Andrew Raposo's Flat Belly Overnight – Does It Work?


Flat Belly Overnight Protocol Review

Flat Belly Overnight is a series of online dietary training eBooks and healthy detox formulas and templates that promise to teach anyone simple tricks to achieve a flatter stomach faster. Here’s our Flat Belly Overnight Protocol book review by Andrew Raposo.

We wanted to write an a really quick update about the new follow-up program that has been released in the Flat Belly Drink Loophole. Early impressions is that this is an add-on that focuses on herbal teas, recipes and formulations that Andrew went through along with the thousands (and thousands) of Flat Belly Overnight customers.

What is Flat Belly Overnight?

Flat Belly Overnight is a protocol of three done for you online training programs and easy to follow sequences to give you a flatter, tighter, and more toned belly.

Flat Belly OvernightThe online training program consists of two eBooks (a template and a “detox formula”) as well as a series of 3 minute exercise videos that claim to help you target stubborn belly fat by performing the right strengthening exercises.

By following the Flat Belly Overnight formula, the creator of the program claims anyone can lose their stubborn belly fat without sacrificing the foods they love to eat. You also don’t have to exercise like a maniac: in fact, the creator of Flat Belly Overnight claims you can lose weight while you sleep. Hence the “overnight” part of Flat Belly Overnight.

Do these claims hold up to testing? Let’s find out how the Flat Stomach Overnight program works.

How Does Flat Belly Overnight Work?

The three core products included with The Flat Belly Protocol are:

Flat Belly Overnight 3 Minute Belly Flattening Sequences: These 3 minute exercises promise to target your belly fat and firm your midsection. They also promise to be easy for anyone to perform – even the elderly or someone who has experienced an injury. The workouts are designed to be performed daily: so if you have 3 minutes of free time per day, you can tone your belly.

Flat Belly Overnight Done for You Template: Contains the exact step by step guide you need to eat right and perform the correct exercises to lose weight. By following this template, the creator of the program claims anyone can solve their belly fat problem.

Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula: The Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula describes how you can add certain herbs and spices to your diet to cleanse your body while erasing belly fat. Instead of eating foods that cause inflammation in your gut, the Detox Formula promises to help you fight back against this inflammation using herbs and spices you can buy at any grocery store.

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Flat Belly Overnight Pricing

Andrew's Flat Belly Overnight Protocol book and training program is priced at a modest $37.

The creator of Flat Belly Overnight spins an interesting story about how he could sell the three core Flat Belly Overnight products for $269. He claims that he spends “over $99 a day” on “web development costs” and that his distribution cost is “$49.95”. That’s how much he claims to spend to email three digital files to your email inbox.

In reality, distribution costs for a digital product like this are pretty well close to zero. And unless he’s getting a new website designed every week, he’s not spending $100 per day on web development.

So don’t fall for this little scheme when he claims that “this isn’t about money for me”, as he claims on the site: he’s selling the eBooks at the maximum price he can.

After paying your $37 fee, you’ll receive the three core Flat Stomach Overnight products delivered directly into your inbox. You can transfer them to any other electronic device – like your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader. This is much different than using a proven weight loss supplement like forskolin as well.

All purchases also come with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like the lessons included in Flat Belly Overnight, then you request a refund to get every penny of your money back.

You can pay using all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or through PayPal.

Who Made Flat Belly Overnight?

Flat Belly Overnight is made by a guy who calls himself Andrew. The book lists his full name as Andrew Raposo, CPT. This,, appears to be his official website. His About Me page describes himself as a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Andrew says he used his flat belly overnight trick “to help save my sister’s life”. Andrew’s sister Amy gained weight considerably after she turned 40. She eventually developed type 2 diabetes – but she didn’t know about her diabetes until she had her first stroke.

Andrew claims that he used simple belly fat tricks to melt off 1 to 2 pounds per night “while you sleep” to improve your health in just 7 days.

Andrew also describes how his secret weight loss techniques are so powerful that the weight loss and diet industries are going after him and threatening to remove his site. Because his online eBook apparently has the power to destroy a multibillion dollar global industry.

In any case, Andrew describes his belly fat reducing techniques as “a miracle from God to save Amy’s life”.

Using The Flat Belly Protocol to Lose Weight?

We already know that targeted fat loss is a myth: numerous studies have proven that you can’t target weight loss in a specific part of your body by performing exercises that target that region.

You can, however, perform ab strengthening exercises and other workouts to tighten your muscles in that region and make them more visible, which can often make it feel like you’ve lose belly fat.

Nevertheless, Flat Belly Overnight makes claims that are simply not possible: he claims that you can use these techniques to cure your fat belly in just 7 days, or that you can implement simple tricks to help you lose 1 to 2 pounds per night in your sleep.

Yes, Flat Belly Overnight will teach you how to eat the right foods and perform the right exercises to target belly fat. But it won’t help you instantly cure obesity overnight. So don’t expect it to work miracles.

But if you’re looking for a basic ab strengthening program and a guide to eating the right foods, then Flat Belly Overnight sounds like it has what you're looking for.

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  1. I wish I would have listened to my gut. It all sounded too good to be true. I should have known better. This guy kept repeating himself over and over and over again. Unfortunately he had my attention because I am overweight woman. This is a scam. I will be making a call to my credit union tomorrow.

  2. People……seriously. If this entire product, the 3 minutes workout, the templates and the tea will cause that much weight loss, mainly to the belly bloat your all a little off your rocker. People would be swarming to get it. His video is a joke, very little fact, gave medical advice that was not only incorrect but he is not licensed to give out medical advise. He is smart though….he states it as in a experience, a story, so that way he can't get into any problems because he is stating a personal experience….which is full of flaws.

    Everyone wants the Tea ingridents. If you look online for relief of belly bloat, toxins and increasing metabolism naturally you will find several and most have the same ingridents…cinnamon, cumin, mint, and other spices/herbs. Read up on Tumeric….it is one of the best secrets of all. Amazing how it can help your entire inner body. Have had two physicians I admired and they were both from India. They told me about Tumeric and I use it a tad on salads, soup and meals. It is just naturally good for you as is mint.

