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Miracle Moringa is a new nutritional supplement that claims to use a super energy formula created in Jamaica. Here’s our Miracle Moringa review.

What is Miracle Moringa?

Miracle Moringa is a nutritional supplement that promises to rejuvenate your energy no matter how old you are.

The secret power behind Miracle Moringa lies in its – you guessed it – Moringa. The manufacturer of Miracle Moringa calls it the “tree of life” because it contains over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds.

By concentrating the power of moringa into one easy-to-take encapsulated formula, you can enjoy powerful health benefits – or at least, that’s the promise made by the manufacturer.

With that in mind, let’s find out how Miracle Moringa works.

What is Moringa?

Moringa oleifera is a tree that grows naturally in Jamaica, where the organic soil is “so fertile it can grow almost anything”, according to the makers of Miracle Moringa.

The leaves and pods of that tree have long been used for their medical benefits. As mentioned above, those leaves and pods contain 90+ nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds.

By taking these compounds, Miracle Moringa claims to be able to treat aches, pains, skin infections, lung diseases, chest infections, hypertension, and other common problems.

How Does Miracle Moringa Work?

Miracle Moringa claims to contain nothing but 100% “Jamaican Pure” moringa extract. By taking two capsules of the supplement daily, you can enjoy powerful health benefits.

Instead of focusing on treating one specific illness, Miracle Moringa is one of those supplements that claims to treat just about everything. Some of its specific advertised benefits include:

— Healthier Hormonal Balance
Higher Energy Levels
Increased Libido
Easier Fat Loss
Lean Muscle Gain
— Superior Stamina

The maker of Miracle Moringa claims that the supplement works in a similar way to a multivitamin supplement: by flooding your body with valuable vitamins and nutrients, you can make sure you’re getting your recommended daily value of everything.

Miracle Moringa actually comes with an interesting back story. The manufacturers of this supplement seem to believe there’s some massive conspiracy by food companies and governments to insert toxins into the foods we eat. Here’s what the company has to say about it:

“Some of America's biggest companies routinely sneak “disease triggers” into your foods, your water, your cooking utensils… and even the air you breathe.”

These “disease triggers” are reportedly called xenoestrogens. They’re compounds that mimic the effects of human estrogen. That makes them dangerous, because they can imbalance your hormones.

Whether you believe it or not, Miracle Moringa claims to cure you of these horrible toxins that get sneaked into your food.

Miracle Moringa Ingredients

The Manufacturer let us know that their supplement contains 100% natural moringa oleifera from Jamaica. They let us know that we could have their pharmaceutical companies information to call and confirm if we wish.

When a company is willing to give this information out, we generally find them to be credible.

Scientific Evidence for Moringa

Miracle Moringa makes enormous promises about the benefits of its magical tree.

Unfortunately, the scientific community is not as supportive of that “Tree of Life” or “Miracle Tree” as nutritional supplement makers.

Here’s what Examine.com had to say about Moringa oleifera, referencing 140 unique papers as they did so:

“For usage as a supplement, moringa oleifera is recommended mostly as being a highly nutritious antioxidant. While it is indeed nutritious, supplemental dosages are too low to acquire adequate nutrition from and this claim is not relevant”

Nevertheless, Examine.com did claim that Moringa appears to have powerful antioxidant qualities, and these antioxidant properties are especially pronounced and potent in human subjects, although the reason for this is not known.

One of the anti-inflammatory bioactive compounds in Moringa is called RBITC and it appears to be particularly effective at producing an anti-diabetic effect.

The recommended dose for Moringa, according to most scientific studies, is as follows:

— 1600 to 2200mg for a 150 pound person
— 2100 to 2900mg for a 200 pound person
— 2700 to 3600mg for a 250 pound person

That’s why listing the ingredients is so important: since scientific studies performed to date show that higher potency provides more efficiency.

Who Makes Miracle Moringa?

You can contact the makers of Miracle Moringa by emailing [email protected].

The company itself is named Miracle Moringa Direct. Its mailing address is listed as follows:

Miracle Moringa Direct
16229 Bellflower Blvd
Bellflower, CA 90706

The company, however, claims that its offices are located in Florida.

Miracle Moringa Pricing

Miracle Moringa is priced at $69.95 per bottle. You can currently only order the supplement online from TryMiracleMoringa.com. It’s not sold on Amazon and you certainly won’t find it in stores.

There are three different package offers available, including:

— 1 Bottle: $69.95
— 2 Bottles: $119.90
— 4 Bottles: $199.80

Shipping is included with all orders.

At the bottom of the ordering form, you’ll see a “VIP Membership Club” discount section where you can elect to receive future shipments at 10% savings. That gives you an instant discount on your order today, but you also are automatically signed up to receive future discounts every month, or for however many months you ordered.

If you sign up for the 4 bottle package, then you’ll receive 4 bottle shipments every 4 months, for example.

All purchases also come with a 90 day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your product for any reason, then you can request a full refund (minus shipping and handling) at any point within 90 days.

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