Abs After 40 – Workout Program For Men Over 40?


Abs After 40 – Is It Right For You?

Abs After 40 is a 90-day fitness training workout program leveraging a 3 phase system designed to help people (targeted mainly towards men over forty years of age) gain a lean core and well-defined abdominal muscles by boosting testosterone and energy levels – the right way.

We are pleased to review Mark Mcilyar's Abs After 40 (the full 12 week exercise program, nutritional meal diet plans and Six Pack Shortcuts members area) and suggest whether or not to invest into your future's health and wellness with his online fitness coaching product.

Check out a user review about his experience of using the program in the past few months:

Click here right now to watch the Abs After 40 video –>

The Guy Behind Abs After 40

The 3 month Abs After 40 exercise program was created by 53 year old fitness icon and male model Mark Mcilyar who not only talks the talk, but walk the walk.

Regardless if you have saw some of the aggressive marketing tactics and clickbait websites surrounding this year's hottest fitness training program, you're supposed to think “well if he can do it then what's my excuse?”

Mark Mcilyar's Abs After 40 program

Despite the “ripped grandpa” spokesman and creator for the Abs After 40 program who looks cut, lean, tone and absolutely amazing for his age; we are going to research his entire program (we actually bought the program and are currently six pack shortcut members using it ourselves) to see if he put in everything he knows about health and fitness and whether or not he followed this exact guideline and blueprint himself.

There are rumors on the Internet (since everything online is true right?), that Mark was overly flabby in the belly area at the age of 49 and underwent a major transformative process to bring him and his body to what it looks like today – a poster-board cut out of washboard abs.

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What Happens to Men's Fitness After 40?

Before we begin to dive deep into the specifics of what is available and what is offered, lets quickly examine why men near or over forty years of age need to start slimming and shaving down their excess belly fat sooner than later.

As he explains, as you get older it's harder and harder to make exercise or working out a priority. The years have ticked by and you're in terrible shape. He explains that many of the workout moves and routines you see online are geared towards younger men. In your 40s and beyond you can actually hurt yourself if you're not careful. Unfortunately, that's because your body is different at that point and more fragile.

Be sure to watch the full Abs After 40 presentation here

He also explains that it's hard for older men to start new diet routines – wives cook for them and it's hard to get them to change habits and disciplines without general guidance. The point is, it's all overwhelming for most men over forty to attempt to get into tip-top shape without the right advice or mentorship.

Let's start to see why Mark's Abs After 40 workout program can come into play offering low impact, multi-joint exercises that stimulate two to three muscle groups which in turn trigger a larger release of testosterone and energy that allow you to complete workouts and stick to the 90 day course outlined.

How Mark's Program Solves Those Problems

The Abs Over 40 program answers all these concerns and even uses a bit of scare tactic to entice consumers to try the product – but from what we have experienced so far, this is necessary to get people to buy into the Abs After 40 methods that work. “If you don't do something about it, it'll just keep getting worse and worse”.

He goes on to say, “Belly fat isn't just unattractive, it puts you at risk for many fatal diseases”. Belly fat, according to Mark, inhibits such pleasures in life such as playing with grandchildren, attracting women, sex life stamina, and more.

Mark promises there is just “one simple thing” men must do to gain their six-pack abs body. He hints that it has to do with fixing a deteriorating hormone system. Men start losing testosterone even as early at their late 20s and by the time they're in their 40s it's significantly decreased. This affects muscle mass and body fat as well, so fixing hormones should lead to a leaner, more muscular body.

Mark is a fitness model now, and he discovered how to turn everything around by trial and error. Personal trainers and gym attendance didn't work for him. He asserts it's not anyone's fault that these methods don't work. It's simply that ONE THING they must do differently that's lacking in their lives.

Most workout routines do not help older men lose belly fat- they may work for younger men but not for older men. He claims that testosterone is the one simple thing that determines whether an older man will have six-pack abs. That's why no matter how much an older man may work out, and how well he eats, belly fat won't go away until he ups his testosterone levels.

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Abs After 40 Workout & Nutrition Program Details

So, the done-at-home Abs Over 40 program hinges around exercises that only last 20 to 35 minutes max. It includes the following components:

— Hormone Rejuvenation Exercise Plan Customized For Men Over 40
— Workouts Which Are 100% Compound Movements With Free Weights
— Diet Consisting Of Food Which Actually Brings A Man's Hormones Into Balance

These parts are synthesized into phases of the Abs Over 40 program in the following order:

— Phase One: Weight Loss Jumpstart (melt off body fat)
— Phase Two: Male Hormone Optimization (boost testosterone)
— Phase Three: Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode (with Mark's A40's sets)

The compound movements he recommends are things like squats and deadlifts. Apparently these are difficult movements which are dangerous for older men. Mark has customized these gym moves for older men so there is no danger (or less danger) of injury. Resistance training is necessary for building testosterone naturally, so cardio programs like P90X will not help older men.

Here is a brief bullet point listing of what to expect in the Abs After 40 nutrition plans:

  • Intro: Abs After 40 Nutrition System: Mark's Meal Plan Blueprint
  • Week 1: How To Prepare Your Abs After 40 Food Choices
  • Week 2: The 60 Minute Grill-And-Go Method
  • Week 3: How To Become A Grab-And-Go Snack Guru
  • Week 4: How To Prepare Zero Carb Chicken Tacos
  • Week 5: Tasty Foods That Support High-T and Weight Loss
  • Week 6: Pack on More Lean Mass By Eating More Of These Dietary Fats
  • Week 7: Super Convenient T-Boosting Foods For A Defined Six Pack Abs
  • Week 8: Trigger Your Body To Produce More Testosterone
  • Week 9: Getting The Support For Fast Weight Loss Success
  • Week 10: 7 Easy Ways To Stay On Track With Your Weight Loss Goals
  • Week 11: 3 Simple Ways To Balance Your Social Life with Losing Weight
  • Week 12: 6 Must Have Supplements For Men Over 40

He warns of the danger of TRT, which is a testosterone replacement therapy. His method, in contrast, is natural and safe.

