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The supplement industry provides health conscious consumers with a wide range of different solutions that deliver a broad spectrum of benefits. One of the most popular forms of supplements available are performance supplements, which are able to deliver a potent, side effect free competitive edge in various applications.

The performance supplement industry has traditionally been primarily centered around sports performance solutions, which are designed to increase physical endurance, strength, metabolic rage, energy levels, and lean muscle mass. These solutions have become extremely popular, and have led to the development of a new generation of supplements that, instead of boosting physical performance, instead boost mental performance.

Nootropic supplements are formulated to increase the mental capacity or cognitive ability of the user. Popularized by the 2012 film Limitless, nootropic supplementation has been present as a niche health practice for several decades, but has recently reached mainstream popularity due to significant developments in nootropic supplement technology.

Earlier generations of nootropic supplements relief heavily on untested pharmaceutical compounds such as the piracetam family of chemicals, which are able to increase cognitive function at the cost of increased neurotransmitter usage and potential mental burnout. These solutions, while able to deliver a brain-boosting performance enhancement, carried a risk of causing damage or unwanted side effects.

The latest generation of nootropic supplements focus instead on using completely natural organic compounds isolated from natural ingredients. These solutions typically take a proven natural nootropic compound and enhance the delivery method or effective duration of their effects, resulting in significantly improved mental performance with no side effects.

One of the most promising new developments in targeted natural nootropic supplementation is timed-release caffeine extracted from whole green coffee beans. Caffeine has a proven nootropic benefit, but has limited functionality due to a short half life. Consuming enough caffeine to deliver a nootropic benefit also carries the risk of causing shakes, jitters, and energy crashes, which is counterproductive when attempting to improve cognitive performance.

IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster is a new nootropic supplement that incorporates a unique patented timed-release caffeine compound that has been clinically proven to significantly improve cognitive function without the traditional drawbacks of caffeine supplementation.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster formula and find out how it works as well as examine the scientific evidence that supports it to help you determine whether it’s the right nootropic supplement for you.

About IQ Genex Natural Focus Booster

IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster is a groundbreaking nootropic solution that provides individuals seeking cognitive enhancement with a unique, simple, and clinically proven way to boost mental function. Instead of using untested pharmaceutical compounds or ineffective herbal extracts, the IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster formula relies on the proven method of caffeine supplementation with an innovative delivery method.

IQ Genetix is able to enhance both mental and physical capacity by elevating metabolic function and modulating neurotransmitter function. The IQ Genetix formula doesn’t cause the energy spikes and crashes associated with traditional caffeine supplements due to the integration of unique compound called WGCP, which is extracted from whole green coffee beans.

How The IQ Genex Formula Works?

The IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster formula is driven by the WGCP compound, which is backed up by a large amount of clinical evidence. Most caffeine supplements integrate caffeine extracted from roasted coffee beans, which is highly bioavailable and has an extremely short duration of effect.

Instead of extracting caffeine from roasted coffee beans, WGCP is instead extracted from sun dried raw green coffee beans. WGCP contains all of the phytonutrients that are found in green coffee beans, delivering a spectrum of antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, and chlorogenic acid.

The phytonutrient profile of WGCP is able to regulate blood sugar levels and provide the body with a steady stream of caffeine over an extended period of time, resulting in long-lasting mental performance enhancement that lasts all day.

A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial conducted in a professional third party laboratory found that WGCP is 87% more effective in enhancing spatial working memory than traditional sustained release caffeine supplements, and offers a 61% increase in response inhibition minimization over roast coffee bean sourced caffeine.

IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster is able to provide increased focus and concentration for six hours after supplementation, and has a negligible effect on the central nervous system. The slow release caffeine offered by IQ Genetix doesn’t interfere with cardiovascular function, and is thus free from the common side effects of traditional caffeine supplements such as insomnia, jitters, nausea, and increased heart rate.

The benefits of the IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster formula include elevated executive mental functions, improved working memory capacity, and faster information processing. As an added bonus, the antioxidant phytonutrients provided by whole green coffee bean extract also eliminate free radicals from the brain, lowering oxidative stress and minimizing neuroinflammation.

IQ Genex Natural Focus Booster Summary

The IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster formula is the only dedicated nootropic supplement available on the market that integrates the WGCP compound, and is the only timed release caffeine supplement endorsed by the Cleveland Clinic, a leading authority on nootropic supplementation.

IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster is currently available on a free trial basis that provides interested consumers with the opportunity to try a bottle of the formula at no cost, presenting the opportunity to assess the benefits of WGCP with no financial outlay. If you’re looking for a clinically proven nootropic solution, IQ Genetix Natural Focus Booster is a great risk-free option.


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