9 Nighttime Sleep Preparation Skincare Beauty, Makeup & Cosmetic Tips


If you have bad beauty habits, they can be tough to break and make into new habits. As we age, the beauty mistakes that we make can be much less forgiving than when we are younger.

If you change your beauty habits starting now, you can start to see the benefits immediately and over time. Here are 9 beauty rituals that you need to make sure to start right away to see immediate and long term benefits:

9 Nighttime Sleep Preparation Skincare Beauty, Makeup & Cosmetic Tips

1. Take your makeup off (all the way, the correct way)!

We all know that we should be taking our make up off entirely, and the right way. Everyone tells us that, but it is so much easier to cheat sometimes and just sleep in it, right? WRONG!Keeping your make up on longer than it needs to be can clog pores, cause skin problems, and can help you age prematurely!

If you want your skin to stay looking young, you need to keep your skin fresh and clean. Part of that is making sure to remove your make up every single night.No matter how tired you are, you NEED to take of your make up before bed, every single night! Your delicate face pores will thank you with a glowing, clean complexion! (Even better: you can even take a hint from the Korean beauty trend of washing your face twice, just for good measure!

2. Make sure you are sleeping in high quality bedding

With your bedding, of course you have comfort in mind. After all, it is your bed! Bedding is particularly important because it can align (or disalign) your back and neck. If you are not aligned as you sleep, your circulation can be affected and so can the circulation of the lymph fluids in your body.

If your lymph fluids do not circulate as they are supposed to, they can accumulate in your face, creating bags, discoloration, and dark under eyes. Quality, firm bedding can help prevent this and can keep your skin looking beautiful. Having a high thread cotton count in your sheets or having sateen sheets can be a benefit also to avoid wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Target dark spots

Finding a treatment for dark spots can help you keep an even, beautiful skin tone. Dark spots are not entirely understood, but there are many products around that can help you keep your skin ton even and fresh.

To prevent dark spots, it is important to wear sun screen while you are out, and to correct existing dark spots, choose a product that will help you lighten them up.

4. Add water!

Dry skin is caused sometimes by not staying properly hydrated. Natural hydration evaporates through the epidermis and can worsten in cold temperatures and in the winter time.

You can prevent this by making sure you are drinking enough water and by adding a humidifier if you are able to. This can help prevent the moisture in your skin from evaporating and can help you repair any damage from dry skin also. A great addition to the humidifier is a lavender scent, to help relaxation.

5. Take care of your hands

Your hands are a breeding ground for dry skin because of everything they encounter during the day. It is important to moisturize and protect them since they are one of the most active parts of your body!Keeping them moist with a hand cream can make a huge difference in the quality of skin on your hands and if the moisture stays in your body or not.

If you do not like hand cream, you can keep your hands taken care of by using an oil or lotion instead.

6. Be gentle with your hair

A lot of women experience hair loss in some form as they age. It is sometimes hard to avoid, but it is always good to take preventative care of your hair just in case. You can do this by being gentle on your hair and brushing lightly and sleeping in loose hair styles.

Sleeping in braids and pony tails can cause breakage and hair fall. Sometimes a supplement can help with patches of hair that fall out, as it can also be caused by vitamin deficiency too.

7. Get to bed at a decent hour

Too many people retire to bed far too late, leaving their body exhausted and it showing on their face. Sleep is referred to as beauty rest for a reason: you can see it all over your face if you are too tired!

Make sure that you restore your body by resting properly and getting the sleep you need. Most things in the body are reset and restored by sleep, so it is only practical to get enough rest during the day.

8. Try a new face serum

Even if you are not showing signs of aging on your skin, now is a great time to start using a serum for anti aging benefit. Many serums are shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and can prevent them too if you do not have them yet.

It helps you become into a good habit if you start a serum regimen early. Just a few drops can make a huge difference! Wrinkles are caused by lack of collagen, so replenishing that with a serum can prevent and repair wrinkles and fine lines.

9. Wear a mask

Putting a mask in your hair can help you have beautiful, soft hair for years to come. Make sure you use an old pillowcase to absorb the product from your hair (so it doesn’t end up in your pillow) and make sure to change the pillowcase in the morning after your mask.Making your own hair mask can have amazing benefits to your hair, and can be done cheaply and easily. To smooth your hair try this DIY mask: 1 egg yolk, 2 TBS coconut oil, 1 TBS honey.

Mix all of the ingredients together and rub into your scalp. Cover with a shower cap and sleep with the product in. rinse in the morning (and make sure to change your pillow case when you wake).

9 Beauty Rituals Conclusion

Getting into these beauty habits can not only reverse the signs of aging, but can prevent a lot of them as well! Make sure you take your beauty into your own hands and start caring for your skin and hair the way you need to!

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