Complete Guide to Diseases & Medicine – How To Find Reliable Resources?


Welcome to this place. You will be able to learn and be informed about the wide variety of diseases out there in the world. We believe that through education, that change will occur.

You cannot change something without first acknowledging the problem.

It’s like to trying to get a cure for cancer, but not knowing what it is at first. First, the problem must be accepted and dealt with. In order to that, the people must be aware of the problem in order to tackle it. That’s the first step.

This is why we have provided a comprehensive guide to the diseases that plagues humanity. We want to get rid of and eradicate all of these diseases. The reason why smallpox is no longer relevant today, is due to the coordinated efforts of the world.

The world got together and eliminated smallpox. They used the resources that needed to be used in order to get things done. That is why this site exists. We believe in the first step.

The first step is to be educated about the problems that humanity faces. Learn about the bacteria, viruses, and syndromes that harms humanity. With more knowledge of these diseases and problems, you will be better equipped to handle these problems.

Just having a basic understanding of these diseases, will allow you to prevent from having these in the first place.

If more people were aware how to prevent all of the common diseases in society, we would be much better off.

HIV rates would be extremely low, people wouldn’t get pneumonia, and all the other diseases out there. Maybe, you are in a position to get some kind of change done.

Perhaps, you have the resources needed in order to get the progress that humanity needs.

Maybe, you aren’t wealthy. Do you have influence over other people? Do you know a lot of people? Being a member of a club or organization, allows you to get your voice heard.

Many people do not realize how much influence they actually have. Maybe, you can convince your friends to act in a certain way.

Among young people, a big problem is not many people are using contraceptives or condoms when having sexual intercourse.

This leads to unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of sexual diseases. Maybe you can be in the position to educate these people and influence their behavior.

No one wants an unwanted pregnancy, nor do people want sexual diseases in their life.

This is just one of the many examples of medical problems that are prevalent in society. Another one, is the shortage of organ donors. Many people who are in life-threatening situations are waiting for organs.

Not enough people are donating their organs to save other people lives. That’s a problem. People are dying daily because they don’t get an organ in enough time.

That is why governments have experimented with opt in and opt out forms. When people were given a form to opt out of organ donation, the rate of people who donated their organs went up dramatically.

There is also organ science that is being researched. Techniques to create organs from animal tissue, regeneration technology, the use of robotics and so forth. These are all technologies that are being developed in order to address these problems.

There was a scientific study conducted by scientists on the use of anti-smoking advertisements.

Regular smokers that were shown the anti-smoking advertisements, took steps to reduce their smoking habits. Again, this is just one of the many examples of steps being done to address the health problems of this country and the world.

Most people don’t know this. A huge health crisis that will occur in the future is the rise of superbugs. The Center of Disease Control is estimating that more people will die from superbugs, than from the deaths of cancer. This will be a worldwide epidemic.

It will kill a lot of people. The reason why will be explained in the list of diseases that we have provided below.

We encourage you to learn about the diseases that we have in the world. It’ll make you a better informed person and will allow you to take steps needed in order to prevent – and maybe even take an active role in eradicating these diseases.

List Of Diseases That Humanity Is Facing

Heart Disease

Many people have an approximate understanding of what heart disease is. It’s when you have issues with your heart. Your heart is what allows your body to circulate blood. There are two parts of your heart.

One that sends blood to the lungs, and the other that send it to the rest of the body. Heart disease are issues where your heart cannot do this important function. It’s when sufficient blood cannot be sent to the heart.

Or, your heart for whatever reason cannot send blood to the rest of the body. One of the most common causes is your blood vessels becoming compressed or narrowed. If that happens, your blood will not be able to be sent to the heart.

There are a wide variety of heart diseases. There’s issues with the rhythm of your heart, (where it might beat too fast or too slow, or just be irregular with your heartbeats), the heart might be infected with some form of bacteria, you might be born with a genetic defect that affects how your heart works (WPW syndrome is an example of a heart defect that could occur), and so much more.

Signs of Heart Diseases

Signs that you might have heart disease are: pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing, not enough blood circulation in the body (you’ll feel cold as a result,) and feeling weak in general.

Most of these signs occur because of issues with your blood vessels. Your blood vessels are like pipelines that move your blood around in the body. It keeps you warm and delivers critical oxygen/nutrients for your body to feed on.

The most common reason on why blood vessels are affected is due to the vessels being constricted in some form or another. If there’s too much weight on your blood vessels – it will be able unable to circulate the blood around your body.

