Heart Probiotics Supplements – Creating A Healthy Gut Bacteria?

Probiotics for the Heart and Cholesterol

You may have heard about probiotics. They have been quite popular in the news as of late, gaining more and more popularity for a number of ailments. Initially, they were touted as a cure all for stomach ailments. However, in recent years they have been making progress as a supplement for the heart as they have beneficial effects on the circulatory system, reducing bad cholesterol and increasing the positive kinds of cholesterol in the system.

If you have been taking probiotics and want to know what they can do for you beyond the gut or are simply looking for additional ways to care for your heart health, then probiotics are an excellent choice. Read on to find out how probiotics can help your heart and which kinds to take to get the best results for your condition.

 Get to the Heart of the Problem with Probiotics

 The heart is the single most important organ in the human body. Incredibly, it pumps approximately 1/3 cup of blood per beat which equals 2000 gallons being pumped into your body every single day. 5 quarts of that blood is being cycled through the body continuously at any given time. Since the heart beating for us is an involuntary motion, we often forget about the miracles that happen inside each of us every single day.

This is an immense process which many of us take for granted.

The heart is both delicate AND strong. It stays with you no matter what happens, whether that means you have high or low blood pressure, if you are angry or sad, or drink too much caffeine or eat a lot of fatty foods, it puts up with all of it for you for years and years.

Until the day comes that it doesn’t.

And then suddenly your entire life changes, if you make it at all.

You can live without a kidney, or if you lose a chunk of liver, it grows back. But not so with the heart. You mostly only ever get one of them unless you have the luxury of a transplant which can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars that most of us do not have.

Treat Your Heart Right

 Your heart needs to be treated with care and support. In these busy days it can be hard to make the right choices that are the most health conscious. But, with just a few changes to your lifestyle, you can help tone it up and solidify a foundation with the use of Probiotics!

Condition Specific Probiotics

 Probiotics that are formulated to heart disease as well as other ailments are now, most commonly being referred to as ‘condition-specific’ probiotics. With the onset of new studies with test subjects from various ages, these probiotics are being focused on each area of human health to see if, over time there is a positive affect and the results have been astoundingly positive.

What do Probiotics do?

Essentially, the term Probiotic refers to a large grouping of different kinds of bacteria that are all healthy to the human body. They fight off bad toxins with good bacteria so that you can live a healthy and vital life.

When you have a cold, your mucous membranes in your sinuses become riddled with both good and bad bacteria, fighting to survive. Thankfully, if your body is balanced out, the good bacteria will most often win. If there is a significant clustering of toxins built up in your gut that is when you could experience a wide range of symptoms of which high blood pressure and high cholesterol are at the top of the list.

Healthy bacteria is necessary for the survival of the body, particularly when it comes to the heart. Probiotics creates an environment that is conducive to the growth of these healthy bacteria.

If you are concerned about lowering your personal risk of a death by heart attack, stroke or other heart disease related illness, consider including probiotics specific to the heart in your daily routine.

Here are some probiotic supplements to think about:

The Top Five Probiotics on the Market

L. Reuteri and Your Heart

 The leading cause of death amongst Americans is cardiovascular disease mostly as a result of high cholesterol.

Research shows that taking supplements such as L. Reuteri, which is a healthy bacteria, behaves similarly to the cholesterol lowering drugs on the market today which makes it very intimidating for big pharmaceutical companies.

The L. Reuteri probiotic actually cages up the cholesterol which you might find in areas of the body such as the intestine, and stops it from being reabsorbed into the body. This breaking down of cholesterol enables you to dispel of the excess into stool so which prevents them from clogging up the arteries in your body.

Anyone who wishes to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke, should consider these types of probiotics.

 Probiotics in Food

 While there are a stomach supplements on the market that tout beneficial probiotics, there are additional ways to also get probiotics into the system. You can also find them in these foods which you can easily implement into your daily life with just a little bit of planning:

  • Pickled Ginger
  • Buttermilk
  • Yogurt
  • Tempe
  • Kimchi
  • Olives
  • True pickles

It isn’t a bad idea to combine heart supplements, probiotics and probiotic food sources to your diet if you are concerned about heart problems. The earlier that you incorporate them into your diet, the sooner that you will see benefits. Additionally, it is a good idea that if you have a family history of heart disease, to include heart healthy probiotics from an early age. In fact, both food and supplement sources can often be taken by children and babies in order to get life long benefits!

Microbes, the Cardiovascular System and your Gut

Studies have shown that most of the risks involved in dying from stroke, heart attack or other cardiovascular disease is focused in the mucous membranes of our own intestinal tracts. A fascinating discovery to most because when we think of heart disease, we think of the arteries around the heart, or blood pressure, and the buildup of fat in the cells. While these are still definitely involved, at the core of these concerns you will find the gut plays a primary role.

Another way to think about it is this: If you are building a house, and the foundation is crooked or flawed, or has become rotted over time, the house will eventually tilt, or sink, and every part of the infrastructure will be affected. The same goes with matters of the heart.

The gut is your foundation and probiotics is there as the leveler to make sure everything is straight, flat and strong so that when you build your house, or live your life, you are at the right starting off point.

Gut Microbiome

The Gastrointestinal Tract in the human body is full of literally 100 trillion bacteria. This grouping of bacteria is much larger than the number of human cells in the body tenfold. This mass of bacteria are extremely important when linked and considered alongside its genome and environment because of the interactions.

Lipids, weight, and metabolism all play a role in how the bacteria function or what they are able to do for the physical body. Which means that the less fatty calories you take in, the less you weigh, the easier it will be for those bacteria to go where they need to go.

Getting to Know Cholesterol

 Like Oil and Water

 Many of us don’t think about what cholesterol actually means. It is usually an ambiguous description of some fatty substance that sticks to arteries. But think of it like this: If you put oil in a glass of water, the oil floats the surface and will never mix with the water. It doesn’t matter how much you stir and try to make it so, the water and oil are separate entities.

Cholesterol represents that oil part of the equation and it isn’t easily absorbed into the body. Cholesterol is necessary in smaller portions because it is absorbed into creating membranes around cells as well as producing hormones, so they are still important. Cholesterol in the liver is what is responsible for creating the essential bile acids which helps us process toxins out of our body.

Too much is too much

 When more than cholesterol than is needed is being pumped through the body as a result of a fatty diet, what is left over and not used is moved from the liver into your intestine and that causes the body to retain more cholesterol in the blood than is necessary, which is what causes heart disease.

Probiotics tackle it from its source, right in the gut, to loosen up and disintegrate excess cholesterol so that it is not stuck in the body making you sick over time.

Make Probiotics Work For You (and your heart)

Probiotics are becoming a fast favorite all over the modern world because of its healing properties. If you have concern for your health or overall wellness, take a look at the probiotic supplements that are heart healthy in order to take control of your condition and to prevent further damage to your cardiovascular system.



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