Smart Drugs Side Effects – Dangerous Nootropic Health Risks?


Our mind is everything. It controls how we think, how we learn, and our body’s physiology. Yet speculations are that we are only using a fraction of its computing power. If you could unlock the hidden potentials stored in your brain, would you? We certainly would.

Recently there has been a spike in production of drugs known as nootropics, or as some call them “smart drugs.” The idea behind these drugs is that they can improve your cognitive function, help you maximize your productivity, and even help you achieve your full potential.

Generally, these drugs are safe and in some cases are presented as “neuroprotective agents” that are designed to preserve function and cognition.

Some researchers have even stated that these drugs are capable of preventing age-related cognitive degeneration, which can sometimes lead to dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently there has been nothing but great positivity whenever nootropics have been mentioned. They are thought of as a revolutionary drug without any side-effects.

Unfortunately, this failure to criticize this drug has led to recklessness when determining the possible dangers involved with intake of these types of drugs, especially in the long term. Although in general, nootropics have been dubbed as “safe,” we don’t think there has been enough long term research to determine their complete safety, especially in humans.

Furthermore, not all smart drugs are made with the same ingredients and designed to function the same way. This can make it very difficult to determine all the possible dangers that can come alongside taking these types of drugs.

Possible Factors That Can Influence The Dangers Of Smart Drugs

Just like with any drug that influences our system in one way or another, there are plenty of factors that can make it more dangerous.

When it comes to smart drugs, the two biggest factors are healthy development of the user’s brain and the dosage of the drug which is being consumed overtime.

These aren’t the only two factors. You can also look at the length of time that the drug is being used, the frequency of use, and the specific chemical compound of the nootropic. Let’s take a look at some factors which can alter the safety of smart drugs.

1. Dosage

This is one of the most important factors when talking about the safety of any drug, not just smart drugs. There is a lot of evidence that demonstrates extremely fluctuating effects when altering the dosage of nootropics.

Some nootropics have shown high levels of stimulation of the areas of the brain which are related with substance abuse and dependence, although this has been linked to high dosage of the nootropic. All smart drugs have a specific suggested dosage and use guidelines.

The major issue with nootropics is that we continue to take them over a period of time when we find out how effective they are.

Doing this is a problem because you are giving more power to the smart drug, which results in you becoming dependent on it just to function normally. Clear and cognitive thought becomes impossible without the drug.

2. Brain Development

Our brain goes through critical development phases, like those witnessed during teenage years, and it is impossible to determine the influence that a smart drug can have on development and whether this effect can be detrimental to the brain. The feedback from researchers has been mixed.

Some stated that nootropics can help the development of your brain while others stated nearly the opposite, saying that the brain might become dependent on the drug for functioning rather than adapting to new experiences.

It is stated that our brain continues to develop well into our mid-20s, which means that taking smart drugs if you are over the age of 25 should be a lot less risky. Basically, repeat used during development can hinder the brain from forming necessary connections while use after those connections have already been established is safer.

3. Frequency of Use

Generally, it is suggested to use smart drugs only when necessary. Finishing that major work project with an upcoming deadline could be a good cause for using nootropics. Usually that is exactly what most users do, which reduces the risk of the possible negative effects that the smart drug can have on your brain.

Issues arise when certain nootropics are taken frequently to avoid the so called “crashes” which are associated with the smart drug, resulting in constant supply of neuro-altering substances.

This constant intake doesn’t give the user an opportunity to restore proper brain function, which can result in serious complications.

4. Duration of Use

Just like with any other drug out there, the longer you use it the more dependent you become on the drug and the less of an effect that drug will have on your body.

You adapt to everything, including drugs, and that is exactly what happens when you keep taking smart drugs. In the end, your brain becomes reliant on the drugs you take to function.

Some smart drugs are commercialized as capable of neuroprotective effect if used over a long period of time, and while this might be true for some of them it certainly isn’t true for all smart drugs. Because of this we strongly suggest avoiding using smart drugs for an extended amount of time or in high doses.

Keep the use of these types of drugs to the absolute minimum.

5. Variables

Drugs effect every person in a different way. While we know that most people will have a specific reaction to aspirin, for example, there are still some cases where people have severe sensitivity to specific drugs and medications.

The same can be said about nootropics: while there might be a million people who say that they work wonderfully and there are absolutely no side effects, the reality is that you can still be sensitive or allergic to specific ingredients used in specific nootropics.

There are dozens of factors which can alter the effect that smart drugs can have on your body. Your lifestyle choices, genetics, chemical sensitivity, and many other variables play a huge role in your ability to handle nootropics and the effects that these drugs will have on your system.

You must understand that because it worked for someone else for an extended amount of time doesn’t mean the same effect will be experienced by you.

The Side Effects & Dangers of Nootropics

While there certainly are quite a few potentially dangerous effects that smart drugs can have on your system, you also have to keep in mind that they aren’t a guarantee, they are simply a possibility.

Your best bet is to avoid assuming that taking nootropics over a long amount of time will peak your cognitive function to its absolute maximum. They are designed to stimulate your brains function over a short period of time. Below are a few of the risks related to prolonged or excessive use of nootropics.

Cognitive Deficits

Easily relatable to nicotine, experts state that smart drugs can have a very similar effect on the brain. In small amounts and when used over a short amount of time, nicotine can have a boosting effect on our cognitive function.

However, when used over a long amount of time, your mind becomes stable and requires the same amount of nicotine as used previously just to function normally.


It’s quite simple, your mind is able to function with increased capabilities when smart drugs are first introduced into the system. But over a long period of time, your mind becomes dependent on the stimulation which comes from these nootropics and isn’t able to function without the influence of the drug.

Regular work, school work, test taking, and productivity all become impossible without the effects of the smart drug.

Brain Chemistry Alteration

Our brain is an extremely sensitive part of our body. It’s responsible for everything we do and the chemicals located inside our brain have a specific reason for being there. Each chemical has a specific function and the level of each chemical produces certain effects that our body relies on.

Prolonged intake of nootropics can alter this sensitive chemical signature in our brain and cause thing to go out of whack, which can result in serious damage. The last thing we want is parts of our brain becoming incapable of proper function.

Toll on the Nervous System

Many nootropics force you to create energy when you feel tired. Feeling tired is a specific function which lets us know that our body needs rest.

If it’s being disregarded while we continue to focus and work hard under the influence of a smart drug, our physical body ends up taking a big hit.

It is possible that continuous use of nootropics can accelerate our aging due to forcing our body to function when its tired or needs rest.


Our brain functions via multiple neurotransmitters which send signals and receive signals from the rest of our body, letting our brain and body know exactly what to do and when it needs to be done.

Increased intake of chemicals which are found in the smart drugs causes those same neurotransmitters to function at an accelerated rate, which results in them wearing out much quicker.

Smart Drugs Side Effects Conclusion

While not all nootropic drugs are guaranteed to have a negative effect on your brain, it certainly is a possibility.

We aren’t saying that taking these types of smart drugs is guaranteed to mess you up for life, all we are saying is that you should be extremely cautious when taking these drugs. The simple truth is that there hasn’t been enough long time research to conclude absolute safety when using nootropics. Proceed with caution!

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