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One of the best things about summer is that as the weather turns warmer, people can spend more time outside. Be it pool parties, hikes, or time by the ocean, once the temperature starts to creep upwards everyone wants to enjoy the weather.

When most people think about the summer, the visions of bugs, critters and creepy crawlies can cause anxiety. No one likes the humidity and the stifling heat of the summer, even though it is an excuse to spend more time in the water.

For many, the bugs that come out in the summer are merely an inconvenience, that can be swatted away or ignored. But as more diseases are linked to bug bites and stings, it becomes crucial to invest in the most powerful insect repellents. Unfortunately, many of the repellents on the market today are almost as harmful as the problems they’re supposed to be preventing.

Bugs Away Spray is an insect repellent that can be used without worry, because it’s completely natural. Not only does Bugs Away Spray protect users from insect bites and the diseases that could come with those bites, but it does so without the use of harmful chemicals or other questionable ingredients.

What is Bugs Away Spray?

Produced and manufactured by Health Ranger, Bugs Away Spray is a natural mosquito repellent that not only keeps away mosquitos, but also keeps away the pathogens the mosquitos carry. Bugs Away Spray is great as a repellent, but what makes this natural option even more amazing is that it is able to provide complete protection for even the most sensitive skin. Because Bugs Away Spray is natural and only contains the best of the best ingredients, it is gentle on the skin, keeping users safe from the questionable ingredients found in other repellents.

The true power of Bugs Away Spray is that it is able to effectively keep mosquitoes away from users, meaning users of the repellent are less likely to catch the many pathogens that these little insects carry. From malaria in tropical countries to the Zika virus, Bugs Away Spray is able to protect its users, so they don’t have to worry about itchy red bumps, or the after effects of these bumps. And, during a busy summer when everyone wants to be outside that little bit of peace of mind is very important.

While there are many bugs out during the summer that like to wreak havoc on people, it’s mosquitos that are the most notorious. Not only do their bites cause pain and itchiness, but they also swell and go red, which can be embarrassing for those trying to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts in the hot summer months.

However, there are two things that can make these bites worse. The first is that some people are actually allergic to mosquito bites, which causes the symptoms mentioned above to be multiplied, even causing people to get scars from the bites.

The second issue is the pathogens that mosquitoes are known to carry. As mentioned above, these pathogens can result in numerous illnesses, with the Zika virus being the most serious affecting the world right now.

Benefits of Bugs Away Spray

The number one benefit of Bugs Away Spray is that it is a natural repellent that actually works. While more and more people are realizing that the chemicals found in so many of the insect repellents available today are harmful to the skin as well as overall health, many of the natural options aren’t very effective. Because Bugs Away Spray wanted to stay as natural as possible, but still offer thorough protection, a lot of research was put into the ingredients found in the spray. The results were an insect repellent that could keep away mosquitos, without compromising the health of its users.

Bugs Away Spray contains only the best of the best ingredients, which is another huge benefit of the product. First, Bugs Away Spray uses essential oils to base its products. What most people don’t realize is that insects are repelled by strong scents, making these natural, safe oils the perfect option for starting the Bugs Away Spray formula. In addition to essential oils, Bugs Away Spray contains a long list of ingredients that have been found to protect users from insects, specifically mosquitos. These ingredients include witch hazel, citronella, eucalyptus, cedar wood, catnip, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, litsea, and patchouli. These powerful ingredients are the backbone of Bugs Away Spray.

Despite how effective and powerful Bugs Away Spray is, the repellent is still extremely gentle on the skin. Many people who suffer from bad reactions when bitten by mosquitos often find that the harsh chemicals in regular repellents also cause harm to their skin. However, Bugs Away Spray is so gentle that it can be applied multiple times without needing to be washed off. And, not only do the ingredients in Bugs Away Spray work to naturally keep insects away from users, but they also work to nourish and hydrate the skin. Because of this, users of Bugs Away Spray often find their skin feeling softer and healthier after using the repellent spray.

Purchasing Bugs Away Spray

Everyone knows that there are some products that most people need, but they often don’t think about this need until it’s too late and they need it right that second. This is often the case with insect repellent. Many people know they need it for a day in the park or out in the yard, but until they’re actually headed out the door, they won’t think about purchasing the product.

Because Bugs Away Spray wants to make things easier for its users, it comes in a pack of three, eight ounce bottles. By sending multiple bottles with one purchase, Bugs Away Spray makes sure that users have more than enough for the summer, and then some. Plus, with three bottles, some can be kept in the cabinet, while one is in the pool bag, and one is in a purse.

In addition to selling Bugs Away Spray in sets of three, Bugs Away Spray also makes life easier by offering an auto-ship program. For those who want Bugs Away Spray sent to them regularly, they can select how often when checking out and they’ll receive their mosquito repellent on schedule without a second thought.

The current price for a pack of three, eight ounce bottles of Bugs Away Spray currently costs $44.61.

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