The program costs $97 for now, and after the first 500 men purchase it the price will go up to $197, as stated on the product website.

The Verdict

I gotta say, this guy Mark makes sense. His emphasis on natural building of testosterone and a healthy diet plus customized resistance training all makes sense from the ground up. If you know anything about bodybuilding, you'll know what he's saying and offering is right on. It may be a bit pricey but still cheaper than a gym. But if you want to check it out, we have provided a link below.

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  1. That guy has been working out at my gym for 20 years (Austin, Tx Golds Gym off 183). He has never looked out of shape with the exception of that picture. He’s been a model for decades on friends who have worked with him. I used to speak with him all of the time. He’s a great guy for sure. I’m not saying the program is bad but I find it disingenuous for the promotion to show those pictures of his belly when he obviously put the weight on for the pic. I’m 40 now and have seen this guy in the gym since my early 20’s. He’s always been in shape and he’s even competed in fitness/muscle show contest and his pics are on the walls at that gym. Again I’m sure the program is solid as I have tried the original 6 pack shortcuts system and was happy with it but I am turned off by the dishonesty in marketing. I may purchase it for pure evaluation purposes and information sharing with communities like this. I can’t repeat this enough, the program is probably solid but don’t believe the transformation pics and results. Getting a body like his takes years of work and discipline and I know 1st hand he has put in that work. I’d rather them say this program is a good thing to get you going down that path. There’s no reason to devalue his work over decades and make it appear as something any person can do in a matter of months….. My .02

    • If you look into Body By Science, it explains that things like this and P90x are produced by people with natural DNA a.k.a models who have this body type. Example, the book explains about people wanting to have a swimmer’s body. If you go to an NCAA swim meet sure they all have similar bodies, they didn’t get that way swimming, tall lean. Body By Science isn’t 20 minutes a day, it is 12min/week with diet. Best to look into Bulletproof Diet or some other Paleo method of eating and working out. The Hindus (Indians) also have concepts of body types, learn what body type you are and stick with it. You can look into Body by Science on Youtube. It isn’t a scam.. It is laid out there for you hear lectures and see videos of workouts. It’s up to you to do the rest.

  2. the workouts work but the emails just keep pushing one product after another…the Clark nutrition guy is so full of himself he makes us sick…..he will say, “In one minute I will tell you the 3 foods to boost testosterone” and 1 hour and14 minutes, tells you to buy his nutrition testmax program…I literally stopped watching after 14 MINUTES and 3 times of saying, “In one minute”….the supplements are ok but may be less expensive at a good nutrition place…like I said, the exercise is great, the ab workouts fantastic and the basic nutrition (free) guidelines are right to the point…the extras are very annoying…..I will still follow the program for my 3 months and do my own after but I unsubscribed from the emails and am waiting for my refund (another issue too)

  3. I agree with all the above comments. There is a strong marketing push to sell their products and it can be unrelenting. They call themselves coaches but they are salesmen and sales women. I have not received any coaching help at all! I have experience in marketing and understand their goals so it was easy for me to say no. I do get the emails everyday and read some of them but do not buy the products.

    However, that said I signed up for the program and I am presently in my 8th week. I also signed up for the Abs over 40 nutrition system and find it a valuable resource. I have followed it religiously (both the exercise program and diet program). To date I have received excellent results. i include this program with a 3 day on and one day off workout routine. Both routines back to back take about an hour to an hour and 10 minutes. I am 70 years old, was overweight and not in good condition. I have lost 25 lbs. and my present body fat is 15.7%. Something is working, don’t know if it’s the combined routines but I do feel the Nutrition program is the most important part of the puzzel. Let you know for sure in another 30 days!

  4. My husband is experiencing the same issues. He paid the $97.00, got a call from a coach who became extremely irritated because he wouldn’t buy $1000 worth (the “coach” says a year’s worth) of supplements and sign up for an additional program that costs even more money. My hubby said he would think about buying a few month’s worth, but the rep was still not impressed. The conversation was basically a sales call after my husband provided his health and background information. This left us really discouraged.

    I don’t believe this is a scam, so to speak, as much as it is simply convoluted and confusing in a way that it makes it easier to pump you for money. It’s a sales gimmick that seems to be more about making money or making a sales goal than helping their customers. We obviously don’t know if it actually works because of the level of pushiness we experienced to buy more and spend more or “it won’t work as fast… or as well” made us extremely uncomfortable. I’d recommend Beach Body! It’s clear-cut and we’ll known to give results to this age group. They use some of the same sales tactics on their Website, but you understand what it is you’re buying and why.

    I would walk away from this one.

  5. Run like Hell!!!! These guys are ruthless! They never stop trying to sell you stuff. You will get emails everyday with them trying to sell you more over priced pills. They’ll you about their 52 year old buddy who just died because he didn’t listen to them, pathetic.

  6. Completely ignorant and pushy sales person. Told him straight up, not interested 3 times, keeps calling back. When I say no thanks he ignores me and says, ok i’m going to set you up anyway for the gameplan, its $99.95, what’s your credit card info.
    I said no idiot. “Don’t call back.”
    He calls back again..
    This isn’t senior citizen push around the old people buddy.
    That might work trying to rip off old folks.


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