Probiotic Skincare – Top 5 Health Benefits & Best 7 Products?


Hitting headlines of most beauty releases, the science of probiotics (living microorganisms that are characterized with phenomenal health benefits) continues to revolutionize the entire niche of skincare.

Probiotics are healthy or good bacteria and yeast found in our bodies. Since the year 2008, probiotics have been popping up at every corner. People’s interest in these organic compounds is growing faster than we expected.

By now you have probably heard of Probiotic Skincare. This is a line of skincare products that utilizes probiotic technology, which is the prime thing in today’s skincare. It is what is responsible for the immense skin health benefits seen from these products.

Actually, with these products in use, the skin is able to restore its natural balance. To state it even better, it is like eating a healthy balanced diet, but for your skin instead. Well-nourished skin is the end result. It is the live bacteria found in probiotics that influence the composition of the skin when one uses these products.

When fermentation takes place, probiotic bacteria produce compounds such as lactic acid and reduce PH levels in the human skin. It is the acidifying condition that promotes the growth of resident flora and inhibits the growth of pathogens. Just like the case with gut health, the main objective here is to enable the skin to recover its natural balance.

If antioxidants, which are orally ingested, can be used to nourish the skin, can probiotics be used in the same manner? The good news is, research has shown that it is possible. Remember, it is not always about killing the harmful bacteria alone, it also about establishing the right balance.

What Probiotic Skincare products do is strengthen the ability of the skin to ward off bacteria associated with inflammation. Just like the way probiotics make good use of their anti-inflammatory properties to establish balance in the digestive system, the power of probiotic balance works in the same way.

Is Probiotic Skincare Different From Other Skincare?

What distinguishes probiotic skincare from other skincare is the fact that it establishes a natural balance. It achieves this by supplying nutritional elements that promote internal health. The ingredients used in probiotic products are all natural and not in any way harmful to the body and overall health.

This, however, is different with other skincare products. Actually, the growth of the human microbiome has given us every single reason to celebrate the complexity and uniqueness of the human microbiome environment.

In fact, we can envision the need to custom-tailor a skincare regimen after sampling a specific microbial fingerprint. There is a need to go in that direction given that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t give us the best results of individual microbiome alteration.

Why Should You Use Probiotic Skincare?

We can no longer deny the fact that probiotics are popping up on everybody’s radar. Whether it is your Greek yogurt, a snack of kombucha, or any of your daily supplements, these good-for-you bacteria are taking over. It is time we also use them on our skin.

Probiotic bacteria help your gut and have the potential to also boost your skin health. Don’t forget the impact of our digestive system in our entire body. Perhaps you may not be aware, but our gut system controls everything ranging from energy levels, quality of sleep, immunity, body inflammation, and most importantly our skin health.

In order to promote internal health, a balance between bad and good bacteria must be maintained. It is for this reason that it is recommended to wash the face using a bacteria-infused cleanser. Harsh cleaners and soaps can be destructive given that they get rid of both the bad and the good bacteria from the skin.

You are susceptible to inflammation, dryness, and infection whenever the natural bacteria balance gets disrupted. Another advantage of probiotic skincare is the increase of lactic acid which is responsible for the glow on your skin and overall health.

Apart from having anti-inflammatory properties, it is also capable of restoring the skin’s natural balance. Not to forget, probiotic skincare also alleviates skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. The latter are caused by the overgrowth of yeast or bacteria.

However, by applying probiotic products topically, the natural skin defense mechanism gets a boost while reduced stress level helps re-balance the PH level of the skin. In addition, skincare is known to reduce sensitivity, sun damage, improve elasticity, and hydrate aging skin.

As if that is not enough, skincare is also known to encourage cell turnover, the reason your skin will look healthier, tighter, and brighter. It is also known to keep pores free of toxins, reduce acne scarring and redness, and heal blemishes. Skincare helps psoriasis and also brings about a rebalancing and calming effect.

On the other hand, oral probiotics can deliver amazing results, especially for your internal health and benefit the skin as well. This is because of the fact that skin cells do develop internally in a dermal level.

However, note that oral probiotics and other supplements will never take the space of topical probiotic skincare but they enhance the effectiveness of skincare products.

Probiotic Skincare Benefits

But here is the question that remains unanswered – Will consuming these bacteria in form of capsules or food make any significant difference? What if you are in good health? Well, here are some interesting facts you may want to look into:

Digestive Issues

One major reason that has seen probiotics pop up everywhere is their ability to reduce diarrhea, particularly the infectious type and those that are linked to the use of antibiotics. According to a review done by Cochrane Collaboration in 2010, probiotics remarkably shorten acute diarrhea episodes.

Another study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical (JAMA) found out that probiotics reduced the risk of suffering from diarrhea associated with antibiotics by 42%. However, most of these studies have their downfalls and their results should not be interpreted casually.

Nevertheless, some studies show that particular probiotics strains have the ability to help individuals suffering from ulcerative colitis and gas & bloating either in moderate or mild conditions.

So, if you happen to be having mild or moderate ulcerative colitis or IBS, the appropriate adjunct treatment you should consider is probiotics. VSL#3 is one product backed by research as a reliable remedy to the above-mentioned bowel conditions.

This product involves 8 different probiotics strains that should be used strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Immunity & Colds/Flu

A close connection exists between the immune system and the bacteria found in the colon. Probiotics have been associated with the ability to boost the response of the immune system towards flu vaccines. There are several studies that have proven the same thing. One of them appeared in the 2012 British Journal of Nutrition.