    If you purchased this idiots story and didn't get product or found it to not work within the money back guarantee your bank WILL get the credit to your account. Stop pussy footing around …. if you bought it you got scammed and you paid the price.

    Banks do not like this and as several have mentioned on here, enough people turn in a Company for money back due to the reasons stated…..they want them out of business. It cost them labor hours and time….and the bank gets nothing out of doing these credits….but the problem is over 75% of people that complain about products online that don't work, if the product is under $75.00 they usually just blow it off or forget to request the refund in the time frame. So don't be lazy….if something is not what they advertise, get your MONEY BACK AND SHUT THEM DOWN.


  3. This video reminded me of Trumps campaign. It was a bunch of bait and switch. First I saw an ad that showed Apple cider vinegar, which has been used by many to lose weight and improve health. So I was conned into watching the video thinking it was about drinking the vinegar. Then the soothing voice and the sad story peeked my interest, millions of people are dealing with weight and weight related health problems. Then there is the “miracle in a jar” promise. With all of the intelligent people in the scientific community, don't you think a “miracle” would have been discovered by scientist and not some “job blow” who found it by accident? The miracle is how his bank account has grown. The only way to lose weight is to stop eating and exercise on a regular basis. Stop listening to people who claim to have miracles, modern day “snake oil” salesmen. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is.

    • simpleton liberal….Have the antidepressants helped you to get through hillary losing the election? You morons cannot stop talking about that law breaking witch, even in a weight loss critique, I really feel sorry for your poor simpleton A$$, GET OVER IT!!

      • congratulations, Bob! you and your fellow Trump worshipers should see by now that you were suckered. you fell for the promises so that Trump could get into office then use all you suckered for sacrificial lambs. the wealthy will get the tax breaks and the sucked will get to pay more, in taxes, for health care, and ultimately in your whole lives because all your hard work will just go to benefit the wealthy instead of you. haha, joke is on you!

  4. I wouldlike a ccomplete refund of all the products that I have suppose to have bought that is guaranteed ? Thanks I am not interested in any of the products.

    • you can get your money back. take it off your credit card. they will do it for you. banks don't like their customers to be scammed either. just do it.

        • Not quite true I purchased an internet book myself one time was not what was expected it and request a refund from the company which you never came so I went to the bank and they've been funded and after the 90-day investigation. Made my refund permanent I don't think it's the banks that like to or don't like to make the refund I think it's the law that requires them to

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. I thought it was just me, I was dying from boredom listening to him, OMG and he never gets to the point. Thanks again.

    • They never do get to the point. It is classic bait and switch technique. The promise lures you in but never delivers unless you buy the product. The answer is supposed to be in the product, but because it sounds so convincing and preys on your sense of compassion and your own insecurities, so you fall for it. I have seen this type of advertising used for other so called miracles, everything from diet to erectile dysfunction, all promising to give you the secret at the end of the endless video. Why do seemingly intelligent people continue to be fooled by these ads?

      • The key word to find your answer is “seemingly intelligent”, the problem is most people do not have common sense, you can be intelligent in the sense of knowing your skill or whatever it is you have expertise in, but if you have no common sense you are no more than an irresponsible simpleton.

  6. I received the advertisement email for this program. I opened it up and could not believe what I saw. I personally know the woman he claims is Amy. Her name is not Amy, it's Stacey. She lost her weight by gastric bypass surgery in 2005 in Pensacola, FL. Her before and after photos were printed publicly as advertisement for the doctor and hospital where her surgery was performed. He stole these images! I hope she sues him!

  7. Are you concerned about your belly fat? Do you dislike your appearance when you go for a fitting dress up to look more stylish? Many people in this generation have a common problem which is the belly fat problem. There are many causes which causes belly fat. For example, overeating without performing daily exercise, drinking carbonated drinks or consuming alcohol lately, having dinner late at night, eating more during your depression- this all are the reasons that causes belly fat. You should learn How to burn belly fat fast?

  8. Thanks for sharing the best tips and remedies and also good benefits they very useful. You made a good site and giving us such a great tips they very help us. I am impressed by your site and tips they amazing. I like your site a lot. It's an interesting one. thank you all

  9. I saw this eye catching advertisement and thought it would be a five minute video revealing the secrets of losing belly fat overnight. He sounded convincing but kept talking for ages. Then I realised he must be trying to sell something. Of course I was tempted but the price had put me off. What you must realise is that every morning, your stomach is going to look flatter as you have been sleeping for probably 6 to 8 hours and have not eaten anything. I find that cutting back on carbohydrates does help. In a way I am glad to have watched this video as it showed the dangers of having a high BMI, I need to lower mine. Thanks you for the tea recipes, do they work?

    I do know that green tea speeds up metabolism.
    Good Night.

  10. How many times a day do you have to drink the tea? What are the exercises? Does anyone know..any feedback would be greatly appreciated. So glad I did not purchase.

  11. I have been using various fat burning capsules for a while now and I can actually see the difference between good quality and poor quality supplements.

    I am somewhat active but I have watched my belly get bigger and bigger. I am working in an office so I am sitting all day. I am not fat, my BMI is ok-ish, but all fat stays on my belly. I now ONLY use the Lady Soma Detox. I have noticed a major difference in my metabolism and I can already see changes in my belly size. No weird side effects.

  12. The best you can do to renovate your metabolism is: Eat for one week a month veggies only, nothing else; veggies mostly crude or cooked with just one tea spoon of extra virgin olive oil; the following week eat normal organic healthy food and you'll see the result; avoid cereals and don't fry any food, reduce butter use and prefer extra virgin olive oil, not much; eat quinoa, amaranth, millet, not wheat products.

  13. thx all for saving me all that $$$$ , I feel like i've gained 10 lbs. just listening to that BORING video !!! I really wish someone could shut him down!! everyone who sadly bought into this scam should To get your money back, talk to your bank who issued your card. Do a “Chargeback”. I worked in the industry for 10 years.

    If a company gets 1% chargebacks in terms of either dollar$ or percent of sales (“tickets”), they can be shut down. It’s how VISA and MasterCard get rid of bad merchants (there are more bad merchants than bad customers).

    When you explain either you never received the product, or that the product didn’t work and has a 100% money back guarantee, you should get your money back.