What are the reasons for having heart disease?

It can be due to genetics, regular smoking, not doing enough physical activity, and being fat or obese.

Unfortunately, approximately half a million people die from heart disease. It is the number one reason why people die in the United States.

Did you know that in terms of financial impact, heart diseases cost the country approximately 200 billion dollars a year? That’s a lot of money that is being wasted on treatment.

If half of people didn’t get heart disease, the country would be able to save half of that money. That money could be spent better elsewhere. It could be used to finance better healthcare, wars, and food for the people.

The solution is primarily to exercise more, eat a healthy diet, and not to smoke. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you have the heart disease already, take the relevant medication and treatment needed to get rid of the disease.

Degenerative Disc Disease

This disease is when the discs within your spine start to wear down and become weaker.

Your spine has discs which you view by googling a picture of skeletons. The discs are the reasons why you can even get up and walk. The spine discs absorb your weight.

The most common reason why this disease occurs, is due to the aging process that all humans must go through. Therefore, it is extremely common for this disease to be prevalent among the elderly.

Signs of Degenerative Disc Disease

Signs of this disease is consistent back pain, weak knees, weak hands, weak fingers, not being able to stand up, not being able to walk, a shocking tingling sensation, and so much more.

There’s no cure to the disease. Once you have it, you have it. The only treatment that has been proven to be effective is through the use of ice and heat. Some medications that counter inflammation can be used as well for treatment.

In the future, the ways to counter this disease would be to find a substitute to the discs.

Perhaps, the spine can be replaced by a robotic spine that can work with the brain. Exoskeletons are being developed by many governments in the world, and these can be installed to the human body for mobility.

Another solution, would be to find a way to repair the damaged discs. Stem cell research can be used to generate bone tissue and put it on the spine. There are a lot of potential solutions that can be explored to address this problem.


You might have heard about progeria from Facebook. There was an individual by the name of Adalia Rose, who had progeria.

Progeria is a genetic disease that accelerates the aging process. It looks like the normal process aging among humans.

However, the only contrast is that it occurs to the baby. As the child grows, hair will be lost, skin will be wrinkled, bald, skin will be scaly like a lizard, short in height, very big head, tiny jaw, no teeth or it’ll grow very slowly, and so forth.

The average lifespan of a kid with progeria is 12-14 years old. No one has lived beyond that age.

The most common reason why a kid with progeria will die, is due to heart disease. Unfortunately, there’s no cure to the disease. Luckily, there are only 90-100 children within the United States that has the disease.

How many are affected by Progeria?

About, 400 people in the entire world have the disease. It doesn’t spread as it’s through genetics. Progeria is an isolated genetic disease.

Progeria is caused by a LMNA gene mutation. Correcting this would involve editing the genetic code of human beings, and preventing this mutation from occurring.

Our genetic technology would have to develop over time, in order to achieve this. This is why genetic research is critical for the development of humanity.

Regular Aging of the Skin

Most people know that we age. We get older and our body will show signs of this. Aging is caused due to the fact that there’s a process in your body that does it.

There’s two reasons why people age. One is due to the genetics of your body. The second reason is due to the damage that occurs in your DNA. As you proceed with your life, damage occurs to your DNA.

There’s a lot of damage that happens to your DNA as you live your life. When we are young, your body is able to repair the damage that occurs. However, as you grow older there comes a point where the damage just builds up. Your body no longer heals and repairs it.

Humans have a limited number of times that your body will heal. After, a set amount of healing times are done – your body will no longer heal itself.

The damage will keep on piling on until you suffer organ failure, or some other condition that will lead you to die.

Your skin will age because of the environment that you are in, how much make-up you use, the kind of foods that you eat, exposure to sunlight, and your genetics. Only, 10% of the elderly do not have some kind of skin disease or disorder in their body.

That means 80% of old people have some kind of skin disease that is afflicting them. There are other reasons why skin disease will occur. This can be due to other diseases that can occur to the human body.

Other diseases can trigger more diseases. It’s a big mess. Too much stress, heart disease, brain disease, diabetes, and plenty of more can why you have a skin disorder.

If you want healthier skin, it’s critical to take care of them. Cover your skin when it’s extremely hot or cold. Use relevant creams to moisturize your skin, to avoid having them cracked.

Avoid situations where you might be burned or cut. Experiment with different creams and see which one is good for your skin. Do not use too much soap. Soap is a moisturizer killer.

