GMO Wheat Trials – Genetically Modified Crops Health Impact?


Consuming foods that are gluten free has grown very popular. Digestive problems are on the rise and this is because of the prevalence of wheat allergies. Many people believe that most of our wheat is primarily genetically modified.

However, what most people are not aware of is that there is more to the story in this situation. Did you know that there is no uniform standard to genetically modified wheat? That means there is currently no genetically modified wheat in the mass market. This means that the public perception that wheat is genetically modified is incorrect.

There is a chance that this will change in Europe. There is a group by the name of the Rothamsted Research Group and it is working with other British Universities in order to develop and refine genetically modified wheat. In fact, these universities are in the process of conducting trials of the wheat that they have genetically modified.

The leader of the soil association believes that the trial should be shut down. It is his belief that the genetically modified crop as it’s having more tests done, will become antibiotic resistant and more lethal as a result. Scientific studies have indicated GMO crops contaminate other crops that do not have GMOs. This is cross contamination and it can produce quite negative effects for the yield of the crops.

Did you know that Switzerland bans GMO testing in the open field? GMO companies use other countries where there are not such restrictions in order to conduct their GMO trials. Sometimes, they purchase/lease land and conduct their trials without the knowledge of people who gave it to them.

In the year of 2013, it was discovered that the Oregon wheat supply was contaminated from GMO crops near the area. The contamination occurred ten years ago. Because of this stunning discovery, an abrupt halt of the export of wheat had to be done.

Countries within Asia and the European Union have strict regulations on GMO foods. If non-GMO foods have a single trace of GMO – the food gets rejected and turned away. This harms the ability of farmers to make profits from their crops. Their crops gets contaminated because of GMO testing and their profits are hurt as a result.

It is not unreasonable to request the GMO producers to provide more information about where their tests are being conducted. What makes this worse, is that the federal government of the United States protects these GMO companies from not revealing the location of their tests. This harms farmers who do not utilize GMO crops. It impacts them negatively and it is the wrong thing to do.

GMO Crops Do More Harm Than Good

The lamestream media does not report the real news. They do not report the impacts and dangers of GMO. Most people think that GMO foods are safe. They are not. People in the know are in denial of the reality on the harms of GMO. Scientists who are not corrupted/biased by the establishment can confirm that GMOs are harmful and must be eliminated from this world.

GMO foods ruin the health of humans, animals, and our crops. Most GMOs are created to withstand dangerous pesticides and herbicides that these companies create. Isn’t that ironic? They need crops that resist their poisons. How about stop using the poisons and you won’t need the GMO crops to begin with?

One of the best-selling herbicides is called Roundup. Did you know that this product contains an ingredient by the name of glyphosate? The people at the World Health Organization have declared this a very harmful substance. It is a carcinogen This means that this substance can lead to the development of cancer, and that’s within the best-selling herbicides around the planet? This should concern you.

Why There May Be Legitimacy to People Who Are Concerned About Gluten Foods

More and more people are being wary of glyphosate. People are now suspecting that this substance may be the reason why people are so sensitive to gluten. More and more evidence is coming out that glyphosate is the real culprit to many of the problems that people face such as inflammation. This is all present in processed foods and certain goods that are baked.

One of the biggest reasons why Monsanto created Roundup Ready Crops was to withstand their powerful herbicides. The crops were designed to withstand the intensity of their own product. All of this is done in the name of eliminating bugs that harm the crops. It’s all designed to get rid of weeds that they do not like.

However, there’s glyphosate in the herbicides. A dangerous and harmful substance, which means that the crops need to be designed to handle the glyphosate. The crops absorb the glyphosate. And, when people have to consume these foods – they get exposure to the glyphosate as a result.

People who consume foods that are not organic and are GMO foods will receive 90% exposure to the glyphosate. It’s a very dangerous level of exposure. This is quite literally poisoning your body with an extremely dangerous substance that has been declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Animals are not spared in this process either. They consume GMO crops and as a result they get an exposure to the glyphosate as well. Humans end up consuming the meat and receive exposure. There’s just no way around it if you are eating non-GMO foods. This is why it’s highly recommended that you eat clean organic food.

You need to trust where the food is coming from. Independent scientists were able to successfully reverse engineer many of the herbicides. They ended up finding that there’s even more dangerous chemicals that are being put on the herbicides. Companies do not disclose the use of these ingredients because they don’t have to.

Government agencies like the EPA have protected these companies by not holding these companies accountable. They allow glyphosate to be used in their GMO crops and harming so many people and animals. An EPA whistleblower has even confirmed that research that indicates the dangers of glyphosate is being actively suppressed. This shows that the EPA serves the interests of the corporations that benefit from GMO crops. It’s a sad reality.

There’s even a lawsuit that’s being filed by cancer survivors against the people who made Roundup. The claim is that their product is what led to their cancer. If true, then this just confirms the reality of the dangers of these herbicides and GMO crops. There are all sorts of people that have suffered as a result of glyphosate exposure. This is something that people are investigating and demanding justice for it.

Roundup is being actually used on wheat crops despite wheat not being genetically modified. Farmers have found that harvesting times can be reduced if the foods were dried/killed before the winter killed the crops. In order to do this, they needed to remove the moisture from the wheat. Roundup would be used to remove the moisture from their crops. This leads to the wheat getting heavy exposure to the glyphosate. This is a big problem as people are getting more and more exposure to this dangerous substance.

Glyphosate Creates More People With Gluten Sensitivity Problems

Glyphosate is known to combine with gluten that is found in foods. Glyphosate causes issues with the intestines and digestive system. This is what the independent scientists that are not corrupted by the establishment are saying.

Research has shown that people are developing gluten sensitive diseases during times when wheat is being exposed with herbicides that contain glyphosate in them. There are even cases of organic foods having small amounts of glyphosate in them.

The amount of glyphosate inside the organic crops is very small, but there shouldn’t be any whatsoever. The only reason for this is due to cross contamination. Unfortunately, for farmers that sell organic foods – importers will not tolerate any concentration of glyphosate that are present in crops.

There are many reasons why this cross contamination is occurring. The contamination could be occurring because of rain and water that is being used via irrigation. Planes spray herbicides/pesticides all the time, and so the wind might carry some of that stuff near organic farms.

If there are organic farms near the GMO crops, it could get exposure to herbicides/pesticides and be contaminated as a result. Barley crops have been the most affected from this contamination. As a result, the country’s beer industry is negatively impacted heavily. Barley is a key ingredient in the use of beer. Even the beer is getting heavy glyphosate exposure as a result.

GMO Wheat Trials Conclusion

The case is clear. Eat healthy organic food. You won’t regret it. You will feel safe, cleaner, healthier, improved mood, live longer, and so forth. You will enjoy so many benefits that you will never step back once you do it. You just need to live the organic lifestyle for a temporary period of time. Then you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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