    • I listened til he finished. I was sceptical, I was in it for the health standpoint, and listened very carefully to his guarantee of satisfaction or money back . I have left messages on his newsletters sent to me, clicking on the return arrow and have heard absolutely nothing. I told him I was disappointed in that all it seems to be is a funnelling through of advertising other people's products, which obviously he is getting a kickback from promoting.
      I threatened to leave bad reviews if I could find a place to do so, and at last I have. I am now sure he is just laughing all the way to the bank, and I am calling my credit card company to get my money back, and I suggest everyone else do the same thing. What a HEEL. I like what a knowledgeble bank worker said, tell your credit card company you want a cash back. If they hear from enough people they can close someone down. He deserves it. I don't usually bother with these things but admit I was HAD. BUT I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK. You should be so ashamed of yourself.

  14. Lies and Greed, Do you actually think that this crook would be selling this miracle information for under 50 bucks if it did work. It does take effort to see results and IF it didn't everyone would have that desired body and great health overnight. Andrew Raposo will change his title and name when he this con runs out of steam.
    Unfortunately these 30,60 day guarantees is as meaningless as the ridiculous lies being printed.

  15. WARNING: As an ex-med school student (dropped out, ironically enough, for health problems) I should warn everyone that some of the claims this man makes on his vid (for the 15-20 minutes I managed to watch it before dying of boredom) are not only pretty ridiculous but dangerous for anyone who believes them. If you have high abdominal fat and type 2 diabetes and you lose the weight it will HELP with diabetes (and the risk for diabetes-mediated peripheral arterial disease and other related diabetic syndromes), but it will not CURE diabetes mellitus, and the same is true for hypertension and high cholesterol, and if you stop taking your medication just because you lost some weight you will become dangerously sick so fast your doctor won't even have the time to say “I told you so.” Abdominal fat and/or high obesity (and it doesn't have to be obesity related to high abdominal fat) are increased risk factors for a lot of diseases and health problems such that losing the fat will definitely help you (more so in the long-term than the short-term), but it is not a substitute for medication that stabilises and treats these diseases.

    The problems surrounding the weight loss formula have pretty much been covered in the above article, so I won't go over that again, but there are some other problems as well. For example, the idea that “inflammation” in the gastrointestinal tract as a result of “toxins” in the food is the cause of obesity is pure laughable, but considering some stuff that people on the internet believe, I feel I should point out: no, that is not why you put on weight. If you have “inflammation” in either your stomach or intestine, you've got a much different set of problems that your doctor should be clued into. And if this “detox” supposedly ‘purges' your body by causing diarrhoea, you need to be very careful and drink a lot of water – remember, repeated ‘purging' this way is fairly similar to vomiting up your food.

    And decreasing your colorie load? Not really an issue. Your body does have a primitive defense mechanism where if your colorie load gets too low your body will hoard fat, but it has to be significantly lowered such that your body thinks it is starving. Taking out unsaturated fatty foods and other high colorie foods out of your diet will help you on many different health and weight levels (a certain baseline level of carbs is neccessary, but it you want to lose weight, lose the carbs and add in protein instead).

    I should point out for anyone who cares that generally obesity comes from two sources: a combination of hormones that increase weight production in 3 different ways; or an unhealthy lifestyle (and while regular exercise is neccessary for your health, exercise isn't going to do anything to help you lose weight unless it is high intensity and prolonged, so look to your diet for clues to where to lose weight).

    • JUST PASSING BY…perhaps you could help people lose weight. You cannot waste all that wonderful knowledge from Med School which was so interesting in comparison to that video which I just couldn't finish listening to.
      I wish you better, I got ill with CFS when I was 32 and sometimes it means you are destined for a different more fulfilling path in life and remember you can take up study any time in your life which I did.
      Good Luck and many thanks for your article………….it is much appreciated!

    • Jesus Christ, I couldn't stand the man. He repeated the same lies over and over again until I couldn't watch anymore. If you're going to make a video that long, I'm going to lose interest and X out before you even get to show off your wonderful product. Why not just get to the FUCKING POINT?

    • Thank you for your not only debunking the nonsense from this crook but pointing out that the information in that horrific video was VERY DANGEROUS. You are so right. As we know ( or should)DIET is 80% Exercise is 20% of weight loss. No magic pill. Hardwork and willpower…. Life change is the secret potion and if it wasn't for these greedy unethical people more people would be healthier and not sidelined by bullshit.
      Thank you.

  16. So does anyone know what the “3 minute workout” is? I got the Tea but there was also a workout. I'm testing this out and I will give further results farther along.

    • there aren't any lol

      whatever is in that book is a scam, you can't just grow thin overnight

      most people already lose 1-2 pounds and look thinner overnight anyway because they're stomachs are empty- the minute you eat it goes away! this guy is full of shit

      I wouldn't even stick with that tea if I were you

      stay away from this stuff it's unsafe

    • Hi Abbygail. I found the exercises on youtube. i dont know if the link will be allowed on here but will put it at the end of my message. I have written down instructions just incase. exercise `1. Wall Bug.
      Start by lying on your back with your hips and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Hands are against the wall behind you. Press your lower back into the floor by squeezing your abdominals and pressing your hands against the wall. Slowly extend one leg forward bringing the heel to the floor and raise it back to the starting position . Then repeat with the other leg.
      Make sure that your lower back is in constant contact with the floor and the abdominals are always tight. To make this exercise more challenging, lower your knees towards the floor and away from the wall. To make it even MORE challenging, straighten your legs.
      Once you have completed 10 repeats on each side, move onto glute bridges.
      Exercise 2. Glute Bridge
      Start by lying on your back. Hands on the floor, legs bent and feet on the floor.
      Drive through your heels and bring your hips up.
      Squeeze your glutes at the top.
      Bring your hips back down and repeat the movement 15 times.
      Once you have completed the reps, repeat each exercise again for 3 minutes.
      For those wanting the tea is one of them. peppermint tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of turmeric
      I also make up 1 litre jugs of iced green tea with , 1 cucumber, 1 lemon and when i can get it I put in mint too. Another great one is water with slices of tangerines with mint…I guess you could combine any of these ingredients perhaps to make up delicious teas.

