In Flight Travel Skincare Tips – Top 7 Beauty Products For Flying?


Traveling on planes can be very exciting for many people. However, there is a challenge that many people face, especially when traveling on long flights. In most cases, they are unable to take care of their skin as well as they normally do.

This is because getting the right products on a plane may be hard due to restrictions on the sizes of containers allowed aboard. Furthermore, the environment in a plane can sometimes be harsh to a person’s skin due to the congestion and recycled air on the plane, in addition to the change of weather from place to place.

Nevertheless, there is hope, as there are a few products that can be carried aboard so people do not have to worry about their skin being damaged.

In Flight Travel Skincare Tips:


This is a must have for anyone on a normal basis, whether you are on a plane or not, as it is really good for your skin. However, using it while traveling for many hours is really helpful, as it helps to rejuvenate the body with the moisture the body requires to be healthy.

As much as water is a good way of supplying the body with moisture, many people dislike having to request for water from the flight attendants repeatedly on a plane. So why not try out moisturizers devised with SPF and other moisture-retaining components?

Keeping a moisturizer close to you will do you good, as your skin will be comfortable throughout the whole flight. Furthermore, if you naturally have dry skin, you should always have a moisturizer with you because your body is more susceptible to loosing moisture.


This is one of the most important products to have, as it helps to protect your skin against harmful Ultra-Violet rays from the sun. At those high altitudes in the sky, one is more exposed to those rays than if they were on the ground.

Using sunscreen will help a great deal. Your seat position should not really matter, as anyone on the plane who cares about their skin needs to apply sunscreen at least every three hours.

Make sure you consider your skin type as you settle on a sunscreen. Other things to look at when selecting the right sunscreen for you are whether it is photo-stable and the way it will affect you. The best ones are those that cause minimal irritation to your skin.

Wet Wipes

Although wipes are not recommended for use on the skin all the time due to the chemicals in them, there are instances when they can come in handy. To save on time and energy, you can simply use wipes when you need to wash your hands and face.

It is, however, prudent that you only use wipes that are suitable for your skin and do not contain harmful chemicals so that you don't dry out or cause damage to your skin.

Face Mist

It is very common that during these long flights, one may get some rest or deeply fall asleep and when they do wake up, their face needs to be replenished so that it looks fresh.

This is when face mists become important, as they help to prevent this and also saves someone time cleaning up their face each time. Not only do they protect the skin against poisonous substances, but they also prevent excessive loss of moisture.

Hand Cream

Ensuring that your hands are nourished should be a priority. Hand creams come with a lot of benefits. They can act as moisturizers and, at the same time, provide the body with necessary oils and minerals. It is better to use a hand cream that you are used to, as using foreign products may make the body react in different ways.

Face Masks

A face mask can do wonders, especially if you are on a long-haul flight. Get a suitable face mask for your skin type and preferably one that maintains your look. It is advisable to go for gel masks, as they blend well with your skin. They will not promote unnecessary attention from the other passengers, who may even be scared of you if you look as if you are straight from a horror movie.

The beauty of having a face mask for part of the flight is that it helps your skin to relax and also helps to clear out toxins. Eye masks can also help one relax further and get some good sleep during their flight.

Lip Balm

The drying out of your lips is a common occurrence while traveling, due to the dry environment in the plane. Thankfully, this does not mean that you are just supposed to sit there and have lips as dry as sand, looking like a zombie.

With the help of a good quality lip balm, this can be prevented and the lips are able to remain healthy throughout the flight. Whenever you feel that your lips are drying out and are becoming flaky, simply apply your lip balm and all will be well.

After all, no one wants a scenario when you are talking to someone and they're not even listening to you, as all their concentration is on your dry lips.

In Flight Travel Skincare Tips Conclusion

As long as one gets the right products for their skin type, they are good to go as their skin will be protected. With the above products, one does not have to dread long flights anymore. Just ensure that you get authentic products from known brands that will not affect you, and makes that they are in travel-sized containers meant for flying.

Whether it is from the comfort of your seat or in the bathroom, these products will make your flight meaningful. Flying around will definitely become more fun if the skin is taken care of.

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