Beach Body Review – Are What People Saying Really True Or Not


In this article, we are going to discuss a heavy-hitter in the health and weight loss industry, Beach Body. In particular, we are going to cover the various “Beach Body Reviews” that proliferate the countless consumer-watchdog websites that keep a close eye on fitness products worldwide.

What Is Beach Body?

Beach Body is a U.S. based company that houses an entire product line of fitness products. There are several home-name brand products with which you may already be familiar.

Some Of The Beach Body Products Include:

These products regularly feature late-night and afternoon spots on international “As Seen on TV” shopping networks with their products being available to purchase worldwide.

Beach Body is not a new name to the health and fitness industry by any means, having an established brand presence since at least 1998. The vast majority of the programs that Beach Body offers can be used from the comfort of your living room. Additionally, this company carries a high rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is a credit to their integrity and ease of doing business with.

Although much can be said about the positives of the company as a whole: their established reputation, customer service and in particular their impressive product line, there is an alarming amount of finger-pointing from their customers coming at them from all angles. In this post, we will dissect the plethora of Beach Body reviews online, and leave the final judgment up to you to consider.

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How Much Do Beach Body Products Cost?

As a consequence of targeting at-home TV shoppers, the common complaint from most consumers is that their products can be seen as expensive or even overpriced. Aside from the above-board prices for a single product, the extra amount you can pay for shipping and tax gouges the price even further.

About The Purchasing Process..

Most of the Beach Body reviews I read echoed the resentment that they had to call into one of their sales call centres in order to make a purchase. The callers found themselves waiting in call queue of more than thirty minutes to hand their credit card details over, all the while being accosted by the telephone salesman for expensive upsells, warranties and an overpriced express delivery service.

The Beach Body reviews I found online were quoting prices between $99 to $299 and more depending on the product purchased. Some of the commenters suggested that cheaper sources of the same product were available online to thrifty shoppers. Refurbished, second-hand and imitation models were often quoted as feasible alternatives to paying the full ticket price.

What Do The Beach Body Reviews Say?

The Bad

From doing a quick search on several consumer websites you will immediately hit a wall of not-so positive comments about the company from their customers. These comments range from dissatisfied to downright irate and nasty. The negative feedback was not isolated to just one or two products, but the entire product line, and the company brand itself was subject to consumer wrath.

Accusations of injuries, misleading advertising, even going as far as to say the entire company is a sham color Beach Body reputation for the worse. Although these comments could be taken with a grain of salt, there is a concerning lack of positive Beach Body Reviews to counter the accusations against the company.

The Good

I’ll let the conspiracy theorists weigh in on this one: the handful of positive Beach Body reviews I managed to scavenge together were gushing with praise and testimonials of how well their products worked for them. It was like reading one of their actor’s scripts they put together word for word.

I’ll hold off on my personal suspicions on paid reviews and shills and give these Beach Body reviews a benefit of the doubt – but as always: caveat emptor!

Based on The Beach Body Reviews Online, Do They Really Work?

From the perusal of the company’s website, there is little to no claims of scientific validity on their website that the exercises they sell actually produce the results they promise to their customers.

It’s obvious to most people in order to lose weight you need to supplement an exercise regimen with a nutritious diet. As taken from the Beach Body product reviews, the business focuses on only one half of this puzzle, although they do make an effort to make the exercises fun and interactive for the average person looking to lose weight.

Most shoppers were convinced that the systems could work if the buyer was willing to compliment this with a holistic approach to health and well-being. Additionally, the nutrition guides that Beach Body provides with their products cannot be expected to cover every individual’s unique nutritional requirements, goals and metabolisms. At least the product from Beach Body does a decent job at letting their customers know this from the get-go.

The Bottom Line

While it’s true that Beach Body is an established business with a reputation that stretches back into 80s with a vast inventory of exercise products to tempt your wallet, the sheer amount of consumer complaints makes recommending this brand difficult.

The consensus from most of Beach Body’ customers seems to be that their products are seen as expensive, and their exercises too difficult. There have been comments made about the defectiveness of their DVDs which they supply their exercise programs on. The most common complaint is that these discs are defective and won’t work on several brands of DVD players.

Like any product in the weight loss market, nothing can honestly say it is a magic pill, no matter how hard the marketers try to persuade you to think otherwise. Common sense tells says the only way to lose weight is through the old-fashioned way: diet and exercise, and a regimen which is supported by scientific basis, not sly marketing and button-pushing sales tactics.

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  1. Please, the title “coach” is something you paid $40 + auto shipped Shakeology for. Google and conference calls on how not to take no for an answer don’t qualify you to give any health/nutrition advice.

  2. I am a beach body coach and I have had great results with beach body products. I am not beach body or the product I am a health and wellness coach. I believe in the product but I’m not the product itself. Out of all the products insanity is what worked for me. 💪 In the end it is the consumers choice to what they will choose for themselves.

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