      • I drink this tea but in the morning I should try it at night lol ginger, coconut oil, turmeric, lemon and some honey. I knew he was going to say ginger lol!

  17. I tried both the Military Diet and Intermittent Fasting, I drank the Fat Flush Water daily..They all worked for me…Give them a try and see which one u like best between the two.
    Fat Flush, Water, helped me with bloating. 4 ingredients
    Cucumber,Lemon,Lime,and Mint leaves.
    Cranberry Fat Flush, two ounces of pure cranberry juice not from concentrate and 6 to 8 ounces of water…hope this helps someone.

    • Thanks for the tea recipes …i shall give them a try too just for variety. I also make up large jugs of iced tea with Green tea, cucumber, lemon and when i can get it I put in mint too. Another great one is water with slices of tangerines with mint…I guess you could combine any of these ingredients perhaps to make up delicious teas.

  18. I purchased this product. It would never download. I requested a refund and nothing. I was sent an email informing me that my comments have been added to a list. This company is a fraud.

  19. I am so scared to order this although I have to say the tea worked for me overnight as I did lose 1.5 lbs! I am willing to order it, but did anyone get charged more than once like on a monthly basis? How did you download it? On what format? I want to be ready to download it correctly as many others weren't able to just in case I am willing to take the risk in losing $37.

    • Just go buy a gift card to avoid recurring charges. Spend the remainder on the card on your gas tank and throw it away. Hell, I'll buy the junk just to post it up for free.

    • if you try it let us know how it works. I'm interested as to cover yourself just buy apre aproved credit card from check cashing place. I think some people are haters. I haven't read anything about it not working. I have read three time were people asked what where the execerises for and no body has said what they are I only hear people complaining but no facts if you have facts then display them. Other wise don”t speak about things you don”t know.

  20. Thanks everyone for the comments. I left the video running, without watching it because it is so super boring and at the end it was just them asking me to give them money for information. If they do not refund my money and many are stating that it does not work, I think I'll pass.

    • That's exactly it; you read and read and this do called “expert” doesn't give you the ingredients – typically American salesmanship. So can anyone give me the overnight tip and trick in brief?

  21. OMG! Amazing finally got a response via email! I marked it ‘high priority' – it may take a while for the customer service to get to my email though- since I've number 30,000 and something!

  22. to Andrew reposo regarding flat belly….


  23. I switched off the voice-over, and just read the written commentary-it's the same thing, anyway! Goes on for over a half-hour, takes forever repeating again and again the same crap- suicidal sister(?) A free commercial for his cage-fighting self(?) Tales about stuff and people that are nowt to do with the reason that you started to look at this- YOU, AND YOUR PROBLEM.

    Someone has been kind enough to give the recipe for the tea, so drink it- it won't kill you! And, no- I shan't be ordering his e-books- thank you,, everyone who was kind enough to tell it like it is, and speak with the voice of reason. Trudi TG in London

  24. The guy also needs to learn basic grammar. I can't believe no told him how ignorant he is. And a thief from what I've read here.

  25. Yes yes I just sat here listening with my pen and paper ready thinking. ..any minute now this dude is going to spill the beans…the longer I listened ..the more dramatic the story became …the more I realized…im being had…Ive just been had…for what I think is well over 30 minutes and THEN decided to read the comments…hmm. ..going to try the tea and the 3 meals in 8 hours suggestion…no snacking. the rest…I know herbal green tea speeds up the metabolism…caffeine free..stop making smores in my microwave and eating them…stop adding 2 packets of hot chocolate and tons of french vanilla creamer to my coffee every morning…ya know…all the fun stuff….and if you ladies happen to read the post from “Wise Crown”….AMEN SISTA…AMEN!

    • Bloody hell I thought it was just me and I was reading in bed which was causing eyestrain and only to find the same being repeated.

    • Seriously,I haven't laughed so hard in a while. I love your comment it mirrored my exact experience! i mean I have tears rolling, I was Laughing so much. I think I will just slow down on my ice-cream/wine intake and up my walking. Thank You for keeping it real.

  26. hi, my name is Joyce ,i was woundering if this would work foe me ,you see i have cushings and that is why i have problings with my stomack.and not only that but im on a fixed income so you see what im up agents. oh trust me i want to have my flat tummy. well thank you for listing.

    • Please joyce read all ALL OF THESE COMMENTS AND DO NOT FALL FOR SCAM! Not only does it not work they steal your money. People are posting the tea receipe And the exercise ( hence, please read all the comments) save your money Do not give this greedy little shister your money.
      My tip….have a good day.

  27. If this is a scam (which I believe it is) then everyone should post all of the info from the plan online. If people can get this info for free it puts the scammer out of business.

  28. His fat fighting tea recipe is peppermint tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of turmeric.

  29. I fell for this hocks. It does not work. He does NOT refund your money. He just keeps sending you more offers for you to spend your money on. His diet does NOT work.

  30. DO NOT BUY!!! Well, Andrew… you're making friends fast. The worst thing is Raposo will spam, spam, spam the crap out of you and not honor your unsubscribe, your personal emails or anything. Sounds like he's a scam on every level. DO NOT BUY!

    • His fat fighting tea recipe is peppermint tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of turmeric

    • His fat fighting tea recipe is peppermint tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. If you check out BioTrust nutrition. I have not taken there supplements but they have great videos to explain what's happening eternally + good reviews! I'm just not willing to spend $ on supplements – been insulin resistant for too long & prayer helped Me the most.

    • His fat fighting tea recipe is peppermint tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. If you check out BioTrust nutrition. I have not taken there supplements but they have great videos to explain what’s happening eternally + good reviews!

  31. Just so everyone knows you can get your money back!!! I tried the system and didn't get any results (no surprise there). All you have to do is call Software Projects at 800-218-1525 and just wait for all the automated prompts to go through. Eventually it will say if you have any questions about the product, need technical support, or to talk to a live representative press 3..i think it was 3. I spoke with a lady and she processed my refund right then and there with me on the phone.

  32. I have been trying to get that promised refund. I am a handicapper and I cannot do those exercises. They are only for boxers! I have sent many requests and no refunds folks. It is an infomercial ripoff!

  33. Why is everyone so afraid to share his tea recipe and other info?
    Is it because no one really has it & just want to complain?
    Or, is it coz people think if they bought it, then why should they share for nothing.

