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are letting your doctor know if you are having any problems during or after you eat.

Silica supplements can help repair any damaged tissue in your stomach and also to keep those tissues healthy after they have been repaired.

Immune System

Silica supplements producing collagen can help to keep our skin tissue healthy. By doing so, we are able to keep our immune system healthy and free of nasty, unwanted diseases.

The silica itself will help to boost our immune systems and allow our bodies to create a defense against colds and disease. In effect, they are able to do two things for our bodies in this instance, keep our skin tissue healthy and also boost our immune systems.

Healing Properties

Silica not only helps with keeping our skin tissues healthy all of the time, it also helps us when our skin is injured. Silica has healing properties to help us heal faster if we have a cut, burn, or scrape.

Depending on how often you take a silica supplement will reflect on how quickly your skin will be able to regrow any damaged skin. This should be noted that even though silica has those healing properties, it should not replace seeing a medical doctor in the event of a severe skin injury.

You would still need some type of medical treatment unless you simply cut yourself while cooking or something similar to that.

Hair, Skin, and Nails

This is certainly the most popular use for silica and collagen supplements around the world. For years silica and collagen have been known for their ability to regrow hair, and breathe life back into tired and sagging skin.

They can also help you keep your nails from becoming brittle and breaking off. You can also find supplements at the supermarket or health store that are geared specifically for your hair, skin, and nails. These supplements also have added ingredients that will help speed up the process and give you the best result you can get.

Aluminum Elimination

Research studies have indicated that a contributing factor of Alzheimer’s disease is aluminum. So while taking a silica supplement could be important in helping to delay this disease, there is no guarantee. Again, this is why is it so important to make sure that you are seeing your doctor on a yearly basis.

Before You Begin

Almost everything in our bodies needs collagen in some form or another, and in order to obtain that collagen, we need silica. Collagen cannot form without silica to help it, and since we are unable to get a good amount of silica in our foods, we need to take silica supplements.

You most certainly do not have to take a silica supplement if you do not want to, but you would be surprised at just how helpful it can be to you and your body.

Most people might be hesitant about taking a supplement, especially one like silica because you do need around 375mg a day for it to really be effective. However, there is certainly no harm in giving it a trial run for two weeks to see if it is something that you might be interested in continuing on a regular basis.

Your medical doctor will be able to examine you and assess your individual situation when it comes to silica and collagen. He or she will make sure that if you are on a silica supplement that you are not taking it more than you need to and that you are only getting the amount that your body needs.

Just like it is dangerous to take too many prescription medications, it can also do you more harm than good if you are also taking more supplements than you should be. This is why it is important to only take the exact dosage that is listed on the bottle, you should only take more than suggested if it is directed to you by your doctor.

Silica and collagen are an important and vital part of our bodies and we need to make sure that we are taking the steps to keep them in our bodies. And while we cannot stop the aging process entirely, we can help to slow it down and also slow down certain diseases that we are prone to have as we age.

Before you begin taking a silica or collagen supplement, please consult with your medical doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to add a supplement. You will also need to make sure you choose a supplement that is right for you.

If you do not need a silica supplement for hair, skin, or nails, you don’t want to choose one that is specifically geared towards those areas. More often than not, you will be able to find a more generic silica supplement that will give you what you are looking for in a broader sense. This will allow you to take the supplement and build up your collagen without having to buy one for a specific problem that you might be having.

Let your doctor know all of the medications that you are currently taking, some supplements can interact negatively with prescriptions and cause the prescriptions to not work properly.

Collagen Silica Supplements Final Words

Making sure that you are getting the proper amount of silica in your everyday life is very important. And because you will not be able to get silica from any foods that you eat due to how many times the food is processed, silica supplements are truly the only way to make sure that you are getting enough.

Let your doctor know if you are having any signs or symptoms of the medical conditions listed, this will help them to determine what type and how much of a silica supplement that you need.

Because you can also obtain a silica supplement in prescription form, this might make it easier on you to get the exact amount that you need instead of simply guessing and hoping that you are right. Taking the time to do your own research and consult with your medical doctor are among the most important things you can do when it comes to adding a silica supplement to your routine.

You want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need when you need it.

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