Chronic Joint Pain Relief In Men Over 40 – What To Do?


Relief of Chronic Pain in Men over 40

Now that you have reached your forties, you may be noticing some changes to your body.

Do your joints ache? Do you feel stiff and sore after simple activities? Do you find yourself holding onto your back when you bend over to pick something up?

These are all normal aches and pains that you will experience as you grow older. What is not normal and may cause you some severe discomfort is something called Chronic Pain.

Chronic Pain is a pain you experience that lasts longer than six months in one area. For males over the age of forty, this is of greater concern due to heavier workloads and lifting of heavier objects day in and day out. Never mind those ‘Abs After 40‘ people, how about we just talk about how to alleviate chronic joint pain so we can live the good life into our golden years.

This may be back pain, headaches or migraines, knee pain, etc. If you are experiencing pain localized to one area of your body for more than six months, you need to contact your doctor for a treatment plan.

Your doctor will be able to help you to determine if the pain you are experiencing is simply part of growing older or if it is something more serious. If you are experiencing chronic pain, there are many treatment options available.

The type of treatment that is best for you will depend mostly on where you are having this pain. Your doctor will also prescribe you treatment in order to help you keep your pain under control.

Tracking Your Pain

Chronic pains can vary from person to person. Some people may only experience a light throbbing pain that comes and goes inconsistently. With this type of chronic pain, the person may go days in between each episode.

The pains can also be milder and more frequent in terms of how often you experience them. The more severe the pain, the more likely you are to experience it on a daily basis.

Though severe pain may come and go just like a milder form may. The best way to be accurate about your pain and when you experience it is to keep track of it by writing it down.

Every day that you experience the pain, note the date, severity and how long the pain lasted, whether it was a few minutes or all day. This will help your doctor to determine the type of treatment you will need.

Common Causes

Chronic pain is most commonly seen in the form of migraines, which vary in frequency and in the level of pain depending on the person. Another common form of chronic pain is seen from old injuries.

Whether you were in a car accident, had a work injury, or perhaps played football in high school and injured your leg, these types of injuries can return later in life to cause chronic pain.

Men are more likely to have chronic pain from sports injuries due to a lifetime of rough housing and hard playing.

So if your knee begins to hurt after 40, don’t just assume you’re getting old. It could be a sports injury coming back to remind you of the glory days.

Don’t Ignore Chronic Pain

Most men do not realize that they may have chronic pain and that there is something they can do to treat it.

Many shrug it off as old age and move on with their lives, but allowing chronic pain to go untreated can cause more problems to form. This is especially true for chronic pain that is caused by previous injuries.

Once you realize that you are having more pain in one area than normal, it is best to speak with your doctor and find out if there is a treatment for the pain you are experiencing.

Natural Joint Pain Relief Treatments

In today’s modern world, there are cures and treatments for almost everything, especially when it comes to chronic pains.

Depending on the location of your pain and how severe it is, the method of treatment will vary. Pains that are localized to the nerves can be treated with a form of shock therapy called RDA.

RDA is completed using a device that is heated on one end. The heated end is used on the nerve where the pain is, sending a shock into that nerve and preventing it from sending out pain signals.

Depending on the severity of your pain, you could experience relief from nerve pain with this method for 6 months to a year. This is a treatment that your doctor, if certified and trained to do so, could perform on you once a year to help you control your pain.

If your old football days are coming back to see you in the form of back or knee pain, your doctor may choose to use a steroid shot. Steroid shots are used to inject a cream steroid into your back or knee in the place where your muscles have become inflamed. These are temporary and would have to be repeated every few months to make sure that you are able to remain pain-free.

Your doctor may also try an electrode therapy, which would be better suited for men who still want to lead very active lifestyles.

Electrode therapy can be done in the doctor’s office or with a physical therapist, and is usually very effective for sports injuries. It does not need to be repeated as often as the injection.

You can also factor nutrition into the equation of how to provide anti-inflammatory benefits into your diet which can help joint pain relief naturally and holistically. Look at getting someone to design your customized meal plans or taking healthy meal replacement shakes as a great way to start moving in the right direction.

Potential Mental & Lingering Side Effects

It is vital that you know the cause of your pain and recognize that there is something to can do about it. Speak with your doctor once you have determined this is not normal over 40 pains.

Your physical health is not the only thing at stake; chronic pain can affect mental health as well. The emotional and physical sides of chronic pain go hand in hand. Feeling chronic pain all the time can wear on your mind as well as your body. Make sure you are paying attention to your body weight as too much can result in extra pressure and stress on the joints.

If you wait to talk to your doctor about the pain you are experiencing, you run the risk of depression setting in, as you feel you are unable to keep control of your own body.

Chronic Pain can also cause fatigue and insomnia if left untreated, which can cause more anger issues in men than in women.

The sooner after the pain starts that you talk to your doctor, the sooner you can return to feeling like yourself. Knowing that your doctor is working with you to find a treatment that works and helps you will help to guard against the risk of falling into depression.

Always let your doctor know how you are feeling, whether it regards your chronic pain or your mental health associated with the pain.

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