    Just share the info someone and stop being selfish!

    • It has been shared many times by Deb in the posts. You just aren't seeing it.

      His fat fighting tea recipe is peppermint tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of turmeric.

    • Hey Meg; this recipe is very popular in our middle east countries, it helps you to get rid of belly fat, i have tried it years ago and the result was amazing, unfortunately i can't use it anymore bc i have blood pressure issue, the recepie is, half teaspoon cinnamon, half teaspoon ginger, mint leaves, lemon and half teaspoon cumin.
      Add all the ingredients in a cup of boiled water cover it and leave it for 10 minutes and drink it 1 in the morning and another cup 30 minutes before your main meal, you can add some honey to make it taste better, but you need to aske your doctor if you have any blood pressure or diabetes issue before you start using it.

    • its been repeated several times, try opening your eyes. of hit ctrl+F(Find on page) and type peppermint. seriously i saw it go by like ten times now READ.

  34. Glad I checked this out. Watched his video & felt duped as soon as he got to the, I'll tell you in a minute how to do this, more times than I could count. And then when he gets to it he's trying to sell over priced e-books. What a fraud.

  35. my name is joanne and I payed for this program I am a type 2 diabetic and i fell fro the Video i got it to days a go am trying to get the right food and tea and food to start using this but the information is not worth the amount of money he is asking for i am getting my money back i think i am going to try to .
    i think it would be better just to ask your DR. for help that is what i am going to do i cant believe i fell for this .

    • Hey there sister in law ..had type 2… she dropped her caloric intake to 1100 a day… she used the ” Lose it” app on her phone and pc… she lost the weight and the diabetes …and i have had 3 other people i know do the same ..and get the same results…. Take care ..hope it helped..

  36. ketogenic diet/lifestyle….try this and you will see for yourself the change!!! i did this and in after 2 months big change especially bellyfat!! search dr. eric berg and on youtube more information about it. just try this and you wont need anything else or spend money on shit like this. you will.never know if you dont try this and believe me it works!! have patient and you will see result for sure.

    • Try the low carb diet my mother lost 68lbs in 5 months and she didn't exercise. And I lost 48 pounds in 3 1/3 month's I can eat all day long even my doctor put me on it. My cholesterol levels dropped the lowest it's ever been I feel awesome and I eat alot and I give myself a cheat surprise when I release 5 pounds, you can get up eating bacon and eggs all day chicken, ribs steak cabbage lettuce salads all day I am going to release about 20 more pounds I say release because you most always find what you'd lost. But give it a try it goes fast I am going to start doing stomach exercises to tone it up and some leg ones too walking I think just to not get flabby. But Dr Aktins diet or just. Look up low carb foods . I try not to go over 25 a day hope this helps you.

      • Good for you. That's great about your mother! Atkins had too much fat and died on his diet. He really did it, and left a lot of misinformation for those who read his books, that's dangerous for a lot of people to follow.

        • Dr. Atkins died after an accidental fall on an icy sidewalk in front of his office. He hit his head which left him comatose. He was not fat.

      • I like your ideas about weight loss. I lost 80 pounds on low carb diet but gained 50 back after a year. SMH. I started eating fast food again. I am now back to changing my lifestyle and lowering by carb intake. I know that will take care of it, I just have ot stick to it and not got back to my old ways.

    • I know! I kept saying, it's a scam, I know it's a scam, to myself, but I ended up watching the whole thing. All those videos ever do is pull you in deeper and deeper, then say, oh, you want the product? You have to buy it! Have fun!

        • Im thinking of keeping the site address and attempting to watch the whole thing which I couldn't either
          To help me fall asleep….
          Would be great if it worked

    • I know right! I literally timed the video when it was already about 20 minutes in and I didn't finish but the time was about 17 minutes.. Every time you thought he was going to tell you he told you another story about Amy

  37. That's the last time I watch one of these videos! I kept telling myself, this is just another scam and now I'm sure of it. I just wasted precious time.

  38. Am from Nigeria,cross river state,calabar;i have a serious weight problem, I need to know how genuine this is help plsssssssssss

    • Victory, I would not order this program/product. From what others are saying, they either are not receiving it at all or it is no different from information you can obtain on the internet for free. It sounds like you need outside help, moral support. Are there medical doctors in Nigeria who help with weight loss for those whose health is in danger? Or organizations like the USA's “Weight Watchers” near where you live? There is a “Weight Watcher's website on the internet. Google “Weight Watchers” & take a look at it ignoring the food products they sell and see if you can join the chat room for free. You can then chat with others going through the same thing you are experiencing. Other chat rooms where those who want to lose weight join usually have a moderator to help guide the group. You can get ideas about what to do from these groups. You have taken the first step which is to recognize you have a problem and want to do something about it. Wishing you the best of luck….

    • This program is basically following the paleo diet plan, and floor exersizes that people with knee problems can do. I was charged 3 times, and since the diet is not one I can follow, I asked for a refund and never got a reply. Ripoff

    • I'd stay away from this program.

      I found the way to loose weight and reverse insulin resistance. Eat 1-3 meals a day within a 1-8 hour window with no snacking, eating till satisfied. (i.e. fast 16-24 hours a day). The pounds will melt off. Results are improved if you eat low carb and the longer you make the fasting window.

      Exercise is good for you, but not the best way to loose weight. Continue normal activity and you will maintain lean body mass.

      Google Jason Fung. He has lots of videos and blogs explaining the process, why it works and is healthy.

      Good luck!

  39. those who say it doesnt work may be from the companies he claims are after him.
    the only way to prove the right thing is to try it

  40. Any one here have a success story to tell? I was thinking about buying this, but I think I only here negatives. Thanks

    • I am sooooo fat and my crush invited me to his pool party next week, I despratly need it, could someone please take pics or something? I am begging, if you do, I wil OWE my LIFE 2 u

  41. Andrew you're full of HORSE TURDS! Everyone of these kind of advertisers say the same old BS things over and over. “It's not your fault” “Hurry before they take down this web-sight”
    Aren't we sick and tired of the same things being said over and over? and all that time to say almost nothing at all. How did the doctor get the blood work so fast? In the good old US unfortunately people can say anything they want to sell. STOP GIVING THEM POWER!
    That is the only way this will stop.