It showed that specific probiotic strains have been associated with enhanced immune response. However, it is not certain whether any of these results translate to any significant medical benefits. Certain factors such as inconsistency in studies have to be taken into consideration.

For instance, it is not clear as to whether probiotics are actually capable of curbing colds/flu among other respiratory infections. According to the 2011 Cochrane review, probiotics may actually prevent respiratory infections but there are limitations in the research. For example, older people were not included in the scope of the study.

Weight Loss

Even though some manufacturers do claim that probiotics do promote weight loss, there is less clinical study to back up the claims.

According to the publication of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who drank milk containing a particular strain of Lactobacillus gasseri for three months experienced a reduction on body weight and abdominal fat when compared to those who took a control drink.

Additionally, according to the 2012 publication in the Journal of Functional Foods, people who took yogurt containing two novel strains of probiotics lost less fat but experienced no changes at all in their weight.

Oral Health

We may be familiar with the large intestine that is home to the microflora, but we know less of the bacteria found in the mouth. We have several probiotic lozenges that promote healthy gums, reducing chances of throat infections, periodontal diseases, and bad breath.

Preliminary evidence shows that certain probiotic strains may possess some health benefits, but this does not apply to all the commercial products. We can only make such claims to those products that have been tested in the lab and their findings published in various studies. Also, remember that these products cannot replace flossing and brushing.

Other Uses

There are other claims associated with probiotics. These include lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, helping in the treatment of ulcers and urinary infections, easing anxiety, reducing depression, warding off traveler’s diarrhea, and alleviating skin conditions such as eczema.

However, there is lack of scientific evidence to back up the above claims. To get the most health benefits from probiotics, simply remember that it is not only about the elimination of bad bacteria. Establishing a balance and boosting the good bacteria is what matters.

Probiotic Skincare Side Effects

Up to now, there is not much published data on the negative effects of probiotic skincare. Topical skincare is not a new idea in the market and little testing and research has been done to determine the downsides of probiotic skincare.

While topical skincare can be of immense help in supplementing a healthy lifestyle, remember that this is not a miracle product. You have to be careful with your moves and do a thorough research first before taking your next step.

Latest research shows that the worth of the probiotic business could be about $45 billion by 2018, so this is a really big business. While there are a few things you may want to take into consideration before buying these products, make your move if you are healthy and feel like it is the right choice.

Overall, probiotics are safe for use among healthy people. You may experience short term side effects such as bloating and mild gas. Some people may also experience adverse effects on their metabolic pathways or overstimulate their immunity.

It is advisable to avoid using probiotics if you have medical conditions such as bowel problems, compromised immunity, or you could be seriously ill. They are also a no-go-zone for premature infants. Pregnant women, children, and infants should generally exercise caution when using these products.

Top Probiotic Skincare Products

These are the products that left a lasting impression on both researchers and customers:

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Repair Night Oil

You will love the calming and soothing effect of this product. After an overnight treatment, the complexion that will be noticeable the next morning will amaze you. It is a proprietary blend of essential oils, botanicals, and probiotics.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster

An incredible pre-serum/moisturizer that boosts the skin barrier. It features a probiotic complex that boosts the skin’s anti-microbial properties. It is also known to enhance the efficacy of anything else you put on top.

Glowbiotics Probiotic Hydraglow Cream Oil

The ultimate solution when you want glowing, dewy skin. It is an amazing lightweight hybrid that works great when you feel you want to go without makeup. The Shea milk and the abyssinica seed oil give it the hydration properties and light-reflecting luminosity. A great choice if you prefer going barefaced.

Vichy Slow Age Fluid Moisturizer

This product is a great way to combat daily skin damage. Featuring probiotic-derived bifidus that dissolve dryness and strengthens the skin defense mechanism, this daily moisturizer is a dream of a product.

It is a perfect antioxidant cocktail of baicalin (has traditional Chinese Medicinal roots), vitamin C, and vitamin A. It also contains softer, suppler Vichy’s Signature Thermal Spa Water that gives is its unique delicious texture.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Revitalize & Glow Serum

A fast-absorbing serum that will always leave your skin healthy and dewy. If combines 9-containing botanicals, omega 3, 6, vitamin E, skin de-stressers, and probiotics. This is a must-have if you want your skin to be beautiful and refreshed.

TULA Urban Defence Hydrating Mist

A portable probiotic option that will leave you feeling refreshed and cool. Made of anti-inflammatory reishi, probiotics, ashwagandha extract, and coconut water. Perfect for a replenishing summer cocktail.

Glowbiotics Probiotic Ultra-rich Brightening Cream

Hydrating rich cream that restores luminosity, radiance, and deeply moisturizes. Day or night, this cream will make your day with its intense hydrating properties.

Probiotic Skincare Summary

Probiotic skincare is an amazing product that has received countless positive reviews. There are many success stories behind it, over 100 YouTube videos, and many more articles on the internet.

With so many skincare products available in the market today, choosing the best may not be a straightforward process. You have to carry out thorough research before taking any bold step.

Remember, in the modern world, health comes first. You need to know what is being released into your body when using topically applied products. Given that our skin absorbs these products, we ought to prefer all-natural products.

Now that we have probiotic skincare products, we have made a new advancement once more knowing we can finally deal with aging signs and live in a healthier way. When it comes to the field of probiotics, there is a lot to explore.

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