If you are using soap, it’s important to use some kind of moisturizer to deal with the effects of the soap. It’s also important to wash your skin regularly with just water. A lot of dirt and bacteria can build up from not washing your skin regularly.

Tuberous Sclerosis

TS is a genetic disease that creates tumors in the brain. A tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue. This is unwanted tissue that affects your health. Your body usually tries to kill the excess tissue that is generated. They are especially bad when it occurs in your brain.

It can affect your memory, how you think, how you see the world, how you form patterns, and so forth. It might even throw you into a coma. That’s how bad it is. Tuberous Sclerosis can form in other areas of the body such as the kidneys, eyes, skin, and lungs.

This dangerous genetic disease occurs because of mutations in the TSC1 and/or TCS2 genes. These genes are responsible for giving instructions to your body on cell growth.

When you cut your nails, these genes instruct the body to grow more nails. However, there’s a limit to how much nails are grown.

You don’t grow a full set of nails after 2 days. That’s because the genes will limit how much cells will be grown to your body. You can think of it like goldilocks. It determines when is just enough.

However, when there are issues with the TSC1 and/or TCS2 genes – you encounter issues where the body doesn’t listen or unable to follow the instructions of these respective genes. Or, the genes might give instructions that will prove harmful to the human body.

There are many signs of this genetic disease, which are: comas, death, disease in the kidneys, heart, or lungs, abnormal behavior, abnormal skin development, and so much more. You will know if something is seriously wrong.

Is there a Cure?

There is no cure for the disease. Potential solutions to this disease would be to fix the issues with the TSC1 and/or TCS2 genes.

Genetic technology will need to develop further in order for this to be fixed. Parents who have this disease have a 1 in 2 chance of passing this on to their children.

If you have this disease, and are considering to have a child – it’s suggested that you either adopt a child or terminate the kid if it has the disease. If both parents have the disease, there will be a 100% chance that the kid will obtain the disease.

For the safety and potential life of your child – it is best to terminate or not have children at all.

Macular Degeneration

MD is a consistent disease that leads to the loss of your central vision. You will not be able to see stuff clearly. If you are trying to read the small text of a contract, you will be unable to do so.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a known reason for this disease. More research would be needed to be conducted in order to understand this eye disease.

There are two kinds of MD: wet and dry. Wet MD occurs when blood vessels grow behind your eye – and liquids or blood leak out. This is why some people will have blood flowing out of their eyes. It’s not a pleasant experience. The macula exists behind your eyes.

The dry form of MD occurs when cells break down the macula. This prevents your eye from getting the necessary information for you to see properly. The signs of this disease is quite simple and easy to identify.

If you have issue with vision, there is a chance that you have macular degeneration. You might hallucinate, have issues with looking at faces, needing a lot of light to read stuff, unable to look at fine detail, and so forth.

What can you do about it?

Consult a medical professional if you encounter any issues with your vision.

Macular Degeneration is the most common eye disease that occurs among the elderly. About 0.06%, of the population have this eye disease. It’s primarily prevalent among old people.

In order to cure this disease, more scientific research would be needed to see why it happens in the first place.

More research would be needed to be done, in order to see if eye transplants can occur. That is why more money needs to be poured into the development of eye transplants.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Most people have heard about this disease. It is one of the most lethal and deadliest diseases that have occurred within humanity. The reason why is due to the fact that the virus is responsible for attacking your immune system. Your immune system has a defense system/cell called the CD4 Lymphocyte. Lymphocytes are a critical tool that your immune system uses to fight off all sorts of diseases that enter your body.

HIV primarily attacks the immune system and weakens it. This is why when people have a cold with HIV, it can potentially kill you. Why? Because the immune system is too busy fighting the HIV within your body. It doesn’t have enough resources or unable to fight any kind of diseases that infiltrate your body.

What is HIV?

HIV is transmitted via blood, semen, milk from breasts, and through the birth of children. 50,000 Americans will be afflicted with HIV every year. 2 million Africans will die from HIV every year.

What about AIDs?

AIDs is an advanced form of HIV. It’s the final stage of HIV. This is when your immune system is completely disabled. It can no longer fight off any threats that will infiltrate your body. People usually die from AIDs as a result of contracting multiple diseases.