    • IKR!!! They only do it for money! I have seen plenty of people who had diets and exercised and lost weight! My friend goes to the gym and he lost a massive amount of weight and he is more energetic! I do laps everyday and I have a small change improving every day!!!

    • Not only do lab tests not “come back” during the time of your doctor's visit/exam but here's what gave me my chuckle for the day….Supposedly the sister was in the middle of suicide by car/closed garage/carbon monoxide AND SHE TOOK HER PHONE WITH HER. If you're intent on taking your life, the damned cell phone AT LAST becomes unimportant. Thus and OBVIOUSLY, Andrew didn't call poor ole Sis and stop this suicide. And finally…OMG the video was WAY TOO LONG. I probably watched 3/4 of it cuz I was killing time (not myself!!) but if I had watched any longer, I would have become a candidate for suicide!!!

  42. I been waiting & waiting for my refund of $USD36.00 being $AUD55.54 since I first asked for it back in March?? I sent my order in 19th Feb 2016 & I waited for about 4 wks for my DVD to arrive but nothing turned up?? so then I contacted That so called Click Bank to ask them for a refund But they ignored my plea? So then I contacted Andrew by email? All he said was this was the 1st email he had received from me?? After I had sent him at least 5?? By then I had contacted my Bank & told them what had taken place?? so they said they would look into it for me?? Needless to say I've been given the run around by everyone? So I've just given up on seeing my money returned? as Andrew has ignored any other emaila I've sent him?? Even when I sent my details away on 19th Feb I asked Andrew if it was a SPAM & he said no cos I told him I was an old aged pensioner living from wk to wk on the pension?? He guaranteed me that I would be very satisfied with the product?? What a fool I believed him lol??

    • Lynette, be wary of Clickbank, they are as bad as some of these arseholes that advertise these miracle cures. Also if you paid by Credit card then Visa will at lease investigate and should give you a refund and then it goes to their international investigation department to be chased.

    • Lynette, keep contacting your bank. Most Aussie banks HAVE to get the refund for you…by law. But it can take up to 45 or more days to get it. I bank with Commonwealth bank and have been refunded quite a few times with attempted ripoffs from internet scams. You would think id learn by now but i still watched most of that video..then came here and found all these beautiful people giving info such as the tea recipe…which is btw. pepermint tea with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of ginger.
      Another recipe that I know does do wonders is green tea, which i usually put cucumber and lemon in as well and it tastes great. green tea boosts your metabolism. Another lady “Heba Gad” also put up this recipe…this recipe is very popular in our middle east countries, it helps you to get rid of belly fat, i have tried it years ago and the result was amazing, unfortunately i can’t use it anymore bc i have blood pressure issue, the recepie is, half teaspoon cinnamon, half teaspoon ginger, mint leaves, lemon and half teaspoon cumin.
      Add all the ingredients in a cup of boiled water cover it and leave it for 10 minutes and drink it 1 in the morning and another cup 30 minutes before your main meal, you can add some honey to make it taste better, but you need to aske your doctor if you have any blood pressure or diabetes issue before you start using it. Good Luch Lynette. And everyone else who is battling with these issues. oh and another thing…i lost a LOT of weight with the Linda Goodman colour diet…you are supposed to do it for 45 days though…i only did it for 15 and I went from a size 22 australian to a size 16.

  43. Just ordered this and it immediately hit my bank account but I did not receive any information or pdf to my email… I think I was just ripped off :( How do I get my money back and hope to prevent any further charges from this company?
    VERY DISAPPOINTED and mad that I would let this happen to me again as I should know better…

    • Contact your bank and file a dispute claim and you will get your money back. If you buy a product and don't receive it, or they refuse to warrant the product as stated, etc. you can file a dispute of charges.

  44. Well… That was a waste of time watching the video. The reason I kept going to the end was to hear how much stupid it can get, and it did. Thank you all for the remarks, Just listening to his story was enough to say to myself I will not buy this product! two because of your remarks that you all left here! I only want to lose 20 pounds. I am healthy, i run 12+ miles per days 4 days a week. I can not say I eat healthy because I LOVE food. I am 152 lbs – 5'6ft tall at the age of 47. my youngest child is 23. so I can not use the excuse i'm this way because of my two pregnancies, it's because of the food I eat. I started to gain weight 2 years ago. now I like to take off the 20 I put on the last two years. I am not going to use Andrew's methods. Thanks for sharing your experiences here! I'll keep searching :)

  45. Hahaha, men leaving women for losing their figures, when – in the first place – they were the ones to pursue the slick chick to get her belly full as quickly as possible and “make her fat”….. Every woman should be taught that a man is a self serving animal. The few real soul mates you can find and will stick with you from the day they give their marriage vow to the day they die can only be found in the “old gentlemen group” of the war years when people, and particularly men, still felt moral obligations. That no longer seems to exist. So run girls, run….

    • I bought the basic program…just out of curiosity really. I'm smart enough to know u cannot lose belly fat overnight, but figured I'd check out this tea recipe. He actually gives you several, not one “miracle” recipe. Good luck figuring out which one “saved his sister”. I'm currently drinking the ginger tea with turmeric, green tea, and a dash of cayenne pepper. All good ingredients… So we'll see how I feel tomorrow!

      • Could you share the other recipes with me at [email protected]? I will be willing to pay by paypal for them but I've had one thing I ordered keep charging me every month and its been a night mare to get it stopped. So I am so weary of ordering something like this… I need to lose weight horribly for my health & my 2 beautiful girls ages 4 & 7! I am doing the Plexus Slim and Protein Shakes Program now.

  46. There's lots of these claims on the web,most presented by slick, fast talking americans. They all seem to follow a similar pattern of rhetoric which is -scare,solution to come later-claims about being a miracle cure all where everyone else has failed and after a long ,boring fantastical story -the product is revealed and you are stupid if you don't buy it immediately- Have they taken the word ‘gullible ‘ out of the dictionary?

    • just so you know this guy is supposedly Canadian. I was sent his stupid link through my sign up to a Paleo website that I've been following. I'm going to contact them and let them know what I think of them endorsing this idiot! 2 lbs a day guaranteed. OMG I want to pull my hair out!!

    • Call 1-800-218-1525 for cancellation of order…they were very helpful over the phone.Hope I get my refund.

      Emily Luter

  47. Hey sorry I didn't read all the comments so I apologize if my questions already been answered above but about two weeks ago my mother had listened to that 20 hr pathetic story then sadly proceeded 2 actually make an order not aware it was a Ebook & a million emails a day from him & a dr Kareem smh well it hasn't worked for her and I have emailed this Andrew clown 3xs and no response is there another way or will I have to try to contact the bank & see if they will even be able to do anything I'm so tired of the nonsense of him and he can't be mature enough to respond back although supposedly it's a 60 day money back warranty quick to take the payment but not around to refund so annoyed

    • I don't trust Clickbank products after being ripped off a few times and finding no way to get the money back. They make it so hard to find a way to do that. Be careful, it's all power talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. To get your money back, talk to your bank who issued your card. Do a “Chargeback”. I worked in the industry for 10 years.

    If a company gets 1% chargebacks in terms of either dollar$ or percent of sales (“tickets”), they can be shut down. It's how VISA and MasterCard get rid of bad merchants (there are more bad merchants than bad customers).

    When you explain either you never received the product, or that the product didn't work and has a 100% money back guarantee, you should get your money back.

  49. Your video is so unbelievably long and boring, I couldn't finish it. You insult the intelligent woman.
    with this ridiculous audio.

  50. This is crazy. I listened to this long drawn out story about this guys sister, who I dont even care about and then in the end they never even told you about what you can do as the video claimed it would. Sham and quite literally I am pissed I waisted so much time waiting till the end to not get what they said they would tell you. Just a long drawn out ad. Total Bullshit!

    • Any internet marketing gimmick that makes you sit through boring and very long garbage babbling, ESPECIALLY when they promise to reveal something later, is pure crap. And also watch for these a-holes selling products, then you find they automatically send monthly supplies and bill you. You'll generally find their attempts to screw you in the fine print (terms and conditions). The governments need to put a halt to the misleading drivel, and often the product doesn't even do what it is purported to. Then watch out when you try to find sites about the products, and complaints. THEY created those sites!

    • Exactly! I usually delete right away but this time I decided to give it a try and listen all the way thru, just to be dissapointed. Uuugh. I guess it is too good to be true.

  51. Dear Andrew,
    I confirmed and paid for the flat belly program at the end of April, but till now I have not heard from you or received any details about the program.
    I am very disappointed about this and also upset that I have lost my money.
    Would be obliged if you can reply to me. My email address is given below.
    Joseph Sydenham

    • Dean May 17, 2016 at 7:57 am

      To get your money back, talk to your bank who issued your card. Do a “Chargeback”. I worked in the industry for 10 years.

      If a company gets 1% chargebacks in terms of either dollar$ or percent of sales (“tickets”), they can be shut down. It’s how VISA and MasterCard get rid of bad merchants (there are more bad merchants than bad customers).

      When you explain either you never received the product, or that the product didn’t work and has a 100% money back guarantee, you should get your money back.

      • I never worked in the industry. I copied this from a previous commentor so that you would know how to get your money back. I hope it works for you.

  52. My word, anyone who thinks it is acceptable for a husband to threaten to take the kids and leave his wife because she is overweight and feeling depressed the way she looks and her health in general doesn't deserve the attention (or money) or normal human beings. All I could think listening to this was how he was preying on people's fears…..

    • I agree if a man can leave you that fast he never did love you and beauty comes from the heart not in the weight yiu love a person through thick and thin. I found the video very offensive.

    • I know right, and the fact that he was so concerned and by her side when she went into the hospital? Seems like the two events were happening almost simultaneously and totally unbelievable. Come on now! ????

    • Yet at the same time there are a lot more women out there that leave their husbands because of his loss of as good an income or that he has gotten out of shape than the reverse. Men have a tendency to care less about the woman's appearance than the woman herself does. Just because this scam artist is trying to use a female's insecurities about their looks that they may be left doesn't make it true. Men usually even put up with women who should be institutionalized for longer than they should trying to keep a relationship together.

  53. Did anyone ever get his email?
    I wasn't able to to download anything and can't get back to it! There is no phone number provided on the bank statement so no way to get my $ back!
    How upsetting!!!

      • Sheral- many people have not received there email. Could you please share the tea recipe- and have you had success with the program?

      • HI
        I just watched the video and I don't have a credit care plus my mom says it's all shit so if it did work for u can u plz prove and share a few tips I really need to loose weight I'm only 13!!

        • when I was 13 i could not gain weight if my life depended on it. All have to do is leave the video games alone for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Give up any fast food. work out or run around theres a book by amazon called cardio sucks by Michael Matthews it pretty good try that you have to there also plenty of health food sites that will give you smoothies and shakes to help burn fat. good luck on the struggle

  54. How do I get a refund? I need a phone nber or address to request a refund. Does anyone know how to do this? He never answers my refund request!

    • I'm just now reading all these anything that you ask for a number for a refund the number is 1 800 218 1525 be able to choose number 1 2 or 3 and I think it is number one for a refund I know it's a couple months late but if you read this here's the number if you never got it

    • Barbara Kaplan
      I'm just now reading all these anything that you ask for a number for a refund the number is 1 800 218 1525 be able to choose number 1 2 or 3 and I think it is number one for a refund I know it's a couple months late but if you read this here's the number if you never got it

  55. I just purchased the package and find it difficult to see any difference so far but it has only been a couple days. If it doesn't work do we realy see the 100% money back as promised?

  56. I would rather be fat than have to listen to that load of old cobblers through to the end. In fact it went on so long that I thought I would probably die of starvation before he finished his endlessly repetitive and boring pitch. I guess that might be his technique, did he talk to his sister for so long she had no time to eat? He criticises the diet industry for making money and then it is clear he is going to be charging you for his advice. Call me old and cynical but how is that different from every other leech making money from weight loss?

    • I thought it interesting that he claims cutting back on the amount you eat will not lead to losing weight. Really? Someone who eats a 6,000 calorie diet will have no reduction if they cut it to 2,000 calories?