HIV originally came from monkeys in Africa. Monkeys and human beings share 95%+ gene similarity. It is theorized that hunters killed monkeys and the monkey blood was infused into one of the hunters. The hunters might have had an open wound, and the virus most probably transferred as a result. Viruses that occur in other species are usually harmless. Monkeys would not die from HIV. However, harmless diseases that affect one kind of species – can be potentially lethal or fatal when it’s transferred to another species. This is why the Black Death was so dangerous because the disease migrated from fleas to humans.

There’s no cure to HIV, but there is good progress on doing so. A cure has been developed for children who develop HIV. If you have money, you can treat HIV with antiretroviral drugs. These are drugs that fight off the virus. A lot of research is being done to cure HIV. Viruses are generally harder to cure than bacteria. Humans will have to wait until a cure is developed.


Superbugs are a unique problem. It’s directly tied to the shortsightedness of humans in general. Superbugs are an advanced form of bacteria. Bacteria and viruses often mutate to become stronger version of themselves. That’s the power of natural selection and evolution.

A common treatment for people who are afflicted with bacteria, is the use of antibiotics. The use of antibiotics is a multibillion dollar industry. People use it all of the time for all kinds of ailments. Doctors overprescribe it and patients often want it. Why? Because it works!

However, this isn’t the proper way to do it. Antibiotic medication is meant to be used as a last resort option. The human body is pretty good at what it does. It can fight off most diseases out there with no help. When the diseases are persistent and don’t go away – you use antibiotics as a last resort.

Why does it spread?

The problem is that bacteria can eventually develop resistance to the antibiotics if it’s developed too much. This will render the current form of antibiotics useless. Imagine you have an infection of some sort. You take what the doctor prescribes. It doesn’t work. Why? The bacteria developed resistance and is stronger and lethal.

The next step would be to take a stronger version of antibiotics. These are drugs that are similar to chemotherapy. You will be in bed for months. The drugs will make your hair fall off, you will have severe headaches, and so forth. The drugs may or may not work. You could die. There was a superbug in China. It developed further resistance to the heavier drugs. The solution is to do nothing. There are no drugs that can treat the super-super bug. It will just end up killing you. Therefore, people who are afflicted with the super-super bug are left to die or executed to stop the further spread of the disease.

This is a critical problem. This is why the Center of Disease Control warns that it will kill more people then cancer by the year 2030. Another problem, is due to the fact that animals are pumped with antibiotics. Back in the 50s, it was identified that antibiotics can make animals fatter and grow quicker. About half of the livestock have antibiotics pumped into them. 80% of those livestock have antibiotics that is applicable to humans. This means that it has an effect on humans.

Combine the consumption of meats and the consumption of antibiotics and you have a dangerous combination. Many people are over-exposed to antibiotics. This leads to bacteria that aren’t as harmless being wiped out. The bacteria will eventually mutate and develop resistance to the medicine.

The solution to this is cultural change. It’s critical that people are discouraged from using antibiotics. Making them more expensive is another solution as well. If it’s treated as a life resort option, the number of people who will use antibiotics will drop. If nothing is done, it will be an issue that plagues humanity. It could create another black death if nothing is done.

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a disease that has genetic origins. It happens because of an extra chromosome. Normal human beings have 26 chromosomes in total. 23 from Mom and another 23 from Dad. When the chromosomes total 27, that’s when Down syndrome is developed.

The extra chromosome causes a wide variety of health problems to the afflicted child. The child will develop slower. It will find it hard to communicate with others as social ability is delayed significantly. The child will find physical growth to be slowed down as well. People who have down syndrome tend to be short, weak muscles, eyes that are slanted up, delayed social ability and so forth. 0.01% of all infants will develop Down syndrome as a result of the extra chromosome. Half a million people have down syndrome currently. Genetic diseases are a big problem. They can only be fixed with more research into genetic technology.


These are some of the diseases that affect humanity. There’s much more to this, but these are the most prevalent and the ones we should look at closer. Things we should look at closer is heart disease and the development of super bugs. If nothing is done, a lot of people will die. That is including you.

Do what it takes to prevent these diseases from happening to you. Have safe sex, do not have children with people who have genetic disorders (check to see if your family has genetic disease and screen your potential partner as well,) exercise a lot, eat a healthy diet, get proper amount of rest, and so forth.

Use this education to the best of your ability. There’s no point in learning things if it provides no utility to you. Do what you can to prevent and even take action on these problems that humanity faces. By doing this you will be able to benefit humanity in the long run.

Technology will develop rapidly and soon most of these diseases will go away. It’s only a matter of time.


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