  57. By the time I finished listening to him go on and on and finally getting to his sales pitch I was so irritated I wanted to punch him in the face. There was no way I was giving this guy money for anything. Oh my goodness, how unbelievable.

    • Thank you! I felt that way too! Shut up, tell me what it does and how it works and sell it to me! LOL. My guess, it doesn't work or he would not have had to talk about forever!

    • I heard that! I wasn't even able to listen to it for the time it took to get to the sales pitch! I am so damned irritated with this guy, using the (probably bullshit) story of a pre-suicidal loved one in order to get sales… That's low. Thanks for letting me know that I wasn't the only one who hates this kind of stuff n junk!

    • My sentiments exactly! I wanted to smack him in the face for even trying to sell that bull! If he really think that he can talk about other programs and then do the same sh??t

    • It might, but you'll do better and get real value from other methods. Other people on here say it did not work. For someone to burn 2 pounds of body weight overnight while they sleep…. doesn't that seem a bit odd? How does it burn off? Where does the body tissue go? It does not just magically disappear. Remember the laws of physics that energy is never destroyed, it is converted to a different form. In the real world, where do the by products go? Massive farts? Poop? It can not work as he claims.

    • It might, but you'll do better and get real value from other methods.

      Other people on here say it did not work. For someone to burn 2 pounds of body weight overnight while they sleep…. doesn't that seem a bit odd? How does it burn off? Where does the body tissue go? It does not just magically disappear.

      Remember the laws of physics that energy is never destroyed, it is converted to a different form. In the real world, where do the by products go? Massive farts? Poop? It can not work as he claims.

  58. I just bought this eating plsn and it is working.. I am losing a pound per night. I also drink less coffee…I am more focused on being healthy. We can get this info for ftee but it's TMI and it could be confusing. I didn't mind pay $37.. bcuz Andrew laid out the plan for me and if followed as directed it works. I downloaded it ptinted it and put it in a binder..

    • Marty, losing a pound per night isn't sustainable nor healthy! Initial weight loss is often water and that loss is easy but it's not “permanent” weight loss. If you want to keep the weight off, a healthy rate is about 2 pounds a week. Anything faster most often triggers the body to start storing even more fat as it thinks that it is starving.

      Focus, commitment and a plan are very important to achieve anything and weight loss is no different. Sound diet changes are typically necessary and healthy eating and an active lifestyle definitely are key components to better overall health. Positive self-perception is also key to success. Applaud your successes – if you stopped drinking soft drinks, if you did your active lifestyle changes for the week, pat yourself on the back, even if the weight isn't off yet!

      • Common sense Taz. We want to believe but I don't think there is any substitute to hard work and patience.

  59. I tried to download your books and I cannot find them on my computer. Can you advise me how to find them or mail your books? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks

  60. I don' read e-books.A simple hard copy or paperback even if only a few pages would be easier to follow. I'm sire there are a lot of other people who would prefer a book instead of an e- book. Is this a possibility ?

  61. Nothing works overnight unless, you are getting those expensive, hurtful and sometimes deadly surgeries. There are hundreds of people who spend hundreds of dollars a year on weight loss. I see nothing wrong with spending $37 to get recipes and a schedule. His way of doing things coincide with the research I have been doing for months. But by me being a very busy single mom, I haven't had time to put it to work and with a schedule. His process has shined a little light on how I can implement my findings into my daily routine. Whether he is a fake or not just trying to make a quick buck, it is helping me. I am a person that suffered from depression and am now gaining weight and keeping it on since I have turned a certain age. I presented my new eating habits to my PCP and he agrees that it can help me with my diabetes and weight gain. So thank you Andrew whoever you are for giving me a starting point.

  62. I bought this last night and don't know how to get all my information( e- book ) can any one help me ?I ordered it and paid for it on 4/5/16 and haven't been able to use it yet . Thanks so much

  63. About 5 years ago, I was overweight for my age and hight…yes I purchased an ebook on weight loss by isabelle delosrios about a year earlier… However I never did anything… I was diagnosed with high cholesterol an had premature ventricular contractions (PVC)… I decided to try Isabelle's suggestions in her book… Within 2.5 months i went from 160lbs to 135 lbs… With no exercise… And yes I lost all my bellie fat, I no longer have high cholesterol… The trick is to eating healthy …and speeding up your metabolism by eating 5 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks I between) and drinking lots of water throughout the day.

    I cannot speak about Andrew's method… But loosing weight without going to the gym is possible .. I am living proof

    • Congrats Living Proof

      Eating several small meals a day does boost the metabolism and is much healthier than eating 3 heavy meals or skipping meals & losing weight but lowering your metoblic rate. This is the method used by a US health concern now a spa in South Carolina called Hilton Head(in no way am I affiliated with them). The Hilton Head diet ( a book from decades ago) stresses among other things eating several small meals of healthy foods to rev up the metabolism and loose weight. There are many methods to lose weight but healthy is so important and repressing the metabolism means that once you have reached your goal you can enjoy normal meals & will not have to starve yourslef for the rest of your life to remain slender. Exercise though has other health benefits that we are all familiar with–heart– joints etc.

  64. Can he not just share this for free so that anyone can loose belly fat, I don't have the money for shipping and all that does anyone agree that he should just tell for free

    • Yes he should he said he wasn't worried about money but he waits till the end n u have to buy it is don't like download it on my phone this is all I have I did get it I couldn't down load it why can't he sale the book at Walmart for 20.00 he's still making money on it

    • He does sound like he just wants to share this stuff. He sounds like it's terribly important to him so just tell it and stop with the endless pitch. Or be honest about making this his income.

    • Yes, he should tell for free. He is condemning the ‘gurus' who make you spend $$$ for weight loss secrets and then he does the same. that's hypocritical. Also, saying how much he spends for his web site and distribution – bull, someone said that's b.s. unless he's creating a new web site everyday.

    • Hi Nonny..i dont have a credit card so i cant purchase the stuff ..if its okay can you share the secret, i would be very happy to share to you the progress that I would undergo..thanks

  65. No it doesn't work. It's all the stuff u eat now. So don't be fooled its nothing special. I waisted my money on it. It's a load of rubbish. Just a con.


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